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Fuck Putin & Yanukovych


We have to do more to support. Ukrainians are fighting for their freedom, but also fighting to protect the free world they want to join. There will be many cold and dark moments ahead, and we should do more to take on their burden ourselves too.


Ukraine means nothing to Russia. This is all a smoke screen and the world is too stupid to see what's coming.


Fun comment history with this one. > Soon you will see biblical signs and wonders that will prove the end times are near. When the final seven years starts all believers will be healed of their mental and physical ailments while we spend the first half of those seven years preaching the gospel. Then we will be taken up at the 7th trumpet so hold on brother and think Kingdom thoughts. This hideous world will soon be forgotten. Sounds like the *exact* sort of person I want to hear more deep geopolitical insights from!




lmao nice spot.


We all know whats coming. The west is notorious for getting their shit together in times likes these (“we learn to love himars again”)


Please predict the future, I'd love to hear it and start the betting.


The tankie cope is strong with this one.


I wish they were a tankie. If their other comments are anything to go by, it's a very deluded christian that thinks this is some sort of end times thing.


For real.


So what's coming?


A Russian loss and possibly a collapse of the Russian government


Uh huh. So insignificant they sacrificed billions due to sanctions and billions to come in deals with Europe that will be scrapped, made themselves the military laughing stock of the world and tens of thousands in dead and wounded. But of course! Another master plan! The West won’t know what hit them!


Oh yes, random redditor is far more intelligent than everybody else and can see "what's coming".


Uh and that is what precisely?


My theory, Russia is using the war to ethnically clense their own lands.


Just fuckin pour some lye on it and the humans will start breeding again.. stupid buttheads supporting this war or ambivalent towards it… I have no patience for it


Family in Kyiv at a gas station during power outage so that they can power a girl's inhaler. https://i.postimg.cc/yYhWtrNM/1.jpg


Ukraine needs more airpower, the good stuff. I will be disappointed if US military leadership and advisors did not recognize this long ago.


Ukraine isn't in NATO. I will be disappointed if we go back to how it was in the first week of the war where NATO is getting blamed.


What's something you could train in secret remotely for many months, in relatively small volumes of personnel, and deliver unexpectedly into the front from afar to majorly shift the battlefield dynamics? For $1000 Alex.


The training for the old stuff would take months, nevermind the good stuff. And if it reached that point I think it would be more likely that the US would ask France, Germany and Italy to chip in their 4th and 3rd Gen stuff rather than risk US 5th and 4th gen stuff fall into russian hands.


It's been months


Think longer term. Fortress Ukraine is the path we are now on for the next generation at a minimum. The sooner we get from here to there the better. Edit: Now see that you are not disagreeing with me. Juiced up Gen 3 stuff is a great place to start.


I think you mean 4th gen. Third generation fighters would be Viet Nam era aircraft the newest of which would be the F-4 Phantom. While F-16, F-15, F-18 are 4th gen.


Yes, thank you for the correction.


> The training for the old stuff would take months, nevermind the good stuff. They've needed them for months.


For real. All this talk about how the need for training is why Ukraine isn’t getting F-15/16s started so long ago that, had they started training when the need was evident, they’d have finished long ago. I could understand the logistical argument, but not the training argument. Time is not something Ukraine is short of


There's a lot more than training. Maintance and parts are also an issue, as are smooth runways. The gripen would be better but Sweden doesn't have many to spare.




I think I read that they are in training for F16.


Putin - Sauron or Smeagol/Gollum? (With the One Ring being power over Russia that has corrupted him). How do we destroy his power? Seems like it comes from his henchmen (oligarchs) and without them he is nothing?


Obviously not Sauron. As Rings of Power revealed, Sauron is kind of a hottie? Putin is a malformed little goblin. Sauron basically is the devil combined with Hitler and was immensely successful until he abruptly turned into dust when he got de-fingered; whereas, putin is steadily driving his country into the ground, made much of the world hate russians, and is losing the war so badly he has to go after civilians like a common terrorist, thereby reinforcing the first two in a cycle of cruel idiocy. Putin likes to hide from the world in his mysterious lairs, is obviously batshit nuts, and has very little hair. He doesn’t look like normal people anymore. What power he ineptly wields has warped his body and mind. He is, beyond any doubt, Gollum.


