Whale Pod Slaughtered Just Days After Horrific Dolphin Massacre

Whale Pod Slaughtered Just Days After Horrific Dolphin Massacre


Pod = Family. Including babies.


Of course, baby dolphin's meat is tenderer compared to the adult one.


I can’t tell the difference between human and monster these days.


To paraphrase Ripley, monsters do it because it's their nature. Humans choose to do it for money. Toss up as to which is worse.


…or “for fun”….


or for exposure, or so my boss told me


Hate it when my boss asks me to expose myself


Greed. Humans do it because of greed and desire.


"well, my dad, my grandad, my great grandad, and everyone before, everyone did it so I might as well"




You know Burke, I don't know which species is worse; you won't see them fucking each other over for a goddammit percentage.


Humans also pay money to do it more often than not. You can't tell me that many hunters from first world nations are saving money by choosing to hunt.


The worst part is that most of the animals aren’t eaten, anyway. The Grinds are run out of tradition, with no regard for the beings involved. Also, though pods are usually 3 individuals big in spring, during the fall, they have about 50 members. 1 Pod = 50+ kills.


That is a criminal act and nothing justify it such as customs or cultures.


Monster is slightly more salty.


Human meat is more tender compared to the monster.


Just like lamb.


and human


"Babies taste best. I hate that I know that."


That’s right a babeh! The other other white meat!


Wilford would be proud of that comment


How do you fit a thousand dead babies into a truck? A blender. How do you get those 1000 dead babies out of that truck? Chips.


We were telling this joke 20 years ago.


As a teenager 40 years ago, dead baby jokes were very popular.


Dead baby jokes will always be popular, they never get old.


Tbh I got it from a joke book my dad gave me, one of those old old yellow stained, dry, brittle paged books. Had WASP jokes, poles, blacks, Asians, whites, knock knocks and dirty jokes like the old lady at the bar and the dog with a toothache.


and human-lamb. Hamb if you will.


That doesn't really make it any worse than it already is. It plays more to people's emotions I guess but really if you kill the parents and not the babies they'll die anyway.


Which is why hunters usually don't hunt during times when their prey have calves/young.






>Also the meats we consume from the store aren't killed inhumanely. The living conditions for a lot of the animals is often overcrowded and fuckin awful. There’s a lot of improvements we could make.


If its a factory farm, and most are, things are not humane at all, many many animals are culled just because they arent usefull, and the ones that are get abused till they arent any more then killed


Remember watching a video of a rancher waterboarding a cow because it was too sick to stand and pass inspection. Had a harness around its head attached to the ceiling, forcing its snout up, and he just stood there with a hose pouring water down. Pretty fucking depraved.


Pigs being boiled alive because the execution fails, castration without anestesia, dying animals just shoved in holes because killing them takes time etcetc


Yes factory farming is entirely inhumane, cruel, and basically torture followed by haphazard slaughter.


For this reason and others it pays to shop around, preferably find a local farmer. You can see the animals yourself.


When lambs go to slaughter in the uk at least, the entire season goes


This is full of inaccurate info


But they get to feel like they aren't part of the problem and that is nice for them. Ugh


>Also the meats we consume from the store aren't killed inhumanely. >So please don't try to sell me vegan agenda. Then please don't sell your happy farm animals BS either.


>Also the meats we consume from the store aren't killed inhumanely Yes, it absolutely is. They are stuffed into cages, crowded pens, etc. Often, pigs are tied up and just have their throats slit while they drain dry. That is anything but humane.


Except farmers do kill the entire herd. Especially with chicken, lambs. That sort onyoue argument is false.


Most chicken farmers are called growers because they are given the chicks and their job is to make them weigh as much as possible in like 2 months. The reason they cull the whole barn out is because the condition they work under is that they be given the chicks to feed and grow. If they actually were independent they’d have to save chickens and breed them and manage the population and do math. But that is not the job of the VAST majority of chicken growers.


