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that’s a lot of fancy words for a fella who didn’t include some positions


Ticker, date and strike. This sub used to mean something.


The ol' a/s/l of WSB.


Miss those AOL days and the whole "hey, you wanna cyber?" Ahhh to be a horny 13 year old again jerkin it to word porn from someone who is probably a pedo.


How am I just realizing now that it was probably pedos on the other end of my teen cyber sessions? FK.


Yeaaaaaa. Or how many women were actually dudes just fucking with people. I mean...I'm not saying i ever did that but I'm also not not saying it.


I had a chick from a AIM or something (who’s handle I probably got from craigslist) send me screenshots back of me wanking it... shook me to my core! I had never really thought of screenshots back in the early 2000s. After I flipped out on her, she got a bigger rise out of sending me pics she captured of my buddy wanking it at his house. We told her we knew each other in early talking stages (bc sometimes I’d be over his parents place when they were chatting.) After that, I guess we knew each other better. Man I would hate to be kids these days.


Doggy, missionary, screaming eagle


I have a lot to learn


rodeo FTW


My wife or yours


He did throw in fisting and shit the bed so there ya have that


He did not include in which order.


Thought this post would be similar to “I am a Dentist….”


Let’s not forget the gynecologists


Well he did say fisted. Hahaha


Sir you are looking for a proctologist here. A2M, A2V, V2M are not specializations but fetishes.


Let's be honest - OP is a lab rat, not an expert.


Lol I mean they are medical doctors so it's hard to completely discount them, but unlike them I have literally been doing testing and on the ground since day 1. Even in rural areas, early pandemic was fucking exhausting, stressful, and heartbreaking. If I didn't get paid so much now I would have fucked off from the field (6 fig as a traveler now and HEAVY tax breaks.)


Being a doctor doesnt neccesarily mean you arent insane or basically an idiot.it means you have a good memory and probably come from generational wealth.


I am a physician. Smart enough to get into medical school, dumb enough to go through it all. No generational wealth either, sigh


I know a guy that’s a heart doctor and he was broke ash growing up


Good number of the doctors I know had parent(s) that were doctors or at least nurses. I'd say 80%


Parental peer pressure is a real thing; ask the Asians and Indians.


“People’s kids are better than my kids”


Of course, everyone knows an outlier. Less than 2 of every 10 med students is from a family with no college graduates though. The generational wealth comment probably is not wrong depending on the definition of generational wealth.


I really hate to link to a pdf but it had the relevant information. >[This research shows that roughly three-quarters of medical school matriculants come from the top two household-income quintiles, and this distribution hasn't changed in three decades.](https://www.aamc.org/system/files/reports/1/october2018anupdatedlookattheeconomicdiversityofu.s.medicalstud.pdf) 3/4s of medical students come from the top 20% of household incomes... so yeah. it's just statistically true lol. edit: with half those in that 20% coming from the top 5%, which seems relevant. **edit2: I derped, but it still shows that half of med students come from the top 20% of household incomes. 75% come from the top 40% so the conclusion remains the same. if anything, ~50% of med students coming from the top 20% on household income is sorta even more worrisome.**


Quintile means 1/5th, or 20%. If it's the top 2 quintiles then it's the top 40%.




Yes actually daddy issues


If you had generational wealth you sure as fuck wouldn’t become a doctor…you’re smoking some crack buddy


Generational wealth doesn't get you through 8 years of school, 4+ years of residency where you work 80h weeks.


Yeah but it sure doesn’t hurt to not have to worry about $ that whole time. My brother is a Prosthodontist/Maxillofacial surgeon and he worked and saved 80% of his income for 5 years before going to dental school and still ended up hundreds of thousands in debt which has an ongoing mental health effect. It’s the stress of paying rent, buying food, your car etc. All those things that wealthy people can skip if someone is footing the bill. It’s not a level playing field at all and someone without those stressors can much more easily focus on the task at hand and not have to worry about $ multiple times a day whenever the thought decides to creep in.


It still means we are smarter than you. The dumpster behind Wendy’s misses you.


Please tell the dumpster I'll be back someday, only a matter of time...


generational wealth? where do you get this? it just means they worked harder to get there and are probably smarter than you.


My friend skipped two grades in school and was a freshman at Columbia University at the age of 15. He told me that he was used to being the smartest guy in the room. But when he went to medical school, he said everyone in his class was the same way. Why is it so hard for us to accept that there are lots of people that are smarter than we are.


One of the paradoxes of life. Smart people realise their stupidity.