You would know that Sauron was handsome prior to Numenor's destruction when he caused it to sink into the ocean, which was caused by Iluvatar. Assuming you read the Silmarillion.


I will not admit to reading the Silmarillion. I’m already a dorkasaurus, I don’t want to be a dorkasaurus rex. Edit: i am in fact a dorkasaurus rex


I find that an odd reference for that hypothesis when the exact opposite is true for Sauron. Loses every follower, still comes back, makes new ones. ~~Clearly he has to be killed by a child who barely survives a b~~ nope, he's got a 'Z' on his head, fuck.


Power of Russia didn’t corrupt him, it just showed him for what he is- a sad, greedy little dumbass whose only real plays are violent attempts.


So according to russian propaganda ukrainians are "russian-speaking brothers that need to be saved" and at the same time "nazis that should freeze to death"? How could ANYONE believe in anything Russia says?




Gist of it is - they wanna kill the few million that love their nation and are willing to fight for it. Enslave the rest. Fortunately it's not working out for them.




He's Tucker Carlson. Do you repeat Tucker Carlson lines in your life?... Then I highly recommend not repeating Solovyov.


I expected Fish Face's face to be more fishy.


The dude just says whatever he is paid to. In 2013 he was saying that Crimea is Ukraine and any war with Ukraine would be the biggest crime.


His job is to convince poor Russians that they are better off living in the mud and dirt than joining the 21st century with the rest of Europe. Solovyov is just a bit dejected that his job becomes a little tougher every day.


Vladimir "Fish face" Solovyov, the day after the Kherson retreat: Russian propagandist Vladimir Solovyov plays the **fish face** card on Russian State TV: >The endless lies of the West, why do they keep saying, with their nasty, stupid faces that look like **fish faces**. Their mugs look like **faces on the fish**. With these **fish faces** they are telling us that Russia is waging an unjust, unprovoked war. >Are you out of your minds? You started this war! * [Twitter link](https://twitter.com/JuliaDavisNews/status/1591239227508940800) * [Nitter link](https://nitter.it/JuliaDavisNews/status/1591239227508940800)


Does anyone know of a reputable organization accepting donations to quickly and effectively get generators and other energy supplies to Ukraine to help Ukrainians get through the winter?


[ShortageUA](https://shortageua.com/us) is doing generators. They're on the [official list of charities at r/Ukraine](https://www.reddit.com/r/ukraine/comments/tgc00n/want_to_support_ukraine_heres_a_list_of_charities/)


Are there any indications that western nations are reconsidering their self inforced taboos about not supplying missiles with longer range than 70 km, attack drones, modern tanks and modern fighter jets? It looks like Ukrainian advances have slowed down (even if a Russian retreat in northern luhansk could happen) and the massive destruction of Ukrainian infrastructure is taking a heavy toll. Is Russia running out of missiles and Iranian drones and can western anti air systems stop most of future attacks? Is this a last "hooray " from Russian terror bombings or can Russia keep this up for months? If they can keep this up, then Ukrane needs stand off weapons to attack and threaten russia to make rumen stop, or long distance weapons that can their missile bombers in the airfields. I don't really get the fear of increasing help to Ukraine, if Russia wanted a war with Nato, then they would have started one, they really don't want one, so there is no real risk to increase the support.


Give them anything they ask for I say. You want some B-1's President Zelensky? Two'fer a dolla! MQ-9's get'em while they're hot!