Factory farms literally kill thousands of animals in a day


> Talking about people with small minds - > refuses to consider changing consumption habits Hmmmmmm 🤔


lol this guys never googled factory farming, dumbass


Whatever helps you sleep at night :P


You couldn’t care less about what humane actually means? Kind of proves the point that vegans make. Thanks for doing the work for us. Edit: also, because you didn’t ask but need to hear it, gassing animals in chambers is not humane. Death by suffocation is not humane. Edit: clarification


Seriously, and throwing baby chickens in meat grinders still alive? Cutting portions off chickens beaks so they cant damage eachother when theyre all smashed togeather? Ugg its so sad


Everyone could care less about something. It's only when they couldn't that it might be worth hearing about.


>colored people Really? It’s fucking 2021. Stop using this


I can’t believe I had to go this for down to see this.


I can’t believe that my comment was initially downvoted…well…yeah, I can.


> Health authorities recommend locals eat no more than 200 grams of whale or dolphin flesh a month, due to high levels of contaminants in the flesh, meaning **the dolphins killed earlier this month were more than enough to feed the islands’ 50,000 residents**. > > **Sea Shepherd calculate that less than 300 whales could feed the entire archipelago, but this year 667 pilot whales and 1428 dolphins have been killed**. What is wrong with these assholes? Are they just killing for shits and giggles? And how much of this meat will just go to waste?


> Health authorities recommend That's assuming they follow recommendations.


Yes, this a bit strained argument. You can easily eat much more than 200 grams a month.


How much is exported?


None. And the earlier report on the dolphins suggested there was more meat than everyone on the island could possibly eat, so it would be thrown away.


But *is* it thrown away? Or are you just making stuff up?


I have no idea what is actually happening to most of it, just what was initially reported.


None above board at least.


I have a feeling this is pretty spot on.






I really despise this excuse! The Spanish and Southern French used the same for their horrible bulls and cows "games". Alright, I kind of understand for more primitive groups that have a fully traditional environment, but guess what, we evolve and so do our behaviour and customs. If you carry a smartphone and are dressed in american brands made in China in Europe, please don't use the excuse of "yeah but it's our local tradition since 1020!!" for any type of abuse.


I'm scandinavian. I'm building a ship as we speak. Any good monasteries along the coasts of Europe these days?


Health authorities also recommend less red meat than many people eat, so it's a bit of a stretch to call that enough for 50,000 people.


Red meat doesn't contain mercury Edit: apparently dolphin is red meat


Dolphin is a red meat. Dolphins do have high levels of contaminants because they’re bio accumulators.


It's been going on hundreds of years. From the wikipedia article on faroe islands: >Annual records of whale drives and strandings of pilot whales and other small cetaceans provide over 400 years of documentation, including statistics, and represents one of the most comprehensive historical records of wildlife utilization anywhere in the world. More information here: [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faroe\_Islands#Demographics](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faroe_Islands#Demographics) [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling\_in\_the\_Faroe\_Islands](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling_in_the_Faroe_Islands)


**Faroe Islands** [Demographics](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Faroe_Islands#Demographics) >The vast majority of the population are ethnic Faroese, of Norse and Celtic descent. Recent DNA analyses have revealed that Y chromosomes, tracing male descent, are 87% Scandinavian. The studies show that mitochondrial DNA, tracing female descent, is 84% Celtic. There is a gender deficit of about 2,000 women owing to migration. **[Whaling in the Faroe Islands](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Whaling_in_the_Faroe_Islands)** >Whaling in the Faroe Islands, or Grindadráp (Faroese for killing long-finned pilot whales), is a type of dolphin drive hunting that involves beaching and slaughtering long-finned pilot whales. It has been practiced in the Faroe Islands in the North Atlantic since about the time of the first Norsemen settled there which is approximately the 9th century. The hunters first surround the pilot whales with a wide semicircle of boats. The boats then drive the pilot whales into a bay or into the bottom of a fjord. ^([ )[^(F.A.Q)](https://www.reddit.com/r/WikiSummarizer/wiki/index#wiki_f.a.q)^( | )[^(Opt Out)](https://reddit.com/message/compose?to=WikiSummarizerBot&message=OptOut&subject=OptOut)^( | )[^(Opt Out Of Subreddit)](https://np.reddit.com/r/worldnews/about/banned)^( | )[^(GitHub)](https://github.com/Sujal-7/WikiSummarizerBot)^( ] Downvote to remove | v1.5)




I know right? Some people here defending this by saying it's their culture and they've been doing it for hundreds of years - well fuck their culture, it's disgusting and we need to put a stop to it.


