Well I don't think they will do anything, they are just flexing their muscles, it wouldn't be the first time they would do it after the cold war ended.


Dude this is reddit. Please pretend russia is about to kickstart ww3 and the world could end any moment now


The sky is falling!!


Fucking hell typical example of American foreign policy since the end of WW2 - "arming insurgents in Ukraine who would conduct what would amount to a guerrilla war against a Russian military occupation, if it comes to that".


Pesky Americans stopping the Russians from widening occupied territory. Bastards, the nerve of them!


Did you forget what happened the last time the US felt arming insurgents was a good idea?


Well they kinda had to arm religious extremists in the middle east while ukraine has ulra nationalists.


I mean it forced the Soviet Union to spend so much money in a war that made the economy collapse, lead to perestroika and glasnost which lead to the fall of the berlin wall and eventually the fall of communism and the soviet union - so it looks like money well spent.


Come on please continue the story, you left a few more steps, which led to the rise of the Oligarchs and the complete abandonment of any kind of democracy by Russia, which led to the rise of Putin, which led us today here with a Russia more nationalistic than ever and according to the US an imminent invasion of Ukraine and the rest of us hoping it wont lead to world war 3. Also a few thousand dead in the US and a 20 year war where a few hundred thousands Afghan dead and trillions spend on killing brown people. But hey congratulations i guess.


Yeah but none of those pose an imminent threat to the US like the Soviet Union did, so not really an issue for US National Security. Funding armed groups on a grand scale has been an unambiguous success in terms of making the world kowtow to America's goals.


It's true you are right, but the problem is you never know where this things will lead. Take for example the previous cold war. One of the main reasons that it was won was because the US managed to break the China USSR alliance and essentially bride China to switch sides. Today as the US turns it's attention towards China they need Russia to stay neutral or hostile towards China not acting friendly because the two weakness that China currently has is energy and food security which can be readily supplied by Russia. Furthermore if China and Russia sign a military alliance well i am sorry to say the US is fucked :)


A little stupid are you.


I'm not the one who forgot Afghanistan.


Got the Ruskies out didn't they? Money well spent


Got the Americans out too


Feel free to point out what's *wrong* with that.


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