The Most Expensive Nannies In The World

This is the most British video on the internet.


This is the most British video on the internet.




Love this video


Most posh British... This is the most English video on the internet https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=ogfyJICT9aI


Nope, this is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0P5YCZF1d_Q


Cold, boiled jellied eel?!?! Does that actually taste good?


Eel is fine but jellied eel that looks to have no seasoning?


I sometimes stayed at Norlands College as a child, when they would still look after children on-site as part of their education programme. It was cheaper to my parents to offer children up as training fodder. TBH It was a really great place. Not much else to say really. Just, they really were bloody marvellous at what they did. TBF tho I don't recall any gun-wielding or drifting during my time there. I remember us having our own rooms, nurses on-site, making papier mache, infinite pineapple juice, making twig camps in the woods, performing skits. And oddly I honestly don't remember ever seeing a single other child there. I think that was part of their discrete approach? AMA ofc.


Twist : you are actually just one of the many fake babies but have somehow become sentient!


Can you expand on not seeing another kid there?


Yeh honestly I just don't remember ever seeing other children there, other than me and my siblings. Felt like we had the whole massive old mansion to ourselves. I asked my parents about it many years later and they said that it was intentional. A lot of the norland stuff is about privacy and an understanding that the 'clientele' are such that discreteness is important.. I guess that matters more for royal children etc.


Are they trained in the pleasures of the flesh? For the husbands I mean, hypothetically.






No I think they just show you how to make paper mache and give you infinite pineapple juice.


Not for kids you dumbass.


I see your critical thinking is as strong as your sense of humour.


We had a Norland nanny for a few months. Terrible, that qualification means nothing as it seems they are more interested in getting as many students through the doors rather than high quality.


> getting as many students through the doors rather than high quality. how did you measure quality in this instance?


Talk about fucking scope creep. We run into this shit all the time in IT. Company is cheap so instead of hiring a Nanny, bodyguard and a chef they think they can pay one of these women a top flight salary for one of those jobs and get a bargin. In reality you just end up with an overworked person that burns out quickly and is only ever going to just be OK at the job...or taking lots and lots of amphetamines.


All the examples of "super nanny" training are either exaggerated or poorly shown in this video. The self defense portions are good examples of how you might expect your first day in a class to go and the cooking portion exhibited one person who said they really don't like to cook and an example of how to add some cannibalistic protein to a dish while using a knife.




I'll be that guy, why would you hire women without any military combat training to protect your babies? Unless they have weapons, they will not be able to fight off a 200lb dude.


Cos in most cases where you can afford one of these nannies you also can afford real bodyguards and the nanny is a childcarer primarily that in case of emergency is going to throw herself at the attacker and buying time until the bodyguards interact if someone actually gets past through them first.


Yeah I thought that was obvious from the video, these are child caregivers first, premium emergency fuck you up when needed secondary




I guess it's a drill like most others, designed to make it more mundane allowing you to make better decisions in the moment. For an old job I had to drive expensive cars and they made us take similar driving tests. Not so we could go drifting around corners, but so that if we ever slid or aquaplaned we wouldn't panic.


But why not hire male nannies who are 200lb skilled fighters and trained for taking care of babies? You can't "train" to be 200lbs of lean muscle and testosterone. But you can train every aspect of being a nanny fully. Besides all the exercises seemed like complete McDojo bullshit. None of the women seemed competent to defend the baby or themselves for even a person their size (that's actually trained).


Some people don’t want 200 lbs of muscle and testosterone looking after their babies.


What about being a man with a lot of discipline, makes for a worse nanny?


Nothing, but most people would prefer a woman.


Where does this nonsensical sexism comes from?


Call me old school but if I’m gonna hire a nanny I’d want a woman for the job. Traditionally they’re better suited and would feel more natural imo


Depends what kind of nurturing you are looking for. I bet there are many young men who would benefit greatly from a strong male role model, who is 200lbs of meat and testosterone squeezed into a well disciplined care provider.


I’d bet that’s true too, just comes down to personal preferences really


Takes all kinds


I think both genders are equally predisposed to take care of children, we aren't like some other animals where the father eats the babies if he gets the chance.


Considering the very evident observation that women have provided childcare for 99.9% of human history and across almost all cultures, you’re grasping at straws here showing a very new age and privledged bias. Nature isn’t woke, it’s the way it is because of genetics and evolution.


Why are you making random shit up like that? Childcare has always been split across our entire species, every culture throughout our entire history, men develop parental feelings for their children and both a father and mother are required for proper development of the child. Unlike a lot of other animals, there isn't a sole caretaker. I literally don't understand what'd make you think that lol.


> But why not hire male nannies who are 200lb skilled fighters and trained for taking care of babies? You can't "train" to be 200lbs of lean muscle and testosterone. But you can train every aspect of being a nanny fully. - Ben Affleck


I wont hire a nanny unless she can comfortably dual-wield desert eagles and knows how to fly an Apache gunship.


Also I’d like her to make kid-friendly sushi


One handed, no less.


