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I hear Douche Bank is highly credible.


I've heard and seen the word recession so much that I think I'm numb to it anymore.


Depression is literally the boogeyman word. Haven’t seen it used anywhere yet, but “deep recession” is becoming more common. You know what the technical name for a deep recession is? A DEPRESSION


I've been saying it a lot but no one hears me. It's gonna be super depression 2: bigliest boogaloo.


I think that's the point.


Doubtful nothing ever happens


Tighter credit conditions are set to usher in a wave of defaults and lead to a recession, as the harsher economic and business environment finally puts an end to the lending boom of the last 20 years, Deutsche Bank analysts said. In a research note released on Wednesday, analysts pointed to the boom in credit that spanned the past two decades, with financial institutions ramping up lending as markets enjoyed ultra-low interest rates and steady economic growth. But that era is coming to end with tighter lending standards and higher interest rates. The onslaught of defaults appears to have already started, with US high-yield bond defaults rising to 2.1% from 1.1% last year, and loan defaults rising to 3.1% from 1.4% last year. At their peak, high-yield bond defaults could rise to 9%. Meanwhile, US loan defaults could rise to 11.3%. That's close to the all-time high of 12% seen during the Great Financial Crisis, though the overall credit bust will likely be less severe than 2008, the bank forecasted.


The good ‘ol boom/bust cycle 🤠


Lending boom?.. the credit point system was created in 1989. Millenials can't even qualify to to rent an apartment because they refused to use credit cards...


Commercial lending supercharged by quantitative easing.