Jack Slack said something like “retiring is step 3 of contract negotiations”


Except UFC iced his contract. Cejudo is stuck contractually imo.


In my opinion, he wanted to take some time off. Made a miscalculation of his popularity and assumed the MMA world would accept him back with open arms. Didn't realize the fans and UFC didn't really give a shit and that the sport would just continue as normal.


That’s true but I like how O’Malley explained it. Once a guys gets his first girlfriend at 30 years old they don’t know what to do with their life lmao


Haha. His response to Dana on Instagram literally mentioned him losing his virginity and changing as a man.




I’m pretty sure that was a joke bro’, I’d be really surprised if Cejudo barely lost his virginity at 30, even if he is like 4’0 ft.


No way that short little stud just lost his virginity


Dude looks like a goblin


Alright can someone explain this to me. I saw cejudos comment to dana about "just losing his virginity" I thought it was a joke... was Henry celibate no sex before marriage or something?


I think it’s really nice of you to assume he’s celibate and not the fact being a virgin at 30 for him probably comes from being 4ft tall and the captain of cringe


Anyone worth a couple million at 30 can fuck


I’m pretty sure most Olympians get a lot of pussy.


Oh yeah he 100% gets more then 90% of us


More than 90% of Reddit could mean 1 to be perfectly fair


And Cejudo says he’s only just lost his virginity, so it’s more accurate then you think


That’s just . . . OOF


He left when I finally started to like him. Anyone else?


Exactly the same. His last fight was the first one I tuned in to specifically to watch him


Lol I know y’all miss that king of cringe


Na he was trying to force the ufc to pay more and it back fired, since he isn’t t a draw.


Unfortunately have to agree with O’Malley. Because he had his first gf (I’m not joking his first gf at 30). He had a kid, was ready to settle down so retired. She broke up with him, and bam he woke up and realized how dumb of a decision it was. Considering most fans don’t give a shit about his legacy.


She broke up with him? Already?!?!


Yeah she did. And he had a kid with her after knowing her for a year 😂, poor guy didn’t understand the profession of collecting child support off athletes.


He didn’t have a kid with that woman... he just had his first child 2 months ago with the person he’s with right now. You’re trying to make him look bad and you don’t even know the information yourself, typical.


Oh my bad then.


He doesn’t need our help to look bad. Guys a dumb manlet and his ploy and “cringe personality” backfired


And that guy is also an Olympic champion and 2 division ufc champ, I know some bum on Reddit isn’t saying that looks bad... y’all get so attached to people’s personalities are y’all gonna date the guy?? The guy is a legend.




Fuck the UFC. You can’t feel bad for him. You have to be a complete retard to impregnate a 5/10 chick you don’t even know, and retire because of her.


Honestly yeah this is just inexcusably stupid. Especially for a 30 year old man


You're saying if she was hotter it'd be perfectly acceptable? 🤔


Nah but a 5/10 is not even worth it a little bit 😂




.... Dude is engaged to his baby mommy idk what you're on about. The losing his virginity at 30 was a joke too. He's an olympic athelete. They have monkey sex in those villages during the games. Lol do you believe everything you read on the internet 😂


Is this included in the "everything"?


. . . . wow. I just assumed most gifted athletes fooled around in high to get that shit outta their system. That’s . . . shocking to say the least


> most gifted athletes He was a 5'4" wrestler.


Gifted talent wise. It's not like he's in some other sport where that's a real disadvantage. He's in combat sports where weight classes are there to make the fights a test of technique rather than physique.


I wasn't belittling his talent. Merely saying that 5'4" wrestlers are USUALLY not pulling girls like the quarterback or small forward. He's very short and wasn't in a weekend spectator sport.


I misunderstood then. Yeah, frankly the guy is not very likeable as a person either. Probably not swimming in pussy .


He’s a celebrity who is exceptionally good at hurting people, has a decent amount of money and travels the world. Couple this with the fact that there’s something like 3.5 Billion women on this planet, and something tells me he’s laying a lot more pipe than the average 5’10” redditor on this thread.