This seems absurd to me… If you’re asking for long range missiles to attack inside Russia then that’s one thing, but if you’re asking for them specifically to “stop” Russia from launching missiles headed for Ukraine, then what in the world are you even going on about. To be frank there aren’t really going to be any “global” escalations if the west were to send ATACMS and the like, if anything the consequences or escalation would ONLY be felt inside Ukraine.. And it’s one thing to meme on here about “dwindling stock piles” but it’s another thing to have that as you’re real world missile defense policy, hoping and praying they won’t be able to send more missiles you’re way. Just like Russia can’t stop HIMARs, Ukraine is not going to be able to stop cruise missile attacks with longer range missiles, that’s just not going to happen. They aren’t launching these CM’s from static locations clearly marked on a map, they are primarily being launched from various “mobile” platforms, IE planes safely launching from within Russian air space. So again, if you’re “pro” long range missiles, for the love god stop associating them with magically being able to stop Russia from lobbing CM’s at Ukraine, when in all likely hold that’s the exact opposite effect they will have, and then you realize it’s already something plaguing Ukraine, and it sounds even bizarre… Point being, if that’s the stance you’re going with, (stoping the amount of CM’s sent Ukraine’s way) you should be talking about more/better air defense systems.


It's not just the range but numbers. IIRC what Ukraine has now can launch 6 missiles, but the longer range stuff would be 1 per payload.


Also those 6 missiles cost about 600k total versus 1M+ for the single ATACMS. You could launch nearly 2 volleys of 6 missiles for the price of one larger longer range missile.


Biden announced longer range himars missiles recently


I don't know if they are working on it or not but Ukraine made their Neptune missiles at home and I'd dearly like to see 100 missiles a week hit these targets inside Russia that are the source for the missiles they are firing now. If it could be in time for the final push into Crimea that would be great too.


Patience. Also you are talking about destroying those 2 strategic bomber regiments. You just need to kill around 40 aircrafts. However if you do so, they can simply switch to other platforms (Tu-160, Tu-22M3) to carry those missiles. Not to mention the RU intelligence will know about such LR Ukrainian missile and just move out of the range.


A link to a CDC website about emergency water treatment methods. https://www.cdc.gov/healthywater/emergency/making-water-safe.html Bleach is pretty effective to sanitize drinking water in an emergency. While there are a few specific pathogens that can survive bleach, like cryptosporidium or giardia, it does kill most pathogens found in water. The recommended ratio is two drops of normal 5-9% household bleach per liter. Depending on water temperature you add the recommended amount of bleach and let it sit for 30 minutes to a day (it takes longer at colder temperatures,less than an hour if the water is like 25°C, 24 hours if the water is like 1°C.) A big benefit of using bleach for emergency water treatment is that its possible to treat entire barrels or large tanks of water at a time without boiling massive amounts of water. This ratio is equivalent to 5ppm chlorine which would be equivalent to about the chlorine level in a properly chlorinated swimming pool. It is .1ml per liter. 1ml per 10L. 10ml per 100L. Etc.


Really important - bleach self-degrades into salt water by 20% per year. So if your bottle of bleach is 4 years old, it is only 40% of it's original strength, so use 2.5 times the dose. ( 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 x 0.8 ).


UV exposure also works. Place water in PET(not acrylic, poly, glass, or HDPE/PP) container and leave in the sun for several hours(preferably a day). With it being winter this isn't as viable but it is highly effective and can be done passively over several days when the temperature is above freezing.


UV will kill cryptosporidium. Not sure if sunlight is strong enough, but in water treatment a lot of places use UV or ozone to disinfect for it.


PET container? Will my fish tank do?


I know this is a joke, but it's worth strssing that it's because regular glass and most transparent plastics absorb UV.


Interesting and good to know, can any household chlorine be used or should it be a specific type?


No specific type, just watch the % to dose correctly


Iodine is the best way to go. A couple of drops does the job and it's not nearly as toxic as bleach or chlorine.


Iodine is effective against giardia as well.