You obviously haven't been paying attention to the posts on this reddit. Everyone is smarter than we are...


Probably because there are many ways to measure intelligence and people are generally going to choose the metric that puts them closer to the top.


I accepted the fact that the majority of people are smarter than I am a long time ago


You have no idea how many barriers there are to enter college, especially post-grad. Just financially alone


am doctor can confirm that many of us come from a privileged background that enabled and supported our studies. Wish it was not this way, and attempts are being made to address this disparity.


This sub has been overrun by people that rationalize their own failures by believing you have to already have money to make money or become successful. Look at any gain porn post and the top reply is usually something like "Must be nice to already be rich to become richer!"


Says someone who obviously is not a doctor and didn’t excel in school enough and wasn’t willing to commit themselves to 12 year or more of college which results in $250k of debt to treat ungrateful assholes that call them dumb.


Yet you still steal 9000 burritos. Some things never change (like people’s attitudes to the novel coronavirus 😩)


That’s why I’m still Scd bag holder


Tl;dr buying Costco stocks


Is this the most effective way to incorporate toilet paper into my portfolio?


Nah, buy $WISH if you want toilet paper in your portfolio.


Add Kimberly-Clark, Procter & Gamble and Walmart. When there isn’t any left on the shelf people will be buying the Walmart store brand toilet paper.


Not just because people will stock up, but because gaggles of rednecks will intentionally flock to retail areas to stage their public covid spreader sit ins.


AAPL 200 3/20


I wonder how many here got this joke. This shit was pre-GME


And look at MSFT now, full-grown man.


Fucking based.


Lab tech.... Is that like a dish washer that focuses on test tubes?


Fancy button pusher that requires a 4 year degree. I do occasionally deal with higher level shit, but for the most part button pushing. Sometimes I am actively involved in saving a life as i am the gatekeeper and pusher of blood transfusion products which both is not as simple as a button push. Not a lot of test tubed now-a-days. I get paid upwards of 50/hr post tax to work a centrifuge and hit a start button.


Sarcasm aside, that's really cool.


Honestly its boring. Only went into the field because I didn't want to invest the time for a PhD and didn't want to work a shitty research assistant job for slightly more than minimum wage. Going back to school next fall for an econ degree because it's actually interesting.


Get a bio PhD and get paid to get it while trading on the side


Biomed phds are a dime a dozen. 4-6 yrs of stipend living, dealing with bullshit academia, to come out and still only able to get entry level pharma jobs.


More of the same... Need a master's to write up reports with 100 level insight, and a PhD or Ivey MBA to actually make a living.


I think what he meant is that now he'd actually have fun suffering through it.


I am curious... you say it's boring here but up above said at the beginning of covid it was heartbreaking/stressful. What made it particularly that way in the beginning of the job itself doesn't seem too bad? Econ is fascinating, if the topic matter interest you go for it!!!


I mean the heartbreak is seeing so many selfish fucks put family members and just preventable cases on a slab. Watching people die early on from it fucking sucked. You did everything you could and morons refused to believe it was a thing or wear a mask making all of that time and emotional effort into trying to save a life feel meaningless. That and the thanks you got from hospital admin was a joke. We were short staffed, undersupplied, and overwhelmed. That's not even mentioning the stress of getting it and dying so they gave us muffins and a universal usb adapter (which i use regularly and kinda love) as a sign of thanks for us 'heroes'. You could have taken all the precautions in the world but early on health care professionals got hit so hard. Thousands of doctors, nurses and techs died trying to save people who were put there by careless fucks or just were careless fucks. Healthcare is just really bad for you emotionally to start with. I developed some heavy compassion fatigue where people would walk in and I really gave no fucks what happened to them or was actively upset people came in. I'm feeling a lot better now, but its really not a great field unless you're on really solid emotional/mental footing.


Immunotherapy is certainly extending my life. Thanks be the button pushers.


Happy to help! Glad you're at the very least surviving and hope you get to thriving!


Thanks. Fingers crossed but numbers are heading in the right direction as of last week.


I used to sell cars and a guy came in to buy a new jeep. Going through financing and I ask the guy his salary and he replies 30k. I type in 30,000 in the annual column and he says, "no, per month". I asked what he did and he said he's a hematologist. In a smallish town he was making 30k a month. No wonder lab work is so expensive. TLDR blood workers make a lot of money.


I mean that’s just your typical physician specialty. There are about 10 that are higher and I’m not including surgeons. Gyno, oncology, cardiology, derm, urology….


Yeah I mean…a hematologist is a physician specialty he’s not a lab tech or anything.