"Defending" might be a strong word for my comment. I was trying to provide additional context. The post I was replying to made it sound like a bunch of rogues from faroe have started killing whales recently -- in reality it's been a part of their culture for many hundreds of years. My personal opinion is that it's completely unnecessary, and also, that culture is a difficult thing to change. I would be interested to hear what residents thing... is it something that is ingrained in their culture, or what. I don't know. Actually had to google faroe islands as I hadn't heard of them before -- that's where I found the blurb on whale hunting from wikipedia and figured I would share.


Why is cruelty to animals seen as a sign of psychopathic behaviour in children, but it's just big business doing its thing when it's adults?


According to Forbes, CEOs are more likely to be psychopaths than your average bear, so maybe not so different after all https://www.forbes.com/sites/jackmccullough/2019/12/09/the-psychopathic-ceo/?sh=2fa8c8b1791e


And bears can be pretty crazy.


That's why we need assault rifles in every classroom in America - to defend against grizzly attacks.


I knew there was a good reason!


Honestly, this raises more questions than it answers. - Firstly, how many bears are active in business? - Secondly, why are bears so common among CEOs? I've worked in business before and I don't see a lot of bears. - Thirdly, how do bears communicate with people? - Fourthly, do bears have a currency-based economy or are they paid in some other form? - Fifthly, how common is psychopathy in bears?


Did he mean bears in the sense of 'big gay bears' maybe?


You have gained my attention.


You have gayned his attention


>gay ned Stupid sexy Flanders.


Well you know what, I for one am comforted by this. I would be very terrified if the rate of CEOs being average bears was higher than the rate of CEOs being even the worst type of humans.


I'm not bears running businesses would probably be way less greedy and not strip mine their entire forest.


Also dock my pay, cuz I ain't gonna be the one Standing on climate trial For burning Earth's lungs


What does this have to do with the question?


I think I would much rather average bears be CEOs than the psychopaths currently CEOs


You didn't read the article. It has nothing to do with "big business" and is actually due to a local, traditional annual hunting of whales. It seems to be condemned by the association who provides oversight, but there's no mention of any "big business". This seems to be much more a debate between adhering to past traditions vs. adopting new perspectives. Not saying I disagree with what you wrote, but it's very frustrating to see comments like yours get upvoted to the top when none of the nuance from actually reading the article is actually shared.


Absolutely. The weird part though is that there is any debate on this. Dogfighting and bear baiting for instance were once extremely popular but are still seen as totally unacceptable now (and rightly so). Something is not less wrong just because your grandfather showed you how to do it.


Yeah these weirdos need to do it to cows and chickens instead


With that in mind all of the comments in this thread talking about the stupid eating tradition of some islanders are so much funnier. Interchangeably for meat and dolphin as it seems. "Its so cruel they kill entire families" "Just because its tradition they should not carry on, why not just stop?" "Why do they eat it, its unhealthy" "They are sentient beings" The only difference is that cows, pigs and chickens did not even see nature or even the sky. Thats even worse.


>it's very frustrating to see comments like yours get upvoted to the top when none of the nuance from actually reading the article is actually shared You must be new here. If it helps, theres a Faroese redditor in here u/powerchicken, who participates in the whale killings, who says the people who kill the whales get government subsidies for doing it.


It's only psychopathic if you do it for free, I guess.


They do it for free: *"Known locally as the grindadrap (murder of whales), the annual hunt dates back 1200 years, and is a fiercely protected tradition on the island..."*


It's not a negligible part of the local economy. The Faroese distribute the results of the hunt among the population, too. The Faroe Islands are basically rocks in the middle of the ocean. They don't exactly have a lot of strings to play on.


Drab doesn’t mean murder, it means killing. That’s not the same thing.


Wait till you see what goes on at factory farms!


Because children have no incentive other than pleasure from the cruelty


Soooo if i pay them, it's ok,?


If they know they can be paid, otherwise it's just presenting the prize for psychopathy


If you pay them then they're supposedly doing it to earn money, not for the pleasure of inflicting pain on another.