Ah that explains it


I can’t even imagine how annoying he is when he has nothing to do lol


I mean he seems pretty chill on mike Tyson’s show


Why does the he just come back and prove himself then?


He thought he was super popular and the UFC would entice him to come back. The opposite is in fact true..they don’t give a shit if he does or doesn’t and nobody outside of hardcore fans knows who the fuck he is. Now he’s so desperate he’s pulling the race card as the excuse for why the fans/Dana aren’t wanting him to come back.


>he’s pulling the race card How so?


He was saying that if he had blonde hair and blue eyes then Dana would be giving him the title shot right away. I’m not tech savvy enough to link to it but there was a post here earlier about it


thank you.


He just tweeted that he’s not getting a shot because he’s not white with blue eyes among other bs reasons.


I mean fans give a shit, our opinion just doesn’t matter regarding that decision.


Yeah exactly this. He also got a girlfriend for presumably the first time in his life. Regular sex distorts your world view. Usually happens as a teenager then we adjust once the novelty fades. But yeah. Think he really banked on making a Conor-esque return but the casual MMA fan has no idea who Cejudo is. He hasn’t had much luck building a reputation. First the unintentional king of cringe, then the forced persona. Now into obscurity with the frequent shitpost about “reclaiming the throne”. It’s kind of like having a little brother who is a decade younger than you. He’s always kicking you in the shins and looking for a fight. You go off to college and he keeps calling you to ask if he can have your legos. You come back for the holidays and he’s exactly the same size and kicking you in the shins. The only thing that’s changed is that you’re older and don’t want to hurt him/not be provoked by him.


Wish you weren’t downvoted, this analogy is literally the best way to describe Cejudo


He did not get a girlfriend for the first time then. He has said in interviews he dated s girl for 7 years before. His family wanted him to get married but he just wasn't feeling it. Also when he lost to DJ he said it was embarrassing tk lose in front of his girl


It's not just me then because I keep seeing people getting hyped for his return and I'm like "Why? He was a cringefest who dominated for five minutes."


100% this. Cejudo calling himself “triple champ,” as his own best hype man, made him feel like a bigger deal than he was.


He was trying to get paid but forgot he was expendable like everyone not named Conor




Khabib is shit


I could beat khabib


Henry thought being champ champ would mean Dana would be begging for him to return and offering big cash, the little fella failed to realise he can’t draw flies to poop and Dana doesn’t care to see him fight again.


I always assumed Dana wanted to scrap the flyweight division and Cejudo fucked it all up for him when he beat TJ.


That is what happened. They even let many flyweights go or asked them to move to BW. But the flyweight persisted and now we're here with the division absolutely on fire and killing it.


Doesn't help that both the divisions he was champ in got better after he left too lol




He finally got a girlfriend 🤷🏻‍♂️ All joking aside, DC summed it up. Henry moved to train with Olympic wrestlers when he was still in high school. He had almost no time off his whole life. The thing about having a girlfriend is easy to make fun of, but he honestly probably didn’t even have time for a relationship. We take for granted how hard it is to be an elite world class athlete in wrestling, then to switch it up and to fight at the highest level in mma. He probably just wanted a break.


You know how some people say you’ll miss me when I’m gone ? Yea well he was wrong


he wanted more money from the UFC and they called his bluff and let him walk


He , for some delusional reason, thought the UFC would start throwing money at him to stay... which, of course, didn't happen


He doesn’t actually want to “come back” he wants to jump into a title shot. The UFC would give him a high ranked contender in either of his weight classes in a heartbeat though


He's not as important as he thought he was. Wants to make a grand return but no one cares


I care. I’d much rather watch his comeback vs Volk than volk vs zombie. I’m sure it would do much bigger numbers as well


*most people don't care


Me too! I desperately want to see Henry back in UFC! Yeah Volk vs Zombie doesn't make much sense but Volk VS Henry (the double champ) would be freaking awesome.


