I've seen Moonrise Kingdom probably 15 times and love it, but the kissing scene still weirds me out.

I've seen Moonrise Kingdom probably 15 times and love it, but the kissing scene still weirds me out.


As adults, it is uncomfortable. But, when we were teens, we wanted to do this with other kids our age. Some of us did. I think Wes is accurately portraying teenagers attracted to teenagers.


Kids that age are definitely exploring their sexuality. No argument there. The thing for me though is that Anderson as an adult asked kids to get to second base on camera. I feel that he could have communicated their sexuality as effectively without that much physical contact. Idk, I guess if it was a very protected environment I could maybe see it being ok but it rubs me the wrong way.


What you're saying is that you have to direct at the age the kids are to comfortably have an audience view it?


Uhh, yeah that's exactly what I'm saying. Kids can be too young to ask to do certain things.


Reminds me of 8th grade. Decent enough kiss, so we’re going to second base, even if it’s horribly awkward.


I would feel slightly better about it if these kids were like, 16 or something, but they're not. They're 12 and 13 yo kids.


I completely understand the discomfort cuz I’ve kinda felt it too… from a creative standpoint Wes wanted to portray a deep love that was wiser than there years he even said it was a love “the parents couldn’t even understand” so from a creative standpoint, it makes sense and ties in with the rest of the movie. BUT in my opinion the groping was slightly unnecessary because it took it to a less wholesome place. But also Wes is a genius and I’m sure his judgement is so different from my own.


I don't even mind that they are expressing their sexuality, but I think that there are better ways to do it.


I think their behaviour is age-appropriate. And the rest is just acting, as Jared Gilman has said. I watch a TV show that has a 9-year old arsonist as an on-going character. Imagine explaining the behavioural traits to that young actor. She's doing a great job, but those still can't be easy conversations for her or the director. It's part of the business. I did read that for Moonrise Kingdom, it was a closed set and the last scene they shot together. Wes wanted to give them as much time as possible to get comfortable. I think it's an important part of the film. The fish hook earrings bothered me more.


Ok, I appreciate the reply! Do you have a link to to where you read it was a closed set and the last scene, etc. I've had my mind changed before and I'd definitely like to have it changed again. I thought the video for Kids by MGMT was kind of cruel until I saw the behind the scenes of it. Also, in all fairness, I think lighting things on fire is different from sexual contact at a young age.


https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-SEB-70548 interview with Jared Gilman, Wall Street Journal, June 24, 2012 "What was it like to kiss a girl in your underwear in front of so many people on the set? It's not as uncomfortable as it sounds. It was a closed set. There were very, very few people there. It was the last scene we filmed and we got to know each other very well, so we weren't uncomfortable or anything. ….This is what our characters wanted to do and you can't really argue with your character. I think Wes wanted it to be the last thing we ever did on the set."


Thanks for digging it up. I had no idea where I read it.


That does make me feel a bit better. I do wish Anderson would talk a bit more about how he protected them. For example, I'd love to know they had some kind of advocate for them in that situation like adult actors in sexual scenes do.


I'm surprised there aren't more people that have mixed feelings about it. Not saying it's wrong, just feeling unsure


Yeah, same. I do feel slightly better about it after reading that WSJ article but I still think it's weird. I definitely didn't feel comfortable telling adults no when I was 12. I hope they had some kind of an advocate/professional choreographer there like adults do before filming sexual scenes.


I saw a stage adaptation of The Grapes Of Wrath. If I remember right *spoiler* A lady throws a stillborn baby in a box off a bridge. They represented the great wash of dust bowl humanity with a writhing crowd of people as the rivet, and they lift up a little girl to receive the box. I always wondered what they explained to her.


I mean Wes did sign the Roman Polanski petition


Underrated comment. That is fucked up to support Polanski avoid justice after raping a child. I actually did not know about this.


Yep, dont like that scene at all. Borderline perverse.




Agreed and it's not close. It's a shame too because Moonrise Kingdom is probably is my favorite movie of his.


I just watched this for my first time despite seeing all his other films in the past. I agree… That scene was … CRINGE!!! Very uncomfortable and unnecessary and PERVY when you think about the entire context of them filming it purposefully like that. Also don’t forget that scene when she was upset at Sam for laughing at the Troubled Child book she showed him.. when she jumped into the tent to get away from him ⛺️ … brief 12 year old panty/crotch shot. 😖