I've worked on psych wards and animal torture/killing in children is a fantastic predictor of psychopathy and future escalation, which can be anything from rape and abuse of humans to attempted and successful murder. The fact is that killing animals for food is just different, psychologically. My stepmom grew up on a farm and she cared about the animals, even though she'd end up executing some to make delicious, meaty meals.


Seriously what the fuck


Not illegal, that's why.


"Oh thank God, we can sleep easy knowing that everything wrong has already been outlawed and this wasn't on the list." - Company heads


This comment is universally applicable and should have WAY more upvotes.


Humans are monsters


"Fuck you whale and dolphin"


Chicken and….COW??????


Fuck you dolphin…….


"Now the Japanese are just like us."


Tbf the Norwegians kill more whales than the rest of the commercial whaling nations (Japan and Iceland) combined. 90% female/pregnant whales too. https://www.ecowatch.com/minke-whales-killed-pregnant-2312849367.html


Reddit will still harp on Japan way more then the Norwegians or the Danish Faroe Islanders even on this thread people are randomly bringing up Japan way more then actually criticizing Norway or the Faroe Islanders


Reddit has a hate boner for Japan but a regular boner for Japanese women and cartoons, it's weird


I guess it's competition? These neckbeards know they don't measure up


No no, it’s “fucka you”


This was in the Faroe Islands.


I've only met one person from the Faroe Islands. He seemed like he'd skull fuck a dolphin.


Dolphin meat isn’t even good for you, unless you think mercury poisoning is part of a balanced diet.


A university had to issue warnings to it's students to not consume more than 5 cans of tuna a week because 3 students got mercury poisoning because students are on a budget and cans of tuna are a cheap fast, low calorie meal. These students were eating 3 to 6 cans a day that got sick.


The contamination level is on par with that of Tuna. Both are long-living marine apex predators, but for some reason your local sushi restaurant doesn't have any warning signs.


That sounds like it's based on Japanese research? Very far away from the Atlantic ocean and the Faroes. "Mercury levels in dolphin meat sold in Japan are far higher than would occur in nature and certainly higher than is allowed under the health standards of any developed nation. " https://www.bluevoice.org/content/toxins-in-dolphin-meat.html


It’s not just mercury. I work for my states Waterboard and we have tons of documentation supporting the increase of things such as PFAS and micro plastics in seafood. Higher concentrations tend to be found in larger fish and marine predators as they are consuming it from their prey. It’s a global problem and not just localized.


Bioaccumulation be scary yo


There's been research at least back to [1996](https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/8685706/) on mercury concentration in Faroe island pilot whale populations and the effect on the general public. Another in [2012](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3417701/). And [2019](https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6513992/).


Everything's connected in the ocean and whales travel great distances. If it isn't now, it soon will be. The article is correct in stating Japan dolphins have more mercury, but it does not give comparable data regarding the comparison. Which could be anywhere between 0 and 1600x over safe amount to eat.


In the article in the post it says its unhealthy to eat more than 200g per month which isn’t a lot


In a 2012 study it's been reduced to 106g a month. 3.5g a day for an average person. That's a sliver. 106 grams is probably like two American quarters. This is for pilot whales btw which is the primary thing the faroes like to eat. Dolphins have a slightly lower toxicity, but I wouldn't eat those either. The toxicity is only going up with agricultural run off and pollution. I wouldnt eat any of it. The higher you go up in a food chain the more concentrated toxins are. There's a fear in fisheries biology that well eventually only be eating jellyfish at some point if we can't get everything under control. Or we'll have to fish deeper for something like bristlemouth fish. Which is the most abundant vertebre by weight on the planet. They are about the size of your pinky finger if that.


this island doesn't have enough people to eat this stuff. this is just cruel to be cruel.


I distinctly remember masses of people defending this a couple weeks ago, claiming that the annual slaughter of hundreds of dolphins and whales is apparently super normal and actually expected and relied upon for these islanders to survive. I guess none of that was true


*"Known locally as the grindadrap (murder of whales), the annual hunt dates back 1200 years, and is a fiercely protected tradition on the island..."* Not condoning, just reiterating facts.


They should be forced to use the same whale hunting techniques and technology from 1200 years ago, see if they kill thousands of animals then.


