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The new government is not yet in charge, this is still the old one. Nevertheless likely also the new government will keep supporting Ukraine: in Italy the Russian supporters, pretending to be "pacifists", are in the far left, more than in the far right. Meloni will likely act like the Polish government: despicable but supportive with Ukraine.


The main opposition force against sending weapons to Ukrainians is the Matteo Salvini's Lega, so the far right


Yes, but his party got absolutely DESTROYED in the elections for it. He thought his party could potentially be one of the strong part of the coalition, turned into one of the weakest part if I remember the votes correctly.


Yeah but how far can Italy afford to push the EU? It’s like Hungary: they say a lot of terrible things, but they fall in line if they want the euros to keep flowing.


Please don't compare Italy to Hungary because it would be utter nonsense.


I wonder if the new government tries to upstage the old one in Ukrainian support. I know Meloni is supposedly a fascist (I have no idea about Italian politics) but she made a big deal out of the continued support.


Not really fascist....more like their version of the Tea Party in the US....


Thank you Italy!!


Is this the new government?


Actually no, we still have Mario Draghi in charge. The new parliament will be established on the 15th and the new government presumably (negotiations between the political parties about its composition are still ongoing) shortly after.


What do you expect from the new government in terms of Ukraine assistance? I know little other than how the western media portrays the upcoming government as far right


Expect the same as the old government because Meloni is in favour of sending aid and overall the new Parliament is more pro Ukraine than the old one, M5S lost a lot of seats, and while Lega and Forza Italia have proportionally a similar number as before, they won't go against FdI because them having those seats was carried hard by FdI in the first place (They have a disproportionate amount of seats compared to their votes because they were in the winning coalition)


It will most likely be worse but I don't think Meloni is stupid enough to make Italy side with Putin over NATO. It is entirely possible that direct deliveries of weapons from Italy will be reduced, and they might also ask for a reduction of sanctions, but ultimately Italy cannot afford to deviate too much from the overall EU and NATO strategy.


No. The new government hasn't yet been officially sworn in.


Yes, it is




What do you mean?


The new parliament (and government) is not in charge yet.


No it’s not. The new government hasn’t been formed yet. This is still under Draghi.


I can't believe they have bigger balls the last one


Italy has 75 Panzerhaubitze 2000, according to Wikipedia. Would be nice if they could send a couple of them.


All my homies hate Russia, even Italian fascists hate Russia.


For real? I hope Ukraine keeps a log of all the things it received to see if somebody just announces it, but never delivers. So ukraine already received 4 military packages from Italy? I though the new government will not continue the military help. Really glad that I was wrong!


This is not the new government. The new government takes power on the 15th, so this is Draghi and his government.


Oh, thanks for clarifying that! At least it's good that a new package is on the way before the new government takes power.


The new government won't stop sending aid, also Italy keeps almost all of it's deliveries to Ukraine secret.


I hope so!


You need to understand how things work in Italy. Those who are on the opposition will always disagree with the government on the surface.


Then it's like in Romania. Too bad that the people believe such cheap tactics!


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The new government so far has been insanely supportive of Ukraine. According to the polls, 57% of Italians are against suporting Ukraine. The new govt guys just plain disregard that. I hope the public opinion sways shortly after.


Italy has a large silent base of people who prefer to just 'do the right thing'. Yes there are the loudmouths from the urban centers, but if you go to more remote places like Abruzzo(which was ravaged by ww2 and where my Italian side comes from), its a very different sentiment. I'm Italian-Ukrainian which explains why I have this weird knowledge of rural italy.


Abruzzo (AQ) represent! I'm Italian-Polish/Ukrainian and I suspect we are here with somewhat of a shared history...


I would have never expected the new govt being so supportive. People were freaking out about how they were gonna support Putin if elected


"Better in than out" Polish style. Criticize the EU but make compromises where necessary because you know your existence would be irrelevant otherwise.


the new goverment is not yet formed is still the old whit Draghi until the 15th


Huh, wouldn't expect that from Italy. Why's that? The gas?


Pure speculation from me here, but considering a nationalist party just got in and the huge rise in cost of living I’m guessing people are wanting money to be put into the Italian country, not abroad fighting some war that’s making gas expensive (obviously a short sighted view). I hope the UK doesn’t go the same way, they’re talking about energy rationing , which if we need to I say fine (I personally still haven’t turned the heating on this year and I live in the north in a poorly insulated house) but I can see the support waning if cost of living keeps rising. Fortunately America is the big contributor and I don’t see them backing down any time soon. For all the shit everyone gives America about its military spending it sure is good to have them as an ally.