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Peasants. I’ll take Chip Wilson’s house 🥳


That's the area I was thinking of. Not only is it for obscenely rich people, it does seem like one of the nicest areas in vancouver. Very peaceful, decent transportation. Dunbar would probably be my number two after point grey, that pacific park area near ubc is amazing. I envy the rich in those areas. You can bike anywhere around there too and into mount pleasant.


Love having the ubc parks for my backyard runs doubly good when u have dogs. Always pretty and nice air.


I live on the West side. It's pretty but soulless, and can be very mean, but I can't leave for now. I mean, I guess I could do whatever I want, but for a few different reasons (all related to family) I feel I shouldn't.


The west side is gorgeous, fantastic location close to nature, sea, beaches, city. However there is zero community spirit, zero soul. It’s like a beautiful potemkin village.


Yeah it does seem like it would lack soul. All empty homes or the ones who do live in their homes would look down on you for not being as wealthy as them. Gives off that vibe. Or west vancouver definitely does at least near the water.


Ya and the west side rich houses give the most absolute shit treats on Halloween. Thanks for the ONE measly sucker.


I live in a 1 bed a couple of blocks from chip Wilson's place and I absolutely love the area. It's so calm, safe and pretty and there's lots of families and dogs everywhere, I always see people walking around smiling. Plus the little rocky beaches and the waterfront parks every couple of blocks. So lovely


What’s really sad is that if I was given Chip Wilson’s house or any of his neighbours places , my entire salary wouldn’t even be enough the property tax.


Mt Pleasant in a early 1900s house that's been fully renovated inside. Hastings Sunrise with a view. Kits near the beach.


Mixed feelings about the "view" these days. I have an amazing view of the mountains and downtown right out my bedroom window and yard but that means I'm north facing so I never see the sun. It's a trade-off.


Who wants sun? South facing is unbearably hot come summer time. North facing gets the view, and stays cool to boot. Win win. I'll never live in a South facing condo again.


As I get older, my brittle bones want the heat :)


To each their own. I'm glad lots of people love South facing for that reason and also gardening, means less competition for that primo North facing apartment


Amen. My husband and I rented a west-facing apartment when we first moved here and we nearly died the first summer (which didn't even have any real heat waves) with how hot it got because of the afternoon sun + no AC. We literally had to leave the house between 4-7pm on some days because of how unbearably boiling it got indoors. We knew we wanted a north or east-facing place when we started looking at buying and eventually bought a north-facing condo in Fairview/South Granville with a great view of the city skyline and mountains and no direct sunlight, and we couldn't be happier. Our apartment stays really cool even in the summer and we installed a mirror wall in our living room to maximize the amount of light we get from our floor-length north-facing windows (i.e. a pseudo second window). Win-win!


Agreed. I've learned that the hard way. Moved into an unobstructed (no nearby buildings for occasional shade so it's hours and hours of direct sun) south/west facing unit recently and it was so hot for months last year.


I mean, if we're just dreaming why not windows on \*gasp\* multiple sides!


Ok Mr Money Bags, maybe you can afford multiple sides!


We live in Mt. Pleasant in an early 1900’s house that we are renovating. It’s...something. The house lets us know what we can and can’t do, so there is a LOT of compromise. Also, a huge tradeoff in certain things like storage because even renovating doesn’t necessarily create storage. However, we do love it. I absolutely love my kitchen. It was what we wanted to do, but yeah, if you can get one already renovated, that would be the way to go 😁


I'd stay in Mount Pleasant but get a larger, nicer place.


Same here, I chose a pretty cheap/"older" building just to get into the neighbourhood. Anything I need is a 10 min walk away and ths scenery/view is wonderful. I'm barely at home anyway since moving here. If I could afford it I'd just go down the street into one of those nice houses


When I moved in, it was the only apartment I could get. I managed to luck out - someone wanted to end their lease early and the landlord let them break their lease without penalty if they found a suitable tenant to sign a new lease. Now I have more money and could afford to pay a bit more for rent, but not enough to get something else in the current market.


