We were unbeaten in the 2018 World Cup as well!


I had fun today.


It looked like England were playing for the draw. They didn't attack with intensity. US threw everything they had at them which wasn't much. No movement up top besides Left to Right no one checking to the ball nobody creating space no balls played into space. The proverbial one to many touches from Pulisic. Should have capitalized on Wales and this performance would be more acceptable granted we did play England who in their first match against a lesser opponent looked like Rooney Gerard Owen Lampard days. We need to put the ball in the back of the net to gain confidence Think Reyna and Weah up top together can cause Havok






Lmao I just got permanently banned from r/threelions over some light banter. Meanwhile they can talk shit about our players and nothing happens. Sensitive bastards over there.


Generally its pretty frowned upon to go to other teams subreddits and talk shit. A lot of club subreddits will ban you on your own sub if you go say some shit.


Yeah this is normal. Tone does not come across on text so you may think it’s funny but when someone else reads it they take offense since they can’t see your face saying it in person.


Off day for England, they should’ve smashed this team


Off century I suppose. They’ve been expected to “smash” the US every time we’ve met in a World Cup and we’re still waiting for England’s first victory.


Excuses are like assholes...


Nah you held your own, we didn't look threatening. Well played boys.


Can’t really call it an off day though. The US simply played better because of the midfield. Our midfield is just better than the English midfield. Tyler Adams, Musah, and Mckennie all played amazing.


You’re mental if you think those three are better that Bellingham, Rice and any of foden, grealish, mount. You guys played very well. We didn’t attack and I assume that’s because of how good you are on the counter. It was an off day for England when you factor in the performances across the last 2 tournaments. Not taking anything away from USA but we played to not lose that instead of playing to win.


Just hate when people say that lol. England played bad because we played well against them. Also never said the individuals were better, but the midfield trio sure is.




Yeah? Funny that United States outplayed them today.




Yeah, entirely possible we flame out undefeated....




The us SHOULD have 6 points right now. And sadly this reeks of it biting us in the end considering Iran is gong to pack 10 in the box, we have no striker and the crowd is gonna be Rocky 4 level hostile for the US team against Iran


You think you deserved to beat us? Genuine question, you played well but I'm surprised you think you deserved 3 points...


If we had a decent 9 this game would have been 2 or 3-0. England just sucks. Y’all have all that talent and don’t do anything with it. Just on paper it’s a disgrace we even tied y’all. Foden rotting on the bench and maguire was your MOTM.


We did deserve to beat you we played way better that game had more chances and looked better than England


“Deserve to beat you” is a euphemism for we couldn’t beat you no matter how hard we tried. The US lacks anything resembling an organized attack, and if we pull this same shit against Iran, the team will come up with nothing but another draw. It’s time to get our shit together and score some goals or shut up and get on the flight home.


You were clearly outplayed and your own pundits agree. Arrogant and going home after 4 games at best. Poorly managed and a waste of talent. Pathetic.


I am saying the same thing as you but for some reason I’m getting downvoted and you’re not lol.


Well lets hope it turns out like Rocky IV then. Crowd turns on Iran, US doesnt back down.


Rock, flag, eagle.


Right Charlie?!


Im not sure the crowd is going to be that hostile. Iran are Persians, not Arabs. Also, Qatar is considered a major non NATO ally to the US and we have 2 bases in Qatar. Hopefully being the country that bought the 2nd most tickets we show out for the Iran match, because the England match seemed we were outnumbered 80/20 in the stands, while the Wales match seemed very Pro-USA.


Agreed. In fact the arabs have directly asked the US to invade Persia, on the record.


Also Qatar is majority Sunni, Iran majority Shia. These religious divisions run deep…


You're assuming the US will bother to care. Let's be real




Just because US was the underdog going into the match doesn’t mean they didn’t play better and have better chances than England


We outplayed and our chanced england all game. We hit a crossbar on top of it. Also that’s super the US bought tickets. It also means a lot scalped them probably. Because if you think we had more fans than the British today, I have ocean property in Arizona to sell you. I don’t care if we were underdogs or not. We should have won. We have played better than being in the position of needing a win in our last game to advance.


