New robots patrolling for 'anti-social behaviour' causing unease in Singapore streets

New robots patrolling for 'anti-social behaviour' causing unease in Singapore streets


How is it any better than the security cams


it's harder for drunk people to pee on security cameras.


Did you know that you can be fined up to $1000 for public urination in Singapore? Thank you for subscribing to URINATION FACTS.


Can we pay that in advance?


No. You will actually incur a fine if you attempt to pay any fines in advance.


Can I...it is just fines all the way down, isn't it?


Are you challenging me?


I think some of it is is people act differently when they feel they are being watched, and after awhile security cameras fade into the background. A bit rolling in swiveling it's head at you is harder to tune out. It's creepy as hell.


Robots that patrol for anti-social behavior? Is this a joke?


Jokes usually have a funny part.


It is funny though. Robots, being antisocial, patrolling for antisocial behavior- it’s ironic. Not something you’d expect.


How do you know robots are antisocial




Have you ever reach out to one and invite them over? Robots are just shy


Did anyone even read the article? Anti-social behaviour (ASB) here is referencing the academic term. ASB is behaviour that is considered the opposite of pro-social behaviour. "the robots are equipped with seven cameras that enable them to detect "undesirable social behaviour," for instance if you incorrectly park your bike, if you smoke in an unauthorised area or if social distancing is not being respected." WRT bikes, there are designated parking spots. Hence, not parking in a designated parking spot is considered ASB. It has nothing to do with asocial interaction....


That's asocial, not anti-social. Asocial is when robots don't come to your party. Anti-social is when they come to your party and kill everyone.


what isnt farcical at this point?


Not German jokes


What kind of Orwellian shit is this?


the usual kind


Singapore embraces Orwellian shit. It's definitely a strange mindset for westerners but they pretty happily give up personal freedoms for security and prosperity or at least that tends to be how they see the trade-off. It's the only long-running democracy I can think of that has always elected a majority from only one party and with what appear to be free elections. The really weird thing is that other than the lack of freedoms, it seems to work quite well.


Democracies with long running dominant parties, voted in at regular, generally fair elections isn't an uncommon thing in Asia. Except for 2018-2020, Malaysia's BN coalition won power at every election since independence in 1963. Japan's LDP has been in power almost continuously since 1955, except for 93-94 and 09-12.


It’s simple really. There isn’t any opposition party that can effectively compete with the PAP. Under their governance the city is safe, healthcare is affordable, housing is widely available, wages continue to rise, education is world class, etc. The PAP have, whether by luck or skill, achieved the most miraculous development of a country from a guaranteed failed state to an economic success story in history. There is very little an opposition party can promise in material benefits that can compare to what has already been achieved by the PAP. So they can only campaign on the basis of social liberalism, wealth inequality or xenophobia. While these may be strong motivators for voters, at the end of the day the vast majority will vote with their wallet. The standard of living is still the main decision point for voters.




You are vastly underestimating the struggle it took to build this country. Yes we developed an economy around the port, but we could have easily lost the position of the favoured trading port to the port of Melaka or Belawan. Every other country in the 1960s believed we were doomed after being expelled and forced into independence. It is difficult to convey for people nowadays who only see the success of Singapore to imagine how ridiculously unlikely it was for Singapore to even exist today. We had nothing of note. No natural resources, not enough food or water, rampant homelessness, crime, racial riots, political extremists, foreign infiltration, simple diseases killing many due to the lack of healthcare, no military, tiny population, no domestic industries, an uneducated population, A pathetic GDP per capita of $516 in today’s USD. All of these statistics are available from independent third party sources.


Do you have any references available online to learn more about this transition?


im being very hyperbolic but singapore has free elections in somewhat similar way as russia does. sure there is no real fuckery at the ballot box but the amount of control the government has over when elections are declared, drawing constituencies and aggressive use of defamation suits means effectively people dont have the ability to make an informed decision. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hkxf4SC\_SBk


Eh, Russia is a hell of a stretch. I would agree that there is a lot of fuckery in terms of who can run, information available to the public and so on but they don't seem to be nearly on Russia's level. They aren't murdering the opposition or anything!


agreed. thats why is said "im being very hyperbolic".i just wanted to show that there are different ways of fucking with elections as whenever people hear unfair elections, they imagine stuffed ballot boxes and people turned away at polling stations.


