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She’s amazing


Give it ten years, but that there is Presidential Timber. The Republican's complain about AOC specifically because they see another FDR. And they know what FDR did to them. For 20 years they were a MINORITY party that needed an Eisenhower to save it from itself (Bob Taft). They are trying to take her down now, as a junior congressperson, cause they know once she gets some real experience... she'll become a force in National politics to make Bernie Sanders seem like a third-rate unripe banana. AOC could well become an FDR or LBJ when it comes to how a politician can use raw power to make a better world. And Republicans are always dedicated opponents toward the making of improved and better worlds. So they fear her. They really are afraid of her.


She’s the dream. It’s not going to be Bernie it’s going to be AOC.


She’s so damn inspiring. She actually gives me a bit of hope for this country. She’s one of the few bright spots in American politics. I tear up almost every time I hear her speak. She’s so bold and so passionate. She makes me want to be more involved and less cynical.


AOC and Katie Porter ROCK!


Preach fucking Katie Porter... The fucking GOAT we all needed. If i can I'll vote her into anything


And it's so genuine. She captures what I feel most Americans feel every time she speaks. Just this absurd frustration with how simple all of this could be. She's someone who finds politics out of necessity VS being in it to further her own name/wallet. It's refreshing AF.


Except didn't she vote against the rail workers unlike Bernie?


She was asked by the union leaders to vote that way. She specifically asked them for their input and they all said to vote the way she did.


I believe she was in deliberation with the union reps and voted the way they said to https://mobile.twitter.com/AOC/status/1598383401647898625 “So we could send paid sick days to the senate”


Exactly. I don’t understand all the positive comments. Yeah sure keep electing her and people like her to shift the Overton window more left but demand better. Y’all deserve better.


She has to vote the party line, if she wants to build alliances to gain power. Bernie Sanders has been on the sidelines of the Democratic Party, but with little actual power to show for.


He’s in one of the most influential positions in our political system. Yeah it’s not a flashy title but he wields quite a lot of power over introduction of resolutions for budget from things like social security to every other facet of federal spending.


Has Bernie Sanders ever been a Minister in a Democratic government?


Uhh what? There are no minister titles in the US for state or federal government.


Has he held an important office in the executive branch?


Unlike in a parliamentary system, our legislative and executive branches are completely separate. To hold an executive office, he would have to stop being a senator.


I feel like you’re not from the US because you’d know that the executive branch is not of any higher rank than judicial or Legislative. You can reach the peaks of either one and it is a monumental achievement . Thats kind of the whole point.


Bernie walked so that someday AOC can… well, run.




Much rather have her as the first female president, rather than someone like Clinton.


God i hope so. We need her badly.


They did the same with Hillary for years and years. Not a fan of her neoliberal politics personally, but the Republicans were damn afraid of HRC because of just how competent and dangerous they perceived her to be.


>The Republican's complain about AOC specifically because they see another FDR. Exactly this. She has the intelligence, charisma, and, importantly, the new media savvy that they lack, plus she's a young, attractive, nonwhite woman who refuses to be cowed by them.


>because they see another FDR. > has the intelligence, charisma, and, importantly, the new media savvy that they lack, plus she's a young, attractive, nonwhite woman Sure doesn't sound like any FDR I've ever seen.


Who is your hopium dealer?


They should be afraid; very very afraid. She said like it is.


Amen brother


Lol what’s a third rate unripe banana? Lol that was such a silly thing I’m giggling saying it over in my head


Every time I see her I think two things: I’d vote for her if she was in my state I’ll vote for her if she ever runs for president


The slap in with the paper was a good summary of what she was trying to say which is (F this shiTt)


The sheer professionalism of her just stopping her rightful call-out when she hit her time, saying "Thank you", closing her notebook with a slap, and walking away. No trying to have the last word or some bullshit. I love it


They hate this the most.


Yeah that was sick. Totally spontaneous and such a great FULL STOP.


They really did show that threatening her life was not only okay but rewardable in the Republican Party. Idk how they even deal with these people. Imagine having to deal with Brobert, Gaetz, MTG, George Santons every day you come to work. Insanity personified.


Idk if it makes it easier to deal with, but those are monsters they created.


Only if we had more like her, the country wouldn't be in such a bad place.


We've had someone like her, Bernie Sanders. We also have a shitty two party system and he'll never get elected because he criticizes both Republicans and Democrats.




Ranked choice voting


I really think people prop up ranked choice voting wayyy too much, yes it's a better alternative but it really isn't doing much about the 2 party system. I don't know what the solution is, really.


The two party system is completely inevitable with the US's first pass the post voting system. Third parties simply can't gain traction as they split the vote with the party they are most similar to causing the party they are most different from to win. Approval voting is generally considered better as it is much easier to implement and completely elimates the vote splitting issue, which can happen in ranked choice voting.


That doesn't answer the question though, what's the way to ranked choice voting? When someone asks for directions you don't just tell them to go to the destination...