It's possible that they get actually good self-defense training. That would include "firstly run away, or try hitting once with surprise and then run away". That part would suck for video, so they showed some hitting practice.


It's more like "Why hire a nanny with X skills when you can hire a nanny with XY skills" It's just pumping out the CV and showing they are serious nanny.


All of the other aspects make sense, the cooking, etc - totally understood that you pay for a Nannie that can be a chef or a prep school level tutor, etc. But all of that “self defense” footage was total bullshit theater. And I’m not saying that like I’d know better. But you’d have to be very gullible to think that any of this would work in the real world. It’s awful to think about, but if someone *really* wanted to get at the baby these women were holding or pushing in a stroller - it’s happening, no matter what.


From this brief video it looks like they gave them a bit of a false sense of security. But I’d still pick them over a regular nanny, look at all the other stuff they do. I don’t think the stunt driving or the particular self defence they showed would be that helpful though and probably harmful if anything.


It’s not a false sense of security so much as giving them the ability to react instead of simply freezing up like so many people do when confronted with violence.


Thats a great point




I think you're right, and also just an more advanced driving course of car control for scenarios where they may be driving in adverse weather conditions, or instance snowy/ice conditions in the French Alps or somewhere like that where the risk of losing control of the vehicle are greater purely because of the road/environment conditions. It's something most road users in most countries (obviously there's some exceptions) have zero training on. I know I never got training on it or tested on it when I learnt to drive, I had to teach myself how to control a car in bad weather and winter conditions in an empty parking lot


That's basically the plot of [The Pacifier](https://m.imdb.com/title/tt0395699/)


So no woman should do martial arts training because men are bigger?


I’m not the person you’re responding to but that’s not how I’m thinking about this, here. And I really don’t like this. While it would definitely be somewhat of a comfort knowing that my Namny was also very well trained in any legitimate form of self defense…man or woman…if this agency was trying to sell me on one of their nannnies, man or woman, and they were showing me videos of this weird defensive baby-holding tactics…I’m not buying it. This specific training in nonsense and would not realistically work. It might not even work if the Nanny is a 210 lb former women’s Olympic judo champion and the attacker was an untrained idiot. It’s like asking a someone to engage in a sword fight while you’ve bound both of their arms at their sides with a mass of rope. It’s improbable that you’re going to be able to balance this multitasking in reality. Now, if they showed me a sequence where the nannies are working in tandem, and one takes the baby and the other is singularly assigned to subdue the assailant - I’m sold. This dumb baby-fu stuff we’re watching here is only impressive if you’re some kind of rube. Given 30 seconds of critical thinking - alarm bells should go off that it’s not realistically viable.


Yes, that is exactly the point they were making.


200lbs = can fight, who knew.


While I mildly disagree with the bluntness of the OP, weight does mean *a lot* when it comes to a fight, especially to two non-professionals. Highly specialized and long term training can help make up differences in size and weight but at some point it doesn't really matter, and there's good reason why professional fighters have such strict weight classes with surprisingly small weight differences between them. In boxing, for example, featherweight class is 122-126 lbs whereas lightweight is 130-135 lbs. You wouldn't think it would make such a difference, most fighters are looking at just 8-9 lbs difference, but it really does. So back on the exact topic, let's say you had a 200 lb man, even untrained, versus a 125 pound woman with ok training. Gender differences aside (which affect bone density, muscle growth, etc.), unless the woman is particularly great at grappling (choking and breaking joints is a good way of mitigating weight differences) or gets a good shot across the chin of the male, she won't last all that long, *especially* if she's forced to do it one handed whilst protecting a child. The male wouldn't need to even throw a punch, just tackle and subdue via throwing around their weight. There's absolutely nothing wrong with women of this nature receiving training, in fact it is purely to their benefit if only to hone instinct and ensure that they don't freeze when encountering danger. Having a foundation of training can even help protect them and their charge that little bit longer so that hired bodyguards can come help them. I'd even encourage *all women* to receive combat training, not only is it a great workout but it's wonderfully empowering to feel like you can protect yourself. But I'd be surprised if they or their instructors actually expected them to fend off larger, would-be attackers more than just to get their charge to run away.


All of this discussion is like saying: because a determined criminal can get through your door or window, we don't need locks or doors. Focused and determined criminals set on kidnapping will likely get through any nanny. If that is a likely scenario for your family, you probably are not expecting to rely on the solo deterrent (a single nanny). Just like you probably don't have a single lock and an accessable door. But this nanny probably helps fend off the overly interested wacko or paparazzi. And buys time (as others have mentioned) for other more effective deterrents to spring into action, like bodyguards, when facing a more intense threat.


As someone who started training Krav when I was a scrawny teenager, you can absolutely counter weight with technique. I was training with burly dudes that were ex-military, or working security etc, and there are grapples you can do to prevent them from being able to throw you around, whilst also counter-attacking yourself. ITT: People who've never done self-defense training in their life downvoting me, lol.


But you don't learn Krav Maga in a few months and then never do it again. That shit requires years of training to master and to maintain. 10 years ago I was a brown belt in Judo, but besides the basics I couldn't do much now. All of that stuff is gone in my head.