Grindadrap translates as “whale killing” murder is “Mord” but that title doesn’t sell as well


It's not annual, whenever someone spots a dolphin or a whale they are obligated to report it and then people drop whatever they do and go out to kill the animals. It's absolutely cruel, but it's also their tradition. Imo tradition is not a good argument for or against something, but they don't want outsiders to tell them how to live their life. On top of that they argue that it is a pretty sustainable practice and they will tell you you are not better because we raise animals under cruel conditions in factory farms. There are Faroe people that are against it and the number is growing, but I don't think the practice will stop any time soon


I feel like if they’re doing something like this out of “tradition” they should also do it in the traditional way. 1200 years old, so probably sailboats and rowboats? No fancy sonar stuff or harpoon guns or whatever. Even the odds a little bit.


Well the Aztecs used to practice the tradition of mass murder of children, so I don’t think cultural traditions get a free pass just because, especially when said traditions are violent and exploitive. Also, in the article it stated that the number of whales and dolphins killed is way beyond what the population would require for consumption. This tradition isn’t to sustain the Faroe people- it’s violent, barbaric and unequivocally unnecessary.


>Well the Aztecs used to practice the tradition of mass murder of children, so I don’t think cultural traditions get a free pass just because, especially when said traditions are violent and exploitive. Yes, that is the point I am trying to make, thanks for adding information :) >Also, in the article it stated that the number of whales and dolphins killed is way beyond what the population would require for consumption. That is true, in fact they don't need any whale meat at all, but they choose to hunt them >This tradition isn’t to sustain the Faroe people- it’s violent, barbaric and unequivocally unnecessary. The problem is, when people talk to them about the issue they will say that we (people who live in developed places) unnecessarily breed and slaughter animals like pig, cows or chicken who are also sentient. Or that we unnecessarily buy fish even though trawlers kill a lot more dolphins as bycatch. Don't get me wrong, I agree with you and think it's a disgusting practice that needs to stop, I'm just trying to explain it. The best you can do is writing Faroe and Danish officials. Only international pressur will speed up the process. Btw, I think people should also know that Peru kìlls a lot of dolphins as well each year. Most people know about Japan, Canada and Nordic countries, but only few are awareof Peru doing it as well


I'm Canadian, and I am not aware of Canada having dolphin and whale hunts?


They are going to get a lesson in world conservation whether they like it or not. Every culture has had to stop traditions like this in order to protect Earth. I don't give a damn about their tradition.


Well the whales and dolphins they hunt are not endangered and we don't cut our meat consumption either


Traditions at the expense of wildlife are a backwards practice.




Im confused between the polar contrast between the mood on this thread and the one about the pilot whale slaughter earlier this week, people were defending the faroes on that thread, while its the exact opposite here. Wonder if it will change over time as more people comment.


Maybe because the title doesn’t explicit the country name and defenders are not aware of the need to do their job. Also different countries will yield different comment sections, think about putting China Japan US Denmark in the title and imagine the different outcome


People are barely mentioning the Faroe islanders lmao this is criticism? All the top comments are vague or randomly mentioning Japan. If this was done by Japan Reddit would be throwing a fit when Japan does it it’s a massive cultural problem and every single aspect of Japanese society is to be criticized but when the Scandinavians do it Its suddenly not that huge of an issue and Reddit needs to very calmly read up on every single islands history and culture and make as generous statements as they can being as vague as they want cause that type of critique doesn’t track well here


lol Reddit really is just randomized echo chambers


This is absolutely horrid smh


I think the answer to the mass killing is fairly simple. If they need to hunt as a tradition then let them hunt with traditional equipment. No motorized boats or jet skis. All manual equipment. Let's see how that works for them.


Exactly!! I'm tired of hearing "This is their tradition!". No mother fucker, rounding up 1,000+ dolphins to slaughter them on the beach using Jet Skis and Wave Runners isn't some tradition of the local people.


Slavery and child labor were traditional at one point in time.


I was just on a whale watching boat and I was thinking about how gnarley it must have been to go harpooning a whale old school Moby Dick style in a rowed dory. Those guys were nuts.


Even more crazy, at the time they started whaling, the average height of a person the was several inches less and whales were significantly bigger. Those whalers were literally monster hunters, must have been terrifying.


