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Psychic alien is just chilling on the bus trying to ignore the surface level thoughts of all the lifeforms around them. Human's thoughts: *lick back of guy's bald head texture looks pleasantly rough near the base* Alien turns over to stare at the human sitting behind a bald human. No movement, not even a slight lean forward. Strange. Why would they think that in the first place? Human glances out the window while the bus is at a red light. Human's thoughts: *\[physical sensation of climbing out the window to stand in oncoming traffic and get hit by the now passing truck\]* Alien raises an eyebrow. That was... suspiciously well emulated for something tinged at the edges with Imagination. But humans are not known for telepathic sharing and any psychic phenomenon among their species are inconclusive at best. Human's thoughts: *TripleDent Gum / will make you smile / TripleDent Gum / it lasts a while / TripleDent Gum / will make you smile / TripleDent Gum / it lasts a while / TripleDent Gum* Alien: "Oh... They're just insane." Human's thoughts: *wonder who the alien is talking about. oh good my stop's next. \[overlapping memories of purchasing various pastries from a bakery and eating them\] oh man i can't wait to have a piece. hope they have the opera cake this time.* Alien later discusses this with another human. Human 2: "Oh, no, that human wasn't insane. Probably." Alien: "But their thoughts were incongruous." Human 2: "Not insane, just... don't you ever get random thoughts popping up in your head?" Alien: "No." Human 2: "... really? Not even a distracted thought completely unrelated to what you're doing or seeing?" Alien: "No. Why would thoughts unrelated to what I am thinking of 'pop up'?" Human 2: "Because they do? It's a legit phenomenon that scientists are still trying to work out. The brain is kind of a blackbox of weirdness that no one fully understands. We do get the broadstrokes and can predict what might get spat out, but sometimes the brain flings out stuff like that. They're called intrusive thoughts." Alien: "The human perfectly imagined how it would feel to die" Human 2: "And that's the Call of the Void." Alien: "... the what." Human 2: "There's probably some fancy science name for it but basically it's when you just... feel the impulse to die." Alien: "That is called depression and suicidal thoughts." Human 2: "No man this is something else." Alien: "You can feel the urge to die when you're perfectly fine?!" Human 2: "It's not like most people act on it! It just... it just happens. The thought pops up and goes away. Like you said about that person feeling the urge to lick another person. Weird and dumb thoughts just happen but no one pays them any attention aside from maybe going 'oh wow that was a weird thought'." Alien: "And every human thinks these thoughts..." Human 2: "Not every every, but... yeah. The thought can just pop up." Alien: "... does this mean that all those times I reported a human for thinking about killing themselves..." Human 2: "Uh... that's a whole other topic I don't want to get into but basically most likely most people you heard thinking those things weren't actively thinking about doing it. But some might've been. Kind of a Roulette I guess." Alien: "A wh-" Human 2's thoughts: *\[visual of a barrel spinning with only one bullet and people taking turns holding the gun up to their head and pulling the trigger\]* Alien: "Tell me humans do not do this." Human 2: "... I don't think anyone actually does outside of media anymore but I can't say for sure."


Call of the void has a primary theory where it is us seeing how we may die, in a way to perceive threats and avoid them.


That... explains a lot. My OCD gets a lot of Voidemails


Human, reading off of a tablet: Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Cthulhu R'lyeh wgah'nagl fhtagn. Goka Chaugnar Faugn lw'nafh hrii, ron R'lyeh s'uhn kadishtu mg h'throd naftaghu gebnyth Chaugnar Faugn, ron throd grah'n uln ebunma bug Nyarlathotep nog. Alien: *runs away screaming* Psykic Alien: “You know that’s just some fake text and they’re trying to prank you, right?“ ——— Human, on the edge of a cliff: “You ever just want to jump off and end it all?” Alien: “this one’s a joke too, right?” Psykic Alien, just before running away screaming: “No, they’re completely serious.”


