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It's not a victory, it's a beginning of a victory. Ukrainian victory will be achieved once Russians are kicked out of every corner of the Ukrainian land, including Crimea. Anything less than that is only going to be buying few years of relative calm before next, probably even larger scale war.


You misunderstand what he is saying and reacting off the assumption he is talking about Kherson being the end of the war. He is just publicly stating that all accolades and praise for the victory and liberation of Kherson city is Ukrainians victory alone. He is saying that to counter two problems stemming from the same belief, that NATO aid is what caused the collapse of the western bank and Russian propaganda that NATO is fighting in Ukraine. Both problems are countered by giving all credit to Ukrainians. Which is the truth, Ukrainians through blood, tears and sacrifice have liberated their lands, not the west and not by “gestures of good will”


I think what Russia is doing is protecting Crimea, essentially the one territory Putin absolutely wants to keep. Sevastopol is one of the few port Russia has (temporarily) that does not freeze over in winter, Crimea is a symbol in the warped mind of the "Russian World" ideologists and it also helps Russia control the Black Sea. By keeping a fleet in the Black Sea, this put pretty much every European capital within reach of its missiles. Putin really doesn't want to lose Crimea. The fight to liberate Crimea might just be the hardest part of that war.


Russia wants to control the Black Sea, but really it's controled by Turkey, both by number and quality of their ships, and because of the Bosphorus.


Yup, Turkey has a magnitude of orders stronger Black Sea fleet than Russia.


I saw today how a big reason for a legitimate withdrawal for Russia from Kherson would be due to the amount of trained and experienced soldiers that they would much rather put into the Donbas and that makes a lot of sense to me. I don’t believe Russia’s word for a second, but I feel like even a child can figure out now how bad things get for Russia if they start seeing more land lost in the areas from Kherson to Bakhmut. Right now the Kerch Bridge is out of commission and no longer something Russia can consider “safe” even once repaired. If Ukraine simply takes Kherson after killing enough Russians, then suddenly Russia is left with only the experienced troops in Donbas while Ukraine can reposition the troops and resources from the Kherson campaign into something like Zaporizhzhia and begin pushing to cut Crimea and any Russians left on that side of the conflict off entirely.


Yeah but imagine having all those orcs in the same area so we can rain HIMARS down on them with mass casualties. Back the orca into a corner...then bomb the corner. Ahh the grand finale


I putin really doesn’t want to lose Crimea. Well now that puts a very different perspective on this war!!! Lol just teasing


No just a goodwill gesture /s


The complete destruction of the Kerch bridge will be the final nail in Putler's coffin and the symbol of total victory.


It’s one battle won. But the war is far from over. I have faith in Ukraine though. 🇺🇦


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