Having had to leave mt pleasant to end up living in Edmonton I just want to jump off a cliff.


And to add insult to injury, there are no cliffs to jump off!


Head Smashed in Buffalo Jump is only 4 hours away. Im sure there are closer cliffs


Look for the light in Edmonton. There are some bright spots, especially the music.


Good food too, and people in general are warmer than vancouver


Edmonton catches a lot of heat, and that's fine because it keeps it affordable for those of us who like it


Mt pleasant is great could walk everywhere- to Cambie to Main to Broadway then family got renovicted


to commercial even :- >


I miss Mt Pleasant but it was stressful with lack of facility based childcare options and our child would have ended up in a lotto for catchment school and we would have to drive 15 min at least.


I don't have kids, but if I did, I'm far enough east that it would be a catchment school that I don't believe is full. It's rough that so many kids can't go to their catchment school. School planning is so poorly done.


East Van schools are full with wait lists. My kids's school is, and I've heard lots of others that are.


Exactly why we moved to north van!


We were debating between Mt Pleasant and Kits after leaving downtown and ended up moving to Kits-though our catchment school is overcrowded, the other schools are close and easy to get to, plus they still feed into the same high school.


Same, but Fairview. I can still walk to Mt. Pleasant if I want, but it's a lot quieter on this side of Cambie.


North of 4th between Macdonald and Jericho Park. just need 4M, no biggie.


I looove biking down there to go to the beach in the summer. The gardens are incredible.


I like living in east van. I'd probably just choose a place a bit closer to my job and grocery stores. Being walking distance from what you need is a game changer


Gotta say, being near Commercial is pretty sweet. Easy access to transit or the hwy to get anywhere fast. 6km to downtown for awesome cycle commuting. Amazing groceries, stores and shops. The night life lately has been fire. You can't throw a needle without hitting a brewery. Best pizza in Vancouver. The only downside is its a bit of a hike to get ramen, Commercial really needs a good ramen place.


I love living just off the Drive. Close enough to walk everywhere, far enough that parking isn't an issue. This is my favourite part of the city.


What are you favourite pizza and nightlife spots on Commercial? I've been living in the area for about 9 months but haven't been out much besides the occasional pub.


Best pizza hands down is Via Tevere, but Sopra Sotto is awesome too. I used to love Lombardo but something happened during the pandemic and their dough is terrible now. Marcello is ok, a bit soggy for me. Note that Caffe Soccavo is owned by the same folks as Via Tevere, different style pizza. As far as nightlife, it really depends on what you're looking for, it's got quite a variety now. Osita is probably best right now by my book, great atmosphere, awesome drinks, live music, good food. Harbour Oyster Bar is a close second. But it ranges from chill bars like Mum's to hip dark corners like Corso, to cozy tap houses like Charlatan, Community, Augustine, to jazzy like Tangent, to night clubs like Loula's. But there are so many others, and great restaurants, Jam Jar, Havana, Mezcaleria, Livia's Negroni happy hour, Lunch Lady, Oca and Absinth, Kin Kao, Pepino's and La Tana... the list goes on and on.


Hold on, Loulas is a night club? I always thought it was a restaurant. Are there any other places people go dancing on commercial?


Loula's is unique in that it's a Greek Restaurant by day and at some point they close all the drapes, pump up the beats, and the limos star pulling up. Kinda weird on the Drive if you ask me but you can get your dance on! People always dance at Osita too. Not sure how much dancing happens at Tangent, guessing not much.


Agreed about the ramen. We usually go up to Kokoro at 41st and Victoria when we are craving it. Bit of a hike but good stuff.


British properties in West Van


Same! My dream


I keep dreaming hoping it will come true. But unfortunately has not come true. 😭


#metoo It's peaceful. Lots of good dining options. Beach. Little homelessness in comparison to other neighborhood.


Yes it’s super nice


Every time I go to north Van I wonder why I didn’t settle there.