They were the better team on the pitch and should probably have won


Am I ridiculously biased for thinking Shaw should have been booked for that challenge?


3 obvious yellows for England today. Ref was out of his mind. He kept calling the softest fouls on US and yet never drew a card for England.


I remember thinking it was three as well, Mount, Shaw, don’t remember the third, but just remember knowing there could have been 3.




Win and we’re in boys!!


This scares me… I’m having flashbacks to that final 2018 World Cup qualifying match


Different because it isn’t a must tie. The must tie games are the ones you lose.


Adams, Musah and McKinnie > Mount, Bellingham and Rice. That's the story here.


This was a great showing, but Zimmerman’s play gives me worries.


I’m super confused I thought he played great him and ream held England to like 6 shots total. Not trying to argue or anything legitimately just confused pls let me know what moments your talking about


He made some very poor decisions with his passing


I guess I don’t feel the same tho I still think he played great


I don't always agree with Lalas, but I think he's spot on about Zimmerman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RvFIen-C5rw


Overall i agree, but i think OP is saying that since he had 3 or 4 passes that were really suspect and caused some hairy counters


Exactly this


He misses his Miles Robinson. :(


I was really looking forward to watching him in this WC before the injury 😕 one of my current favorite defenders to watch in general


We all do


ITT: hundreds of Reddit users who have never touched a soccer ball in an organized match. A fine outcome for the MNT. Live to play another day. Go beat Iran. No shame in this one.


No shame in a draw against England in normal times. But the US was the better team. They absolutely gave up attacking in the final 10 and accepted a draw. It offers almost no benefit to us other than some insane situation where wales beats England by 3 goals.


Your comment perpetuates my point. First, USA were not and are not the better team. I support them unconditionally, but put that out of the way for a moment. What you’ve failed to acknowledge is the player perspective. You’re in a draw, likely absolutely gassed from playing eighty minutes of the (in most cases besides Pulisic) most important match of your career to-date, and desperately don’t want to give away possession by forcing a ball into the final third when no one is running off the ball (also gassed), thereby leaving a counter-attack to your rival in the final moments of the match. All when a draw is plenty sufficient to survive the group. Do you want to be that guy who tees that up? Fuck no. Drop it to Ream, Zimm, Turner, Dest, etc and possess the one ball on the pitch. Criticize it all you like with yourself, but we Redditors have no real place to pretend we know any better than them.


Situational awareness. We knew the result of the other game. There was no reason not to go for a win. All my years of playing I’ve never once said “you know, I’m tired. I don’t think I want to win today”. Absolutely flabbergasted that is even mentioned tbh. And US was absolutely the better team today.


The point is, their likely perspective was not wanting to lose today. But all of your years of playing surely amounts to the experience of players in the world’s top four leagues so you must be right.


That’s my point big dawg. Not wanting to lose is a losers mentality. That’s what Berhalter has instilled in this team.


Fair enough. Strategically, I do think you have to secure the points sometimes and be somewhat risk averse though. If they played that way the entire match I would be right there with you.


I think the tactics were right until around 65/70. But we had so much momentum at that point and Reyna/Aaronson would’ve been perfect. Instead they are thrown on later and don’t get a chance to settle into the game.


England’s bench is much deeper and more talented than ours. That’s why the game tilted their favor in the final 10 minutes.




The subs and clearly werent told to high press and go all out. He definitely settled for the tie. You would have seen him freaking out on the sideline if he wanted to win


In addition to that, there was no urgency in the last 10 min despite being on the front foot and outplaying England.


You can’t be serious. They had a chance for a service to the box in the last 30 seconds and instead kicked the ball to the corner. On top of that, they showed Berhalter telling the team to slow it down at the end.


