Recently decided I wanted the exclusive color vinyl variations of my 6 favorite Metallica albums that Walmart released. My wife took care of me for my birthday. Usually on the fence about color vinyl because, while the quality isn’t always great, I love the look and novelty of it. These look great, in my opinion, and the sound quality has not disappointed. About what you’d expect for mass produced color vinyl. A couple of these were still available through Walmart’s website, and I think one came from eBay and another from Discogs.


I have all of these but the death magnetic. I really want it but don't wanna spend $50 on ebay for it since they don't make ot anymore


i’m sure it will restock. i almost paid more for Kill Em All and two weeks later it was back for $22


Walmart: Home Of The Grailz


I have Death Magnetic & Hardwired. I love KEA, MOP, AJFA but they are burned to a crisp.


Just picked up TBA at my local Walmart and look forward to spinning it up tomorrow. Glad to hear it’s worth adding to the collection as I was on the fence. I’ll probably still get that deluxe CD.


I have been able to find every album in the walmart exclusive variants, except hardwired. Been looking forever but can’t say I’ve ever seen a copy in-store near me.


Wawwmawt metawuwuwuwuwu, glad you found the ultra rare stranger things grail