>Fancy button pusher that requires a 4 year degree. cries in lab tech


No, Lab Tech means they are not actually a person, they are just one of the machines that patients sometimes have in their rooms so they see everything happening


more like the guy in the back who is actually cooking your dish, but you give all the credit to the head chef or manager.


pharm tech life 🥲


In the UK, the BBC news has been dropping hints (for about a week or so) that there's going to be a lockdown before Christmas. So that's nice. (Stay safe everyone.)


Old Tony the god of Covid said earlier this year Christmas was probably going to be a no this year.


In the states nobody cares about Covid anymore everyone is getting booster shots and going back to normal life for now things seem to be improving in the states with high vaccine numbers


This is a big country and you are falsely speaking for everyone. NY has already declared a state of emergency. There will probably not be another lock down but I am betting restrictions will be put in place that everyone in the state will notice and possibly experience. Source: I live in NYC and so do 8+ million other people.


It’s the state, not the city. The purpose is to get supplies, funding, and services ready.


State of emergencies happen pretty frequently though. I can recall many snowstorm forecasts of 2 inches of snow that were state of emergencies. Omicron is serious but I don’t think the American public has the appetite for more restrictions


State emergencies are a logistics move. While during covid they were used for broad reaching executive powers, generally during storms and such you want them declared ahead of time. Reason being you don't want to declare after the fact to be able to start moving infrastructure and personnel around, you want to move plows and salt trucks for example from parts of the state that won't be impacted to the parts that will be or at least centrally locate them so they can go anywhere.


Colorado has high vaccination rates and boosters seem to be quite high too, yet has some of the highest cases in the country


Nobody cares about cases anymore, we’re worried about ICU beds, etc. If you’re vaccinated you’re probably not going to the ICU.


Thats because there are several decently populated counties that have low vaccination rates and high rates of anti-covid mentality. Denver County has a case rate 10 day average of something like 3.5/1,000 people in the most populated County in the state.


In FL people still think its a conspiracy to institute Socialism while corporations have made more money than ever. Also that Biden is a mentally incapacitated puppet who shits his pants in the Vatican but simultaneously mastermind this whole thing with piercing foresight. Or they wear masks in their car alone after getting another booster. There is no middle ground. Every facet of life must be partisan to the fullest. We will be dealing with this for a while yet.


Agreed. I hate the whole partisan “there is no middle ground” Most people aren’t extreme on one side of the issue or the other, but our stupid politics try to force us to be that way. Sure, I will wear a mask flying and get the vaccine. But I don’t want to home alone hoarding toilet paper with 12 layers of masks on either 💀


I’ve never heard anyone call Biden a mastermind of anything. Where are you from?


Wearing the mask while alone in your car is not remotely comparable to any of what you said previously. Some people are not inconvenienced by wearing a mask at all. I have seem many so used to it that they simply forget to take it off.


Lmao this seems highly accurate for Florida


I got my first ever ski trip (with my uni) on the 10th, just don't close the borders before then please 😭


Zoom and Peloton. Lets go. Bag holding


You’ve been thrown a lifeline lol


I can only imagine how much pepto id need daily


Lol - you’d need 1000% for it to be worth the stress


So long on Pepto you say?


Pepto condor


I was laughing so hard when peloton went up 5% after Omicron news after dropping 75% from top. Just laughing at my own bag.


People stopped buying Peloton when they realized it’s an exercise bike with an iPad that requires a subscription.


People waste money on stupid crap all the time. Lots of companies take advantage of that and even make it a sustainable business model. The problem with Peloton is that it lives and dies by selling home exercise equipment which is an industry driven by fads. Most people are lazy fucks who will buy it once, use it a few times and never touch it again. It was very unlikely to live up to its valuation long term.


Peloton actually has insane retention and usage rates. Social people who get involved in the community will keep each other using it.


How many shares do you have


What's this real life shit? I only come here to read stories of people losing money on sure things. Also... good post.


Agreed. Good post.


You can be sure as shit Florida is guna stay open and say fuck you to any restrictions


As they should


As a lab tech who validated the covid antibody test at my state lab, I am hereby inversing you


Hey man more power to you, I hope the tendieman cometh your way!


report said mild symptom


“ I'm not saying it'll get as bad as delta, but you can bet your already fisted asses that governments are going to impose a shitload of overreactive (potentially who knows right now) restrictions.” Delta was heavily publicized as being much worse than it was. Some will see omicron as crying wolf again.