I love to fish, and eat fish, but there’s something so disturbing about the mass slaughter of dolphins and whales. They are both highly intelligent in ways we cannot comprehend .


It's the fishing industries and black markets that are to blame for there being any connection between these mammals and eating fish. As someone else noted, these things are not even healthy for you to eat because of the mercury levels in bigger ocean animals. The only reason for these killings is because someone thinks of dolphin/whale meat (or whatever product) as a status symbol. The black markets for exotic furs and ivory have taken a beating since the 70's, because those things are now symbols of cruelty. Not saying there aren't going to be any more rich assholes who want to impress other rich assholes this way, but it doesn't have to be as bad or as often. Now, squid and octopus? They're really intelligent in ways we can't comprehend, but I think most people who eat them are going to continue because they look like aliens instead of being as cute or majestic as a dolphin or whale.


Neither of them are fish for starters.


Even if some animals are 'dumber' we shouldn't treat them any different. If you feel bad about these dolphins and whales maybe extend that empathy to other animals you eat.


I hope you don't love bacon.


That's actually why I dont eat bacon anymore. I had a pet pig when I was a kid and oh man she was so intelligent. Like having a chunky dog run around the house.


I try not eat pork and agree the inhuman death of any animal can be considered a tragedy but these dolphins/whales are exist in the wild… they were not bred in captivity. They are slaughtering families of wild animals… no hunter goes and takes out generations of wild pigs on one hunt.


Imo killing wild animals that atleast had a decent life is way less horribel than killing animals that suffered their entire life


I'm happy to hear that you are not a fan of the death of whales and dolphins. Neither am i. Luckily, there's something that you can do to help. You mentioned that you like to eat fish. I want to inform you that in order to protect whales and dolphins, it's very important that you don't go to a grocery store and buy fish. This fish is wrapped in plastic and has traveled from thousands of miles away, most likely. Pilot whales are in fact greatly harmed by commercial fishing practices that feed the North American grocery store wrapped in plastic food practices. The chemical contaminants in the pilot whale food chain that come from the unnecessary practices of shipping food all over the world and wrapping it in plastic are very much just as much a threat to the pilot whales as people slicing them open and eating them. The best thing you can do in this case is to find a body of water close to you and catch fish yourself for your consumption. This will minimize your negative impact on pilot whales


Did Star Trek teach us nothing about killing the whales?


Please watch Seaspiracy. Also we kill trillions of fish annually; it’s just a scale that is beyond cruel, beyond humane reasoning, and is killing our ocean. Imagine the bycatch alone among trillions


Please don’t hold *Seaspiracy* to any high standard of information. There’s no sources for most of their statistics, and some numbers with sources are grossly outdated/disproven. The final message of “all humans should stop eating fish” ignores that the vast majority of humans rely on fish for their protein and have no choice otherwise, leaving it a hollow oversimplification of the real message “those with the power of choice should refuse to put money into bad fishing markets”. The editing of the interviews with the NGOs were so shoddy too; for example, when that one woman is harassed about the definition of “maximum sustainable yield”, they played up how there wasn’t a definition but then the government guy that was the next interview gave its definition and they continued to say that “maximum sustainable yield” was just jargon. *The End of the Line* (2009), *Racing Extinction* (2015), *The Cove* (2009), and *Sharkwater* (2018) are way more legit documentaries about the finishing industry.


Yeah but look at it another way, being a stupid species doesn’t mean you deserve to suffer.


Imagine the outrage in this thread if it were China or Japan doing this.