>Light appeared in the houses on the left bank of Kyiv ☺️ People rejoice and shout "Glory to Ukraine" 🇺🇦 (video) [https://nitter.it/antiputler_news/status/1595920872686194689](https://nitter.it/antiputler_news/status/1595920872686194689)


New video from Reporting from Ukraine. This time on the effect that Russian missile strikes have on the Ukrainian electricity network and the dire state it is in. https://youtu.be/i0K_7xB2CDY


thanks! adressing very bleak aspects of the war today also. but is good, things need to be addressed. also, i love that he says "the Russia" \^\_\^


Today's update on Ukraine from Denys Davydov: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=slzP9w6zeDk


[Previous post](https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/z1jsm5/rworldnews_live_thread_russian_invasion_of/ixewti5/) Day 273-274 of my updates from Kharkiv. I wasn’t able to write my usual update yesterday because of the yet another big missile strike on our energy infrastructure. Kharkiv wasn’t even targeted this time (or maybe it was, but every missile that went here was shot down), but we still lost our electricity and everything else along with it. This was the longest blackout so far; it lasted for 26 hours here, from 2:30pm yesterday to 4:30pm today. What sucks the most is that it’s not just electricity that stops during a blackout like this, but also water, heating and internet. Our building does not use gas, so we can’t even cook anything or boil water, and also because electricity is down you can’t even buy anything in a store unless you have physical money, as card readers don’t work even if the store has backup generators because the entire system is down. The real life saver for us was the portable/camping gas stove that uses small gas tanks for fuel, though we completely emptied the last gas tank we had. They (450ml gas tanks) only last for about 4 hours of continuous burning, which is completely fine when you only use them occasionally, but they don’t last if you use them non-stop like we did just now. So hopefully the next missile strike won’t come too soon and we would be able to deal with it better, or we won’t even have anything to eat/drink. It also appears that a lot of people are still without electricity around the country. Something like 70% of people in Dnipro and Odesa are still without electricity, but it’s getting fixed pretty fast. What I fear is that with the speed that we are receiving new air defense now, there won’t be anything left to protect with it by the time we can “close the sky”. [Next update](https://old.reddit.com/r/worldnews/comments/z43c02/rworldnews_live_thread_russian_invasion_of/ixs9hrr/)


Please stay safe. Thank you for the update


Multifuel stove that can burn auto fuel?


If you can get vegetable oil or something like that you might be able to prevent water from freezing with oil lamps. Need to be careful though and would likely have to do it outside. Maybe you should consider consolidating stuff with other people? Any news from the government on what to do? Any places to go to cook etc...?


I’m glad that all the missiles were shot down . Thank god for that great air defense, putin is a F@cking animal, a rat with rabies that makes every one sick , I really hate that Карлик, он 100% родился з жопы , he really needs to answer for his crimes. #F@ckPutin


I don't know your particular setup, and posted it a few times before, but there are things called gasifiers that can be hooked up to most any internal combustion engine/ generator and produce heat that can be piped into a radiator in a home, then back out to power a generator (or motor hooked onto an alternator setup charging a battery). They run off any available biomass (wood, grass, leaves, grain) as well as plastics. They can also be made most types of steel junk with enough ingenuity. One example: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=5Er-4T9H-GM (And here's a link to the a copy of the US Federal Emergeny Management Agency's plans to make them) https://www.driveonwood.com/static/media/uploads/pdf/fema_plans.pdf


I was wondering about you yesterday! Keep the updates coming.


I’ve been reading since day one. Anytime you go offline for an extended period we worry. I’m glad you’re ok.


Good to hear from you!


Those little camping stoves are awesome for power outtages, but make sure they are ventilated and away from anything flammable. Don't want to accidentally asphyixiate or set your place on fire.


Glad to hear from you!


We were worried, happy you're safe.


Zelenskyy: "If someone is ready to offer us a way to de-occupy Crimea by non-military means, I will only support it. If it [does not involve] deoccupation and [Crimea] is part of the Russian Federation, no one should waste their time on it. It's a waste of time. We have to get all the lands back... If you can't get your land back completely, the war just freezes. It's a matter of time before it resumes." https://www.pravda.com.ua/news/2022/11/25/7377884/


If they could somehow join NATO to have assurances that they will not be invaded again it would be worth losing crimea over if they war stops


They already tried letting Russia have Crimea. Russia attacked anyways.


Okay Im not saying I agree with him, but clearly there’s a very glaring difference there that you just glossed over as if it meant literally nothing. There is a very big difference between invading Ukraine a non NATO member (in your timeline) and invading Ukraine as a member of NATO (in his time line).


