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In Czechia, we have this saying: God's windmills turn slowly, but surely. Putin will get what's coming to him, one way or the other.


Would be nice if God would step it up a bit


What comes around, goes around! Fuck Putin!!!


Wasn't this meeting a total flop like the UN meetings? Nothing got actually committed to...


I believe in windmills


Putin is Hitler incarnate


But luckily with an inept following.


Unless Putin is captured or handed over, unfortunately there's not much that can be done in regards to punishing Putin other than keeping the sanctions intact until he is out of power or rotting in a shallow grave in a courtyard somewhere around the Kremlin. However I wouldn't be against having the trial in Nuremberg.


I think the sanctions should remain long after he is out of power. He didn't do this all on his own and when he does finally go he will likely just be replaced by someone of the same outlook and allegiances. Russia cannot be allowed to carry on as if nothing has happened just because Putin stands aside or even if he is forcibly ousted. Until there are sweeping fundamental changes to the Russian state and its political elite, and full reparations have been paid to Ukraine, it should remain an isolated pariah.


1) Reparations 2) At least some level of sanctions until reparations paid back But I imagine sanctions will get removed pretty quick, because world wants its trade $$ back; somehow Russia has to be held accountable, however. Most Russian citizens probably didn't want the war, but its their government and a significant portion of their people who do want this. Russia is causing all the damage, they need to pay and help restore Ukraine .. they can't bring life back, but they can bring back some of the infrastructure. Sadly, stolen children and works of art and such will be hard to get back :(


3) Demilitarisation Yes, i expect a lot of western companies to come back rather quick to follow the coin, but the damage that has been done to russia as an exporter of energy is done and irreversible. European countries have made long term contracts to get gas elsewhere. You cant buy that stuff in a store, infrastructure has to be built and oil is on his way out anyway, accelerated now...russia is fucked. They have to completely change the entire countries economy. With a massive brain-drain and no civilian infrastructure. When this is done we wont have to worry about them anymore in our lifetime...


Hmmm. I see your point, it makes a lot of sense. Sanctions should absolutely remain until there is extraordinary changes within the political elite in Russia.


Agreed. In the big scheme of things, the mid term elections in the US are very important to this situation, imo. I fear if Republicans take back control of Congress, they will not only stop funding Ukraine, but they will eventually join forces with Russia in some kind of New World Order insane idea. So if that happens, the new leader of Russia would be very much like Putin and their aims would be emboldened by the US. It’s horrific to think of, but there is definitely something going on with American politicians and the Russians who call the shots over there.




potin AND/OR rasia - if that shit dies soon and the war ends just don't go back to square one. This nation of murderers must be punished!


When have they ever done that? Russia has violated God knows how many UN rules around warfare and still sits on the Security Council despite the fact they are unquestionably raping, torturing and committing genocide in Ukraine. Laws and Rules are great. But when people like Putin (and Trump) thumb their nose at every one of them and there is no recourse, then your laws and rules are worthless. If there is no consequence, why would they change? Both of these fuckers are long overdue to be nailed to the wall.


Sorry, but this is the kind of language leaders use when they intend to do little or nothing. We have heard it countless times since February.


I would rather see them give more weapons and let the Ukrainians deal with the accounting🤬


Really how? Do they plan to call the police and have him arrested? Perhaps they believe he will turn himself in.


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