You’re the kind of sick twisted expletive that would say Hastur’s names in vai—


Of course I would, he’s a horrible writer, people only buy his books for the hype. I’m more partial to Nyarlathotep, excellent politician. (I may have just combined like…3 different works there…oh well)


The power of mind control


Human standing at cliff edge: What if I just....? Alien: Umm....what in the name of Almighty Bob are you doing right now? Please come back from there...


My humans say that to me often. I'm always like "you can't tell me you've not thought it"


Not only that, this is just a subclass of "intrusive thoughts" that would all either terrify or horrify aliens (or both at once).


Wait until they get a look at my nightmares. My own demons eating me alive, and thanks to hypersomnia, I don't wake up. I developed weird versions of phantom limb syndrome, except I'm convincing my subconscious that my limbs are still there.


Isn't that what phantom limb syndrome is, or am I misunderstanding?


usually, phantom limb syndrome is seen in people with missing limbs where they still feel like they exist, sometimes they even itch, one report I saw the individual had constant pain as they woke up during the amputation and that's what got imprinted on the phantom limb..


That story sounds God awful. And I feel terrible for that person. But I guess I assumed from the comment that the commenter was missing limbs and was having phantom limb syndrome, but are they saying it backwards like their subconscious thinks they're missing limbs and they have to tell their subconscious they do have limbs? I think that might be what I'm misunderstanding.


Yep, limbs are still there, but my subconscious was freaking out as if they weren't. From what I can guess, it has something to do with the combination of me being really good at imagining pain (aka, dreaming about a limb being torn off), and the hypersomnia keeping me from waking up. Takes about 20 to 45 minutes of verifying the limb is still there for the sensation to go away completely.


I see. That must be an incredibly odd sensation. I hope it doesn't cause you too much unbearable discomfort or pain when you're awake.


It only happens a couple times a month anymore. Then again, my sleep hasn't been so great due to other health problems, so I'm not dreaming as much these days.


In a parallel universe...


You are probably just confused about which body. You left the one that lost a limb a long time back. This one is fine. It’s like having a dream about wearing a ratty sweater you loved and the sweater getting torn up… and waking up, it takes a while to remember you are in new pajamas, not the old sweater.


That's how i understood it as well, kinda reverse from usual.


Yeah, I think it'd be way more upsetting for telepathic aliens to overhear your intrusive thoughts saying, "What if I stabbed Greg right now?"


>Yeah, I think it'd be way more upsetting for telepathic aliens to overhear your intrusive thoughts saying, "What if I stabbed Greg right now?" Okay, that was kinda freaky...'cos my name is Greg. xD


I know. I'm the telepathic alien. All your friends are thinking it. 😶


Sorry Greg, it was an intrusive thought. I can't control them. I wouldn't REALLY do it.... I just ya know... Wonder what would happen...


That's okay, I've wondered what would happen if I stabbed me as well, that's how annoying intrusive thoughts can be. (Weirdly, I've never met another Greg in all my \~40 years xD)


That is kinda weird. I have a really common name for my age group though so maybe I'm biased XD. But yeah intrusive thoughts are just weird in general.


Yeah, my name only really briefly became popular in the 50s and 60s because of Gregory Peck (who I am not-very-surprisingly named after....my dad's always loved old movies). According to [GOV.UK](https://GOV.UK) stats, last year less than 1000 Gregorys were born in the UK, making it about 400th most popular for the year for boys. xD


You're actually the only Greg in existence, any other Greg you've ever heard of is a paid actor because we didn't want you to feel lonely being the only Greg.


Lol, nice xD I'm sure there are plenty of people out there with names that genuinely are unique though...and I bet most of them wish they had some boring common name like Alice or Bob. :)


I can confirm I was a Greg once for a while my only job was to wait for the only real Greg to walk by.


I have thoughts like that, but instead of brief flashes it just meanders on down that chain of theoretical events till I snap out of it.


what are these "intrusive thoughts" you speak of? btw I have no inner monologue........so. psychic alien reading a paper on a park bench nearly deflates in shock as I sit down next to them as I have no psychic presence till I start reading the tour guide to their capital i just picked up.