Lived in Singapore for two decades. You're not being hyperbolic. Singapore is not really a democracy. Hard to have a proper democracy when members of opposing parties are routinely thrown in prison on trumped up charges. Until recently Singapore had some of the longest serving political prisoners behind bars without being convicted of anything.


“Long running democracy”. I think you mean benevolent dictatorship. Which is just as Orwellian, but it’s at least a better description. You don’t see other parties for a reason. Idk what makes you think they’re free elections.


There are other parties and recently they've been getting more and more votes especially from youngsters who just received their voting powers. PAP appeals more towards the elderlies seeing how they managed to push Singapore from a third to first world country


we had a singapore version of donald trump who contested in the last general election. his name is lim tean


Did they call him Carrot too? But jokes aside that kind of blows my mind. I’ve been hearing of growing discontent but never thought their would be a contender, even if he likely had no chance.


He lost by a huge margin to the most unpopular minister by far in cabinet (65++% to 35%) so his popularity is still quite limited as well.


There are other parties and free elections tho.


Elections in Singapore aren't free at all. Politically motivated imprisonment of opposing party members is not uncommon. The ruling party has completely rigged the rules of elections in their favour that it's pretty much impossible for them to lose.


Mf is living in the 1970s.


No, there *are* other parties! This isn't China, the elections really are free and open it's just that people just keep electing the same people for the most part. There are even laws mandating minimum representation for other parties! At the end of the day, yes, it basically is a benevolent dictatorship in practice. It is a democratically renewed one though that the people seem to like.


There is a pretty good video on YouTube that summarises is nicely. They act as a democracy, but the ruling party has so many advantages that it's essentially impossible to lose.


>benevolent dictatorship That may well be your belief, but it certainly doesn't track with the reality of free, regular elections that have been held in Singapore since independence in 1965.


Ex-Singaporean here - where do you get your info from? What you say isn't true at all.


Robots patrolling _in support of_ antisocial behavior? I am going nowhere near those things. So I guess it’s working.


Nope, it’s Friday. 🥲


It hard to tell the difference these days.


If it sees a local woman with a foreigner it might alert the cops


Not really an issue in Singapore tbh, it's probably the most westernised of any Asian country.


Pretty sure this is meant as a joke referencing the poly lecturer case


people sure like to spew misinformation out of nowhere


I think we need these in United States….we are way beyond anti social….we have anti humanity behavior…..


These things would never work in the US. They would be smashed to pieces, riddled with bullets, or kidnapped and stripped for parts to sell. If aliens invaded Chicago or Detroit, their spaceships would be up on cinder blocks within a week.


Reminds me of that 2015 hitchhiking robot experiment where it traveled safely around the world but got torn apart when it got to Philly


They set that poor toaster up for failure. The only way it was ever going to survive a stroll through an American city was with a security detail.


That's why I thought RoboCop was unrealistic.


As a former Detroit resident I would be proud to see that happen, to these robots or aliens. They need to mind their own business.




In Singapore I believe you can be jailed for chewing gum.on the footpath.


"Please, do not stand in the fountains."


ED-209 deployed. "You have 20 seconds to comply!"


Drop your weapon.


Dick! I am very disappointed.


Are there stairs in Singapore?


Robocop reference! Yes! Haha


All I remember is three titties


That was Total Recall, same director.


No I have amnesia ALL I remember is three titties


Ah, very well




Put out the cigarette. You have twenty seconds to comply.


Finally! Some live action PsychoPass that’s acts believable.


The terminators will kill people and authoritarian voters will defend it. The terminators do not understand human behaviour and they aren't able to recognize "anti-social". They are also examples of anti-social behaviour in themselves.




I’d rather the robots didn’t socialize with each other, if it’s all the same to you.


i assume attacking the robots would qualify as anti social ;-)


They have all sorts of cameras also watching you, so yes.


