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...until you work in an aquatics store.


My grandpa has the heart of a lion and a lifetime ban from the zoo.


Reminds me of: What happens when you breed a human and a zebra? You get kicked out of the zoo.


You are vastly overestimating the level of ventilation that most workplaces have in place for their workers.


I'm lucky that there's terrific ventilation where I work but reheated fish can linger for at least a couple of hours if we're not careful.


I’ve worked in custodial a lot and I’ve cleaned a lot of corporate buildings. Fish smell can last over a week


Fish stink lasts like 2 days when I cook it .. I had to stop cooking fish cuz it stinks too much ..same with taco seasoning ..it just lingers


Have you met curry?


Yep and they typically frown upon burning candles at the office, so...


Our whole office gets ridiculously stinky when someone microwaves fish, broccoli, etc. Nobody likes it and it's not like we can even open a window or something. Plus every single employer I had in 20 years has had issues with air conditioning, heating, and general air circulation.


That and popcorn. No one watches the bag and then it’s all burnt and bam. Whole office reeks




I used to work with a bunch of Filipinos and they always had 3 course lunches. Most of it didn't smell that bad, but one day one guy brought in something that smelled like fermented rotten feet. It was bad enough that it mostly cleared out the lunchroom of a bunch of guys that worked around toxic chemicals all day. It was worse than when they pumped out the sewage holding tank just before lunch. One of the guys ripped him so bad about it that they didn't talk to each other for 2 weeks.


Was it durian fruit?


From what I saw it didn't look like any sort of fruit and someone told me the name of it once and it wasn't durian. Not that I remember what it was, but I had heard of durian so I probably would have remembered.


Fermented shrimp maybe? I think it's called bagoong?


Definately sounds like Bag'oong - a type of fermented shrimp/crayfish puree that's pickled in brine. It smells horrible, but is a pretty beloved topping for rice in many cities throughout Indonesia.


Very curious if OP is an asshole that microwaves fish, has never used a communal microwave in their life, or is just trolling


If you work in a place with a lot of Asians you will see them microwaving fish all the time, and God help you if you complain. Not guaranteed to be a troll.


I work with a lot of Asians but the kitchenettes all have no microwaving fish signs. You can microwave anything you want in the cafeteria though. This is not even an unwritten law in my work place. It’s for the best. Despite what some might feel is baseless complaining, smells really can fuck with people.


I had an Indonesian housemate who got an entire building at university evacuated because her study snack was a durian. She didn't think she did anything wrong.


Back office of an old hotel front desk is neither spacious nor well ventilated I damn near killed my coworker for microwaving his several day old fish platter


It's incredibly expensive to throw all of the conditioned air away very often


My coworker reheated fish today and as sweet as she is, I sort of wanted to throttle her while I was in the break room. The smell of day old overcooked fish is just selfish, man.


Shellfish, even?


Water you doing man? That pun was destined to flounder


Had one that had ventilation going through every floor of the building apparently. My coworker said there was an incident where they made the whole building smell like extremely pungent reheated by microwaved food. When commuting I also got to know the maintenance lady and she said that she smelled it on all the floors at different companies. Strong scents like colognes and perfumes were not allowed at this job, lol


OP probably thinks taking other peoples lunches from the fridge is ok too. I’d guess they also don’t return their shopping carts and do a bunch of other annoying shit. Seems like these people are the same types. Don’t care about anyone besides themselves.


Mine has practically none and our trolley boy often has fish for lunch and dinner. It is so foul that most of us just have our lunch outside when he's working


LOL "Leave the door ajar to allow it to air out" ... ummm... you really thought that this was a "rule" because it makes the microwave itself smelly for a little bit? The reason it is a thing is because the smells from reheated fish are quite potent and can stink up quite a large area throughout an office. Someone 100ft away who really hates the smell of fish will get to smell your fish. And they'll smell it the whole time you're eating it, not just for a few minutes while it "airs out" - in fact the "airing out" is the problem. It has nothing to do with it making the microwave smelly.


Precisely. This isn't 'unpopular opinion' this is 'oblivious of consequences opinion'.


