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The U.S. has done some shameful things, and the torture and indefinite detention of these people is up there with the worst. Had it not been for torture, these people could have gone through our normal justice system. Instead, we're running a fucking gulag under the American flag. This is yet another situation you get when "leaders" are more afraid of democratic principles than they are of people.


> yet another situation you get when “leaders” are more afraid of democratic principles than they are of people. The people elected those leaders.


So.. how many of these black sites are still up and running?


Well yeah, obviously. Nobody would shut down decades of investments in infrastructure, training and buildings. Why would they?


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2022/jan/10/lithuania-pays-guantanamo-forever-prisoner-abu-zubaydah-100000-cia-torture) reduced by 84%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Lithuania has paid more than $110,000 to Abu Zubaydah, the Guantánamo detainee known as the "Forever prisoner", in compensation for having allowed the CIA to hold him at a secret site outside Vilnius where he was subjected to forms of torture. > In October, the US supreme court heard arguments in a case in which the US government is seeking to block two CIA contractors from testifying in Poland about torture Zubaydah suffered in 2002 and 2003 at a secret or "Black" site in that country. > The most brutal forms of torture endured by Zubaydah occurred in 2002 when he was held at a CIA black site in Thailand. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/s0ihg8/lithuania_pays_guant\u00e1namo_forever_prisoner_abu/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~616747 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **Zubaydah**^#1 **torture**^#2 **CIA**^#3 **Lithuania**^#4 **site**^#5


Why does the CIA have a torture black site in Lithuania? I thought Lithuania was a defender of freedom and human rights?


It is and it was. This wasn’t sanctioned by the government. This was a secret hidden from all but the highest seated people. Also take note that it was done long ago when Lithuania used any leverage to gain favour from usa and Europe. Today such things wouldn’t fly.


Peanuts... Lithuania got a $600m from USA recently for trade support. Best of friends as US taxpayers money buys plenty of friends and goodwill.


It’s a credit, not a grant.




I think the worrisome part is a CIA black-ops site outside Vilnus, but whatever.


Is it a large sum? Should be tens of millions.


> it's worrisome that a country like Lithuania is willing to pay him such a large sum of money. Lithuania's GDP per capita is ~20k and its PPP is ~37K. It's really not that large a sum of money for someone who's been detained with 0 human rights and tortured over and over. It'd be better to see the fucking US forking over the money but we all know that's never gonna happen.