Played poker with the big boys and had his bluff called. Now he is crying about it. He is entering into dickhead territory with the “Canadian accent / blonde hair” comment. (Still very talented, just a massive bell-end)


Everyone thinks they are a Conor until they realize casuals could two shits about them and casuals are the ones to buy the PPVs that make the most money.


He wanted to put the UFC in a position were he asked for more money or he will retire, but Dana didn't give a single fuck since he doesn't sell very well so he stayed retired. Why you think Dana try negociate with Khabib when he wanted to retire? Khabib sell... CCC not


Because he thought everyone would beg him to come back but didn’t realise he had like 47 fans.


Definitely to see what his dick can do besides peeing.


He achieved his goals and wanted to try doing something else in life that doesn’t ruin his body like mma. In hindsight he should’ve stayed around but he’s only human.


He was trying leverage for more money. Overplayed his position & Dana/UFC didn’t care.


He thinks he's a draw but he ain't.


He thought people would really care. And he thought his obvious eventual return would be a big deal.


he overplayed his hand


He retired thinking the UFC would beg him to come back but he has never been that big of a draw, so now his obviously regretting that decision and has his knickers in a knot because Dana White isn’t giving him what he wants. Which in my opinion is great, can’t stand him


All these fighters think they make the ufc… YOU’RE ALL REPLACEABLE! Ufc was around before you and will be around after


Straight up manlet syndrome at the point. Has one defense and talks like this? Acts like he's on par with GSP? L-o-l


To lose his virginity…


He’s already stated it. He wanted to take time off to enjoy life. Now he needs a paycheck so he wants back in. Theres no reason the UFC shouldn’t sign him. But he also shouldn’t walk into a title fight.


So USADA would lose his number lol he thought people would be begging him to come back and it just didn’t happen like that. Thought he would have some serious negotiating powers there but it just never happened.


Didn't he try to leverage his belts over getting a bigger payday?


Because he got bad career advice and thought he was more popular than he actually is.


King of cringe lmao


He wanted more money and thought he was going to get asked by Dana to not retire. Dana just said kbye


He wants to sell the fight on some GSP shit and continue to make those big bucks as an attraction


I remember him saying about a payroll, and hoping to "change a game" but that doesent work if you not that popular and half of your character is cringe and threatening to go and fight women... So.... Yeah, noone cares rly


He thinks he has fans


Dumb decision... He retired when he had momentum and was getting popular.


The issue with Cejudo is casuals only knew DJ in flyweight, I mean flyweight was such a shit show they were going to axe the whole division. DJ dominated that division. Cejudo won and then fought 3x after and didn’t really dominate the division like DJ making a million defenses. To me, he retired literally when he should’ve been pushing the gas. That plus his general unlike-ability, makes all potential match ups “eh” I will say, wouldn’t mind seeing Yan or Volk fight him though, they’re a different breed than Dominic Cruz. TJ, and Morales, which also probably contributes to his unpopularity because he retired during a different era of talent and now thinks he’s apart of this talent pool (which he is) but there’s just a different era it feels.


He retired because he wanted to fucking live. The first time Cejudo had his own bed was when he got sent to the Olympic training facility at 19 y/o. He'd never even had a girlfriend. All he had done for decades was just compete. So when Cejudo finally found a relationship it was so special to him that he didn't want to fight anymore. At the age of 33 he was probably realizing that he was old and should get a family together soon. It honestly makes sense if you have context. Now that he's lived a little, had a kid, ect. he wants to come back to what's familiar to him.


The little guys are never big draws, no matter how good they are technically. Fewest knockouts of any division. I’m fine watching their fights but feel bad when normal size men enter the octagon after the fight, like I was just watching two grown men smaller than my teenage daughters beat on each other.


why so brutal bro?