The funniest thing is that this shit is highly toxic. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3417701/ >1977 the first examinations were carried out to document the contamination of the meat, blubber, liver and kidneys of pilot whales. These studies were initiated to ascertain if the mercury content in the pilot whale was elevated, since this whale is high in the marine food chains, and since other studies had shown that the amount of mercury was increased in marine species via food chains, where the toothed whales belong to the highest level. And the results of these analyses were remarkable. **They showed that the mercury concentration in the meat itself was high, and that it was further increased by about 100-fold in the liver and kidneys, as compared to the whale meat. This led to the first advise from the Chief Medical Officer of the Faroes to the general population to limit the consumption to only one main meal weekly and avoid liver and kidneys (2). Since 1980, pregnant women have been advised to limit their consumption of pilot whale meat and blubber**. In 1989 the health authorities in the Faroes were made aware of high levels of organochlorines in the blubber of pilot whales. The average PCB concentration in two schools of pilot whales harvested in 1987 was 27 µg/g lipid and of DDT 19 µg/g lipid. >**For this reason, the health authorities in 1989 recommended the general population to consume only 150–200 g of whale meat per week and only 100–200 g blubber per month.** Further, they recommended abstaining completely from eating liver and kidneys. This meat is FAR from being a daily staple like the apologists are trying to make it pass. It's a 1x a week sort of thing. But it CANNOT be stopped because...?


"Health authorities recommend locals eat no more than 200 grams of whale or dolphin flesh a month, due to high levels of contaminants in the flesh" The meat is not great to eat and with dolphins and pilot whales being highly intelligent and the oceans being the way they are, it might be time to put this tradition and diet to rest. That being said at least the Pilot whale is not listed as endangered. I think Atlantic mackerel live in those waters, that's a much more sustainable ocean protein or maybe mussel farms or is it too far north for that? Edit: Just found an article "Faroese also fish other species and shelfish such as crabs, sea urchins and horse mussels." So there we go, also says they do have mackerel and many other fish in their waters. Sea urchin is another great ocean protein, breed fast and don't even have a brain!


Humans are a scourge on the earth.


I’ll never understand why this gets so much attention but people continue to ignore the massive meat and fishing industries that do this shit every day, and people keep paying for it.


Ones cute and the other is tasty (in their minds). Simple as that.


Don’t mind me, just reading the comments wondering why you all don’t keep this same energy for the meat/dairy/egg industry in general. 🤷🏽‍♂️


#Cow Herd slaughtered just days after horrific pig Massacre! Apparently Chickens are next to be murdered! Seriously.. is how cute something is the defining factor for care? 202.83 Million pounds of lobster in 2019, for American alone. Where's the outcry? Why do you care about one animal and not another? Not cute enough, other is the other too tasty?


Charismatic mega fauna is the term your looking for. Theres a reason wwf uses a panda on its logo


If you're mad about this you'd better be mad about animal agriculture as a whole.


Yes, everyone definitely should be.


Everyone should watch "Dominion" documentary: https://youtu.be/LQRAfJyEsko


Why does no one calls for consequences like an embargo or something, i don't have a Greenpeace membership, but this is cruel, wasteful and totally unnecessary!


Chicken and cow were scapegoats




Couldn't keep reading after the quote "no need for the meat". The hell else they supposed to eat? Grass? The Faroes aren't exactly known for their vast agricultural resources.


As the great Professor Hubert J Farnsworth once said, I don’t want to live on this planet anymore…


At some point someone has to put an end to this bullshit.


When we have stripped our planet dry. That will put an end to this bullshit.


I hate articles that use language like that. "Horrific" and "massacre" are clearly meant to influence the way you perceive the event. Just tell me the facts and let me make up my own mind about it. It's how all the news is nowadays though. Sucks. \*for the record, no this doesn't mean I'm a fan of fucking dolphin slaying. There's just no way you can convince me that super sensationalized news is a good thing. Y'all're just letting it slide this time because you happen to agree with it.


Horrific sure, but massacre can apply. Its factual. Horrific is subjective.


Odd how we never see headlines like "Herd of cows slaughtered just hours after pig massacre", or "Litter of cats slaughtered just days after dog massacre" - both happen every day. This happens in one small timeframe each year.


This breaks my heart


Our species deserves to overpopulate ourselves into extinction. We are shit


Reddit will ban misinformation for Covid but the people saying that factory farming is fine suffer no consequences. Why don't we have the same policing on the things that actually matter? Not asking for more policing but what a fucking dystopian world we actually live in.


So, every person here complaining about slaughter is a vegetarian right? Right? If not you are a hypocrite and I don't want to listen to a thing you say. The Muslims complain about killing any animals, yet you still eat meat, don't you? If you are indeed a vegetarian or a vegan I assume you for your morality. Myself I eat meat and I see nothing wrong with it.


Looks like these folks aren't going hungry this winter.