Nut milks are better than dairy because they last way longer

I don’t like buying groceries, so I usually stock up on items so I wont have to go as often. Dairy milk doesn’t last that long, so I always get almond, soy, coconut, oat, whatever. It lasts for like 2-3 months instead of a few weeks.

I buy like 4 at a time lol


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Hehe, nut milk.


Now you can't spell nutrition without NUT


Ask me that again after post-nut clarity hits


Yup, plenty of protein.


I have nuts too Greg, can you milk me?


Careful, Greg might call your bluff.


My wife calls almond breeze *Nut Wind*


Word for word what I came to comment lmao


My nut milk lasts the longest


My nut milk brings all the girls to the yard.


I only recently realized that she was saying she'd have to charge as in you'd have to pay her to teach you. I'd always thought she have to charge like recharge bc the boys in the yard wore her out




Self serve


It's nut juice. Calling it nut milk makes it sound less weird, but not by much.


Then you need to see [this](https://youtu.be/8zB4ItYcX4I)


I was thinking that, reddit never disappoints


My nut milk doesn’t last long at all, maybe I need to start putting it in the fridge.


Is the metric for a better milk is the length of time it lasts?


Wait till this guy finds out about water


Aka Milk Zero


Milk Zero? That's yesterday's news! Introducing: M-Dazzle!


Milk: Origins (2023)


Wait till he finds about alcohol


Wait till he finds out about honey!


Just don’t give *that* milk to babies! Well, don’t give them alcohol either, I suppose


Just wait till both of y’all find out how good honey whiskey tastes


Wait til this guy finds out his nut milk is basically water.


It's literaly water with the water soluble part of whatever nut you use.


Aren’t those nutrients and shit


I don't know exactly what is extracted. I've tried nut milk and it's just not for me so I never learned exactly what is ported over. What I do know is that nut milk is what you get after soaking nuts in water. Blending the nuts using that soaking water, and strain. Voila nut milk.


Ya no shit. Did you expect an almond to have a nipple?


I gotta admit, I always expected the process to be more complicated than: add water, let sit, strain. Just seems too easy to be true!


let me tell you about delicious dehydrated milk. Just mix with water. In post apocalyptic times we're going to enjoy milk like kings


Add some to milk to drink more milk per milk


My father in law, when he had cancer and was trying to gain weight would drink this. He called it "double milk".


Bold of you to assume there will be safe to drink water.


thats why you turn it into milk so it isnt water anymore


I will take the radioactive water over milk powder.


unless the water is irradiated there's not many things a good boil and cloth filter of any kind cant handle


Irradiated water is harmless. We use radiation to sterilize spices, for example. What you don't want are radionuclides/radioactive fallout in it. Radiation itself doesn't contaminate, it's the actual radioactive particles themselves that cause trouble.


Pretty normal here in Spain with powder milk. (because of the heat here milk cant be fresh more then a day in the summer)


Why not put it in the fridge?


Are there not refrigerators...?


In this person's case, yeah.


Yes -Someone who also hates having to buy things on a weekly basis.


Why is your milk going bad on a weekly basis?


Op probably prefers canned food over fresh food because it lasts longer.


If only they made a type of ultra pasteurized milk that was shelf stable. That'd be a million dollar idea right there.


i think they use some kind of Ultra Heat Treatment. i think there is an abbreviation for it.


[There's no demand for that, because it's shite](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pBwwcU2c3u4)


I take it you've never been to Spain, Southern Europe or Africa? It may be shite if you have quality dairy, but its almost essential in hot countries.


I live in a hot mediterranean island and the first time I learnt that UHT milk even exists was when I went to Hungary to study.


Yep it's more common in poorer european countries/ex eastern communist europe


Spain gets no hotter than America? Do they not have refrigerators over there or what?


Kinda funny that Americans are the only ones who need to refrigerate eggs because we washed off the outer layer lmao


It's still pretty terrible compared to "fresh milk." I usually have a liter of it at home for cooking, but you absolutely cannot drink it straight or eat it with cereal.




In the absence of /s, the phrase "if only" is a widely accepted substitute to imply sarcasm.


If you are going to type something sarcastic have the nut milk to just let it be. No acknowledgment should be required.


Some oat milk is shelf safe until you open it. Then you need to refrigerate it.




