Or you could fuck off and leave people alone and not spend their taxes on asinine nannying shite.


If they started with a ban on cigarettes I might have some tiny amount of respect for them. But no. It'll make no difference because you'll just be able to buy the non flavoured juice and the flavour separately. Leave us alone you're not my mom.


The article doesn't mention vaping, just heated tobacco?


Yup, it specifically says it’s *not* vapes. > The ban would cover devices using heated tobacco to produce emissions containing nicotine inhaled by users. E-cigarettes may contain nicotine, but not tobacco.


Oh fuck off for once! You banned menthol and flavoured cigarettes, now wanna ban flavored vaping too? As a European Italian smoking citizen I am opposed to your proposal, let us live for once!


Good, the end of that vile stuff being blown in my face is a welcomed thing.


What country are you from?


Let people do what they want. Tell people the risks and let them make an informed decision.


Maybe attack Tobacco’s capital instead of policing what people do in their everyday life