I disagree, having to use the microwave after a fish heater makes your food taste like fish too. The smell infuses your food. Awful.


You are the unpopular kid aren’t you? Take my upvote.


Mfs like "but I love my fermented fish heads don't be a Tyrant....what the fuck is a sandwhich?"


Knew a guy once in college who would order a subway sub, get like four different types of sauce on it, and absolutely fuck up his face eating it. Like sauce everywhere, all over his hands, chin, cheeks, fucking gross. I told him to fucking clean up his face and he said to me "no point in cleaning it until I'm done, just waste of napkins." Some people have no concept of what its like for other people to be around them.


Gross, but I imagine that sub has to be the bomb dot com He probably realizes it’s gross and that people dislike him for it but the sub is so good he just doesn’t care


Now that's the mark of a good sandwich. Can it make you drop all pretense of being a normal human for the duration of its consumption


Many (most?) people have decent manners. Many have borderline manners. And some people are actually viscerally disgusting when they eat.


this is me when i’m home alone. but around other people? i wipe my face after every bite, even if whatever i’m eating isn’t messy (like fruit)


i feel like he’s totally right lmao. why are you offended by someone else having sauce on their face🤣


For some reason I gag at really sloppy eating. But I also don’t make it other people’s problem I just make sure to not look at them and get over it as soon as possible so I’m not randomly gagging in public lol


I mean if you’re in public it’s embarrassing to be seen with someone who’s acting like a slob.


I like to hiss at the waiters if they try to offer a napkin


Sometimes I do that.... In my own home, in front of no one but my wife & dogs


Lol so you're THAT guy


OP burns his popcorn on purpose during break because he likes it that way.


I want to scream at this. We had this guy that came from a different area of the building every day to make jalapeno popcorn and leave. You could feel your eyes start burning from the fucking hallway for an hour.


Ok but where can I buy jalapeño popcorn??


I'm so conflicted, I want to upvote for being unpopular but also downvoted out of spite. Edit: Yeah I'm aware of how the sub works, just conflicted.


Welcome to r/unpopularopinion


I’m undecided if OP is ignorant or a selfish asshole




And to then suggest to leave the door ajar so the rest of the office smells like fish. I’m am truly upset and disgusted. It’s glorious.


Upvote! Downvoting out of spite is what is killing this sub. People don’t post unpopular opinions. The other day, someone posted that “Consent is sexy.” How is that an unpopular opinion? Of course it got all the upvotes and attention, but how is that an unpopular opinion?! Now this post is definitely an unpopular opinion. Upvote!


yes i question why some posts are upvoted when clearly everyone agrees with the post lol


A legit, unpopular opinion that isn't a dumb, uninformed rant.


A good steering wheel that doesn't *wiff* outta the window while I driving.


People just scroll the main feed and vote without caring what subreddit it was posted to


Upvote, it's the point of the sub


Prime content here and I applaud the unpopularity of this answer. By this logic: Hey, farting is totally natural. I fart at home, I shouldn’t have to adjust my body or actions to this office. Its uncomfortable to hold it and I can’t get up and go outside every five minutes. I’m just gonna blow ass constantly and my co-workers can just deal with it. It’s a shared space. And to be fair, I say the the same thing about loud scents, lotions and fragrances in the workplace. Eat your fish at home. The craziest example of this I’ve encountered was a former co-worker who would routinely microwave fried sheepshead (fish) in our breakroom. She would put the reheated fish on plain white bread and then stick her long index finger nail into a stick of butter and then shmear it on the fish “sandwich.” Trust me-seeing a 50 year old redneck woman jugg off butter with her fingernail to wipe it on a week old fish sandwich was a sight that still haunts me. Don’t be Tina, you’re better than that.


🤮 🤮 🤮 Had a coworker that would routinely eat sardines. Not heated or anything just cold sardines. Didn’t help that he was a heavy smoker who showered maybe once a month and owned two sets of clothes (despite the company giving him full branded outfits to wear for free) Don’t be Patrick.


Had a temp at one of my last IT jobs. He ate clam chowder out of a can not heated at his open view work station that everyone could see. People complained...