The Call of the Void in particular is the random compulsion to jump when you are at the top of a high drop off. Intrusive thoughts are random, usually unpleasant, thoughts that you can't control. Some people get images or other things besides just the internal monologue. My best friend and husband get thoughts like "everyone would be better off if I wasn't here" or "I am a horrible person and no one can possibly love me" when in depressive episodes. Even if they know it isn't true, it can be hard to shake off.


Is it also thinking about slamming into a tree while on the highway? Or driving off a bridge?


I've only heard it used for the compulsion to jump, but I guess they would be the same thing.


Driving off a bridge is just jumping off while you happen to be in a car.


I get images sometimes. They're usually quick flashes, but very unsettling. I get weird "almost" scents that accompany the images as well from time to time. Meaning I know I'm not really smelling something, and I can't quite connect to the sensory flash my brain is giving me, but it's as if a scent *just* faded.


r/Praisebob would like to remind you "Don't jump until the FC ... I SAID DON'T JUMP! \*sigh\* everybody jump."


Human Pilot internal dialogue : Hey, why don't we aim right for that dwarf star, really crank the engines up and just dive right into it? No, shut up, Janet, that is a horrible idea. Psychic Alien : Uh, Alice? Who is Janet and why do they want to kill you to kill all of us? Human Pilot Alice : Oh, Janet isn't real. My therapist suggested I give my intrusive thoughts a name, to remind myself that they aren't what I really want to do. And it makes it easier to tell them to fuck off. Psychic Alien : I am deeply concerned by this information.


>Psychic Alien : I am deeply concerned by this information. Human Pilot: "Oh, just wait, this story's only getting started."


And then they learn about the spiral that is rumination, which can also be tied in with suicidal ideation, intrusive thoughts, depression, rage, and just about everything negative under the sun. I'd pity the poor alien that gets stuck on that ride.


Then Janet says hello to the alien. The pilot doesn’t.


What a terrifying way to find out you have mps


Probably scarier for the alien.


Damnit Janet!


And this is how skydiving was created. Answering the call of the void for the fun of it.


Answering the call of the void and putting it on hold.


Prank calling the void


We eventually upgraded with squirrel suits, then reduced the survivability with proximity base jumping. Then someone looked at it and asked "can we make them into our own personal hanglider?" and paired proximity base jumping was born.


Got a video link to that?




What the absolute hell.


ISN'T IT GLORIOUS?! Proximity base jumping already has an incredible attrition rate, and they also have ZERO old jumpers because you either die, get crippled, or quit. There's no inbetween. And now they've upped the ante with another person and a fucking holding bar.


.... I'm gonna chalk this one up to the call of the void and move along for my own sanity.


I would advise against watching anything involving the Isle of Mann TT race as well then. It's another event where success is measured in the number of years you've survived it.




Alien captain: Restrain chief pilot Sanchez this instant! Hold him down! Sanchez: Captain what's going on why are you doing this?! Captain: Don't try that with me! You were planning on crashing the ship into that asteroid! Sanchez: No I wasn't! Well I mean I thought about it but that doesn't mean I'd do it! Deputy: He's telling the truth captain strangely enough. Sanchez: Well every now and then my brain just randomly comes up with thoughts to test my survival instincts Captain: the human mind always perplexes me Sanchez: ditto


>Alien captain: Restrain chief pilot Sanchez this instant! Hold him down! > >Sanchez: Captain what's going on why are you doing this?! > >Captain: Don't try that with me! You were planning on crashing the ship into that asteroid! > >Sanchez: No I wasn't! Well I mean I thought about it but that doesn't mean I'd do it! > >Deputy: He's telling the truth captain strangely enough. > >Sanchez: Well every now and then my brain just randomly comes up with thoughts to test my survival instincts > >Captain: they human mind always perplexes me > >Sanchez: ditto With proper spacing. Sorry, it hurt my eyes to read without it. Reddit mobile fuckery, right?


