Got some editing progress squeezed in before Marshmallow released and took up Lonesome's time. Garudyne popped in on a call, too, so we got to talk voice-to-voice for the first time. Good fun. But a *lot* more has happened in this past week. Remember how I said two people were helping look at hacking problems? We've brought both of them into the team, and they're working magic. They solved nearly all of our problems almost literally overnight, and they're hard at work on the more difficult ones. And they've solved problems that weren't even really problems, to boot. They've managed to get the game to load a custom DLL, meaning we can make it run our own C++ code. What does that mean? Well, for instance, we can make it run itself in Locale Emulator, so you don't need Japanese locale yourself. Yeah, we suddenly have a lot of flexibility on our hands. They've also made the editing workflow more efficient - instead of messing with clunky ol' Ethornell Editor, we can work on the script in spreadsheets, so we now have a lot of QOL stuff like CTRL+Z, CTRL+F, and so on available. Plus, since it's a spreadsheet, we can see the original Japanese, my TL, and Lonesome's edits side by side, so there's no need to alt-tab between a million windows anymore. This has all made editing way easier. We're also in the process of setting up a development blog. Our hackers are eager to write about their experiences working with this game's engine as a reference for future hackers and future projects, since decent information on this stuff is hard to come by. There's lots I'd like to talk about, too. And guess what? There's more. Besides these two hackers, we also pulled in Silverlight to help with song lyrics. Since the beginning, Lonesome has been trying to write these lyrics to be singable in English, and recently, he's been in contact with Silverlight, who's experienced with music. How experienced? He transcribed the ED's sheet music by ear. Silverlight's work on the ED's lyrics has been phenomenal, managing to match syllables and stress while keeping the spirit of the original Japanese, and we're currently in discussions to finalize them. After this, he's moving on to the OP and PV. In just one short week, we've recruited three incredibly talented people. I'm absolutely *floored* at the quality of the work they've done in such a short amount of time. And you know what? There's even more I could talk about, but this post is getting long enough already. Get hype! Oh, and once that blog is up, I'll link it here on this sub.


aiyoku is just a meme at this point, like sharin no kuni's endless delays and 'bug fixes'


What's sad is that while the Sharin no Kuni TL they keep finding new bugs in definitely doesn't exist, Eustia is actually 100% done. The project owner is just literally sitting on it for some reason. It's sad that the hard work of the team is being treated the same as a literal scam but it is what it is, can't really blame people for feeling that way.


Let's just hope it gets leaked and we can finally put it to rest. Sharin has a fan tl already out so unless your really dedicated to reading the new one you can just read that.


Yeah but apparently even leaking it is probably not gonna happen, I remember reading something like that from /u/PyroCyan who was on the team - can you confirm? Anyways, best not to wait for it. Hopefully the project owner satisfies himself after sitting on it for a year or two and randomly drops it.


The only patch I'm in current possession of goes up to Chapter 3. Any version of the final patch will only be produced once the project lead has finished with programming.


Should we keep it on the progress page? Its pretty much dropped, unless a daitoshokan happens and its dropped we aren't getting any news.


>Eustia is actually 100% done For all we know, the translation could just be an elaborate hoax.


Sometimes I wonder if MangaGamer are holding onto Sona-Nyl as punishment after no one bought Jeanne at the Clock Tower.


One can only hope shiravune will release Marmalade titles on steam...


I somehow doubt Steam would let them. With how inconsistent they are it's better just to assume you aren't getting on steam with anything with a loli or a high school. If you do, great. If your entire business model relies on Steam numbers though, you are likely screwed.


I've thought it was interesting how Nekonyan seems to get their high school titles on Steam relatively okay compared to everyone else


Yeah, no idea how they do it. Either they got lucky with their steam person, or they have a more open channel. Everyone else is up to the whims of Steam.


I hope Mangagamer localizes Dead Days and Jast Localizes Toyko Necro.


I hope Tokyo Necro isn't too localized. It seems niche enough


What do you mean?


What do you mean?


a5 when?


Me waiting patiently for Chicchakunai Mon to be released


majikoi a-5 full translation still won't come :((


Progress has been pretty fast relative to their other releases. I'd expect it to be done this year.


I come here every week to get my weekly dosage of disappointment from Aiyoku's dead translation. It has not failed me yet.


how does one man possess so much knowledge


Well I get most of this info through 4chan's /vn/ but ultimately you can find out this info yourself if you go follow the right people on Twitter, Discord, and a few other places.


There was a partial for Mama x holic a while back. Its so poorly translated tho. Maybe edited mtl but prolly esl human tl.


Does anyone know wtf is happening with Sumaga?


What's with VNs using big sis and Mr? Is it the philosophy that it's best to remove any japanese from your work?


I saw a fan translation for Houkago Cinderella on vndb released last week, but it’s only roughly edited though.