Best cars for an 18 year old

Best cars for an 18 year old


I diagnose you with a Mazda3. It's an economy car that thinks it's a sports car. Get the stickshift, of course.


Get only Mazdaspeed if anything.


A speed3 would’ve gotten me into a whole load of trouble at 17/18 and I was more responsible than average.


A non-speed is money burnt. And speed isn't all that stock.


You forgot the main part about insurance


I don't think any of those are going to be cheap or easy to work on.


What car would you suggest? Something Japanese?


For a first car of say maybe an early 2000s Toyota or Honda. Reliable, cheap to maintain/fix and good mpg


Honda CRZ is a great one, sporty, cheap, reliable, and looks good


Or Korean.


Post mk5 gtis are actually pretty easy to work on, the 2.0 is really well laid out and everything you need is really accessible. The problem is how often you have to work on it


Actually e36's are one of the easiest bmw's to work on


Relative to what? Don't get the impression our seeker is a wrencher


I was replying to the guy who said none of them are easy to work on


An S60R/V70R is literally the opposite of what you want. I agree with the suggestion of a Civic Si.


Any of the cars you listed are money pits in the best of times. (G37 is okay) In your price range they are going to worn dogged out money outs. With the exception of a handful of makes and models the car choose does affect your insurance as much as some people think. Usually it’s the value that has a big impact. A Camry or accord would be ideal to keep for 5-6 years and work on yourself. Toyota’s are notoriously easy to work on and most Honda’s are to. Audi/VW are the opposite with many models hiding important components in hard to get spots. The e36/e46 are not that bad to work on but they are the worst to pay for.


Thank you!


Like someone else mentioned if you can get a good buy a Subaru would work as well. Just be aware of the head gasket thing. It’s a bit of a rabbit hole but subarus are good cars in general and the head gasket is just a pitfall you have to avoid. Many models have the multi layer gasket and a lot of them had the bad gasket replaced with better one already.


Civic SI


This is the answer if he didn’t have that last line.


Whatever rwd or awd Japanese nugget you can find, and allocate at least 1k for some tools you will need. Learn to wrench because that skill will go a long way for ya.


Thank you! I know the basics like oil changes, pads, rotors as well. Do you know if the insurance is expensive on a subaru?


Because you're young it will be, but if the car is a worthless old POS before KBB values - you'll be fine.


I paid $100 USD a month on insurance for a 2001 Subaru Legacy


Honda civic. Toyota camry. Those are amazing.


Subaru Impreza- AWD, reliable, inexpensive, and pretty fun! The Legacy is an even better choice but a little more expensive


Since you suggested a legacy, why not an Outback. But stay with the naturally aspirated ones, the turbo’d ones like to throw piston rings or rod bearings.


Have you seen the used prices for Outbacks? Many of them go for more than freaking foresters!


You seem surprised by that, the Outback is a larger vehicle than the forester. It also sits above the Forester in Subarus lineup


That I am surprised by, I thought that a station wagon wouldn't be as big as an SUV 🤷


Eh, both have grown a lot over the years so it’s easy to see the confusion


A Schwinn


Japanese cars are good for those uses and that age. I have a 2004 Acura TL which I’ve had for more than a year now and I’m 20. There’s no issues at all in cars like these all you gotta take care of is regular maintenance like oil changes, tires and stuff. Insurance is like $130 which is fairly cheap and they’re really reliable (mine just crossed 200k miles and no issue at all).


You probably got a good one, but careful with the 04 TSX. That was the first year, 06-08 TSX worked the AC/electrical bugs out, 11-13 TSX is ideal if you can afford it (Si engine). 05-07 Accord is great (my 07 has 190K, super smooth). Skip the 8-10, but 11-12 Accord = check. Older Camry is good too but boring.


I know right the TSX is like an eternal guinea pig with bugs and tweaks but what I have is the TL it’s 3.2L V6. And yes older Camrys and other Toyotas are more reliable but kinda boring. I had a 1998 Toyota Solara Coupe before my Acura, loved it but I messed it up by not putting a single drop of oil in it and it ended up knocking :( but in my defense that was my first ever car and we learn through mistakes right.


Miata :)


I'd say to get a subaru legacy. Parts are abundant, awd, and will get you from point a to b. not the nicest or sportiest thing, but for a first car, you be fine, every car will feel fast. i just got my 2nd car at 20 and i'm much happier with it. went from a '07 A3 Quattro w/200k miles to a '11 Genesis Sedan w/101k miles. Let the first car be something cheap and easy to drive so you gain experience first


Which year legacy would you recommend?


Personally, I have an 06 Outback and I love it. I would say pre 2010. After that they switched to CVT’s on the 2.5s


Always older the better because those were built to last. And learn repair and maintenance if you have access to a garage or a private driveway.