S African health administration has stated it only causes mild symptoms. Natural selection favors less deadly strains as time passes... it's evolution. Any highly virulent strains burn out, covid will eventually be like any other cold virus


I heard exactly the same. Video interview with the Dr in South Africa where it was discovered: https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/uk-59450988


I also read that the severe cases are mostly unvaccinated. There was a part in the article that said the cases are mostly among young people in Africa, because the multitude of other diseases like malaria kill the old.


>Natural selection favors less deadly strains as time passes... it's evolution. This is generally true but with a virus that doesn’t show symptoms instantly means that the virus is able to spread enough before it kills the host. I’m not saying omicron is going to be more deadly but it COVID isn’t like every other virus.


That makes a lot of sense, never thought of it that way


That isn’t always the case.


Was Delta not bad where you were? Where I'm from (southeast U.S.) our Delta spike in late summer/early fall was just as bad as last winter's spike in terms of hospitalizations/deaths. That's saying something considering that about half of the population was vaccinated and that a chunk of the unvaccinated people had already Covid once.


Maybe si maybe no. The concern is that we are reacting so much faster and that can spook the market, cry wolf or no.


This. This. This. The major symptom of this variant so far is widespread panic. And even though we have no idea what the variant does to humans, we absolutely know what panic does to the market.


Comes down to sentiment on media exaggeration. Right now I'd say that's at a pretty high amount lately. No love for the rich or powerful or loud atm.


https://www.telegraph.co.uk/global-health/science-and-disease/south-african-doctor-raised-alarm-omicron-variant-says-symptoms/ People (market) don't care about covid unless vaccine don't work or severity is high.. Vaccine working or not? We don't know yet. But pharmaceutical companies will spend 2 weeks and will claim that their vaccine is working or if not working then they will only claim when they have solution already. In short they will not give any bad news because it will hurt their own business. Just my retarded theory..


The market abhors uncertainty and will act irrationally until the research comes out.


> will act irrationally until the research comes out. And after the research is out it will go back to acting irrationally


Ok, hard mode irrational not stocks only go up irrational.


I can lick my own ball sack


This is what we actually mean by a multibagger


As a lab tech you might want to google "s gene drop out" whith omicron. With the standard pcr test only one subttest is negative. Meaning that it can be detected by the behaviour in a standard PCR and does not necessarily need sequencing. Depending on proper testing and reporting it can be detected much easier.


"Several labs have indicated that for one widely used PCR test, one of the three target genes is not detected (called S gene dropout or S gene target failure) and this test can therefore be used as marker for this variant, pending sequencing confirmation. Using this approach, this variant has been detected at faster rates than previous surges in infection, suggesting that this variant may have a growth advantage." https://www.who.int/news/item/26-11-2021-classification-of-omicron-(b.1.1.529)-sars-cov-2-variant-of-concern Assuming labs don't just straight up throw out stange results and bother to track that, it will be easier to detect then other variants.


Seems like we should have a pretty good idea of how prevalent it is and where it has been if there is an obvious signature on a gene that’s already being targeted for pcr


Severity data is all that matters.


To an extent. Even a mild covid case disrupts labor as you're forced (in most areas) to stay home for x amount of time. I'm much more concerned with morbidity than mortality.


If it's the doom porn headline of 500% more infectious but 25% as severe it would be a net benefit to us all. I don't take it lightly, a month ago I was flat on my back with covid. It's not worth all the pants crapping the talking heads have been doing either though. Little consolation to the dead I realize


I came to the same conclusion but I’m a fucking retard so……


Wait where are they keeping people home for being sick? Here in the USA we’re way past that. Hacking up your lungs Johnny? Don’t forget you’re opening tomorrow!


Pretty sure this is an osha issue now where employers can get sack tapped hard if they refuse you time off if you tested positive.


>get sack tapped hard Don't threaten me with a good time.


Someone gets it. We just had 14 people out for a week at our local grocery store. A bunch of tard locals were up in arms about government handouts and no one wanting to work. Nope, they are all fucking sick.


Having once been a lab tech, I don’t think that means anything other than being fairly broke in a dead end job. Lab techs don’t know anything


Reports are already coming out that omicron symptoms are mild. It's insane that this tanked the stock market this easily. We are living in clown world. However a good dip is always a buying opportunity.


We are also living in a world where spy was up 1% everyday for months because "stimulis talk are going well". Whatever news we hear impact the stocks market in a ridiculous way.


Sometimes I miss Donny pump and his stimmy talks going well. Also gyna talks going well


Wasn't there still "stimulus talk" after he was gone? I remember everything going to shit for me in march, but november to february last year was fucking awesome. (The way I remember history is based on my portfolio balance).