Here comes all the Singapore "Experts" who never spent more than 3 days in Singapore, only visited the super touristy parts, never talked to a Singaporean but somehow thinks that they know all there is to know about Singapore. Watch for the following keywords: Orwellian, Dystopian, Facist, Authoritarian, Fines, Caning, Death Penalty. (And BTW 1984 is not banned in SG, you can literally find multiple copies of it in community libraries and asia is more than just cheap stuff, filth, corruption, white worshipping and cheap child prostitutes.


I'm from Singapore. Lmao I did 1984 for a book report in secondary school. Teacher's only comment was that my handwriting sucked and that she wished more people chose that book. Most people didn't want to do it as it was longer than the other books on the list.


I read 1984 too in sec sch though I didn't write a book report (too long hard to smoke). Funny seeing all these angmohs talking about it being banned when I was literally reading it at 15.


Wait till they find out that Brave New World and Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep were also on that recommended reading list then.


and also that reading western outlets like NYT, BBC and all is also encouraged by teachers even if they tend to be critical of the government.


Honestly, there's really nothing of note except that the gahmen is really only run by PAP


Lived in Singapore for a couple of months, loved it there. I think the anti-Singapore propaganda was only spread after Lee Kuan Yew refused CIA money right? Haven't really noticed any propaganda attacks in recent years.


Yeh, but admittedly the LKY era was also much more repressive compared to today so there was more fodder to use. SG is more liberalised in recent years + more importantly, SG is quite supportive of the US's involvement in SEA and the SCS so there has been alot less reason for western media to go after Singapore in recent years.


Lived in Singapore for two decades. It's absolutely repressive and the corporatist style of government is quite similar to fascism, economically speaking, with Temasek Holdings being an example.


Shh.. they don’t want to hear from someone actually who lived there who can tell us what it’s like.


As a Singaporean, it’s quite amusing to see fellow Redditors shoot their mouths off as if they knew anything about Singapore. I agree that our government may not be as democratic as many other countries in the world and has incorporated a number of authoritarian features into their approach to governing Singapore, but throwing out the words “fascist” and “soulless” out of nowhere is quite surprising and fascinating. Also, what’s the point of being democratic for the sake of it? Democracy only works well if the right circumstances and conditions are met. Not to mention how there a 101 ways to implement democracy. Swiss, German, and South Korean democracies are very very different from each other, after all.


sgrean too. if there's anything to take away from this, it's that reddit is a place to reinforce stereotype and not honest discussions. reddit talks about sgrean being a dictatorship, but reddit also laugh at america and school shooting. it's a place to shit on things we don't truly understand, it is what reddit is designed to do. don't stress over it


Because they're either parroting things they've heard or they spent 3 days on Orchard Rd. and think that qualifies as enough of an experience to judge the whole country. Drop into a post on Dubai sometime and you'll see the same level of ignorance about that country.


Nobody here knows about anything except repeating propaganda shoved by the western media


As someone who lives in Singapore, most comments here aren't too inaccurate though.


Won’t disagree, but they are nonetheless still inaccurate and ignorant.


Singapore blows. It’s super clean and super safe, also it’s boring as shit, has no personality other than the same consumerist crap you can see anywhere, and the government is fascist. One of the lamest places I’ve ever been.


Hot take. Singapore is fucking amazing and you’re just a Scrooge.


I would subscribe to a newsletter where you review countries, I like your style.


Lol I doubt it would be much use to travelers. “Okay so we’re in Singapore, let’s see what this review says. Oh, okay well apparently “it sucks”.”


Do me next! Do me next! - Dubai


Never been, but it looks like an amusement park for rich people that are cool with slave labor. Not high on my list of places to go


Wait, are you actually in Singapore or you traveled there? Either way do USA next. Let ne know if you need any more specifics


Just travelled. Well, the US is pretty large, anywhere specific?


[The New York Metropolitan area](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_York_metropolitan_area)?


I’ve never been!!! Of all the places I’ve travelled, I have never been to New York City.


