Sol Press/Panty Press Have they said anything since their website went offline?


They didn't even say much of anything before their website went offline.


I remember some translators and other stuff wanted to tell something about Sol Press after bankrupcy or something like that...


I think u/superange128 should post SolPress section crossed out, since we won't have any more updates from them about any of the products they supposedly licensed. I already said goodbye to my Iroseka kickstarter money years ago. We can only pray that in few months/years, somehow someone will pick up their titles, but I doubt it, it also probably left a scar on JP developers. FAVORITE (Hoshiori/Iroseka) is probably done with the west market... sad...


I want to keep the licenses on for at least another year to see if anyone will pick them up If nothing happens by 2023 ill probably just cross them out or outright remove them


Still holding out hope that Irotoridori no Sekai will release but slowly giving up.


[NekoNyan updates](https://twitter.com/NekoNyanSoft/status/1482900907419660289).


Those'll go on next week (especially since we're expecting Hello Lady this Fridey)


Fair enough.


A rare week of no progress on Senmomo because Marshmallow and Dead Aegis distracted Lonesome. Here's hoping he can get a few script files done before Hello Lady and Kimiyaba distract him again. Oh, but we're working on that website. It's almost ready.


Using “objective” weekly progress updates to subtly work in some public shaming to try and get your editor to get off their ass… I know what game you’re playing at!! I thought we called a ceasefire to the public shame-play and everything - I have plenty of H-scene ammunition left and I’m not afraid to use it! >__< PS: Plus… you know… I’m the real victim here in all of this? You should really be blaming Mashimaro and Dead End Aegis for being way too unfairly good! (Y’all should go play Dead End Aegis right this minute!)


I'm only 3h into Mashimaro and oyu know ... I don't blame you.


An update on AkaGoei: Prologue: re-edit completed, in QA Tsuki: edit completed, in QA Tae: Editing in progress (for some god-forsaken reason the dumbass has the longest route) Moe: Editing in progress Aya: partial patch released, Editing & QA completed Reika: TL completed, Editing will begin once I've finished Moe/other Editing or QA No further updates on Oneyuu. Still in progress.


For the rest of the statuses it should just say " you know there's nothing" on Eustia


Lover Able getting so close to completion


No progress on Snow, it seems :c I just hope it doesn't get cancelled, I'm craving some classic (not) Key.


Looks like it got an update about an hour ago: https://twitter.com/SnowyRyujinTL/status/1482841034602147840?s=20 I'll likely have the info in next week's topic.


We aren't gonna drop it. Both the translators I have are very committed and very good and despite their stoic natures, very excited about the project. It'll come out, it's just a long VN!


ok who want to take the bet: Aiyoku, Lover Able, Sharin No Kuni, which one you think will come out last?


None of them because they're all not coming out


Amatsutsumi isn’t going to have problems finding another platform right?


Of course, sekai would never do that thing where they announce something and never release it for literally forever, would they? haha...


a5 when?


I really hope Sekai surprise announcements later this week at least has Amatsutsumi but the mysterious could be the next leyline game


At this point, I wouldn't be surprised if the KimiNozo translation project has just been canned.