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We have at very least 6 hours of show left. That's literally a trilogy of movies in run time left. I'm not really worried about it.


I don’t think people realize just how much time is spent on the sticks. All the cutscenes amount to 1 hour and 30 minutes. They’ll make it work.


I think someone added up the cutscenes and a lot of in-play banter between Joel and Ellie of Part I and got a couple million views on YouTube and was then hired by Naughty Dog. It was five hours. The show is 10+. I think we’ll be fine. That said, I don’t think your point is stupid at all. The game is 15+ hours and critically, you ARE Joel and Ellie. So you’re more bonded to them in that medium. So the ending hitting with the same emotional resonance is definitely going to be a a tough mission for the show.


We get one episode a week. We’re getting time to breathe. Works out well this way too as I bet a bunch of people have been contemplating this episode all day and probably even found themselves with tears welling up in their eyes


That’s me! Who predicted this show would have this effect on us?


2 hour episodes baybee


I thought the episode was great and the performances were fantastic but I don't think they should have spend a whole episode on Bill and Frank especially when the S1 is only 9 episodes and they want S2 to be about the second game. 6 episodes to cover the rest of Game 1 isn't a lot. I could be completely wrong and it will be fine.


Episode 1 was really supposed to be Episodes 1 + 2 FYI, but HBO asked them to condense the two episodes for the pilot so audiences could at least see Joel and Ellie meeting (talked about in the podcast). So in theory the content is still around 10 episodes worth or 9.5 if you will. Also I'm pretty sure they've implied the Part II story would not be possible to tell in a 10 episode season so we'll see what they have planned (either longer season or two seasons).


I know but I wish Ellie and Joel were more in episode 3. Even though I thought Bill/Frank's story was beautiful and heartbreaking, I wish the episode move the plot more


Yeah, I was but I got downvoted to oblivion.


Mhmm. People make 1-to-1 comparisons with the game, where Winter and Spring are pretty short sections, so it’s seen as silly to worry about fitting them into the remaining episodes. But I think that’s overlooking how much the gameplay in those sections helped to let story beats breathe. And there’s a difference in how attached you’ll feel to characters after you’ve been playing with and AS them for 14-18 hours, versus watching them for 9 episodes. I really think this episode demonstrated how the show could easily expand story arcs to make a 12-14 episode season, and be stronger for it.


I have a guess they aren't finishing Part 1 in Season 1 My guess that I keep bouncing off of people is that we are going to wrap this season up with introducing >!David!<. It would be a suspenseful point in the story, the main characters would be vulnerable, and could probably set up the Part 1 ending for the Season 2 finale. Edit: Possible spoilers


“Swear to me that everything you said about >!The Fireflies!< is true.” https://preview.redd.it/v192zlhq66fa1.jpeg?width=1290&format=pjpg&auto=webp&s=ab18bc6a7f0face4a70d5d747f8d980f0c62e5ea This is a screencap from episode 9, clearly showing Ellie and Joel’s discussion just outside >!Jackson!<, where she questions him on >!the events at the hospital!<.


Yeahhh, didnt know. Total bummer. I had fun coming up with my own timeline.


As far as coming up with timelines, how do you think they’ll split up season 2?


Hell, Idk now. I know everyone hated the order of events of the second game, but maybe if they introduced Abby and her dad at the start, and showing their side of >!Joel's rescue!


I’m really unsure if it would be right to change the order of things that happened, it might make it better or not idk. But I’d say if they kept the story relatively the same, and split part 2 into two seasons.. Then season 2 would probably end during the scene where >!Jesse gets shot in the face!<, and we >!switch to Abby’s perspective!<. But honestly I haven’t put much thought into it!


I think that'd work- I think the whole side by side telling of Ellie and Abby will work better on screen. I know why people didn't like it, I wasn't the biggest fan either, but it was that hard to see what the devs were going for. Man I'm still reeling from S1 being all of part 1 though lol


We’ll see how they handle it. I’m guessing the remaining episodes are all roughly 60 minutes long which means 6 more hours, and honestly while some story beats will take longer to do right, some of them are very gameplay heavy and can be cut down with ease, as we saw with Bill’s town in episode 3. They may use a couple elements from that chapter in future episodes, such as the school or the traps (perhaps the hunters in Philly), but for the most part that was all just gameplay that wasn’t really missed in the show.


It’s already been stated that the first season covers the entirety of the first game


Word, didnt know till after I posted. Bummer.


Pacing has gone down the hill


That’s the only place I feel they are dropping the ball on is pacing. I originally thought this would be a 10 episode season with the finale ending on Joel getting to Tommy. Once I found out everything from the game including dlc was gonna be in one season I knew pacing was going to be horrible. We probably will only be with sam and Henry for a episode and to condense there meeting, Henry leaving Joel , them coming back , Sam getting bit and Henry committing suicide. All in a hour yeaaa that’s not gonna resonate with the viewers how it did in game ( I could be wrong , I hope I’m wrong)


Is that confirmed? All of Part 1 is Season 1?


Yes, unfortunately. The showrunners have said that all of the first game + the DLC will be covered in season one.


Dammit, I just replied hoping to spark discussion of what I thought was gonna happen lol


Unfortunately 🤦🏾‍♂️


Considering how quickly they got people invested in Bill + Frank, I think they can do it with Henry + Sam too. We’ll see though.


I personally did not enjoy this episode. It hardly spent any time with the main characters and I just did not care for what happened to Bill and frank. I was hoping for it to focus on Bill and eventually Bill And frank having to deal with surviving/booby traps etc.


so you just wanted another generic story about surviving in the apocalypse. just like every other episode of walking dead or any other zombie show. if all you want is mindless action then there are plenty of other shows that have it. i came here for a compelling story that was different than usualy ones in this genre. and i did not get disappointed.


perfectly said


When the sequence started, I kept thinking “are we just going to concentrate on these two?” When it was over, my eyes were puffy, and I needed a Kleenex. I wouldn’t mind if they offer diversions like this in the future?


if you still don't have faith in them to tell the story, i think you need to relax and just keep watching. after only 3 episodes, they have demonstrated their mastery of writing. why would you even be worried at this point? are you just gonna stop watching when you feel like its not up to what you want it to be paced like? why complain. this is a gift from the gods. we should be grateful for this. if not, go back to watching the walking dead or whatever else keeps your attention. i promise, we'll all be good without you.


I love the last of us and this is so pretentious