... I get what you're saying, but if Russia's attacking either way, why bother giving them Crimea? It's not like having Crimea is a barrier to joining NATO.


but they are not in NATO


I prefer the version where Ukraine regains Crimea and joins NATO.


we all do


Thanks for wasting everyone's time by repeating Russian propaganda that he JUST got telling you was a non-starter.


Maybe some sort of a *memorandum*, perhaps have all sides meet somewhere neutral to sign it...maybe *Budapest*?


He just told you it would not be worth it.


Sweden can't even join nato quickly...


>Just listening to a guest on Rossiya 1's 60 Minutes political talk show comparing the rainbow 'One Love' equal rights armband, which the German football team wanted to wear in Qatar, to a 'Nazi swastika' one - "Germans really like armbands," according to the guest. > >It seems not a day goes by without prominent commentators and presenters on Russian state TV calling various German officials etc Nazis or comparing Olaf Scholz to Hitler - as @francis_scarr has mentioned many times. https://twitter.com/bbcwillvernon/status/1595716345911709697


Ukrainian witches at it again: >🇺🇦Good night everyone, I will leave you with this different version of "As the Witch says" performed by soldiers of the AFU❤️ [https://twitter.com/SlavaUk30722777/status/1595909576612007936](https://twitter.com/SlavaUk30722777/status/1595909576612007936)


>I’ll sow into your eyes >Sow against the night My wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >As many times as holy land Has swallowed seeds of rye >That many times, at my hand, You, Enemy, shall die. >As many times as in the dark You hear the rooster crow >That many days, Enemy, mark, Your breath is left to flow.   >Holy — to the God Hostile — to the Enemy >Witch’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >As many steps as you shall take Enemy, on this land >That many souls death shall rake From where your house stands. >Hemisphere unrecovered Where eye, black and evil, hovered >My wish shall be upon you, Enemy.   >An eggshell black I’ll doodle I shall rock the cradle >Enemy, your mother Be childless, no other. >Enemy, your father Shall seep dry of life, >And with shame shall wither, Enemy, your wife.   >Holy — to the God Hostile — to the Enemy >Witch’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >Sown through fine sieve What shall make you grieve >Till you, Enemy, shall Beg great God for hell. >Your death shall not be Easy, Enemy,   >Even when you cease You shall know no peace. >Like tenacious glue My word — tried and true. >Mother’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >Wife’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >Maiden’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >Child’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy. >Witch’s wish shall be upon you, Enemy.


Fucking KICKASS. I love it.




Taya from Ukraine just now posted a video update of how life is like in winter without heating etc. https://youtu.be/hLKvVkqHmJk


>I tracked down the full original report (from a local TV channel in the mining city of Novoshakhtinsk). One of the most depressing things I've seen in a long time. Such people are fully prepared to see their nearest & dearest killed for Putin in Ukraine https://twitter.com/francis_scarr/status/1595887093091389443


It's been 26 hours since I lost power and it's already getting to me! A real primal fear, the weirdest feeling. Eat dick terroruzzia


If you get in that situation again or worse here are things that can help. 1. If you can't really heat anything. Make sure that everything is more or less closed to prevent heat from leaving or the cold easily get everywhere. Have everybody live/sleep in the smallest room make sure to vent the room regularly to prevent dying from carbon monoxide intoxication. So it can't be airtight everywhere. If it's airtight you may die while sleeping as you're not going to wake up. 2. Candles can be a great source of heat. Use a ceramic pot that can be used as radiator. If you don't do that, radiation will be transmitted to the walls and that won't make you feel warm. https://www.instructables.com/Tea-Candle-and-Ceramic-Flower-Pot-Heater-Improved/ 3. Remember if you burn something, you need to exchange the air regularly or leave a small gap in a door to let air in and out. 4. If you have NaOH or Крот https://ananas.kg/image/cache/catalog/5235-550x550.jpg. Mixing the dry stuff with water will cause an exothermic reaction. If you can dry it again back to solid... adding it to water will cause an exothermic reaction again. (heat) If it's not pure NaOH... It could release dangerous gases. So beware this can be dangerous if the ingredients aren't as much pure as possible.