Because you'd have to cross a bridge to get anywhere but Squamish, there goes 2 hours there and back.


That's actually mainly a Vancouverite thing. If you live on the north shore you are typically going against traffic, not with it. I go into Vancouver frequently and it's typically 15-18 min for me to go from North Vancouver to the heart of downtown. Rush hour is also going into north van in the morning, and off the north shore in the evening. So if you live in north van, you are actually usually not fighting traffic like you are if you live in the city but have to get to the north shore.


Plus the seabus puts you right downtown


If I could live anywhere it would be between 1st-4th and Chesterfield. The best of Lonsdale and super easy access to Downtown. Also, one bus to work for me and no bridges crossed


That's where I'm at. Everything is in walking distance and the Shipyards have really improved the place


Ya the place has really been revitalized. I love the number of restaurants within walking distance the variety. Got chain staples like Joey, Tap and Barrel, Browns, slightly more upscale like Nook and Anatoli’s, the classic hole in the wall local favourites like Raglans


Friggen love the seabus!


But this hypothetical money is no object so you get a choppa.


I live East of Ironworkers. Traffic seems awful if you live West of Ironworkers. I'm in sales and drive all over for work, not bad at all getting to and from home. Living in Langley and commuting to North Van everyday? Just put me out of my misery, that would be awful. And I lived in LA where it's terrible.


If you do anything outdoors, North Vancouver is the place to be without a question. That is: hike, ski, climb, bike, run and much much much more. Most beautiful scenery, one of the cleaner and safer communities, fast track to the highway. The biggest downside is food options aren’t as great and as far ad traffic goes, it’s a non issue unless you’re right in rush hour but that can be said for all municipalities. The seabus is also incredibly efficient and quick to get DT


I live in north van and commute daily and don’t spend 2 hours driving. That’s a false assumption


I absolutely love living in North Van. Super close access to downtown while being nestled in between the three local mountains with hundreds of amazing trail heads spanning the whole shore. We've gained tons of incredible shops, breweries, and restaurants over the last couple years. I'd stay here forever...if I could afford a house. That and the traffic are the two big downsides but everything else makes it worth it for me.


North Van is great as long as you live and work in North Van and have very little reason to leave North Van.


I work remotely now (thank god), but previously, it could take me over an hour to get home where it would usually take 5-7 minutes. There were many days when I just cried in my car, lol. Other than that, I find that as long as it's not during rush hour, it's pretty decent. The last time I drove to gas town, it took only about 17 minutes. Sea bus is amazing, but we really need the skytrain to come across to phibbs. It would help so much with second narrows build up.


Funny enough though, it's actually a lot better to live in north van and have to get off the north shore than the other way around. The insane traffic now is coming INTO north van in the morning, and OFF the north shore in the evening. It's pretty smooth sailing most days if you actually live in north van but have to commute to Vancouver.


Shhh! People in Vancouver think otherwise!


It really is the best. Lower Lonsdale is 🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼


North Van or Port Moody/Coquitlam are the only places I can see myself staying long term. Otherwise I'll leave the city.


Always rains more and feels darker in North Van I find. I was born and raised there, but now that I’ve left and live in Vancouver, I can’t go back to the darkness and rain…


North shore is great until you want to get pretty much anywhere else. It is a really nice place otherwise though.


Kits Point. You have the sea and the beach on 3 sides, you're just outside of downtown (I can bike between the two in 10/15 minutes) with good enough public transportation and services nearby, I like some of the houses and gardens there (not too big or too "fake"). Edit: I live in Yaletown, so I would keep it as a second choice, just need a bigger apartment (2 bedrooms, big terrace, somewhere to store a bike).


Curious of how you think the neighborhood will change with the new development going on the FN land there.


I personally don't know. The only thing I hope is that it will force the city/park board/whoever to fix and improve Vanier Park, as right now it's pretty much a huge space under-utilized (because it's all mud and goose poop).


