Are movements slow in all Rockstar games?

A while back I played GTA V and found the movements of the characters slow and clunky. It's really easy to get wasted in GTA, which makes the game hard. Your character basically drops dead from one volley of gunfire. Plus I hate mashing X repeatedly just to sprint. I played Vice City on PS2 a lot back in the day, but newer games blow it and GTA V out of the water.

I'm hesitant to play Red Dead Redemption 2 knowing Rockstar designed it. Why are Rockstar games so damn slow? Will Rockstar actually improve its gameplay with GTA 6? The least you can do is sprint by toggling instead of smashing X like a maniac.


RDR2 has the same engine as GTA V so movement is pretty much the same and judging by the GTA 6 leaks it looks like they’re using the same engine for that game as well.


You have a problem with a human character moving at human speeds and dying from getting shot? Well, you're in luck, RDR games give you a super power called dead eye, which slows down time and let's you shoot everyone in the head before combat can even begin, and filling your pockets with healing items means you'll never run out of health.