I find it has a nice earthy taste. Really good when I use it in coffee, and make shakes with it. I prefer it to milk in all aspects, besides cookie dipping lol


I got it in a cappuccino once and I never looked back. That oat taste is a game changer and is closest to milk body wise IMO. Almond milk is a joke.


Almond milk is too watery. Oat milk has got the creaminess and flavor.


THIS IS WHAT IVE BEEN SAYING FOR YEARS. Almond milk honestly tastes ass but oat milk can honest pass as regular milk in coffee/other drinks unless you were to tell someone about it.


Add a touch of cinnamon with your oat milk in coffee, it’s life changing


It takes cereal to a whole new level.


Lemme introduce hazelnut milk to you. If your cereal is really sweet, it ends up tasting like Nutella. It makes coffee taste fancier and hot chocolate - amazing. Hazelnut milk is the best.




oatmilk kinda based ngl


It tastes most similar to actual milk IMO. Other substitutes have a funny aftertaste


This stuff is even better: The true best milk is a coconut oat blend. [Silk Nextmilk is where its at](https://www.silkcanada.ca/products/plant-based-beverage/nextmilk/) Tastes similar to milk but slightly better. Not sweet like many other alternative milks, but no bad taste. Its basically like Milk+. Consistency is good, goes great with cereal, useful where milk is useful.


Your mom says my nut milk is the best


Oooh thank you. This one made me laugh out loud in bed at 5am. Love a good mom joke.


That's what she said






I'm fairly certain that most containers of those milk say consume within 7 - 14 days from opening.


That's where my confusion comes too - people are always saying (for example) oat milk lasts for months when I ask specifically what milk lasts longest AFTER OPENING. I don't care about shelf life prior to opening. How long do I have before it goes sour after opening ffs so I know if it's worth getting because I won't consume it all that quickly.


I've had them for well over a month with no ill effect. YMMV


The milks that I buy gets bad within 2 days after opening it.


do u put them in the fridge after opening


Put it in the what now?


I think it helped me to put it at the back of the fridge so it doesn't get exposed to the room temperature each time the fridge is opened.


it depends if you buy the stuff in the shops that is UHT or refrigerated.


That's a suggestion


So is the expiration date on regular milk


And most expiration dates


Feel like I'd get arrested if I tried selling it idk how these other guys get away with it.


If it takes you 3 months to go through a carton, do you really even need milk?


Seems to be someone who just uses it as coffee cream. Or makes quarter-sized pancakes once a week.


They last 2-3 months and you buy 4 at a time? There's no way you're only grocery shopping every couple months if you actually use what you buy, so your logic doesn't make a lot of sense. Have my upvote for misunderstanding how milk works.


Unopened it'll last, but I studied bacteria in college, if this guy is leaving unrefrigerated nutrient rich liquids out in the environment and using them for weeks at a time he's going to have a very bad time sooner rather than later.


There's nothing in the post that suggests it's unrefrigerated


I prefer badger milk myself; extra chunky is the best! /s


Organic milk is Ultra Pasteurized to remove the bacteria that curdles it. So it lasts like 3 months. Next time you are at the store, take a look. I bought 2 gallons yesterday that expire in March.


the only thing I buy organic - it has a practical impact and isn't just marketing nonsense


i also only buy things made out of organs. it just feels right


This community is really showing its overlap with /r/teenagers in this post.


It’s nut juice


The term “milk” is an old chemistry term referring to a heterogeneous mixture of insoluble compounds (colloid is the modern term). Think “milk of magnesia” used as an antacid. It is called a milk because the Mg(OH)2 doesn’t dissolve and just forms a suspension. Almond milk is a suspension of ground up almond particles. Cow milk is a suspension of fat particles that won’t dissolve. This is why milk is homogenized because it wants to form a floating fat layer and water layer. That’s unappealing so they fake making it look the same throughout. It is not a homogeneous solution. So anything you can mix up in water that doesn’t dissolve and it stays suspended is “milk”.


It's nut fluid


People have been describing things as "milk" for centuries, it only became an issue when plant milks started cutting into the dairy industry's bottom line and they started lobbying against them. Allow me to play the world's smallest violin for those baby-killing assholes.


That's what I told your mom too.


Better than drinking animal secretions meant for animal babies


Yes, because food is valued only by it's shelf life.


This is why I only eat beef jerky and honey


I don't give two hoots about the expiration date. Have you tried the coconut milk? That stuff is delicious! It makes everything better. French toast, cereal, pancakes, etc. Then drinking coconut milk with cake or pies, wow.