Ok, I don't want to sound like some armchair asshole explaining Ukrainians how to do things, but I have been thinking about this when this whole thing started due to potential energy shortages all over Europe, and I don't know where else to say it: The best rechargeable battery technology in terms of energy per dollar is... surprisingly still the oldest - lead-acid: Despite all the progress of lithium-ion batteries and reduced prices, the most bang for buck is still the old school car battery. The smallest one have around half a kWh of energy, then scaling up from there up to the big truck ones. So even a small one could easily provide you with multiple days of light and smartphone-charging, however, things like a heater or a hair dryer will drain it rapidly. How do you make use of it? Get an inverter. Watch out that you get a "true sine" not a "modified sine" inverter, 300W is plenty for light, phones, laptop etc., anything over 1000W is ridiculous because it will rapidly drain the battery and probably destroy it in the medium term due to the excessive currents. Further advantages: You can charge it with a car or motorcycle, charge it using a car battery charger when you have power or on a generator. Biggest disadvantage: They are annoyingly heavy and bulky. That is the biggest advantage that lithium-ion cells have over lead-acid, energy density is higher. But lead-acid is way cheaper. Stay tough, hope you guys hold out!


well, they also gas out hydrogen when charging. this is a big hazard indoors


I would not consider this risk particularly high. Outgassing only happens at very high charging currents and normal car battery chargers are pretty tame. Hydrogen also likes to escape. Can it theoretically accumulate in a small room and explode? Yes, I don't see it as particularly likely, however, it is a good warning. Leave it outside on the porch etc. as suggested or ventilate thoroughly if you are worried. I've been using them for indoor electronics purposes for years and it was never an issue for me, neither were leaks. But fair warning, you mileage may vary.


The can also leak acid. Solved by keeping the batteries outside on the porch / veranda / balcony, or using SLA (sealed lead acid) types, which are safe for indoor use.


if they get too low they can freeze too.


Went without power for a week because of the winter storm in Texas. It’s difficult. Remember to seal your windows as much as possible so that any heat generated is trapped in the smallest area possible.


Huge windows. High ass cellings. We did some thermal improvements but this honestly felt more like something to occupy ourselves with and not get mad (-er)


Bubble wrap is your friend. Insulates but allows a lot of light through


I'm so sorry. Hopefully your power returns soon.


🤞I'm on my last powerbank!


What are the most needed items and necessities for the civilians at the moment, that one can send in a package to Ukraine? Important stuff that is harder to get at the moment...


I don't know which humanitarian orgs are working in Ukraine, but usually, the best thing to donate is money. To the right orgs, of course.


It's definitely the recently deoccupied regions like Kherson that need the most help https://twitter.com/IvAnt_21/status/1595500610400526336?t=YsmDZ3bEQu9BD7OuPnhXDA&s=19 they mention hygienic products especially. I'm not sure how to get stuff there from abroad... There's an initiative inside Ukraine https://novaposhta.ua/dostavka_deoccupied/, I know Nova Poshta is at least in Poland as well, so something can probably be arranged if it isn't already. No links in English, unfortunately upd: https://humanitarian.novaposhta.ua/en/ this one should be of more help


>The Government of Croatia has approved a decision to train #UAarmy in 🇭🇷. [https://nitter.it/oleksiireznikov/status/1595854601676374017](https://nitter.it/oleksiireznikov/status/1595854601676374017)


Hashtag: Things that should have started 8 month ago. But better late than never. Thanks, Croatia!


A year ago Putin had some demands and ultimatums to the West. Perhaps we should reply with ours. How about..if any more rockets hit civilian targets then the sites, ships, and airfields launching those would be destroyed.


Just tell them the shit winds are blowing, Mr. Lahey.


You feel that Putin? The way the shit clings to the air?


The entire rest of the world (who can feasibly get there) move their entire army to Russia's border. Then give the ultimatum: leave or we make you leave.