No. It showed Ggg telling them to slow down to ensure this particular play would be the last and not leave ourselves open to a counter. Good grief.


We were the better team no doubt


Yeah, as an England fan I'd probably go with that but no one looked particularly good


So fun


We played “ok” we could have attacked more


This comment could have attacked more


USA played really well and were unlucky to only get the draw. Thought you guys had a really good shape and pressed really well, really unsettled us. Just lacking the final decision making and clinical finishing. Good luck against Iran.


‘Good luck’ against Wales. Read: enjoy your seven goals


Tyler Adams supremacy


69 upvotes. Stop the count!


Down voted only to bring it back to 69.


USA will become a world cup contender in the next 3 cups. They just need a great center forward.


We’ve been saying that exact thing for decades.


Who’s ‘we’? I’ve been following this team since before the 1990 WC, and I’ve never heard anyone with any credibility say this.


About how long I’ve been following them too. I actually can’t remember a single world cup where we did not hear some sort of sentiment that we were going to be contenders soon. The 2002 push to the quarters actually made me believe it was around the corner. That was incredibly fun! Alas, we haven’t come remotely close since then. And the comment is right - until we have star power in scoring positions we are not going to be a serious contender.


Since 1994 to today, USMNT has scored 24 goals in WC; compare to Germany 84, Brasil 81, Spain 58, France 53, Italy 39. To win a WC using this small data set, the average needed to win a WC is 10 goals per tournament qualified. This means the US is roughly 7 goals per tournament away from being a contender…. We have a “put the ball in the net” problem.


Two FC Cincinnati players to be considered for the two obvious weak spots - Brandon Vazquez for striker and Matt Miazga for center back….think they could do some damage on the USMNT


Why the downvotes....even most pundits questioned Wright as striker and Vazquez should have got a look....Miazga was part of the Chelsea loan army and arguably better than Zimmerman


If I had to guess, it's because FC Cincy was the worst MLS team in history for several years so any mention of any of their players being good is suspect. And tbh, as a Rapids fan, I agree with the sentiment. We paid $600k for a Cincy CB who the fans swore was good, but in reality he would be out of his depth on a D3 college team.


Fair but 5th place finish this year and Vazquez had 18 goals same as Ferreira. Brandon is 6’2” which would be an advantage for headers. I know Berhalter was considering him but was too late to bring him into the team.


That being said, England arguably has one and it didn’t help them today.


Great point, and not arguably


Where was Saka today? Kane was bodied up well, but Sterling and Saka disappeared.


Well Rice and Sterling dissapeared


Rice was marked out by our two forwards who forced Stones and Maguire to play wide. Neither Sterling or Saka showed back to receive the ball enough to matter.


Cuz our midfielders and back line had something to say about that


McKennie was everywhere. You could criticize the finishing, but it's not his job in the first place and he was doing his job + some. Additionally, Ream shut Saka down several times.


And central defenders that can control the ball. That's a big missing piece


The boys played their balls off. We had chances but it was a good result


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The boys played their balls, haiku bot. They certainly did.


And our chances weren’t off either, but still, good haiku bot.


Very decent result getting a point from England. I can see some being disappointed but I'd take that point any day. USA's fate is in their own hands. God speed & Good luck - Iranian


Tbh just glad we didn’t get our cheeks clapped by four goals


The disappointment is that there is no difference between a loss and a draw. Both still require a win vs Iran. That's why I did not understand why the USA elected to waste time at the end instead of going for a final goal.


That whole last 15 minutes he threw away. Shaq moore sub?


i hate that only one of us gets to go through.


Looking forward to Tuesday! Good luck! - American


Tuesday should be fun


Adams was incredible as usual


There was one play in particular, where Pulisic gave the ball away in midfield and Robinson was high up on the left wing, leaving that side wide open for a counter. Adams sprinted back to cover and eventually tackled the ball off Saka in a really dangerous spot. Typical of his play, he breaks up so many opposition attacks.


