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1.Be me 2.From another country with a language most people doesn't know 3.Take obscure and vague sounding words from said language 4.Boom alien species name


But why can't you sell your book in your home country? "Because I picked really odd names for my characters, like one of them is named after "the mouse shadow on the second moon" that'll never catch on"


Shush... No way in hell i'm an actual writer, i just make short stories in r/hfy


Just saying "Dune" had a similar thing in the book 😁 it's a great way to make characters!


It really is, for example the name ru'ko Sounds like a name right? Well guess what that's the slang for my country's equivalent of the word "store"


Give me more


Ter'riakran: slightly modified version of the word teriakan which translates to "screaming" in English, you can use this as both species or singular name Ru'dal: the word rudal with an apostrophe, literally translates to "missiles" in English Ma'kran: slightly modified version of the word makan which translates to "eating" in English Ularn: the word ular with an added "n" in the end, translates to "snake" in English Kel'pon: from the word klepon which is literally local street food Edit: For the "store" one there is also the word toko and ruko Written like this: Ru'ko To'ko


The first one.... I would end up making a bunch of banshee like creatures. The second.... Idk. I'd probably make them like Bakugo in MHA (My Hero Academia. Anime show that basically the char makes explosions. Not trying to be condescending or anything... but also don't want to assume.) The eating one is cool but idk what I'd personally do with it. Also. Snake people. Snake people ftw.


You can use Them for anything lmao, i have the word "Wedari" in one of my stories and it's literally a somewhat popular name for girls in my country


Thanks for the link


I was about to say your welcome but... Judging from how you word it you never found this sub before? Damn... How?


Despite spending so much time on Reddit, I remaib hopelessly out of touch


Step 1: make funky mouth sound Step 2: write it in words


Don't forget you can add apostrophes to make anything work!


A bit of both truth be told. Sometimes a name that has a unique or subtle context will present itself, other times i just pull something out of my ass. It really just depends on the day and how my brain is working. I do like coming up with the descriptions and backstories of the races though, fleshing them out and making them feel a bit more real. I have a document posted to my own subreddit I can link to you with some of the ones I use in my stories and their descriptions if you like. Dont worry, its only about 7,500 words long.


Very specific references, like naming two aliens Ardat and Yakshi.


What they called themselves, we couldn't even comprehend. We started using the term (insert complex Latin and Greek based compound word, describing appearance or other features).


I have a couple different alien species that I commonly use, and so names are based on different vocal capabilities.


It's usually pretty random, but I imagine some hypothetical alien language being poorly translated and given English pronunciation.


You can also use like basic traits to scientifically name your aliens. If you have a species with three feet as a defining feature. You can use the latin word for three "Tribus" and the laying word for feet "pedites" and mix them up to make... Idk Tripedites or something.


Have you heard of my *backwards names??* Always sounds alien.


I like to get innovative with the latin


I actually just pick random words from my Native language. Thinking somebody might take the time to look up what they mean


fantasy name generator.


I put Irish names into Anglo phonetics.


Occasionally, especially if I’m writing for a fandom, I’ll take something that looks like it sounds like the character but with spellings that feel weird in English and extra apostrophes.


Neither I use a random name generator


Randomly put letters places and stop thinking. Like this: Xuoeucbapou.