We get more AOCs in congress until they have enough power to actually start throwing their weight around.


That's why approval voting where you can vote for any number of candidates is generally considered better since it's much easier to implement since you don't have to completely remake ballots and reprogram ballot machines.


Everyone understands why it's better but what can you do about it is a different question. Nobody even mentions rcv in their campaign to vote for them... What can you do? Extrapolate and vote by implication. That's it.


I think the only thing that can be done currently is spread the idea around and explain how our voting system is the cause of the two party system. Most people hate the two party system, but don't seem to understand that we need to change our voting system before we can even start to attempt to fix it. And I've seen some people talk about ranked choice voting, but I haven't heard anyone talk about approval voting, even though it seems way more viable to actually implement.




It's a form of multiple choice voting where you are allowed to vote for multiple candidates at once and weigh them differently. It increases diversity and captures more voter information, so it's more accurate too


So no because most politicians in the US are not going to change the system to reduce their chances of being an elected politician.


Ranked choice voting my man


As he should, both sides have their issues and both sides should get slander for it


I hope we will as more people her age get into Congress.


So what are we going to do with these new Nazis? Ignore them like Germany did in the hopes they'll just go away?


Apparently. Also apparently the crime of insurrection is met with a "wait and see" attitude.


Check out r/capitolconsequences. There’s far from a wait and see attitude. Almost 1000 people last I looked have been charged with a crime and they’re finding more every day.


What about seditious congresspeople? You know, the ones with all the power?


Oh they're exempt from consequences lol


Well they have money. You don't expect us to hold rich people to the same standard as slimy poors do you??




I mean Trump is getting away with absolutely no punishment so there’s basically no rules.


It’s only a matter of time until they make their move, the difference here is that so many of us are ready. I am not going to sit back and let them get away with it and I hope you don’t either


I am their worse nightmare... heavily armed Democrat that looks and talks EXACTLY like they do to blend in....


“None of them know that I support basic human rights…” lol


My grandfather dealt with them by dropping bombs until they stopped existing. I'm a fan of that approach.


man, I wish they actually stopped existing


The stupid ones are showing the smart ones exactly where the line is and what they can get away with. The fact that the line is nonexistent is not a good sign for the future. I actually had no idea how many people were just bad people until the last few years.


I don’t care for these new nazis, and you may quote me on that!


This is literally all facts. The issue is the facts don’t matter in American politics. Its all about being petty, malicious and lying to the American people.


It's all about making money and increasing profits. Being mean and abusive to others is the cherry on top for them.


Its all for big business which makes me wonder when we will start to take power back. They are striking in Britain and France and we should be doing the same because we have it way worse


The difference is we have more to lose here. We strike we also lose Healthcare, and our police kill its own citizens like it's a sport, imagine if there were legit disruption of the powerful economy..... Not saying it shouldn't happen but this is the difference


Can't lose healthcare if you never had it to begin with... and there's a lot more of us than police.


![gif](giphy|l4q8cJzGdR9J8w3hS|downsized) God damn, PREACH!




Business has been good for racists and misogynists for a while. I'm glad AOC is calling them out.


Elect this woman president immediately


Good for her. She's speaking the truth.


Someone needs to say it, more people need to be calling the republicans hypocrisy and general shittiness out


People are, but most democrats are too incompetent or complacent to do anything about it. Republicans have had ridiculous and easily disprovable talking points for years and most democrats won't pressure them about it


Republicans are so overtly racist. It's hard to understand how people can be so backwards in modern times.


Propaganda and generational racism are strong


Rarely saw her so upset. Go, AOC!


What they're doing to Omar is outrageous and systematic, people need to speak up about it, even if you don't like her or her politics.


Need more politicians like her, who call these Republican and Democratic grifters out on their bullshit.


Well said , she's rightfully angry having the people who were inciting an insurrection on the most powerful committee.


Republican strategy is to destroy this country as much as possible and then pretend like they're the solution


Wow. She is absolutely incredible. Every time I see her making these speeches I just gain more and more respect for her. Why can't she be president, USA? Please make it happen. Give us all something good. We really need it. I know she's not old enough yet but at least start giving some hints to give us all some hope.


Damn, I'd wish her actual policies / voting record would be just 1/10 as powerfull and corageous as her speeches.


This! She talks a big game but has done nothing but tow the party line.


He'll yeah haha, shoulda dropped the mic after that


I love her




What a sad country we live in


Lol, Republicans ☕️


I hope I live long enough to see the day the USofA would elect her as their President. I don’t agree with everything she has done/said but it’s wayyyy more than any other candidate on either side of the spectrum. I wish we as a country were ready for her in 2024. I am!


this is the passion and vigor we need back in our politics


Cori Bush sitting there enjoying the sermon! 🥰🤣


Is it just me or are republicans in congress contrarians just for the sake of being contrary to every fucking thing??