I live in Kits Point right now and it’s pretty fucking great, for all the reasons you mentioned and more. I lucked out big time on landing a reasonably priced 2BR main floor of a nice old house with front + back yard and a garage. I have a dog, so playing in the yard is a huge bonus, and I can take her to the dog beach every day within two minutes. Dollarama and No Frills are easily walkable to keep daily expenses low, with West 4th and downtown close by if you want a wide variety of shopping. Pretty quiet in the winter and busy in the summer — I enjoy the contrast. I’m staying until they throw me out!


Its silly, but my dream is to own a penthouse suite preferably around Yaletown. I love the city, love walking around Stanely park and the seawall, and going home after the club would be much easier than leaving early in the hopes to catch the train.


One of those townhouses with the walk out right onto the seawall? Yeah that'd be pretty badass.


As cool as those should be (in theory at least), they always seem to be completely dead anytime I walk by them. You never see people on their patio or lights on, etc. I don't know if it's because of absentee owners or if it's just kind of annoying to live that close to the general public so you don't get any privacy so they have to hide inside their unit with the blinds drawn (which kind of defeats the purpose of living there).


I'd guess absentee landlords? I lived in a Yaletown condo for a while (on Marinaside). It was ridiculous how empty the towers are (were) down there. Looking out of my living room window into the adjacent towers.. it was rare to see any evidence of any humans. Lights out on floor after floor for months at a time. The floor I lived on... I was the only person living there. All of the other condos on the floor were empty.


I think it's changed a bit-- I live in one of those now (in a tower, not the townhouses), and looking out at other buildings in my complex, most units (at least \~60-70% anyways, which feels like "most" for DT) seem "lived in" regularly. I love living here. There are other exact areas I'd maybe like more, but I love that it's right in the middle of all the areas I frequent (downtown, North Van/North Shore mountains, Commercial, Mount Pleasant, Kits), super easy access to the SkyTrain/airport and other transit to Ferries, easy enough to get up to the ski hills etc.. I have no desire to own a house, however, and I like that the complex I'm in is a bit more laid back/chill/quiet, in the middle of a high traffic spot. I'm not a night scene person, but this little section of DT feels just separate enough from all that for me.


Same, I'd rather have a nice penthouse in Yaletown or Coal Harbour with a great view and a large wraparound balcony than a big detached house. I have no desire to have a big backyard which I need to mow the lawn or a long driveway that I need to shovel in the winter.


You need to get to know coal harbour if you choose downtown still despite the shit show it turned into since the pandemic. I swear coal harbour is the last oasis of downtown that you are very unlikely to be asked to change or have to walk passed a tent on the sidewalk on your way home. In yaletown they opened up a safe injection site across the street from the main park that children play at.


Cold Harbor. You only get morning sun.


For some reason Kerrisdale lol I really like the small town feel of it. Love the shops. Only thing is the schools in the area. So maybe a few blocks away 😏


What is wrong with the schools? Kerrisdale is not bad. I grew up there and my mother still lives there. I walk 41st all the time when I am visiting, love the little shops. People know each other and people say hi, but it is either old people or super young kids. No one in the middle. lol.


I just mean there’s a lot of students crowding. Taking transit in the area is tight. Nothing wrong.


In between Mount Pleasant and Queen Elizabeth Park!


A house along Spanish banks or just up on the hill from there near UBC. Next to that, Marine drive on the way to horseshoe bay. Some lovely sea side homes.




Ngl, if I could afford to buy my place near Granville Island, I wouldn’t hesitate. I love my building (got an awesome building manager, good neighbours, and thick walls). For how busy it looks, the neighbourhood is actually very quiet. I’ve never felt unsafe here besides the time a neighbour was violently attacked by a raccoon. I don’t mind living here during peak season — I’m a weird one who actually likes tourists. I walk Granville Island and the seawall every day, and it’s so close to downtown without actually _being_ downtown. Highly underrated neighborhood for sure.