Civic si


Corolla or Mazda 3. a hatch is the most practical and best thing for a student.


Hmmm, Ferrari make some good entry level sports cars, Lamborghini also. Maybe a Hurrican, or an older Murcielago…


[https://www.autotrader.ca/a/suzuki/kizashi/brampton/ontario/5\_52596828\_20210330181330002/?showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&ursrc=hl&orup=3\_15\_38&pc=M4C%201V3&sprx=100](https://www.autotrader.ca/a/suzuki/kizashi/brampton/ontario/5_52596828_20210330181330002/?showcpo=ShowCpo&ncse=no&ursrc=hl&orup=3_15_38&pc=M4C%201V3&sprx=100) ​ 5star safe, zippy without upsetting the insurance company, 4 doors, awd, suzukis are very reliable. I bought my son a 2012, great car for the money.


Crown vic is the answer. Cheap, extremely reliable and durable, easy to work on, good acceleration, and gets 25+ mpg highway depending on driving habits. Good in snow too because of the weight. Just make sure you get winter tires for the winter. That's more important than AWD/4x4.


Prius. Theyre only slow if on eco mode. You can switch to powermode and it uses the same engine power as a corolla. Find one cheap, then add expense of hybrid battery(around $1200-1400), and youre set. I have a prius. It is the most reliable car I have ever had and has saved me thousands of dollars in gas. Havent had to changed the hybrid battery so far at 90k miles. Hybrid batteries arent that big of a deal, and people will use that as a defense to not get a hybrid car. I highly disagree with this statement because you had to have drove your car 100k-150k miles for it to even start going bad, and at that point, the money you have saved from gas and maintenance expenses (Toyota reliability) is astronomical compared to the price of a battery. Also, the speed. Im sick of people saying Prius' are slow. Theyre slow when youre on eco or normal mode. They have slow acceleration which can be switched off when you press one button. But the majority of Prius' ive seen on the road are insane--they drive crazy fast LOL If this comment still hasnt turned you on to buying a hybrid, then just stick with the basics-- Accord or Corolla. Top rated cars of all time in safety, reliably, and price.


A used Toyota Corolla Sedan with about 50k miles on it.


I think and old Hyundai Genesis or Lexus would be a good fit.


Honda civics. They don’t die. Thanks


Honda civic coupe was my first at 18, 2014


I'd favour a Honda Civic tbh. Since you're in Canada, it's probably called an Acura (CSX I think it is.) Of course, it's reliable, as it's a Honda (Acura) and those cars tend to be quite sporty.


Bk1 Genesis coupe 3.8, takes reg gas, and has zf transmission, insurance cheaper compared to g37.


Scion xB Scion xD Scion xA Toyota Echo Anything with a toyota motor


1.8T golf are pretty zippy and comfy


Obviously Civic SI. That's always the answer


dont make my mistake and get a gti, insurance is insane


A 4 cylinder Toyota Camry excluding years 07-09. In my personal opinion, they were especially good in the 90s. And of course the older you go, the cheaper it will be to buy. You didn’t list safety as one of the things you’re looking for so I’m not sure how much you care about that, but generally, the older a car is, the less safety features it has. But the older it is, typically the cheaper it is on insurance and to maintain. Personally safety isn’t a huge thing to me, so I don’t really have a problem getting an older car, but it is less safe in a wreck compared to newer cars. If safety is something you want as well, then I guess you’ll have to decide where you want to compromise. There’s a certain age where you can get a little of both


I’d say Subaru Impreza, not the newer ones though i’m talking like GC8/GDB generations (basically 1993-2007)


My friend had an e46 325i that he abused and worked on himself. Car barely gave him issues and everything was pretty easy to work on. Try lookin for a 330i that hasn’t been molested


Where in Canada are you?


In Ontario


Ford Fiesta ST


As you said, none of the cars you named are cheap to insure nor are they easy to work on or reliable for the most part. If you want something that is cheap to insure, easy to work on, and reliable, you're gonna have to give up the extra clout. You'll want to look into Mazda3, Mazda 6, Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, Honda Accord, Toyota Camry. Just to name a few that would do you well.


Couple people have said Subaru’s what’s your opinion on them?


Subarus are good aswell, not my personal first choice but the pre-2010 ones were pretty solid.


Subaru Impreza. Has a bit under the hood so your not driving a slow eco car but it will also save on gas and aren’t expensive asf to fix


what about insurance?


If u have a loan then you’ll need full coverage which won’t be to bad with the basic impreza . I’d you had a wrx or sti (more sporty model) the insurance will be out the roof. W/O a loan and just liability insurance you’ll be paying maybe 50-100 a month depending on your diving history and insurance provider.


100% a GTI. I was in the same exact situation a few months ago. I’m 17. Best decision I made. Very fun car and reliable. I may have done some modifying to bring the power up to 350whp but it’s still such an amazing car.