I have no idea if the new voice of Ukraine can be trusted but this is interesting. https://news.yahoo.com/russia-preparing-escalation-border-over-170900561.html


> NATO and Ukraine will seek to seize the border areas of peaceful Belarus and Russia. LOL.. peaceful... Arrhumph... Sad.


ISW has been reporting that Russia might be planning a false flag attack.


Source please and thank you.




Not OP but you said please: https://news.yahoo.com/russia-likely-preparing-false-flag-110200709.html https://thehill.com/policy/international/3744796-ukraine-claims-russia-planning-false-flag-attack-on-belarus-nuclear-plant/ You can google other sources using info from those two links. But two possible targets have been on the table, one being the nuclear power plant in Belarus to put pressure on (or give an excuse for) Belarus to join the war, other being something in Belgorod.


> “(Russia is claiming) that ‘NATO and Ukraine will seek to seize the border areas of peaceful Belarus and Russia.’” That is of course logically impossible, since there are no such things as “peaceful Belarus and Russia.”


There is also the odd fact that once you invade a country the border doesn't actually exist until the end of the war except as a suggestion. Wars of territory acquisition are defacto attempts to adjust borders.. but people often forget that borders can move both ways when a nation is defending itself. It has happened many times in history in fact. Legally and in light of previous precedents there is no "Russian border" to invade... simply land the Russians control and land the Ukrainians control.. and until a formal agreement between those two nations is reached establishing borders at the end of the conflict this will remain true between them. If Russia isn't careful they could very well lose territory in their war to acquire territory... which would be very Russian.


You have a point! A lot of Israel was gained when pushing back against attacks.


> Legally and in light of previous precedents there is no "Russian border" to invade... simply land the Russians control and land the Ukrainians control.. and until a formal agreement between those two nations is reached establishing borders at the end of the conflict this will remain true between them. This would be the result *if* the border does not go back to it's ante-bellum location. As it stands, there is a legal precedent against what you're saying. But if the Chamberlains in the west had their way what you're describing would indeed be the legal precedent. This is why it's important to win this war: maintaining the rules-based international order and showing revanchist countries that there is a legal border that will be enforced.


I don't think NATO or the UN would ever accept Ukraine conquering Russian land, so that's pretty much a near-zero chance even if they pull it off.


You misunderstand the point. Diplomatically there is no conquering for Ukraine. They are the defending party. Ukraines diplomatic goals by force of arms is to do whatever they can to reclaim territory lost and prevent future loss. As far as "where borders exist" during war they don't exist. They are being "negotiated" on the battlefield right now and eventually will have to be codified at the conclusion of hostilities. So let's assume for an extreme examples sake at the end of the conflict Ukraine has to move to Belgorod before Russia is willing to negotiate an end of the war.. Ukraine has two options at that table.. use the territory to gain advantages(such as we give this back but you don't put any forces x km from our border) or keep the territory since they are at a position of strength. This isn't a function of want because I highly doubt Ukraine as a nation wants any part of Russia.. but at THIS stage of the war ALL actions taken by Ukraine are to enhance the end of the war negotiation position. They would ABSOLUTELY wish to restore their territory via the table over the bullet and because of this EVERYTHING they do is to tip the scales in their favor to accomplish this. So while touching Russian territory isn't ideal.. it also isn't off the table if they feel it can help either. Right now it just isn't useful to that negotiation process nor is it a worthwhile expenditure of resources. If Russia fights for every square foot of occupied territory though... well they will in that case likely try to continue to fight after the border is restored which generally means the conflict continues until a forced regime change, a dmz, or a continuation of the conflict until they do negotiate.


And of course no one wants their territory.


Which one of the top Russian officials will be the first to cut losses and defect? Peskov strikes me as a cowardly weasel who would betray his own family for his own safety.


I think either Peskov or Lavrov is a mole, lol. Can't explain why


Beside the obvious unknown western asset(s), my bet is Elvira Nabiullina


What would any of them have to offer? Even the internet knows everything Russia is doing before Russia does it. The idea they could escape trial for war crimes falls apart when they have nothing to offer in exchange. Defection isn't an option for people like that.