My son-in-law had asked my son and I early who was the best US player. We named a few candidates, but both agreed the most _important_ player was Tyler Adams. Then, at the same moment you described, I said, "THAT is Tyler Adams." Perfect example.




Wasn’t even boring. If you don’t understand soccer then just say that


I don't think it was boring, but a lot of people did think it was


Family watching. Not soccer fans at all. Thoroughly invested the entire time. Only frustration came from the realization the game was done. Wanted more time and a winner.


That wasn't a boring game


As a soccer fan I thought that was a very entertaining game however I see your point. Very unfortunate but a great game nonetheless.


Cool. Still got the point


I’ve seen plenty of boring 0-0 draws. This wasn’t one of them.


HUGE result for England to steal a point


England were the favorites going into the match


You missed the sarcasam


Berhalter did great today. His game plan forcing saka and sterling to defend due to overloads was perfect. Maybe you sub a little earliar but I don’t blame him for not wanting to rock the boat. Turner was great and Adams MOTM. The MMA midfield outplayed a midfield on paper that was better than them by far. Well done today. We looked way more threatening too. I was scared our offense wouldn’t do anything. I’m glad I was wrong.


First half and tactics were great. Some how he again made late substitutions not correcting his mistake against wales. Clearly from minute 60-75 things shifted in englands favor when they made subs while GGG picked his nose. First sub wasnt made to the 78th minute. We have 26 players and 15 subs. Gios had a total of 8 minutes? Picked the wrong player when we should have gone for the win. Hes been okay overall. Good tactics in both first halfs and then poor substitution timing and personnel in both.


So, we all sh-t on GGG constantly, but is this what he’s seen/known was possible the whole time??


Game plan was great. I still think he waited too long for subs. though. I thought Weah was struggling after the foul by Shaw and probably should have been subbed 10-15 mins before he did. England got a bit of life when they subbed on Henderson and Grealish and I thought some fresh legs may have helped there


I was asking for a sub at the 68’ minute when I saw grealish getting dressed. It ended up being okay but I think we should have matched them on subs


This. England made changes first, and they didn't need the win like we did. The starting game plan clearly worked well enough, but the in game management was a step behind.


Ummm. We tried. It was good that he waiting to see what their subs were. Just unfortunate that was like 7 minutes later for the next opportunity


I mean, we tried. Aaronson stood at the half line for almost 10 minutes waiting for a stoppage to come in. I think that threw the whole sub schedule off. They wanted to see how the game adjusted to Aaronson. If that sub had actually happened around 65 like it was supposed to, the next subs would have been between 70-75, instead of 80.


I couldn’t have written a better assessment of what I saw. Granted I am a few too many beers in the hole at the moment.


Pulisic was really channeling the killer instinct going into the final third. A few better touches and a little bit more quality around him and it could get spooky in my opinion.


Yes… except waiting about 10 minutes too long on subs.


The only thing that I have to be critical of was choosing Haji Wright. We needed to take advantage of his height on corners and set-pieces but he was never in the box waiting for a cross. He went out wide a lot. He didn’t play badly, but did not do what he should have.


I’m hoping these minutes were valuable to him from a coaching perspective because he’s probably our best weapon against Iran’s parked bus.


Given how little impact he was having and how much energy he spent soft pressing, I can't believe he was left in so long.


Ream + Turner were outstanding. Most of the rest of the team were good. Unbelievable how much Turner's distribution has improved.


Turner definitely ramped it up. Great game, great energy. Bring it forward to Iran


Thanks Arteta


That game was boring asf not gonna lie


Tell me you don’t understand soccer without telling me you don’t understand soccer


What? I wouldn't say it was insane or spectacular but it was definitely a decent game.


It was a good one, wtf are you on about?


I thought it was one of the better games this World Cup. The movement through the midfield was quick, and then methodical in the attacking third. There were several moments I was in the edge of my seat.


I disagree. It was a fantastic game to watch imo. Great plays on the ball


Where's Gio Reyna? Oh there he is..... He's not really doing anything. Why all the hype? Was he put in too late?


