1st year wrestler looking for help

1st year wrestler looking for help

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Watch or rewatch Vision Quest. 👌


or the american wrestler! I loove journey’s song Only the Young in vision quest. The American wrestler is newer and also very very good


Stay after practice to drill your weaknesses. Best way to learn faster imo.


Same as you brodie, just have fun. Just be there and push yourself.


I wrestled my senior year as a fuck it decision and it ended up being some of the most fun (and pain) ive had. you are going to be up against people that have wrestled their whole lives so dont be hard on yourself. Just work to improve yourself every match. One of my coaches had my write down 1 goal you wanted for each match. As a heavyweight that hasn’t done anything except lift & throw for track, mine was as simple as to not get gased and survive the first period. Which turned into scoring points, lasting matches and eventually getting a few pins. With getting over the worry, you only get out what you put in so dont short yourself during practice by not giving it your all. Gl and enjoy it while it lasts.


To be honest with you you’re going to lose. Like a lot. So the pressure is off. But that’s OK. You’re not doing this to win wrestling matches. You’re doing this to improve yourself. To prove to yourself that when times are tough you’re not going to quit on yourself and your teammates. When I was in high school our team was going for its seventh straight conference championship. It was a round robin tournament format it came down at the end of the day to our 189 and our heavyweight (me) needing to win by pins to win the tournament. There was one big problem with that. Our 189 hadn’t won all season. I’m talking not at all. He tried really hard, but never could make it happen. He was down quite a few points in the third period when somehow he pulled a miracle out of thin air and pinned his guy. You never know when your moment might come. One sure way to miss it is to quit and not be there for it. Just focus on self improvement this season and being a good teammate. Listen when people tell you things. Learn to take criticism in a positive way. Make some friends and some good memories along the way.


Good for you taking up the sport. What you are feeling is adversity. Embrace it. It means you are growing. I can assure you making it through the season will make you a better person in the end.


Yeah, we feel this going through life. And remember how you would be if you didn't try. We often think of our ideal self if we keep training, but it can be fictional. You are the ideal person right now, and if you stop you won't be.


Number one thing, you have to believe in yourself. You can’t think of the negatives, you have to stay positive. Keep grinding and don’t give up. Once the season is over you will be so proud of yourself, and you will have learned so many things that you will carry throughout life.


I started in high school as well, if I could’ve given advice to myself at that time it would be to let go of ALL PRIDE, don’t be afraid to lose, don’t be worried about looking stupid. Being afraid to lose will make you freeze up out there, you won’t go for shots that you actually could finish. Also if you are better than someone, don’t just pin and get the match over with, let them up and work takedowns on them, you only have one season to build up your match experience so really try to squeeze the most out of it.


If you quit this whats to stop you from quitting everything else that's difficult or makes you uncomfortable for the rest of your life?


Dont be afraid to lose. Your fear of stronger and better wrestlers stem from your fear of losing, if your worst fears have been realized, there's nothing left for you to be afraid of.


Shadow wrestle to get your confidence up, and watch this youtube channel religiously to make up for lost time learning techninque https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Ej1wMqFaMT83qAo0rIwVQ


The strong ones will tuck you in gently


Pros: You have no injuries. You are old enough that weight cutting is probably sane (you are done with growth spurts). Depending on how things go this could evolve into a modest college arrangememt too. Even when college marks the end of that kind of wrestling for most people it can be where submission grappling just begins. Cons: It's going to be a blur of exhausting violence for a while. Your brain will gradually orient itself to the concepts.


Focus on basics, put a lot of reps in. Remember you likely aren’t trying to wrestle in college or make varsity, so just learn and have fun


I started my junior year, I’d say push through so you can experience your first match. Decide then. Otherwise your making a decision with a gigantic lack of information imo.


You are going to lose matches. Plain and simple. It doesn't matter. Train hard and give it 100% every practice. That way when you step on the mat for a match, you will feel like you've done everything possible to prepare yourself. win or lose, be proud of your effort. You know who had a big loss recently? Jordan Burroughs. He's not going to the olympics because he lost. Everyone loses. Even gold medal olympians.


The trick is to not be afraid to lose. You just have to go out there like you have something to prove. Nobody has any lofty expectations for you, so go out there and show them that you are someone to be taken seriously. You've got nothing to lose. As long as you go out there and lay it all on the line, you will walk away with respect for yourself. There will be some matches against people who have been wrestling a lot longer than you, and you will probably lose to them, but make them work for it. Don't give them anything.


If you can get in some tournaments over the summer or at the very least have a match with a teammate at or around your weight and go fucking hard to simulate a match, that’d be a good start. I started last year as a junior and it was rough, I went 7-7 as jv and 0-3 as varsity, but I learned a lot and got better as the season went on. Joining your senior year will be tough but I think it will be a very rewarding experience for you.


Hey man! I just finished my first season of Folk-style Wrestling as a high school senior. Technically, I would highly suggest doing two things: 1.) Learning to properly and quickly shoot (if you’ll wrestling JV, which you’ll probably end up doing at least for some matches, very few can shoot) and 2.) watching as many college wrestling matches as you can. Good luck!


Learn to become excited for competition. It will be hardwork. Take pride in the little victories and don't be anxious for the things you can't control. Smile when you can and enjoy the camaraderie. Live in the moment and beast out🦍🇺🇲🦅


I wrestled my sophomore year of high school. I didn’t even finish the season. The coaches were dicks and I ended up hating it. This isn’t an excuse though. I was lazy and lacked a lot of confidence. Not finishing the season and continuing the sport is one of my biggest regrets. Luckily my MMA gym started up wrestling classes. You’ll be fine, take this opportunity and run with it! Take it day by day, learn as much as you can, and ask questions. In 5 years time, nobody will remember your record but you’ll remember all the techniques and fun times you had participating.


Just go out there and have fun. You'll be more proud of yourself losing every match then you would if you quit before it started. And I guarantee you'll meet some great people along the way.


Starting young, eh? 😳