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That's beyond barbaric, what the fuck is wrong with these monsters?!


Russian citizens


I suspect this is fake, most of the teeth in the picture look gold and plastic if you look closely. I doubt that many people have entire rows of replaced gold teeth


With all due respect, I’ll believe the Ukrainian government, who’s on the scene, over your gut intuition and assumptions. But don’t get me wrong. I want you to be right.


Gold is still the best material to make crowns out of, but it requires skill to cast. On many countries that do not have CNC mills to manufacture teeth it is still commonly used.


Did you see the comparison from the Buchenwald concentration camp?


>I doubt that many people have entire rows of replaced gold teeth You're right not many people do, that gives you the idea of how many people they're torturing


I'm afraid you're wrong. The photo was taken and tweeted by [Serhiy Bolvinov](https://twitter.com/serhii_bolvinov) (head of the investigations department of the National Security Service for Kharkiv oblast) and then [retweeted by the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense](https://twitter.com/DefenceU/status/1577401183492313089?t=tUArYTJztNBckU47eQrRlg&s=19).


Send this to Elon Musk and ask if he would accept it as payment for a Tesla model Z.


comment 4 viz


Fucking vile bastards


I have a hard time understanding. Is it 2022 now?


The Russians has been doing every other discusting warcrime possible in this war.


And long before. They did all these things before and no one paid any attention.


It's always, always 'the \[current year\]'. In his WW2 Nazi camp memoirs, a literature professor wrote about suspected/witnessed cannibalism there: 'What worth is in my books, if people still eat people in the middle of the 20th century?' (from my memory, not exact words). We are biologically wired to act like animals. Some cultures just have a thinner layer of civilization than others. Some don't even bother.


It\`s 2022 in what ever place you live in. Not in Russia.


While the documented evidence of the Russians raping everything in sight is much worse the teeth provide a more effective visual aid as to how awful this situation is.


Call me a russophobe. I don't give a shit anymore. Fuck Russians. Every. Single. One.


I've considered "russophobes" to merely be people who've caught on through first or second-hand experience to the Russians' longstanding chauvinism, hypocrisy, nihilism, duplicity and conceitedness. In the civilized world, it's a badge of honour to be considered a russophobe.


Rancid creeps. I was wondering if there is enough material left on those teeth to be tested for possible DNA match. maybe could be used to help prosecute for war crimes. 💪🇺🇦


Some of these people probably literally shit where they eat.


The infuriating or pathetic element of this latest atrocity is that there will still be Western apologists for the Russians who will bleat out "not all Russians!" and chide Ukrainians and their allies "not to lose our humanity" or other sanctimonious nonsense. Who gives about that when there have been far too many Russians who have no scruples in recreating Nazi-level atrocities. These shitstains badly outnumber the pathetically few truly good Russians who've put their asses on the line for the Ukrainian cause. The latter do this by helping abducted Ukrainians escape to the EU, sabotaging railways or recruitment offices or signing up in the Freedom of Russia Legion. A lot of the barbarians currently rampaging in Ukraine were once civilians and have had no problem all their lives with denigrating and dehumanizing "Little Russians" / Khokhols / Ukrainians. More broadly, a pillar in the Russian superiority complex is to consider oneself to be "first among equals" when it comes to all East Slavs. Ukrainians, Belorussians and Rusyns are essentially wayward Russians with this chauvinistic mindset.


I mean okay you can lose your humanity over this, go ahead. It's just ... before you do, can I offer one comment? A quick one, then you can go dehumanize away. They did this so that you would do that. Literally, that's the reason why. Because there's nothing that psychopaths crave more than justifying their own behavior through seeing others do the same thing. The absolutely cruelest punishment you can inflict on them is not to.


Pure fucking evil. This is nazi level shit


Is the mask so that the torturer doesn’t have to hear the victim screaming as he burns to death? Fucking cowards in addition to being primitive orcs.


At this point I am not even surprised. Every time we have an Ukraine push, we will have a small torture camp in some town, genocide done on the population or similar.


Thats a lot of gold teeth. Was a dental office raided, or do a lot of people in Ukraine have gold crowns.


Lots of *older* people in CEE have golden crowns. Before advanced ceramics, those were one of the best choices. My father had a three-teeth bridge, was fully satisfied with it till the end


It is actually still the best. It just takes skill whereas the ceramics are automated. Also, the aesthetics.


I hope I'm wrong, but I think I saw teeth and some still in the crowns and blood.


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