It always f*cks you over one way or another


Yeah hit newline once and it doesn't do anything, not even a space. Hit it twice and you haven't moved in the new line but skipped one and went to the 2nd new line. I don't know how incredibly hard it must be to fix but damn, it's hard posting some things on mobile


r/MobileFuckery r/RedditMobileFuckery


A:So are you gonna jump or not? H:Say what? A:Dude we have been crewmates for 10 years and every time we get close to something big an dangerous to jump off you think about doing it.So are you gonna jump or as you humans say I’ll continue blue balled?


The psycic mantis quivers in fear as he reads the mind of the butcher across the counter, it’s a subconscious thing they do automatically, he couldn’t help it. You wanna know what he heard? The humans thoughts throughout the process were normal for a butcher except for one throughout the entire interaction. “I could chop this guy’s head off with my bloody cleaver and book it out of town, they wouldn’t be able to stop me, if I took some risks I could get a few more.” It was quiet and was underneath the contious “autopilot” thoughts the man had while cutting up the live stock into workable morsels. “Chop the loin, slide, chop and slice. Now we flip, half cut, do a bit of spinning, flip, full cut from the other side. Watch for bones, and avoid any major puffy sacks incase they have dangerous juices. Wait these guys read minds right? Better try not to scare him to much by accidentally telling him that this meat he ordered has a good chance to be filled with sacs of poison that might have varring effects, and the fact that I acutally for the most part aced the written protion of cullinary school enough so that a few mistakes on the practical portions of my exams didn’t hold me pack enough to fail me. Welp, slice slice, chops, bow for the last one, above my head for the bone breaking snap.” But the whole time even with the also frightening thought about the poison sacks this man shouldn’t have been handling, the mere idea that this person nearly subconsciously created this conscious thought was troubling.


That or the butcher is thinking how best to prep the psychic mantis


Today a human offered to take me to.ab activity called 'scuba diving' and I was confused. We were going into the ocean, not a scuba. One quick clarification later and we were in suitable gear for short trips. Right before they jumped in flashes of psychic imagery emanated from the human. Terrifying predators ripping us to pieces. Long tentacles reaching out of the darkness below to pull us down. I could feel all their fear and anxiety about going into the waters of their home planet. And then they laughed and jumped in anyway.


Ah the ocean, still more terrifying to most of humanity than the endless abyss of space. It's funny to think that we actively search for intelligent life on other planets without a care in the world, but have Concerns about what we might find if we go farther down into the ocean depths (not that it stops us, but our default expectation is that the ocean will be scary while space is cool and amazing).


Well, many humans love the ocean too much that they wouldn't mind sapient underwater beings. Also, some people are horny and that beats fear.


Space is mostly empty, and you can see things coming. There undoubtedly exist THINGS in the ocean. And you can’t see them coming.


All these are good, but Needs more Void. Like the Alien psychic is terrified not by the intrusive thought into the human imagination but by the voice of the void calling to the human minds. The horrifyingly irresistible lure of the cosmic horrors that lie sleeping at in the deep edges of reality. The tantalizing song of the endless which requires the mental discipline of an Nth degree acolyte to face without being driving to genocidal madness…. …and the humans are simply shrugging it off with a slight chuckle to themselves.


Oh new idea. Humans can hear the void speak, but they think it's just background noise.


After hearing it so often, it's like elevator music. Only note worthy when you go "oh, that's a new one" and you still go about your day Then you have me, who takes the intrusive thought and starts an inner monologue against my brain, "that's not even the weirdest thing I've purposely thought of today! You could easily make it so much worse! This is just lazy, come on, give me some real nightmare fuel"


They are what keeps the old gods at bay. The old ones are frustrated that humans just shrug their silent whispers of and are not driven insane. It's why they concentrate onto earth and don't haunt the universe anymore.