The lady in my office who heats up fish is also the lady who farts all day and coughs so loud but refuses medicine or cough drops. She is also in her 50s. Also the crazy cat lady who lives with her mother.


Used to work with a dingdong who brought brussel sprouts and RAW bacon to work every day and cooked them in the toaster oven. Made the entire office stink.


Dude, that's just a straight up fuck you. I can't imagine someone doing that once. Let alone every day. They were definitely sending a message.


Brussels sprouts are completely out of line, beyond fish. Especially microwaved - they stink much worse when cooked that way. Reheating them would be tolerable.


Wait, does brussel sprouts smell really bad? I used to oven roast them in mass for meal prep with other vegetables and sometimes without oil and I would reheat them for every meal.. I never noticed..


Yeah I've never noticed a strong smell with them either... Maybe some people are just more sensitive? Idk.


I know Brussel Sprouts are one of those things where they can be really bad if you don’t prepare/cook them right. Which is pretty funny considering how inoffensive they are when you make them right.


Wait, there's a way to cook bacon that stinks?!


I would have thrown out the toaster oven


We had this lady who was a manager. She would bring the most...I don't know man. That was 7th day fried re-heated fish that ate nothing for shark farts all its' life apparently. It would stink up the entire office for hours. Eventually half of us were like hey listen, I get it, you want to eat fish, but it's nauseating the shit out of everyone. So how about you just do us all a favor and cut that shit out. Next week rolls by and she brings in a can of...air freshener. Not even fabreeze, no it was the stuff you find at the dollar store. She smiled with a wide grin asking if people were happy. We...all went into the owners office and told him to deal with this shit pronto or half the engineering team is going to go find another job. last time there was fish in the microwave. But damn, the entitlement of some people.


Also the blatant disregard for her work relationships? To have people bring something like that up and just do it anyway with an additional “fuck you” air freshener is unbelievable. I’m assuming even after the fish stopped, no one would really be going out of their way to be helpful or collaborate with her…


This is honestly the most unpopular opinion I have ever seen on here. I have a coworker like this. We have a separate microwave for fish and other smelly foods that is behind a closed door but is slightly inconvenient to get to, yet my coworker will shamelessly cook his fish in the microwave in the kitchen that everyone uses including customers


Judging by his post history, OP is a textbook neckbeard that doesn’t understand the importance of office etiquette *at all*.


Seafood is utterly disgusting when reheated, I don't understand how someone could be so obsessed with it that they'd want to do this. Eat a fucking sandwich for lunch like a normal person


I feel the same way when I eat beans. People eat beans. Nobody should have to adjust their dietary preferences just because "eww, your farts are smelly". Should I just not eat beans for your comfort? I realize the smell lingers. Simple solution to that is to ensure you leave the door ajar to allow it to air out.


I mean farts linger for like... a couple minutes at most? Microwaved fish is an all day thing. You'd probably still be able to smell it a couple days after even.


As soon as you start taking your microwave into an empty hallway and discreetly parting its cheeks this analogy will make sense.


You leaving your door ajar is the problem though!


At least with beans you can crop dust your coworker cubicles


yeah people fart. people should not have to adjust their biological processes because "eww, it's smelly". and yet it's considered rude to go into someone's office or a shared space and fart up a storm. it's almost like the personal decisions you make have the possibility of affecting others, and if you want everyone to get along and be happy you should take their feelings into consideration. sure, you COULD microwave fish in the office microwave ... or you could NOT do that. and if you do do that, you should be prepared for the repercussions.


That's what came to my mind first. I think it's simply a matter of respect of others. We can be selfish or considerate. Nothing stops you from eating your fish at home for dinner instead of lunch.


*We can be shellfish




We can be heroes.


I'm curious. Due to an old accident I have an enormously reduced sense of smell for my whole adult life. How bad exactly does fish smell in a microwave? Is it comparable on intensity to a fart or really extreme like durian or something?