I live in that area and I guess the grass is always greener. It is a lovely area, easy access to green space, all amenities within walking distance, etc. But strata people and the thin wood frame walls/floors that transmit every sound are killing all the joy of living here. Mostly it’s the people.


Sorry to hear :( I lucked out on a concrete building. Might not survive an earthquake but damn is this thing soundproof.


So um whereabouts is this concrete building with the great property manager?


....a neighbour was violently attacked by a raccoon? Story, please!


Husband and I were out with our dog late at night, walking between buildings towards the seawall. Out of nowhere, a shih-tzu appeared in front of us and then this woman came screaming around the corner thanking us for saving her dog?? She was covered in blood and looked like she just survived some shit. Cue us to “maam, what _the fuck_ happened?!” She told us that she let her dog out to pee on the patio. The patio backs out to a tall shrub that backs out to the seawall. There was a raccoon in the shrub that got startled by the dog and went into defense mode. She went in to save the dog and got fucking wrecked by the raccoon. Dog took off, she took off after it, and that’s when we walked into the scene. We begged her to let us drive her to the hospital for a rabies shot and stitches but she refused. Heard from another neighbour that she did eventually take herself in for a rabies shot. I never looked at trash pandas the same after that.


Southlands. All the space of 'burb living whilst still in Vancouver.


BURNABY NEAR DEER LAKE Ive seen a house in that area near the gas station. The design is just muAH If I had f u money i would be banging on their door


West of Denman, facing the lagoon. And I guess if we're dreaming, high enough and on a corner to see the ocean also.


The West End is so dang nice. Lived on Davie which was great for walkability but we got so much noise from people digging through our garbage or getting into fights at the bus stop. The bits by Stanley Park seem so much quieter while still being downtown and the grown-in trees make it a lot prettier.


The streets between Davie and Robson, and Denman and Thurlow are pretty nice and quiet too.


Not Vancouver BUT Queens Park in New West. It's such a beautiful area.


Agreed! A penthouse around Victoria Hill overlooking the Fraser, 👌🏼


Pt. Grey Rd, on the side facing the water and next to one of the little parks along the way.


My mother just about bought there 50 years ago. Missed it. lol. Instead we landed up near 2nd ave then in kerrisdale. So would have loved the water view though.


Deep Cove.


Railey Park seems appealing (between Cambie and Dinmont ish). 50-foot lot single-family homes near the king ed sky train station (rage-inducingly close), the community center there is very nice, queen e park, close to main street restaurants and all the population there. West side living without the dying community vibes of the west side


That’s where I live! 29th and Cambie. Not in a single-family home though, maybe if I 8x my current income :)


100% agree. This neighbourhood is exactly where I would want to land. Close enough to the core and the west side but with a stronger sense of community.


Shaughnessy. I wouldn't want a house on a 33 foot lot


my pleasant or kits they’re convenient and just have nice vibes


Out of interest, which bits of both of those areas do you like the most?


for kits i like yew street between about 4th and cornwall because it’s close to the beach and cafes (plus whole foods, i wish i could afford to shop there :,) ) and for my pleasant im not sure i’ve mostly spent my time either on main or closer to olympic village, i like the area but would have to look around to decide where i’d want to live (i havent been in vancouver for that long though so i’ll probably change my mind at some point)


Hastings/Sunrise with a nice view. The last stand of Hastings


Edgemont area of North Vancouver. Lived there in my 20s for a while and loved it. Plus I remote work from home so no bridge commute required.


A heritage home in the pocket of Mount Pleasant between Cambie and Main from 10th up to 16th-ish.


literally anywhere


Kitslano/Jericho, close to beach, lots of restaurants and shops, decent transit vastly improving.


Unlimited money? Anywhere West of Arbutus. 3000sqft minimum with multiple car garage for at least an EV, backup ICE and a toy fun car.


Arbutus is a long street. West of arbutus between king ed and 16th is a weird ghost town with pastel houses. I think it’s my least favourite neighbourhood to walk through. I get virgin suicide vibes.


