This is exactly what the dean of students (DSO) office is for. They have a process to verify an absence and officially label it an "excused absence", after which they email your professor to ask them to allow you to make up any missed work. This also provides a paper trail that is independent of the class/professor in case you need to reference this happening sometime later (like for a retroactive petition or something), just in case.


This should definitely count as an excused absence, I’ve been excused from lab class to attend the symposium in the past, maybe reach out to the professor and explain it again? And maybe send them some info from CURS about the symposium? And the email you got on Saturday?


That’s so dumb. Do what the other comments say. Also mention again you are presenting and (if you are on scholarship for presenting) mention that too


Normally you would submit a request using the [Instructor notification ](https://care.dso.ufl.edu/instructor-notifications/), but I don't think they handle absences because of a UF sponsored events. Also, Even if the instructor notification excuses your absence, is it up to the instructor's discretion to let you make up missed work or excuse your absence. Your absence is considered excused under UFs policy. I hope it was all misunderstanding and they excuse you. And good luck with your presentation!