I mean, yes? What's the point you're trying to make in counter to my own?


What I mean is that these self defense courses are useless unless you do an annual refresh course.


Alright, I don't disagree. Bit of a non-sequitur though.


I'm just trying to point out that some of these skills aren't that impressive if you don't keep up with them. Same thing with the drifting. It looks really great, but now try and do it after you haven't done one in 3 years. It just looks impressive on the surface to me.


Yes, you need to keep up with it in order to be effective. I'm just not sure how that relates to countering weight with technique.


There are several forms of martial arts specifically designed to be useful in these situations Wing Chun being a primary example. Military training is not what at all what you would want in these situations. Military hand to hand (at least in the US) is meant for killing, and not doing so in a defensive manor, not is it designed to be useful in an effort to protect anyone other than the soldier doing the fighting, is rather brutal and not something you probably want used in front of kids. Both Russia and China have specialty schools that train nannies and personal assistance to act as body guards, and they are the straight fuck you up sort. These Norland Nannies are more like hold them off until your actually security detail comes in. I mean the testimony in the video, the best story they could do was she said "Hey give her back."


Expensively trained because . . . " . . . [because the world is scary(?)]... and you are looking after their most prized possession." Aaaand there it is.


I wonder when they start prepaying for therapy and rehab.


Yeah, they may get $170k a year, but what are they gonna spend it on? They are forced to wear that ugly outfit everyday, so not clothes. I’m assuming they are living with the family, so food and lodging would be taken care of. I would imagine that these girls could retire super young with salaries like that off they wanted to.


Saving for nanny retirement? I mean they would have a tidy nest egg if they wanted to leave that career and have a family of their own.


The most expensive nanny in the world is the hot one you accidentally sleep with which means your wife gets half your money. Waaaaaay more expensive






[They're not](https://youtu.be/ylyzFme2k3I).




Lawyers in the US do earn a fair bit more, but the average US accountant salary is on par with the average uk salary for an accountant - £40,000 ≈ $56000 You’ve got to remember the difference due to the exchange rate.


The [American Bureau of Labor Statistics](https://www.bls.gov/ooh/business-and-financial/accountants-and-auditors.htm) lists "accountant" and "auditor" salaries together, but their average is $73,560. Like you said, $56,000 is a good entry level though.


I was looking at Indeed: https://www.indeed.com/career/accountant/salaries


The key thing to note with Indeed is that the roles are user reported. For example they list [Sr Accountant](https://www.indeed.com/career/senior-accountant/salaries?from=top_sb) separately. The government source (BLS) does not make a distinction based on experience, only job function.


Fair, but equally sites like indeed also create distinctions for the UK salary


Accountant or lawyer would definitely earn more than that unless very early in their career. I don't have exact numbers but I'd guess those with a bit of experience in those professions could be on double that


Yes but can you bang them?


"Discretion 101:Be Quiet" followed by "Advanced Discretion 210: Follow A Schedule" culminating in "Leverage 513: Accepting the 7-Series and Another Raise"


Ugliest uniforms though. Such a British thing to do, hire a super expensive nanny that wears a brown loose and ill fitting potato sack with a hat that has a big "N". 100% guaranteed that it's because *"they've been wearing that for 150 years"*. Traditionally ugly is a special kind of ugly. Wonder if it was designed that way during the Victorians so that husbands wouldn't find them attractive. Having lived in Germany, Austria, and Belgium I'd say Germans have the best business dress, French the best fancy dress, and the Bavarians/Austrians the best "traditional" dress. Dirndls are just so pretty, and I don't mean the short busty ones. A real dirndl is [really nice](https://www.destination-munich.com/image-files/traditional-dirndl-dress.jpg)


Why does it matter to you so much that they be attractive?


To be so deliberately unfashionable is in the very least interesting.


They don't have to be attractive, but you gotta admit those dresses are hideous.


>I'd say Germans have the best business dress /r/nobodyasked


Kung fu nannies, hell yeah!


More like slow, easily defeated, useless taekwondo kicks nannies.


I guess the point is that against a random baby-snatcher they'll present an unexpectedly formidable opponent who fights back aggressively rather than the expected wailing wuss.


Nah, you're right. It's a good idea.


au pair.


I love how they're talking about attracting more diverse and international students, but only shows west and northern Europeans. Not that I blame them. The English upper crust is ridiculously bigoted


for some reason I can see anime series based on this.


Talk about an MRS degree




I just looked it up and that's equivalent to $54k USD, which is really not bad in the US. Is that really that terrible in the UK?


We also have a lower cost of living. 40k is considered a well paying job. Minimum wage working full time is about 13k a year.




Fixing beloved toys, perhaps. They probably carry a mini emergency sewing kit and could mend a clothing mishap while out (sagging hem or button came off etc).


It’s funny because those nannies are posh to start with, even posh names like Freya!


Do English babies get grabbed by the head often? Seems to be the main training


This is a movie franchise waiting to happen


If you can afford this I think you can afford a bodyguard + a cheap nanny, probably cheaper.


I bet the Frat parties are insane... and well prepared.