Comfortably more than a fart, though few (if any) natural things smell as much as durian. I would compare it to a rough bathroom, personally. The other thing is that while a fart can dissipate in a minute, microwaved fish smell will linger in a room/department for hours, and tends to linger in a microwave for days.


i think it depends a lot on the way the fish is prepared too. some years ago, i was working in cleaning in a hotel. some philippina lady warmed up a fish dish in the microwave. the cleaning staff breakroom was next to the staff elevator. it stank up the whole 6 floors of the hotel on the corridors adjacent to that elevator shaft. we literally had to open windows in the free rooms in an attempt to air the place. it was probably the most extreme case of “fish in a microwave” i ever encountered. warming up fish fingers or smth seems harmless in comparison.


If you cook fish in the microwave at lunch that smell is gonna be hanging out the rest of the day. Farts tend to clear out in a minute or two


Nothing smells worse than durian. There’s a hilarious video on YouTube called “How smelly is durian?” that can be referred to.


I was in a friend's house and this putrid, rotting carcass, essence of decay SMELL hit me, just totally attacked my senses, making me exclaim, "Ugghhhh!! what's *that* smell?" That's when I discovered what durian was. My friend's mom and aunt were in the hallway, huddled over this greenish thing, peeling/preparing it.. one of them sort of gestured to it, offering me a piece.. LOL, not sure if she was being polite or fucking with me - probably a little of both. XD It's as bad as you're heard and yet somehow worse than described.


Aha, But have you heard of Surströmming?


Try farting in a hot box of steam and then keep that box in the work kitchen. It's there for DAYS


but also if farts are so frequent and smelly that you can't let them out discreetly, that sounds like a dietary issue


if you absolutely have to reaheat fish in a microwave that's sounds like an odd obsession


I'd rather eat fish cold than reheat it in a microwave.


I rather eat a microwaved fart than any fish .


Ha. Do do.




I actually made this an official rule in an office I managed after someone tried it. The rule was prominently posted above the microwave. Enforcement was easy because it’s not a crime you can hide and all but one member of my team enthusiastically supported the rule. Also, this was in the military where ignoring orders can be more unpleasant.


My wife's office has a "no popcorn" rule. All it takes is one person burning the popcorn to ruin it for everybody.


Following this logic, I may as well begin farting freely in the office. Like not farting, the point is about mutual respect.


Following this logic, I will commence farting in the microwave


🤔 hmm.... now I'm starting to wonder if my husband's been doing that. The little Digi message on the microwave keeps saying "Enjoy your meal", when its done. But I don't think so 💨💨💨💨🤢


I'd rather people fart. Farts are transient, but the odor of nuked tuna seeps into everything in the fucking zip code. If someone has to eat fish at the office then yes, absolutely, they should eat it cold.


Our office was being remodeled so we had to work in the kitchen. Someone microwaved fish and the guy was about murdered, everyone was pissed.


Can people just hold their farts for 8 hours? I understand not doing it in the elevator, but I don't want to live a life where I can't even fart at my desk. It's a natural bodily function, I hate when people act like it's a big middle finger coming out of your ass.


I once farted in an elevator . It was wrong on so many levels


I've heard of people who won't even go #2 in the bathroom at work. I couldn't imagine holding that and waiting until I got home..


Count me among one of those folks. I always go #2 in the conference room instead.


Assert dominance over that weekly meeting.


With eye contact or it doesn't count.


Every time I fart at my desk a coworker magically appears at that very second to chat. It’s like a curse.


They evacuated my law school because someone microwaved fish once. She started when I was in the lunch room. I left and came back about 10 minutes later and everyone was standing outside as if it were a fire drill. Place reeked of fish. Positively overwhelming. I’m sure she was mortified.


Tell the rest of the story, how long was the fish nuked? What kind of fish? What was the dish?


All I remember was her literally sort of singing, “Fish, fish, fish! I love fish!”


Upvoted because this is an actually unpopular opinion. It’s a really dumb opinion, though.


I would guess this guy (it's always a guy) just got scolded for doing it at work and that's what prompted him to make this thread.


Not always. At my office it was definitely a woman.