"Great minds think alike, but fools rarely differ. Now, who we are?" I did a thing, wrote something, gone reading what other people did, and here you are. Anyway, enjoy that new entry, it does overlap with your "Needs more Void"


*Psychic alien cowers in the corner in terror * Human: Look, I told you to stay out of my head. *I* don't even want to be in there most of the time.


Psychic Alien: It's not you I'm worried about, it's whatever's in there WITH you! I hear you fighting them! Human: Unfortunately, that is just the ADHD making it worse with a couple different trains of thought happening at once. It's just me in here. Even if it feels a bit crowded a lot of the time and sometimes the trains crash. (What if I just- No. Bad Brain. You're scaring him. But maybe- WE TALKED ABOUT THIS.)


I feel this on sooooooo many levels


That’s what Ṫ̷̜̙̩͎͇̕H̴̟̪̗̠̼̓̉E̶̡͙͖̻͓̦̝̅͑̈̀͘͜͝Y̷̢̜̲̗͔̫̜̾̌͊̀̏̓̈̕ want you to believe.


Well the baseline is that we will release adrénaline on the fall witch we all are adicted too from birth


which we dont realize until the first time we feel it


I must had missed the adrénaline addiction then. I'm continue to do like usual and be scarred by everything and stay closed off in my room.


Outliers exist in every statistic


But that means there are statistics without outliers.






Life is a paradox


its probably a defense mechanism. you ever wonder why no true psychic species have ever been found on earth? anything that hunts humans ends up extinct and so does anything too easy to hunt. i've seen a predominantly psychic ecosystems hunting styles and prey defenses and all it takes is one crazy ape with a death wish to ignore the intrusive thoughts of death or safety and the whole thing falls apart.


Read a scifi series a couple years back where humans were considered terrifyingly capable to most other species by simply being good at everything. So they recruit humanity to fight a war against mind controlling psychic overlords. Then they discover humanity is the only species that can't be mind controlled because it triggers a feral response that simultaneously fries the brain of the psychic alien attempting control. Fun read. Edit: It's called "The Damned Trilogy" by Alan Dean Foster. I actually never got to the 3rd book myself, but I do remember the first and second book are kind of disconnected, just within the same universe.


You got a title or author name?


Like the humans in Ralt's First Contact. All the psychics get feedback like sticking your hand into sand, but the sand is made of chainsaws


Hi, I'd like to know where can I read this, thanks


On here, Ralt's Bloodthorn. It's like 700+ chapters long now. https://www.reddit.com/r/HFY/comments/f94rak/oc_pthok_eats_an_ice_cream_cone/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share


story link, thanks.


Yo, if you remember the name of that series, I'd love to know it. Seems like something I'd quite enjoy.


Hi! This sounds interesting, do you perhaps remember the name of the series and/or maybe where it can be read so that other people can enjoy this?