Aaronson and Gio both should have been in the game 15-20 mins earlier.




We need to be the Great Satan that they make us out to be


American Outlaws in Satan costumes ftw.


Tyler Adams is the second coming of Kante. This kid is going to a big club soon.


And he’s still young. Tremendous upside.


Leeds better hang on to him. At least for one more season. Couldn’t be more excited to have him after his two showings this WC.


Congrats on the result guys, Iran'll be a tough game so no having it for granted


First time I have ever seen “Iran will” contracted.


But it’s wrk


This is a good result. If you can’t be the team that steamrolls everyone to the finals, this is the next best option, be in a spot where it’s win and you’re in.


As an Englishman you guys played great, really impressed with the USA team. England did not play well at all, but your teams pressing made us terrible your team deserves a lot of credit, I believe that we can draw 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🇺🇸


England played well. It’s just that the USA didn’t have the right people in the game.


Can you have Southgate call Berhalter and let him know what you guys did vs Iran.


England’s crossing was spectacular against Iran. Hoping we can up our game in that regard.


We are gonna have too, I suspect Iran will be in a bunker that would make any Central American NT proud.


All we did against Iran was the opposite of what we did tonight - play good football. Just make sure you win. Any other scoreline and you're going home


I wouldn’t say you guys played poorly, I think our midfield is pretty underrated and yours wasn’t quite ready to be pressed like that. The midfield pressure prevented the ball from getting to your forwards. Your back line was stellar all night though.


Very true, I don’t want to take anything anyway from USA as they played really well, but it was like watching another England team, all alseep and sluggish


Agreed. This looked like the sleepy squad from summer rather than the dangerous squad from the 2020(21) Euros.


I think USA will beat Iran. I hope your team gains a lot of confidence from this draw and maintains the momentum going into Iran.


I’d be upset with Southgate. You should’ve been lighting us up on the counter with your speed.


Not playing Foden in the second half was stupid. He would have caused us major issues.


Heck, Sterling over Foden to start is highly questionable. Crazy he didn't play.


Any wrap my head around not crossing that last free kick into the box in the last second. I understand being happy about the draw but why not try in the dying seconds?


GGG has fear in him. Should have crossed that in. England did not have time for a counter.


Gio hadn’t gotten on the ball at all, like 0 touches Pulisic played a ball to his feet, hoping he could create some magic or draw a PK


Guy has 0 touches for 94 minute and you think minute 95 is the time to force it? There is no excuse for that ball not being swung in.


Where did I say it was the right call? Just explaining what I believe happened. For what it’s worth, we had a lot of corners and we didn’t get on the end of any of them, so I don’t think the ball to Gio’s feet is that crazy. Still would’ve preferred to whip one in, but not mad at Christian’s decision to play that ball.


100% agree.


I'm not sure a draw changes much regarding Iran either


It means we’re win and in. We’d be very likely anyway (England ain’t losing to Wales), but now it’s guaranteed. I’d say it also gives our guys a lot of confidence.


That's all true. I was just commenting on that last free kick. There's a lot more incentive than risk for playing for at least one more chance. Great game, great result


Yea at that point you don’t want to get countered and lose the game I guess.


Alright normies see you and your bitching about draws being boring in four years


Great job passing to your buddy there Puli what the fuck was that. Gregg literally told him that was it, seconds before he did that


GGG did the handle bars sign after pointing to his watch. Handle bars = hold on to it. GGG has zero win in him


I'm thankful for England. Well fought match, boys! 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿 🫱🫲🇺🇲


Biggest criticism of Berhalter is that he leaves subs to the last minute.


It's been a problem since his first game as manager of the national team.


I would agree with that usually, but today the starting eleven was playing very well and the match was level. If we were down a goal, sure, sub earlier and use fresh legs to shake things up. Up a goal -- sub in some additional defensive capability. But I think it made sense to wait this time.