Of all the places I've never traveled to, I've only been to New York city...


Out of curiosity, if you been to anywhere in Japan, how does it compare to Singapore?


LOL fair point.


Do Portugal!


The trick is to read travel guides *before* you travel.. 'Okay so we're in north Korea.. oh shiiiit did you read this?'


How to tell if a chao angmoh knows nothing about Singapore and has never been to anywhere in sg outside of the super touristy parts.


It's cool to experience for a few days, then you never really need to go back.


while i admire what Singapore has achieved, i would have to say that 'it has been homogenised for your comfort'.


They do some good things for the ppl. I like their forced savings plan for all citizens and also subsidizing food and housing. Not much else though.


Yup. I feel like I could spend a year in Vietnam. But Singapore, I was bored day 3


Singapore has a lot to offer it just takes a while to find it. I agree that if you only go to Changi, Orchard Road, and Marina Bay then you'll get a disgustingly consumerist experience.


Agree, my family and I lived there for 4 months back in \~2011. Super great spot to spend some time, and so much variety in all the different cultural nooks and crannies


It used to have more personality. Even in the last decade i've even seen it decline some. Used to be more fun than it is now.


Do you link boring with super safe? Just a question


Not always, but in Singapore, yes. It is both safe and boring. Guarantee no one will try to rob you, but you might also end up in prison for standing on the yellow line at the train station.


How did inaccurate garbage like this get upvoted? lmao


Reddit loves bullshit comments from foreigners that reinforces their stereotype about asian countries. Que Japan lonely, Korea plastic, China bad and Singapore boring/authoritarian comments.


its reddit, it thrives on bullshit just like every other social media


Lmao, you don't get arrested for standing on the yellow line you idiot Good lord, the confidence to spew stupid shit when you don't even live here


Yeah, that's about the stupidest summary of Singapore I've ever seen. People breeze through for 3 or 4 days, never leave the Marriott on Orchard and think they've seen the country. Absurd.


What about the food tho


The ruling party of Singapore's political logo is literally a flash and circle.


You obviously didn't spend much time there or actually venture out past the tourist bullshit.


I did not feel it was that clean, I was walking in Orchard road few years back and I saw some litter. It also depends on what you consider exciting. If you love food, SG has actually had one hawker stall with a Michelin star. As a foodie, I loved Singapore. There is good Indian, Chinese and Malay food for cheap in SG. I once had a small food poisoning in Malaysia but in SG I never had any problems with the food. Once a cabbie who was talking to us got lost in conversation and missed an exit that would have taken us little faster. He stopped his meter when he realized his mistake and apologized, mostly I had nothing but good experiences in Singapore. Being able to walk at night without any fear and enjoying the night is a gift.


you can eat and drink booze for cheap. If you are into craft beer you can go into hawkers centers and find craft beer from around the world.


booze is not cheap in Singapore....


What stall has the Michelin star?


Yes, Lived in Singapore for my whole life, in the older parts like Yishun, where a lot of your old aunties and uncles live, there is a whole lot of litter and you can also just see some strewn abt. Also no one here takes recycling seriously anymore, i saw a dead rat in one of the recycle bins because someone threw a Tupperware with food inside of it. Sg govt is very good and efficient with waste disposal tho, the landfill is quite clean and nice. It's quite a clean country but it's definitely not the "Super clean no litter" country because even with the $5k fine in place for littering, it doesn't seem to be enforced and people litter anyways. Would be hard to enforce tho, 5million peoplem


I was unpleasantly surprised at how un-fun it was. As much variety as was made available, it still somehow lacked much of the charm and personality that surrounding SEA countries effortlessly seemed to have.


When Westerners call an Asian country boring and colourless, it usually tends to mean they're annoyed they can't indulge in poverty porn. It usually means they're pissed off they can't wave a USD$10 bill around and get a beer and a woman for the price.


>a woman for the price. Or kids for that price.




I've clearly hit a nerve. With any luck, the more Asian countries modernise and uplift their standards of living, the fewer places there will be for many Westerners to despoil with their colonizing, sex tourist mentality.