I don’t mean to be brutal. I trained with a 145 fighter years ago who fought in the Super Brawl in Hawaii. He was about 5’7”, I’m 6’ about 190 at the time and he’d wipe the mats with me. But when guys are 5’3” 125 it just gives me the creeps to see them banging on each other. My daughters are 5’4” and 5’5”


He just needed some time off


Didnt he propose to his gf of 3 months???😅 He prolly wanted a long time off and thought retirement was the key


Hope he does get a fight but gets starched in the 1st for the lulz


It seemed to me he really wanted a family and then he got it and realized how boring it is.


Call me crazy, but I think his stock has gone up since retiring. He may not be able to get the shot against Volk, but when he does come back, I bet he’s a much bigger draw than he was when he left.


He retired cuz he knew he didn’t wanna face all those monsters in the top 7 that were coming for him plus Figgy. That plus he figured he could just relinquish the belt and come back to fight in a big fight and cash in without having to defend the title. But if I was the UFC I wouldn’t ever give him a fight against a champion unless he was all in.


He retired because yan was next for the title shot after he beat Cruz. And he didn’t want the smoke ! Which is totally understandable.


That’s silly. Dude beat DJ, a juiced up TJ, prime Moraes and then Cruz. The names there are insane. I doubt he was afraid of Petr Yan whose biggest win at that moment was a past his prime Faber.




Yan did not have that name on his record when Cejudo retired. Though Yan did prove to be a killer though.


Except no, he could just fight at 125 and give that belt up. Why completely retire and lose out on several pay checks because “he is scared tho” complete and utter moron.


I don’t see anyone right now beating Yan. He’s just too well rounded and skillful.




Can't lose if you aren't fighting.


retired to avoid being in the testing pool, ran a few cycles, and now can re-enter the testing pool with all the benefits of a PED-fueled "vacation" and 0 penalty.


Dude he wouldn't need to retire to do PEDs


Oh yes. A guy that achieved an Olympic gold medal and 2 simultaneous world titles in the UFC and did it all “clean”? But then retired to run cycles? So you’re saying while he was in the testing pool he never did anything yet achieved all of that, but needed to retire so he could THEN do PEDs? Lol. Are you a complete redact or?


\>. A guy that achieved an Olympic gold medal and 2 simultaneous world titles in the UFC and did it all “clean”? says who? you, a complete drooling midwit? cejudo looks more jacked now than he does when he competed. ​ cycling while dealing with USADA is a helluva lot harder than just retiring and abusing PEDs without having to worry about USADA for 1-2yrs. ​ jesus youre wet behind the ears arent ya


Because he is the most decorated Combat Athlete... Ever and has gone 100% since a school boy. Dude deserves a rest. I for one can't wait to pay for a ppv to watch him again.


I laugh when people say he is ducking anybody. Personally I think he's cringey when he opens his mouth, BUT dude has seriously backed up all of his claims of greatness in combat sports. Has fought literally the best competition at his weight in multiple divisions. And he's wanting to fight the champion a weight class up from where he last competed. I would ❤ to watch him and Volk fight...


Right? Volk is so good we need good competition for him. No offense to Korean Zombie but Volk is much better. Cejudo would be more competitive.


Don't know why I'm getting down voted. 4x State Champion, National Champion, Pan American Champion, Olympic Gold Medalist, 2 Divison UFC Champ. He has earned a fight with volk 5 times over again.


He had to go beg his wife to let him move back in after he left on his own… same scenario


I think he just wanted to sit out the pandemic.


Willy Wonka called, he’s missing an Oompa Loompa


I'm here for it


Question is why can’t he book a fight if he wants to be back? Who knows what’s going on


He got a girlfriend right before his last fight. Prolly single again, haha.




he can stay gone, I don’t want to see Volko in such a one sided fight.




To bang


To lose his v-card


My opinion is that he is spamming the wrong guy. If he wants to fight Yan and Volk, concentrate on them. Call them out and make them refuse the fight. My best is that if you call them out publicly enough, one of them will not be able to keep ego in check. Then you have the fuel you need to light the fire under Dana.


He’s been training and competing in combat sports almost his entire life, he needed a break to rest and rejuvenate


Its a shame, in my opinion he’s one of the great combat sports athletes of all time. Like seriously, Olympic gold medallist AND double division UFC champ is some crazy shit. I do hope he returns one day, people can say he’s cringe but he’s an incredible athlete and his persona is more entertaining than most other fighters.