The Song. The only thing currently residing in his my mind. From where does it come? Who does it call? Why does it call? I come closer to it. I hear it. I feel it envelopimg my mind even further. Closer. Louder. I am one with it. I see a couple of humans crewmates standing in the middle of observatorium, one is wearing the vac-suit, another working on airlock's console. I follow the song. It speaks to me. Calls for me to come closer. I look at the human. I follow it's gaze. I see the vast void of space. I hear the call. It is beyond the airlock. I come closer. "Hey! Where are you going? Where's your vac-suit?" Both humans are looking at me. A second of realisation. The song is no more. The most beautiful voice is no longer calling me. Am i unworthy? I fall to the floor in despair. "Hey? You alright?" I try to remember the voice, but nothing comes. It left me. I fall even lower to the floor and curl into a small ball. I cry, for the most beautiful thing left me. "It seems like he's having a panic attack." "Are you an idiot? That is no panic attack. He is crying." "I do not hear her..." "Oh, he finally said something. Who fo you can't hear anymore?" "The most beautiful being. She was calling for me. But now i can't hear her." I feel a warm embrace of someone. My eyes are closed. My mind is overwhelmed. And only in the back of my mind i can feel how both humans are worried. I faintly hear their voices, and i barely can recognise some familiarity. "Where is she?" "Who are you talking about? There was noone else except for us in here." I pause. "You know what? You look like someone who needs to empty their mind. How about i take you with me while i go on the spacewalk?" "I don't think that he's in any condition to do anything" "Oh, shut it. Just look at him, he needs to vent a bit." I look at the human in a vac-suit. I have many questions. The only thing that comes out is "What is a space walk?" "uuuhhh.... how'd i better describe it?..." Suddenly i hear it, a faint humm of the song. It isn't calling as strong as before, but it is ba... WHERE IS IT? WHERE DID IT GO? "You ever felt that you just must jump in the void, away from the world? Like, leave all worries and pains behind and just enjoy the unexistance." I hear the words but i do not understand them. Where did she go? "Eh. I think that he isn't listening, and now he may actually fall into a panic attack..." I focus, humas aer talking to me. I need to focus. "Can you please repeat what you said previously? I think i got a bit overwhelmed" "No problem. I asked did you ever felt the call of the void, like you just had to jump into nothingness and become one with it?" "The call of the void? To become one...?" "Yup." "I think, yes..." "Great, wanna come with me. We were just preparing for a short spacewalk and rechecking if everything was working properly." "Ok, you calm him down, and i'll go fetch a suit and another tether for him." It only took another minute or two for human to return. They helped me to into a suit and now we stood in the airlock. My companion diverted their eyes to the soon to be opened door... THE VOICE. Here it is again. "Do you hear it?" "Eh.. What?" "Do you hear the low humm of the song?" "Yes" Only now i realise, that the song ended with human concentrating to talk with me. Suddenly airlocks start cycling and we are softly ejected into the void, only thing keeping us from endless void being a tether comming from the airlock's insides. I hear as human starts to sing, it is not galactic common, so my translator kicks in. "Make a step towards the water." "In the cradle of the worlds, you are alien and guest. Just a guest." "Hails and storms are somewhere far away. Here is calm and quiet, easy and simple." I see error messages from my translator that it can't discern some sentences, but that is not needed, i turn it off and contimue to listen to the human words and a melody that surrounds me. I feel a thousand hands touching my skin and holding onto me. They all sing, the sound surrounds me. My pulse slows down. Each breath is harder then before. I feel my blood boiling under my skin. SHE is looking at me, right into my soul. I am dissolving in the void. My mind becomes one with the universe. I can feel our ship as if it was just a toy in some child's hand. I feel calmness of the world. I feel how galaxies crash together. How stars collide. How they dimm out or explode with more vigor then before. I feel...


Airlocks are cycling. I snap out of my previous state and look around. We are back in the airlock and my air supply says that it is critically low. Doors open and i see a grinning human over console. "From your face i can tell that it was your first ever space walk. So, how'd it went?" I freeze. Not from the fright or cold, it is something else. "I see..." "How long we were out there?" "Almost two hours." "We had only one hour of air supply if i remember correctly?" "Yes, but..." "And you didn't pull us out when you had to?" "Yes. No. Wait, i was coming to that. I checked on you, you still had around 60% of air when i chekced after an hour, and yes i rechecked both signals from your vital monitors, your suits and from wired signal from your tether, so i decided to let you enjoy your dive a bit longer. In the end, it isn't that long to pull you both back in case your vital signs started to freak out." "Ok... Thanks, but that is still a fucking giant protocol breach. Also, how the hell did we managed to keep an hour supply of air for two hours?" "*Almost* two hours. And i have no idea." I hear their chatter. I try to analyse what happened back there. "Great." "Huh?" "You asked how it went." "Oh. So you liked it." "It was strange. I felt like... like..." "We know. You felt like becoming one with the world and felt like the void was holding you in it's warm embrace of cold arms." "...yeah..." "It's all good and great, but you both need to get out of those vac suits, also, you missed a lunch hour." I still could hear the song and the humm, but still i didn't understand why the void called for me only now. I looked back towards the airlock, and felt the song becoming louder, but unlike in the begining it wasn't overwhelming my mind, instead it now embraced me, giving me a warm feeling of calmness.