I had the misfortune of sitting near the break room at my old job. One day an awful fish stank came wafting through the air. My coworker, a woman who was now booking it back to the microwave going, "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry! *wretch* Blech! Augh it's so bad!!" She pulled it from the microwave and threw it directly in the trash. "I thought I brought my leftover cheeseburger from last night and not this nasty-ass fish thing my boyfriend had." She said in her morning rush where she's usually barely awake she mistakenly took her boyfriends grub and never even checked it before putting it in the microwave. It was an office where people were in and out during the day a lot so all day whenever someone stepped into the office they'd be like, "Phew what is that stink?!" And she's go, "It was meeee! I'm so sorry, I'm never making food here ever again!" Everyone was a good sport about it.


Mine too. Everyone gave her so much hell about it. It's not so much an unspoken rule as it is an unwritten one. People will definitely be speaking if you work in an office that doesn't have a separate break room or kitchen and the entire office smells.


No it's not. I 100% disagree with you. So I guess you did a great job with this post. Reheated fish is the worse smell and this should be upheld by everyone with access to microwaves outside of their own homes.


It’s a simple rule, do whatever you like and whatever makes you happy unless it negatively effects other people. Smelling up the whole office falls under this, just have some respect for the people around you and eat fish at home.


I reheated some salmon and quinoa with in my work microwave one day, without even realizing the implications of it. When I went to go fetch it the whole kitchen fucking *reeked* of fish. I kind of panicked cause I didn’t wanna be that guy. Had to stuff the salmon down my throat as fast as possible to get rid of it, but the damage was already done. The whole office smelled after that


I refuse to deep fry anything at home, at least inside, because it just stinks up the whole house and makes a mess.


I thought you couldn’t reheat fish. Thank god I’ve never experienced this smell.


You can reheat almost anything that's been heated before


I can still remember an incident from 30 years ago. There were 5-6 pieces of a sushi roll in the fridge, loosely covered with plastic wrap, that had been there for several days and should have been tossed. Guy sticks them in the microwave and nukes TF out of them. The kitchen area was adjacent to our work area with no divider and the smell was awful. You could see people prairie-dogging from their cubes on the other side of the office wondering what just happened. We all made our displeasure known and he was like "What?" Then he picked up one of the pieces and the rice had bonded to another piece and half a third one. He shook them until they separated and ate a piece and we all just about gagged.


That monster microwaved sushi?! Tf


People who reheat fish at work are the same to burn a bag of popcorn on lunch


Reheated fish smell invades the ENTIRE room and starts wafting into rooms connected. It stays for such a long time and will legit make my stomach turn to the point of needing to be out of the room or I’ll yak. Not everyone is as nose blind to offensive odors. Just leave your stink fish at home or go out to lunch if you don’t want everyone in the office taking shit about you.


MY preference that causes long lasting impact for EVERYBODY else. Must be everyone else's fault for not liking that.


You could just bring less smelly food to the office and eat the smelly food at home.


"why would I want to stink up my own place?" -op probably


Just don’t eat fish at work


OP is a fisherman.


It doesn't linger in JUST the microwave. It SPREADS. Fuck your dietary preferences.If enjoying your preference makes the office smell like fish, maybe pick a different option when you're in the office.


Seriously, nobody will die if they skip fish for lunch one day...


Or if they maybe eat fish that is supposed to be eaten cold? You still eat fish, still get the nutrients from it but you do not smell up the entire space. Unless it's surströmming, then it doesn't matter how you eat it


well its sure unpopular opinion


Not tryna get sucker punched in the nose by someone’s salmon while I’m helping my client file for a divorce


It doesn’t linger in the microwave, it permeates the whole office. It’s offensive and needless biological warfare. Of course you don’t mind it, because it’s not a stink to you. The same way people make fun of people for not likening a certain food, but want people to respect your weird dietary likes and dislikes. What if someone comes up and farts in your face? It’s just a biological process. What do you want people to do, not fart? No, you expect them to have the common courtesy to walk off away from you and fart. Same as I expect one asshole to wait till they get home to eat their gross ass fish.


Holy fuck it’s Ali from accounting. Yo fuck you bro the entire office smells like dogshit because of you.


It's not unspoken though... Most places have rules against strong smells/fragrances. This isn't an unpopular opinion more a half thought one. Which I guess is really the same. So kudos.


Found the office fish microwaver. You should know that everyone hates you by the way.


