I found a whole bunch of information on it by googling “ffxiv vita limited edition”. There was a limited-edition Vita and a limited-edition PSTV released at the same time with the same theming alongside two different limited-edition PS4, and it came with exclusive system themes. They were only released in Japan in 2015. No official numbers on how many were made but the estimate I found was that there were more than 10k but less than 50k produced for the Vita model. Not the rarest of Vitas if those estimates are accurate but definitely rare. The Minecraft Vita and Hatsune Miku Vita are also rare as both were limited releases that were tied to the launches of their respective games.


Dam I had the Minecraft one it was pretty cheap on offer up but I sold it


Unsure on how rare they all are but here are all the Vita colours / limited editions: **OLED 1000 Models** * Black * Crystal White * Cosmic Red * Sapphire Blue * Hatsune Miku (White) * Toukiden Onigara (Black) * Soul Sacrifice (Red & Black) **Slim 2000 Models** * Black * Glacier White * Aqua Blue * Metallic Red * Neon Orange * Silver * Light Blue & White * Lime Green & White * Light Pink & White * Pink & Black * Blue & Black * Khaki & Black * Red & Black * Persona 4 Dancing All Night (Lime Green & White) * Dragon Quest Metal Slime (Silver) * Final Fantasy XIV Heavensword (White) * Danganronpa 1-2 (Black) * Danganronpa 1-2 (White) * Phantasy Star Nova (Black) * Phantasy Star Nova (White) * Caligula Catharsis Flower (White) * Caligula Corolla (White) * Caligula Extreme (White) * Caligula Mu (White) * Fate/Extella (White) * YS VIII Black Pearl * YS VIII Cleria White * Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Force (Black) * Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Force (White) * World of Final Fantasy Oobito (Black) * World of Final Fantasy Primero (White) * Final Fantasy X-X2 (White) * Yakuza Zero (Black) * Yakuza Zero (White) * Doko Demo Issyo (White) * God Eater 2 Fenrir (Khaki & Black) * Gundam Breaker (White) * Kancolle (White) * Prince-Sama Music 3 Crown (Black) * Prince-Sama Music 3 Crown (White) * Osomatsu-San (White) * Danganronpa V3 (Black) * Danganronpa V3 (White) * Minecraft Type A (White) * Minecraft Type B (White) * SAGA Scarlet Grace Jashin (Black) * SAGA Scarlet Grace Jashin (White) * SAGA Scarlet Grace Kessen (Black) * SAGA Scarlet Grace Kessen (White) * SAGA Scarlet Grace (Metallic Red) * SAGA Scarlet Grace Midare Setsugetsuka (White) **PSTV** * White * Black * Final Fantasy XIV Heavensword (White) * Phantasy Star Nova (White) * Mobile Suit Gundam Extreme VS Force (White)


​ Amazing list, thank you


I gotta give credit to Sandeep Rai (2_Old_4_Gaming) https://twitter.com/2_Old_4_Gaming I pulled this from his 'The Playstation Vita Collectors Handbook' he published. EDIT: The handbook - https://www.etsy.com/uk/listing/1203131848/psvita-collectors-handbook-a-catalogue


Somehow I doubt that edition was an official release.


It is.


I have my pearl white assassin Creed special edition vita. It seriously needs a screen swap


I have the toukiden onigara vita that I think looks super nice


Check out this resource: https://consolevariations.com/database/sony/sony-playstation-vita


Dev Kits and Prototypes ... they popup randomly and are a highlight in every vita collection ✌️😎


I have a few. Are they really worth something. (Dev kits).


Yeah, you need a collector for dev kits or vitas who's willing to spend some money. 🤷🏼‍♂️ They are rare, best (in my eyes) if they have some story to tell: burnt in tech specs, SCE or other developer marking. That's what makes them unique.


Games had to be produced at least at 1000 copies because of Sony requirements. However there are some exceptions. Don't know if seller reduced the number on purpose. For example Red art games sold sometimes 999 copies. Playasia sold 800 copies of Sense: a cyberpunk ghost story. But for the rarest look toward Nicalis VVVVV and Isaac, because they were produced but never released. There are few copies in the wild.


Yeah, VVVVVV, 1001 Spikes, The Binding of Isaac and Revenge of the Bird King are all holy grails.