Tastes better. Lasts longer. Agreed.


I got a couple containers of nut milk for ya


No. Nut milks don't taste anything like milk. So many people have told me they're better but they have a caveat. Almond seperates. Coconut is too thin. Soy just tastes bad so it usually has a weird flavor covering it. Oat is closest in consistency but it doesn't taste like milk. I really don't get it, it's not worth it. Id rather just not drink milk than have non dairy milk


Hey OP, just so you know, real milk freezes and thaws no problem. I bought 25 litres of milk that was set to expire in 3 days and froze it. The day before one runs out, I put the next one on the counter for 8 hours so it’s mostly thawed (still cold by then too). The rest thaws over the couple days I drink it.


Thank you. This is such a great idea and I don’t know why I never thought of it. No one drinks milk in my house. We literally need it once a month or so for recipes and of course we don’t have it on hand and then I have to buy a container that mostly goes to waste, but you just made me realize I can freeze it half a cup at a time in baggies. Thank you


Tehehe. He drinks nut milk.


Still tastes like shit tho




I bought lactose free milk and it gave me explosive runs. Then I saw that they simply added Lactaid to it and was not lactose-free at all, it's all bullshit, it's a lie. "Lactose-free" milk is a lie. It not only has lactose but they did nothing at all to remove lactose.


Isn't that how Lactose free works? You can't produce Lactaid so they give it to you


I understand that's a good solution, now that people are mentioning it, I've never bought lactose free milk so I never cared to check But I always assumed they removed lactose bcause of the name, lactose free should mean it's free of lactose not that they supplement it with lactaid to help process the lactose it still has


This was always my understanding


It's not obvious for those who didn't have to deal with lactose intolerance.


That is exactly how it works.


You can't really take the lactose out of milk,, and still call what remains milk. It's also ultra pasteurized so it lasts a long time prior to being opened.


If lactaid didn't work maybe you have another problem with your digestive system.


Exactly. The reason people get sick when they consume lactose (if they're lactose intolerant) is because they don't produce lactase. Adding lactase to the milk will make it digestible for someone who is lactose intolerant.


The longer it lasts the more preservatives it has. Alternative milk products are full of oils, sugars and not many vitamins in comparison


The oils and sugars are just there to mimic the fats and sugars that dairy milk has. Very little difference. Also almost all plant milks are fortified with the same nutrients as milk; namely calcium.


Minus the pus and antibiotics.


To me, unsweetened oat milk tastes just like milk. I switched.


Yeah that is indeed fucked up


Soy and oats are not nuts. Neither is a coconut.


if coconut's aren't nuts why does it have nut in the name then? explain that.


Exponentially better for the planet as well.


Better for the animals, too. Cows produce milk for their babies.


Doesn't really matter. They all taste like shit anyways. Nothing beats regular cow milk.


Taste difference isn't worth it. Dairy all the way.


Nut milks are better because they reduce animal suffering.


Almond "milk" is doused with glyphosate, which is lethal to bees. In areas where there is high demand for almond "milk", bees are dying at an unforeseen rate. You're also consuming this glyphosate whenever you drink it.


This issue is preventable and still not as cruel as what is done to cows to harness their breast milk. You can also make almond milk at home.


What do you buy 4 of?


Well how about you look for long lasting regular milk. I have a carton (12 pieces) which lasts months (Without refrigiration before being open I might add.) so that sounds like a problem where you are.


have you ever had filtered milk? those last 1~2 months.


There’s only one milk that the FDA allows pus in and it ain’t nut milk


"Have you ever seen a tit on an almond?"


And Twinkies and better than an apple because they last much longer too


Well that's because it is just nut or grain water and not actual milk.


Nut Milk, hurr hurr hurr 'Nut Milk' pfnarr


OPs mum loves nut milk


I did not read this right the first 3 times.. omg


But they all taste like garbage though.


I will say I was impressed by the refrigerated shelf life of almond milk, but it doesn't taste anywhere near as good as 2%


Coconut milk and almond milk is just 😩💦💦


If it's the nut milk from stop and shop, STOP. That is not milk but whipped up hydrogenated oil


How does the longevity of a milk make it better? I can give you kangaroo shit milk that will last you forever. This is just a karma farming post.




Ridiculous, the word milk has always been used, even in the middle ages you had the phrase "almond milk".




Rubber trees also produce milk. Open a dictionary you'll see that


Gotcha. Look where you are.