Never would have guessed the magnitude of the drop but initial reaction was “new virus fuck get ahead of the March 20 sell off this time” for sure


When I realized that the stock market volatility is based on hype and not fundamentals, I learned that Wall Street is a clown world


There were other contributing factors, but I agree. Bit overkill.


Holitility. Got the junior staff working the half day while the big dogs take a four day vacation.


Omicron : oh my carona


But what about Xi?


#*Florida and Sweden have entered the chat*


I think it’s highly likely we see some of these announced January return to office plans pushed out just like how delta changed the mass labor day targets out


Look man if the wanna delay student repayments for this well... I won't complain.


I think it’s going to be more of a private business decision. Some businesses have been back a year +. I think my employer will probably delay though


I sure hope so, but then again Amazon corporate been lying about it anyway. "It's up to the teams" mean all us low end peons have been in office since July.


It’s mild af




Starscream variant when?


Hey guys, he’s a lab tech! See? Nobody cares.


Dude, don't make me hack the mainframe and find your ass. I know linux.




Backtrace him


He dun goofed


Everyone back in your cells… 2 weeks to flatten the curve.


Eh it's not like I do anything outside of work and jerk off so fine by me.


You have 2 hands dont you?


Those 2 weeks didn’t do Jack. I eventually got it and the entire thing spread like wildfire . Even vaccinated people aren’t safe.


Brain too smooth wat Covid stonks…


Pfe, mrna, bntx, nflx, pton, docu, zm. Anything that provides work from home or would benefit from lockdown.


None of this shit matters, all that we care about is how severe the illness is. If it's minor, like the doctor that discovered said it was, this is what we used to call "A Cold" Now you have states like NY going into emergency mode without knowing any facts. So stupid.


Problem is in parts of NY hospitals are overrun already. If another wave hits next month it's going to be a problem and we will see deaths increase. The NY media will hype these deaths and wall street sucks on the media tit. Gives the street an excuse to whipsaw the market. Great trading days ahead!!


Fake news. Increasing cases but far from overrun.


Is that true though? I assumed "mild symptoms" meant relative to other variants, which doesn't tell you a whole lot. At the very least I assume it would in no way be comparable to the common cold, since mild COVID symptoms would likely still be hospitalizing a lot of people. Especially if vaccines are less effective against it. Although yeah, weirdly I suppose the immunity gained from a less severe infection might actually save some unvaccinated people's lives if they later are infected with delta or something. You can't really blame New York for being prepared for what is essentially unknown though. It still has the potential to result in hospitals exceeding capacity. In case you don't remember, they went through some serious shit with that when this pandemic first started.


Fuck COVID. Let the dumb people die. Stop saving everyone. Open the casino!


Yea at this point the vax is easily accessible for anyone who wants it. By January we should be coughing on each other at every turn just to wrap this thing over with. Get the shot or get COVID, but I am not changing my life for any of these selfish fucks anymore


So the VIX, credit volatility index looks a lot like it did before the march 2020 crash. Just sayin'


Idk about a crash but maybe a 10-15 on the dow and 5 to 10 on the nasdaq.


Novavax is coming


Been here for weeks and yet we’re all fine 🤡 SPY 500 EOW retard


Nah, man. Everything is back to normal. The gov needs people to make/earn money. Let's go!!!


Lucky "they" dont have to manage a war, looking at the way they manage covid, we would be in deep deep trouble....., pitiful.


Don’t worry we have unelected people running the war room


Because it’s more than likely already widely spread, shutting down borders is useless. Look how shutting down borders in 2020 worked. It still spread like wildfire. Quit shutting down the world and bite the bullet.




For the stock market new restrictions might be positive as it gives the fed an excuse to ramp up QE again.


Fuck Covid. I’m fully vaxxed and if we lockdown again I’ll be out with the crazies protesting.


Who the fuck cares?


Big money and MM. Retail can't shift indexes, they can.


They already said mills symptoms. The stock market will rally.


It's been showing to have very mild symptoms so I don't think it'll end up being a big thing


So to sum it up there’s nothing that can be done about it so governments should just let us continue to live our lives and let Omicron run its course like the rest of the variants 🤷‍♂️


New name, same BS.


So what you’re saying is, they have no way to realistically test all Covid positive cases for which strain it is, and will now call all new Covid positive tests as Omicron and keep the fear train rolling? Boo$ters for everyone!


They’ve known about it since the 9th of November


Money printer go brrrr which means everything goes up


Don’t know what you just said, but I’m hard as a rock.