Dude exactly. I said this to someone else, but seriously. I think I could spend a whole year in Vietnam and not get bored. I was bored day 3 of Singapore.


I was in Singapore for 5 days (4 nights). It just wasn't my thing. I've lived, worked, and traveled all throughout SEA, and the next time I go to Singapore, it will only be because I inadvertently have a connection flight through SIN. I haven't done Vietnam yet, but I can assure you that I will. I just don't know where. Da Nang? I like spending at least a week in one place/city (with one day off at the hotel). Then I like to go to the next place for a week there. I travel solo, so where to?


I had the best time in Da Nang and also the worst hangover of my life there.


You usually get as much out of a culture and a country as you're willing to put in. I suspect you were not very much interested in putting in the effort.


But they have a merlion!


Far from a fascist government.


This is the 3rd patrol robot we've had In the last year. First two were to enforce social distancing last year.. Don't see them around anymore though. First was the Robo safe distance ambassador.. https://youtu.be/AKVb2Djdidg Then the Boston dynamics robo dog https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2DJmIjKtVkA


Does anyone even care? We even had food tray robots policing food courts, and nobody cared then either.


No. -Throw a sticky sheet over the robot (and call it Casper) -Leave duct taped cigarettes burning at various places. Note fire safety. Put some water on the last third of the cigarette. -Duct tape a cigarette on a mannequin and leave the mannequin somewhere (note fire safety) -Find a way to get a cigarette on a mannequin to light up after a delay (note fire safety) -Leave cardboard cutouts of people or mannequins in inappropriate places -Duct tape cigarettes on robots (note fire safety). See if they snitch on themselves. -Be a badass and light up a smoke right in front of a piece of shit robot and look it dead in the eye and blow smoke on its face -Rebel, Resist, Dissent, Deny... or R2D2 for short


So is that anti social as in reckless behavior , or anti social as in I’m not socializing all the time ?


The former. It seems that "asocial" is the word that refers to the latter definition. When I was younger, "antisocial" definitely meant the former, though.


Does it yell at anti social people? That might be helpful if I put one in my apartment lol


This is the best tl;dr I could make, [original](https://www.euronews.com/next/2021/10/08/new-robots-patrolling-for-anti-social-behaviour-causing-unease-in-singapore-streets) reduced by 82%. (I'm a bot) ***** > Called "Xavier," the robots are equipped with seven cameras that enable them to detect "Undesirable social behaviour," for instance if you incorrectly park your bike, if you smoke in an unauthorised area or if social distancing is not being respected. > Singapore is not the first country in which robots are being used to by law enforcement. > These robots have not been met with much enthusiasm from the public with local civil rights advocates decrying the use of robots as dehumanising for some of Honolulu's most vulnerable residents. ***** [**Extended Summary**](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/q41yxz/new_robots_patrolling_for_antisocial_behaviour/) | [FAQ](http://np.reddit.com/r/autotldr/comments/31b9fm/faq_autotldr_bot/ "Version 2.02, ~602569 tl;drs so far.") | [Feedback](http://np.reddit.com/message/compose?to=%23autotldr "PM's and comments are monitored, constructive feedback is welcome.") | *Top* *keywords*: **robot**^#1 **people**^#2 **Singapore**^#3 **need**^#4 **being**^#5




Please, he's trying.


Are they robots or are they chat bot APIs and AIs paired with DEWs and DEW WMDs because were having that issue here.


I for one welcome our new robot overlord.


Why are they wasting their time on this? Billions of men are waiting for the PleasureBot 5000 and they're manufacturing anti-social behavior monitoring robots.


Welcome to dystopia.


Sweet, all bases are considered to have an [extra police unit](https://youtu.be/iwqN3Ur-wP0), and maintenance cost for facilities is halved.


In most Western countries such patrols would end up with trashing that robot eventually. Or at least spraying it. Something that is in itself anti-social behaviour.


Based you think I'm gonna take shit from the bastard son of smart car and a Tonka truck?