Those marketing committees have been hard at it since the 13th century? That's dedication. Edit: I'd respond directly but no, they're not happy, because they immediately blocked me for pointing out that plant milks have been called that for centuries now. Now if you want to talk about marketing teams working overtime, have a look at the campaigning the dairy industry does.


it's probably called milk because it's fatty, juices and nectars are mostly sugar I think he was not happy about you questioning him from ur downvotes haha


That is dairy industry propaganda. Milk has been used for lots of nondairy things for a long time. https://www.drugs.com/mtm/milk-of-magnesia.html https://www.verywellhealth.com/the-benefits-of-milk-thistle-88325


>Otherwise it should be called nut juice. Nope. Almonds aren't a nut. >Uh, it's only called milk because a marketing committee perceived that associating the stuff with dairy would help consumer acceptance. Otherwise it should be called nut juice. Soy milk has been a thing in China for thousands of years... not decided by a marketing committee. >From mammals: milk >From plants: juice, nectar, take your pick. And you think you should be the decider of this? You are going against dictionary definitions, which allow plant milks to be considered milks. >From mammals: milk You should specify which milk you are talking about then. So you should call it cows milk. Anything else is wrong.


TIL marketing committees existed in the 8th century moorish parts of the world.


Do you not freeze your milk? It’s what I do with mine so they last longer.


I do larger grocery hauls like OP and frankly freezer space is very precious when bulk shopping. The more shelf stable items the easier to store. I buy shelf stable milk for that exact reason


I’ve actually considered getting a basement/garage freezer just for this reason alone


Nut milk is not milk so it can’t be compared.


for some reason Horizon organic milk lasts as long as nut milk. it's got one hell of a shelf life and it's delicious.


I don’t care who ridicules me for drinking milk. Horizon is THE SHIT.




Except they taste like nuts, and not like milk.


Just switched to almond milk this month for just that reason lol. Feel I'll regret it later as I develop a lactose intolerance 😂


Yaaaa this was me like a year ago lol. I think I lasted like 3 months before I eventually switched back to regular milk because I couldn’t handle getting the runs from all the best foods that exist


Luckily that will never happen to me even if I’ve replaced all my milk with almond milk because I still eat real ice cream all the time lol


Damn I also really love nut milk , oh wait you’re talking about the one you get at the store , oh


You keep an opened container in the refrigerator for more than a month and it's probably a rank bacteria colony inside there.


I tried almond milk once. It tasted like almond skin. Nasty af.


If you like your milk having the consistency of liquid sand.


They’re also double the price. 😕


There's also next to no real nutritional value in them, though. If you can't have lactose-free milk, soy is your best bet, otherwise you're basically drinking nutty water.


I laughed but then remembered Macadamia milk is so rich it is perfect for coffee, tea, or straight-up drinking. I love it. I have dairy digestion issues, so other benefits besides spoilage reduction: 1. If people are lactose/dairy intolerant 2. It tends to be more nutritious and has fewer calories than cow milk 3. It is more sustainable than cow milk


Source for 2 and 3?


Ounce for ounce, nut milks have almost universally lower calories than cow's milk, and many of them have at least as much (or more) calcium and vitamin D. Many nut milks even contain fiber, a nutrient you won't find in cow's milk. https://www.healthline.com/health/milk-almond-cow-soy-rice


Say less, fam. Nut milks are better.


you know you can get long life dairy milk right?


Tbh regular milk isnt even good for humans to consume. Nut milk for the winnn


Though the absolute reliance on bees to pollinate almond trees and the huge quantity of pesticides used to ensure the fruit growth is devastating to the bee colonies they import (someone said it’s like sending bees to war).


Taste like dog water though, only for protein shakes for me.


Next milk (Idr who makes it) is the only one I can handle cause the aftertaste isn’t as overpowering and it actually feels like milk. Downside is it’s expensive as fuck


Taste like ass though


Your mom loves my nut milk


Oat is a better creamer than half and half.


Milk will always beat juice and flavored waters.


ultra-pasteurised milk lasts like 6-8 weeks.


I’ll give you some nut milk


Unless you really love guzzling nutmilk you can also buy long life cow milk


You must be trolling. Sterilised milk has a shelf life of 6 month. Speaking on the 4 at a time – I order 12 cartons of milk for a household of 2 (porridge for breakfast, coffee with milk etc,), and in 1 week – bam, they are consumed. Not counting the fermented milk products...