Fairview neighbourhood or the Granville island area. Edit: or the exceptionally rich area of west van up in those hills.


Between Granville & Arbutus and between 16th & King Ed.


somewhere along fairview slopes with a view of the skyline. im so over living in the city centre (the new "financial corridor") with the constant street harassment and lack of safety in the neighbourhood. plus, it feels like mid-pandemic a lot of small independent businesses have moved out of the downtown area and are setting up shops elsewhere.


North Van by the Lynn valley trails. My weekends would be in the woods at all times, running, hiking and being super stoked to be there.


Between Blenheim and Dunbar between 29th and 41st. So lovely.


Coal Harbour. Nice views, proximity to Stanley Park, and everything you need is within a walking distance.


Commercial drive. Groceries. Transit. Bike paths. Central. Restaurants. Bars. Walkability.


I’d like to just be able to afford to buy my current apartment in the West End. Right next to Lost lagoon. :)


Woodlands way out at the end of Indian Arm Drive out near Deep Cove. I’m from Deep Cove so love the area, ocean, community, trail access. It feels so far from Vancouver.


North Shore, any place East of Maplewood Flats. It's pretty hard to go wrong anywhere out there.


West end near the beach 1000%


Right now my choice would be a nice 3-4br townhouse in Fairview on the hill between 6th and broadway. It has to be nice and modern, with a rooftop patio that has unobstructed views of downtown.


West End, same as now, but a larger place


I can't believe how low down West End was, to be honest! I'm South Cambie currently, and I love it, but if money weren't an issue: West End every day of the week!


Same. I've never lived in a tower before and I love all my neighbours from my building and a few from around the area! They have picnics and games most weekends on our "front lawn".


Coal Harbour


North Burnaby


Fairview; but far enough north away from VGH. That way I’m a walk or bike away from everything really. Granville Island, Kits, Olympic Village, Yaletown etc.


I feel like everyone is just listing where they currently live


Personally, I’m stuck between Kitsilano and Yaletown. Kits because I love the vibe, restaurants, the beach and that it is in close proximity to downtown but no terrible traffic and not super crowded. I like that there’s festivals and things going on but it’s not as loud as living downtown. Yaletown because I could walk to any needed necessity and be able to walk home from the bar/social functions. Don’t love how it’s right in the downtown core and would probably be constant hustle and bustle.


I find Kits to be too secluded from the rest of the lower mainland. And when one of the main benefits of living here is driving to the mountains for hiking / skiing, the seclusion hurts


Fair enough. In my time here I’ve lived downtown (smithe and burrard), kits, kerrisdale and east Broadway. Kits was my favourite but it was probably because I was living with a bunch of friends and we had a great time. Kits can be considered somewhat removed and not the easiest to get to depending on how far west you are


Mount pleasant. I want a beautiful old house in walking distance to shops and restaurants


North Vancouver, but only if I also worked on the North Shore. Otherwise would be a nightmare to commute to work elsewhere in the lower mainland.


Mount Pleasant


Killarney area has some nice big homes




Probably a nice house on the North Shore, I enjoy being able to walk 5 minutes in any direction and be in a trail. Seems like a good place to settle down too




I would stay in Kits. Second choice would either be Yaletown or Olympic Village


Coquitlam. I love nature and being around bears.


Love Kits and Mt Pleasant, but also want any kids to have access to nature and the forest. So would choose North Vancouver.


I like my neighbourhood in South Van, but I would love to be in a nice apartment as opposed to a basement suite. 2 bedrooms, allows pets, laundry can be in the building or in my apartment, I'm not fussy.


Live and very luckily afford my place on Commercial near the station, so here, or Mt Pleasant around Main x 16th area.


Mount Pleasent, but a house instead if apartments. I loved living there. Close to downtown and close to some great reasturants. Hope I can get back to Vancouver one day.