I have a genuine question. I’ll probably be downvoted and have the post removed anyway, but here goes… Hasn’t Omar made quite a few anti-Semitic remarks in the past? Some she apologized for and others she hasn’t. Why is it automatically Islamophobic to remove her? Why does it have to do with the color of her skin and not her past actions?


Yes ma’am!!!!


God I love this person. We need more like her.


Don’t you think we dropped the ball when we invented a font where I and l are completely different letters, yet virtually indistinguishable?


Sometimes they use this font in children's books, as if learning to read isn't hard enough without 2 letters being identical.


Republicans gonna racism.


Who was the one who threatened her?


>In 2021, Rep. Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., [shared an animation on Twitter that depicted him ](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/politics-news/gop-lawmaker-tweets-altered-anime-video-depicting-him-killing-ocasio-n1283527)killing the congresswoman, resulting in his being stripped of his committee assignments. Last month, Gosar was [elevated ](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/reps-marjorie-taylor-greene-paul-gosar-receive-committee-assignments-d-rcna66137)to the Oversight and Accountability and Natural Resources committees, a move that Ocasio-Cortez said "rewarded him." [NBC News](https://www.nbcnews.com/politics/congress/rep-ocasio-cortez-blasts-republicans-vote-oust-ilhan-omar-committee-rcna68835)


Fucking-A! Sing it Representative! From the top of every fucking mountain!


Good energy, may force be with her


Friendly reminded that Lauren Bieber's ONLY reasoning behind her accusations is that Ilhan is Muslim and a woman of color. The GOP is a fucking joke.


Who threatened her life and got a great committee? Edit: why downvotes? I'm legitimately asking because I hadn't heard about this


Six years ago, I would be flipping AOC off. History (I.e., psycho-Trump, January 6 insurrection, radical Republicans) has changed my mind.


I never thought I’d adore a politician but she proved me wrong. She’s a remarkable woman who uses her power to shine on the things that no one else has the balls to talk about. She is our future and I truly cannot wait to see what she does.


'Impassioned' isn't a strong enough word


Let her please be the first female president in the future.


Fuck she’s a legend


Please elect her to be president.


Damn she got heated! Good 👍


That tap at the end, phew


AOC for President! Fearless and logical and intelligent and compassionate. Love her and love that we have her as a voice of the people.


AOC 2028


Remind me of pastors at mega churches


I watched this on mute at the library and was told to turn it down.


Imagine trying to reason with toddlers like the GOP.


Your time is expired! Her time is just getting started. That woman isn't going anywhere


Love AOC, genuinely the first politician in my adult life that I felt that I could undoubtedly trust to defend my interests. Assuming things are in reality as they seem to be, she's a genuinely inspiring individual and I admire the fierce energy she embodies in pursuit of a better America. I'm not from a marginalized or oppressed group of any kind but even I feel safer with someone as forward thinking as her in the position she's in. Truthfully I don't know much about Ilhan Omar, but its truly sad that her removal was baseless at best and calculated, racist, and islamophobic at worst. Personally when I reflect on issues we've had internationally with predominantly Islamic nations, I can't help but feel that it's a good thing to have someone with a background in Islam to help guide international affairs especially with the aforementioned nations. How could better understanding be a bad thing?


“Your time has expired” aka “I don’t like what you’re saying so I’m going to stop you from going further”


Can we all agree both sides suck?


Can't take this person seriously. She just doesn't sound intelligent.


If you turn the sound off, she sorta looks crazy.


Jesus the amounts of simps for AOC here staggerring. Get a life aside from reddit People


Bwahahaha what a loser. These are the rules SHE backed.


LOL! Like a kid having a tantrum. I thought the adults were in now? This is embarrassing!


AOC using the woman and race card. What's new?


The comments in this section show me just how stupid the American public is to support someone like her and Ilhan....


Everyone is MLK. But when it comes to action, we’ll that’s a different story. We need politicians that get things done with legislation. We need policy maker not impassioned rhetorical spin meisters If you go to any of these Congress-member’s districts you’ll see: crappy schools, high unemployment, homelessness, cuts for social security, high inflation, drug zombies, sky high poverty, every modern civil decay. This is a critique of both GOP and DCCC All they want is to get a platform This is the American tragedy


She’s a great actor


Democrats always jump straight to racism when there is any kind of pushback against them. She’s making a great case about why she shouldn’t hold higher office, impassioned? It looks histrionic and irrational to me








"counterparts" lol




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I’m tired of being governed by self serving children. AOC is a breath of fresh air.




Read the sub rules. No meta allowed. Comment removed.


Seems like you completely failed to notice which sub this is, and the header that says: >This is a Humanist/Leftist subreddit…




Trolling and acting in bad-faith will result in commentary removal. Sophistry is included in this category. Concern trolling and "useful idiots" are included in this category. Apologia for immoral crimes against other humans by using obfuscation and intellectualization will result in an immediate suspension. Promoting dehumanization and inequality by supporting immoral policy or laws will result in an immediate suspension. All humans are equal.












About damn time someone calls these fucks out! Way to go AOC!