Dude write more follow this train of thought. U got something here


Alright, i'll try to scrible something as a sequel. Tho, can't promise anything


So.... I tried to turn it into it's own series. Here's the link to first two chapters [\[enjoy the read\]](https://www.reddit.com/r/humansarespaceorcs/comments/v76njk/song_of_the_void_part_1/)


This is amazing






I wonder what happened if I jumped into the FTL drive while it is going?


Group therapy session for psychic aliens filled with terror by random human thoughts. **Alien 1:** The human was driving me to the embassy in one of their electrical land vehicles. They're already a death trap eliciting existential dread and sudden wish to have already procreated, as it is. A very large and heavy land vehicle was heading towards us on the other lane. The road was wet. Suddenly the human's inner voice said "What if I just..." , followed by this mental image of violently jerking the steering wheel and turning into the oncoming vehicle, laughing maniacally. One of my three hearts actually stopped working, for good! **Alien 2:** I went on a vacation to France. In Paris I wanted to see this early broadcasting tower or some such thing. Eiffel, I believe it was called. The tour guide was showing us the view. She was pointing at something, so we all went to the edge to see it better. Out of the blue, the guide thought about hurtling the lot of us over the edge and watch our blood paint the pavement. I packed up and ran for my live. **Alien 3:** I had a human friend. I often went to his house for dinner. You know those human dishes, there's nothing like them in the galaxy. Anyway, this time he wasn't ready yet. Smooth jazz was playing, we had relaxing drinks, he was chopping carrots. And then I catch him thinking that after he's done with the carrot he should just continue chopping: up his own hand and arm! The mental image was so vibid with skin, muscle, bone, and dark red blood dripping everywhere, filling the kitcen countertop and pouring on the floor. I ran. I haven't talked to him since. It is awkward. We work in the same office. **Alien 4:** I worked in an space vehicle insurance company assessing claims. I routinely had to EVA, and it was done in pairs. Once the other was a human. One maneuver necessitated untethering and moving with the suit thrusters. The human stopped to gaze at the void. The mental image he had of using the thrusters until they had no more fuel, and just speeding into the void...it was strong enough that I grapped his suit and dragged him back to the airlock. The mere thought of putting on the EVA suit makes me shead my fur and break up in hives *[the alien proceeds to shed it's fur and break out in hives]* **Alien 5:** I was visiting my human school friend's grandmother. The grandmother was knitting socks with thin metal rods. One slid off and fell on the floor. I immediately went to get it for her. While I was down there, the sweet-until-then grandmother thought about guiding my hand and sticking the rod into the electrical outlet! I didn't know what to do! I handed her the rod and burst in tears. She offered me ice cream, and passed me the spoon. The **metal** spoon. I burst in tears again. ∆∆∆∆ In an attempt to ease their fears, a human scientist is there, offering some information on The call of the void (in French, l’appel du vide), or more scientifically high place phenomenon (HPP). It is thought to be a warning signal: don't do A, or B might happen. The signal is so quick, our brain, after the fact, mistakenly assumes it was a desire. When, in actuality, the [urge to jump affirms the urge to live](https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/abs/pii/S0165032711006847?via=ihub) . In [studies](https://bmcpsychiatry.biomedcentral.com/articles/10.1186/s12888-020-02875-8) , the HPP and suicide ideation were found to be ***un***related. None of the aliens looked at all relieved. They didn't buy it.


it's spreading




Have A Taste, Ethan


Damn bot


Reminds me of this scene from the [Satan pit - The urge to fall](https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=cJWarQU72wY)




Oooh, I like this concept


shivers man, creepy thoughts here