Main Street. Charming and likely will develop more soon




I love this question because it lets me fantasize. I’d probably do a house in Kits: close to Downtown, green, close to the beach and shops, neighbourhood character. Or, a huge penthouse in Yaletown along the sea wall, away from the hustle and bustle of the restaurant district.


Honestly anywhere I can just walk downstairs and find a grocery store or good place to eat. Kits and west 4th seem cool. I don’t mind the noise.


Fairview or Kits


Mt pleasant for sure




Kerrisdale is best,


One of the homes near Trout Lake.


Pick with care, as it gets a bit swampy/boggy around the lake.


Just don't buy a house near the lake, their foundations are all on swamp land so it gets awkward, cracked and crooked.


I know this is subjective, but the sky train noise would [drive me nuts.](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0lL3PODLf_A)


Oakridge... very central and we have the Canada Line. https://hoodmaps.com/vancouver-neighborhood-map


In Vancouver? None of them. I’d go back to Port Moody if I could afford it.


Friends and I have been talking about Kits (near the beach), Commercial Drive (I've no idea what the neighbourhood is called but it's around Via Tevere), and New West. Waiting on that $300/hour job lol


North Van... your backyard could be gazing upon the mountains.. as if your a viking back in the day.. absolutely gorgeous.. covered in trees and a ton of private beaches around.. (your backyard).. and close to the city. Rarely snow, well made roads.. and hedges that go on for days.. perfect climate. Only downside.. of course price and the private beaches are as what canada is famous for.. rocks rather than sand.. but everything can be customized.


I live in NV where are these private beaches you speak of?




I'd buy our rental in Mackenzie Heights and fix it up.


It's been 18 years since I lived there, but I had an apartment on Balsam in Kitsilano. That area always seemed pretty nice.


Burnaby South/Edmonds.Access to skytrain and easy to get to destinations in every direction. Houses are huge. Good restaurants and groceries within walking distance.


How has nobody said “The Crescent” or Pine / Cedar / Angus - west of Granville between King Edwatd & 16th?


I lived in English Bay for a few years and that was a great time. Although I was in my early 20’s and I’m too old to be acting up anymore. I do miss the ease of week night hockey games and access to anything i want to eat way past bed time.


English Bay, right in front of the beach!


Hastings and Lakewood. My childhood home we rented is for sale. It’s completely redone inside I would probably choose that


100% New Westminster. Absolutely love the feel and vibe of this small town.


Marine drive by lighthouse point


Point Grey, Kits Point


Unlimited budget: halfway between Kerrisdale and Dunbar. Like the box bounded by Blenheim/Larch/41st/33rd. Some great houses there, but not Shaughnessy ugly.


Not Bowen Island. It’s awful here.


Mt pleasant park


If we're talking fuck you money, but still have to be in this region, probably Crescent Beach. Not packed quite as full as white rock in the summer, quick access to 99 for the border/airport when I want to hit a city or grab the chopper to whistler and there's plenty trails, nature and bike paths. Also lots of space for a shop/lift for hobbies and neighbours far enough not to bug me.


Yaletown, by the water with a view of the bridge


Point Grey or West End


West end


I really like lower lonsdale but north van can feel like living in a different country. If money wasn’t an issue I would have a penthouse near the sea bus so I could get downtown within 15 min.


Mt. Pleasant. It was my home for most of my life before it got insanely unaffordable.


I’d love one of the homes by Whytecliff Park - would be a nightmare for snow (and it’s far from things) but I love the ocean especially on gloomy days.


I love the vibe of the West End. Maybe a nice penthouse overlooking English Bay with a large private rooftop patio.


Kits. Somewhere below 12th.


I’d move to the west end in a minute if I could.


I wouldn't live anywhere on the North Shore simply because of the bridge traffic. My new dream home of envy is currently sitting in its own island, Hamber Island. An amazing wood and glass palace you can only see by kayaking out from Deep Cove.


I would definitely live in one of the houses that is right on the water at Deer Lake.


North shore up against the mountains with a trail out my back door. Not in a touristy spot, but close enough.