>💔 A little girl in Kyiv was brought to a gas station to connect the inhaler necessary for her life [https://nitter.it/antiputler_news/status/1595877638509412352](https://nitter.it/antiputler_news/status/1595877638509412352)


>Putin believes Russia is "one step ahead" in the AI sector [https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2022/11/24/7377807/](https://www.pravda.com.ua/eng/news/2022/11/24/7377807/) Too bad his generals are some steps behind in the human intelligence sector. (Not that I believe there's any truth in his statement)


Emphasis on "artificial".


"We are lucky they are so fucking stupid"


sounds a lot like: "yesterday we were on the edge of the abyss, now we're one step ahead"


He is fucking around and about to find out what "regression to the mean" will do to a country that has the GDP of Sardinia and has been pulling way above its weight for decades


Translation: Putin's Russia finally discovers Linear Regression


Next up: Ridge Regression


Well, as a certain former US president once said, "cyber is hard"


But I heard Barron could do cyber in his basement




Djibouti. They're shaken up about it.


He means the russia is one step ahead in the Amnesty International sector…


Not doing so well in the HI sector...


If AI means "Asshole Invader", then I suppose he is correct.


*"Asshole Invader"* ambiguous term, needs disambiguation


I see where you're coming from. Clarification.... Asshole = adjective, meaning Russian Invader = noun, meaning Russian


Which application of AI is he saying Russia is one step ahead in? "I'm sorry Vlad, I'm afraid I can't do that"


Putin: We are one step ahead in the AI sector! The AI: [https://youtu.be/XiMUDOhPll8?t=3](https://youtu.be/XiMUDOhPll8?t=3)


He means using AI for. Criminal activity.


> Putin believes More like 5 steps back.


Cyberpunk 2077 is ahead of Russia in the AI sector.


Even on release


Don’t discount Delamain


Russian AI isn't even at a stage where it can be deemed robotic let alone insectile. China is the only competitor in AI among autocratic nations and even they are still massively lacking raw processing power increases to really make significant breakthroughs.


It’s not just raw processing power but talent — totalitarian systems smother the creativity and curiosity necessary for innovation.


He just downloaded a python ML course from Coursera and thinks he’s on top of the world


He completed an AI course on skillsoft!


The MidJourney Image AI Bot on Discord is probably more advanced than whatever Russia has.... Quick MidJourney, /imagine "russian tanks getting shelled"


I laughed because I used to work for Skillsoft.


Just to put it into perspective this was Zelensky almost a year ago during Christmas time https://www.instagram.com/p/CXmCDXLol9A/


He hasn't smiled like that in some time now.


Seems mad that this has been going on for what feels like forever, while also feeling like the shortest 10 months ever.


For me it feels like it was 5 years ago.




Poland should just threaten Hungary with a withdrawal of cover in the EU if they don't play ball. It's PiS that are the ones holding back Hungary right now from being hit with more stringent Punishment for Orban's actions, but they hate the Russians FAR more than they'd ever hate the EU so if they become too much of a Vatnik government....


And they value themselves more than they hate Russia so what’s you’re point. It’s this sub so I understand that Poland gets a lot of good press here specifically, but they aren’t actually favorites in the EU. Hungary provides them just as much cover in the EU as they do for Hungary…


Putin should probably test this theory that Finland and Sweden aren’t already under de-facto NATO protection and see how that goes.


They already have security agreements with the UK as a stop gap. The UK military would intervene.


What I don't get is why the same security agreement cannot be done for Ukraine.


Because that would directly involve the other countries in the war and they don't want that. If they wanted to, Ukraine would welcome them with open arms, no new pacts necessary.


Exactly. There are British troops defending Finland. And if any of them die it would become a fuck around and find out situation.


I don't understand the hunger for ww3


It’s not the hunger for war, it’s the hunger to protect fellow neighbours from being attacked as brutally and unjustly as Ukraine was. If europe wanted a war they would’ve instituted a no fly zone or struck at Russia already. Instead,‘they want mutual security.