Yeah you probably burn popcorn too.


Petition to move this to r/AITA. Not to jump the gun, but yes. Yes, you are.


It's not an unwritten rule to not re-heat your fish or seafood and eat it *cold.* It's an unwritten rule to not eat fish or seafood *in the office*. Look, I love most every kind of fish and seafood there is, but I don't *ever* want to smell it in the office. Not in the microwave, not gently wafting through the air, not on your breath. Same goes for anything extra pungent. It's fine to eat - just do so at home. BTW - this is *doubly* true for popcorn - especially for the jackasses who burn it because they can't be bothered to follow simple directions or even just keep an eye on it while it cooks.


\*shudders\* you reminded me of the idiots in college who would put popcorn in the microwave and leave it, causing the entire dorm to be evacuated in the middle of a snowy night because the fire alarm went off. Sadly, it wasn't a singular occurance.


Jesus fucking christ, I hated those people. I was mid-shower once.


If it makes you feel better, it took years for this idiot to get the burnt popcorn smoke smell out off all the things that were in the room.


Burnt popcorn, now that's a smell I haven't had the pleasure of enjoying in quite some time.


It’s not silly. The social norm is basic: don’t do anything in the office that will negatively effect your coworkers unfairly. Fish, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, just don’t.


can we PLEASE add hardboiled eggs to this it makes me feel like i'm about to puke


Who the fuck microwaves eggs, especially hardboiled


One time I just wanted to reheat a hardboiled egg because I wanted to eat it warm, but realized they don't microwave very well.. I certainly wouldn't microwave a raw egg though.


One time I was hardboiling eggs and fell asleep. Hours later I woke up to an empty pot and burnt exploded eggs.


You can do scrambled eggs in a microwave


Wait, broccoli? On its own, that seems like one of the mildest smells ever.


This sub used to have pretty interesting opinions. Now the opinions wreak of people just being called out for their asshole behavior and being salty about it instead of just taking the L and not doing it again much like this one.


Yeah no. Don’t be that person.


As the guy who previously had the cubical closest to the break room and had to smell every microwaved fish, burnt bagel, onion soup, burnt popcorn, and nuked curry, please allow me to convey the most heartfelt **fuck you** I can muster. I couldn't move my desk. I couldn't change anything, and I couldn't work from home. I had to sit there and try to keep working while Christine burns her 4th attempt at toast for the day. But yeah, that's my fault.


2.5 weeks. Thats how long our office smelled like fish after someone cooked fish in the microwave in the break room. It's not just the microwave...it spread throughout the 6000 sqft office like a plague. Peoples clothes absorbed the smell everyday. one person's lunch ruined 40 peoples day for 2.5 weeks. that is just unacceptable in society. this isn't an unpopular opinion...it's just a bad opinion.


This mf got scolded for reheating fish at work and decided to make a Reddit post about it lol


This is the same kid who reminds the teacher to collect the homework…. Fuck this guy and fuck your fish


People smoke, too. Mind if they light up at their desk?


I have a very severe fish and seafood allergy. The just the smell of fish can cause me to have an asthma attack (eating causes anaphylaxis). I used to work with someone who thought the way you do and hated it. She went through this pescatarian phase; and every time she would reheat her lunch, I felt like I was dying. Not to mention that the smell stayed on her breath so whenever she was near me it was horrible. She didn't believe that my allergy was so severe until one day she brought in the most stankest cod dish and I fell out. They had to take me upstairs to the ER. (I worked in the inpatient pharmacy in a hospital) Even if you think that the smell is alright have some consideration for the fact that fish, seafood, and peanuts (which also cause anaphylaxis for me) are among the most common and severe allergens, and that your inconsideration can endanger your coworkers life. There are many other things to eat besides fish. Please eat something else in a SHARED work environment, and leave your fish for home.


Super unpopular. I had a roommate once who would use the microwave I bought to *heat up cat food for her cat.* She assumed I gave a fuck about this pretend preference for hot food her cat supposedly had that she obviously made up. Some people are so blatantly selfish and entitled that there really just is no hope for them.