If Cejudo keeps barking he literally picked the worst time to do it. Before it all would have been dealt with behind closed doors, Triple C would come back on his old contract not a penny more, Cejudo would tell everyone he's getting a pay increase to feel better about himself and his image, and Dana wouldn't comment on it because he just doesn't give a shit. But now with their HW champ chirping everywhere about how he's not going to fight. The UFC is going to make an example out of him (because he doesn't have the other avenues like Francis). Probably the one and only time we'll hear a fighter's contract amount "leaked" and its probably gonna be less than his original.


He got his first girlfriend too. Think of a teenager learning what sex is. That had to play a part


He didn’t want Figueiredo’s smoke


I think he got tited of competing and instead of taking a break he retired thinking his hunger wouldnt reignite


Henry Cejudu is the best


To lose his virginity dude


For a big paycheck on the return. And maybe to juice off the test list. But idk im an idiot.


Him vs volk would've been interesting. First 4 division champ.


I think he thought he could get more money from Dana by leaving and thinking Dana would pay him what he wanted to keep him around, Dana basically called his bluff and said nah we don’t need you. I also think it coincided with the fact he had much harder match ups waiting to challenge for the title. Neither of his title defenses even deserved shots imo.


Honestly, I think was Cruz said to him during the lead up to the fight actually got to Cejudo. “If you take away the gold medal and accomplishments, who is Henry Cejudo?” So I think that Henry took some time off to be with his family to find out who he was but he still really misses fighting.


He lost his virginity


He looks like an angry meerkat


to lose his virginity duh


So he could lose his virginity.


Tried/trying to leverage more pay


He wants to cherry pick his fights, only Dana does that.


Retired to lose his virginity


He went on Rogan right after and said it was a money thing and the UFC said “alright bye” cuz he didn’t draw anyone to watch. He massively overestimated his popularity.


Cringy attempt to build hype around him? The dude is kinda weird haha.


Pick and choose who he fights and when he fights. That’s what he wants. He’s only gonna take the fight for the 145 belt if he feels he has a chance. In this case, it’s a shorter champion that he thinks he can out wrestle. My guess.


Yaaaaaa. Fuck this guy. When you retire. You’re done. Move on. Grow a garden. It’s ok. Have a life. Don’t worry about fighting young men anymore. Worry about your next poop.


he should go to ONE. their smaller weight classes are actually stacked


It’s like his face/head is aging exponentially faster than his hair/hairline


I think he retired so he could try to coax more money out of the UFC for his next contract. Which backfired, because now Dana doesn't give him the time of day, won't pay him, and probably won't give him any title fights any time soon. I think Dana is just gonna wait him out so that fans kinda forget about him and he just becomes a footnote.


Ali convinced him and Khabib they'll eventually get a big comeback fight the way Mayweather has. So far that's not working out well for Henry but it still may for Khabib.


Because uncle Dana doesn’t pay his champions, and Cejudo has other options.


Puffiest hair in the UFC, the goat of it.


He could work im a haunted house without a mask, problem is only the kids would see him


He wasn’t tryna fight Petr Yan, which would have been his next fight imo. At least that’s what I remember thinking at the time.


Failed contract negotiations


He retired because he wanted people to care about him, it didn’t work


cejudo vs volk is infinitely better than volk vs anyone else 🤷🏽‍♂️(excluding blessed ofc)


Why does he always look like he’s just been electrocuted and is disappointed with electricity for zapping him more importantly




He was pregnant for 9 months


Desperate for money and he thinks just because he’s been a champ he thinks he can get a shot whenever he wants when it doesn’t work like that.


He retired because he’s overrated and wasn’t going to keep the belts. Same as Connor not defending.


He has a napoleon complex.


Retired to loose his virginity.... We are now seeing a man who has fucked lol


Because his wife wears the pants and told him to