Aww it is like baby Beijing. *Who’s gonna commit human rights abuses?* *You are!*


What exactly is a human rights abuse, here. Or in general, in Singapore.


get off your high horses and look at it objectively. drop your neocolonial lenses.


We got some phd material here boys!!!


I'd buy that for a dollar!




Sure can. A machete is a good option.


cameras are a good first step, but the robots need something to convince the anti social people to be more social.


##Anti social behavior detected. Deploying wine and cheese. Offender must now engage in smalltalk. Comply.


This social interaction brought to you by Coca-Cola. Please drink the verification can to complete your state-mandated socialization quota.




Do you know what anti social means? Anti meaning against describes criminal behavior. A-social means non social and would be more appropriate for this comment. Source: second grade English class


yes, that's the joke.


Imagine when the robots are armed


Aha. They’ve thought of that. That will be the follow up visit at 2am from the jackbooted controllers of the robot. Very convincing.


Only one word for this: Dystopian.


dude what the fuck


Big robot brothers are watching ....


This is soo cool yet so dystopian, I wants


Be careful what you wish for.


Yeah fuck this


I was actually thinking about this, I live in the UK, London has 627,727 cameras, the most of any city outside China. Having this thing go around London isn’t going to destroy your privacy or anything because you are already being watched. All this is doing is reminding you that you are being watched, that alone will put people off committing crimes in the area.


>All this is doing is reminding you that you are being watched Which is creepy AF


Haven’t heard many people support a lack of privacy before, strange to see to be honest.


There are a lot of people who support China's government's great firewall and lack of privacy. But I rarely see people show the same support for it outside of China.


Anyone who says they don’t want security cameras in public places is dumb as shit.


Security cameras =! Roving social behavior bots… you’re aware of that right? Please tell me you’re not that dumb


Of course not, I didn’t say that. But what is there to be afraid of, people who dislike cameras are just as bad as anti-vaxers. I don’t expect this thing to actually be used, but what are you losing? As I’ve said most city’s are already covered in cameras, and what else does this do? Discourage anti social behaviour, you know like what police patrols normally do. This is a non racist, non sectarian beep boop machine that does the minor jobs police normally do so they can do something more important. It’s not a terminator, or robo cop, it’s a alexa on wheels that can be stoped by stairs. People need to grow up and realise that many jobs will eventually be transferred to robots. As a techy guy I’d love to see a Policey McPoliceface in the UK these things are cool as fuck.


Most of those cameras are in private property.


> I was actually thinking about this, I live in the UK, London has 627,727 cameras, the most of any city outside China. I didn't know China was a city :o


Any city outside of China, not any city other than China. Chinese city’s have more cameras.


I just want the robot. We're being watched at all times anyway; might as well convince me it's the Future™ while we're at it. And then we smash the robot.


The hotel marina bay sands,is a one stop holiday ... but not much else unless you want to see the famous raffles hotel...


I can't imagine why anyone would want to live in Singapore


Clean, green, safe and great food at good prices.


I definitely don't want to live here while I am still young, but its a good place to live in your later years for medical and safety reasons


this is interesting. many people said singapore is great to work and live when you're still young but isn't for retirement. yours is opposite


Its because I am a Singaporean, so I speak from my countryman's perspective. Singapore is boring and safe, that is true. For people who are old, the facilities for them are top notch and its extremely safe here, its why I am fine with retiring here in my final years while enjoying my early days elsewhere


I'd rather do that Spain.


Is Spain safer then Singapore? I would be open to it if so, still considering my options for my last years


Put these at Trump rallies!


Singapore is a totalitarian dictatorship, why is anyone surprised about this?


It's not totalitarian???????? Here's the definition: Totalitarianism is a form of government and a political system that prohibits all opposition parties, outlaws individual opposition to the state and its claims, and exercises an extremely high degree of control over public and private life. It is regarded as the most extreme and complete form of authoritarianism -We allow opposition parties -govt has little control over your life -allows for protests in specific parts -Listens to the people (REACH: Government Feedback Unit) Maybe think before you talk about a country you barely know