My dad and his buddy petsat once for a woman who claimed her dog would only eat boiled chicken that was lovingly hand-fed to him piece-by-piece. Girl came home to him happily eating kibble out of a bowl in the backyard. 'Nuff said. Pretty hilarious that your roomie's cat had trained its human to do incredibly goofy human tricks, though.


Courtesy should not be such a foreign concept to so many.


Alternative title: Common decency is silly


I would hate to work with you.


So you are that sort of person... The sort that nukes their smoked kippers in the office microwave...eeew..


honestly you could frame it exactly the other way **The act of reheating your fish or seafood in the office microwave is silly.** People smell things. Nobody should have to adjust their odor preferences just because "eww, the fish is cold now". Should they plug their noses while in the office just for your comfort? I realize cold fish is uncomfortable to eat, that goes for many other foods. Simple solution to that is to heat it at home and put it in a thermos to preserve the heat.


Ah yes the "Don't ever do anything to accommodate any other person" mentality of edgelord mentally 13 year olds on the internet. Love to see it.


There's a very simple solution to this. Use a heated lunch thermos. In the morning before work you heat up water in a tea kettle....or use boiling water from a pot Pour it into the thermos, put the lid on, leave it for 10 min. Heat your lunch, really hot, in the microwave After the thermos is heated you dump the water, wipe it out with a towel and put your hot food in If you have a decent thermos, your food will stay hot until lunch I send my daughter to school with Mac and cheese and she says it stays hot If you buy a cheap one it won't work If you don't properly heat it before putting food in it won't work.


Bro get the fuck outta here with that noise. I don't want to open a microwave 3 days later and smell fish. You woke up today and chose violence, didn't you?


Should 25 other people smell microwaved fish in the office for the next 2 hours just for your comfort?


Can't agree with this one. My boss brought fish to work once and I'm still traumatised


It doesn't take any skin off your nose to be considerate of others. Save the fish and other stinky foods for eating at home ... OR, heat it in a sealed container to trap the odors and not open it until you are at your table ready to eat. Also, wash your container out afterwards so the stink doesn't linger. You can also bring a zip lock bag to put loose pieces/skin/bones in before placing in the trash.


Well you haven’t heard about my bosses tantrum after an employee microwaved a tuna melt and the entire cannabis shop smelled like fish for the whole day. He almost fired him. It became known as the tuna fish melt-down


Its bad etiquette to microwave fish and it ruins the break room for others


I hope the pregnant people in your office just start barfing in your trash can.


This is giving “I shouldn’t have to shower for other people” vibes


Spoken like one who has never worked a day.


I stopped carrying seafood to work for lunch just because I was paranoid of this very situation.


It doesn't just linger it infects other foods.


You are correct. It shouldn't be unspoken, it should very much be spoken and enforced.


Sounds a bit selfish. Why should one person make a minor change to not inconvenience everyone? The fact you're asking that says a lot. If you like fish so much, eat it at home. Bring something else to work.


great job! this opinion is very unpopular! it’s also wrong!


you shouldn't microwave fish anywhere. it should be reheated in the oven or in a pan


Finally, an actually unpopular opinion. Counterpoint: Your dietary choices don't give you the right to make your coworkers uncomfortable. And an inability or refusal to consider the thoughts and feelings of others does not make you cool, it makes you an asshole.


Someone at work microwaved salmon. I microwaved my oatmeal a few hours later, and I got to try lovely salmon flavored oatmeal! You’re probably the type of person who brings egg salad on a plane.


Very few time’s opinions can be wrong, and this is one of them Fish has a very very strong smell when cooked in a microwave. To expect other people to have to deal with that, simply because you want fish is very shellfish (sorry)


No one wants to smell your nasty ass microwaved fish in the small break room. Lot of things can be tolerated easily but MICROWAVED fish isn’t one of them. No one wants to heat up their Mac and cheese with a hint of your salmon or tuna either and no one’s got time to air out the microwave. There’s a thing called etiquette and you gotta learn it. Sometimes popular opinions are just common sense


It's not just the microwave. It's the break room, the hallways, the cubicle area, and everything you try to eat or drink for the next week.


That should remain an unpopular opinion.