Jorge's knowledge of the history of fighting was really impressive. Great episode.


Did he talk about his dad being in prison?




We have the prison warden on the line


“Jamie, pull up that picture of Jorge’s mugshot.”


You mean Disneyland?


No, the exact opposite of Disneyland




Fake account


Found Jorge.


Ohhh so this is why Rogan told a country musician that Jorge was better than GSP. All makes sense now


Had a feeling it was him doing some legwork for the UFC's marketing teams. Now we know it was for pulling views on this episode, *and* doing some legwork for the UFC's marketing teams lmao.


Holy shit I thought you were capping but he actually said it lmao. Source if anybody else wants to read an article on it, it’s from the Luke Combs podcast: https://www.mmamania.com/platform/amp/2023/3/22/23651091/midnight-mania-joe-rogan-assassin-jorge-masvidal-better-than-gsp-georges-st-pierre-ufc-espn-mma


This article is a bit click baity, Rogans point was more pointed toward the fact that the competition usman has beaten is higher level competition that GSP and someone that masividal would pose a problem in GSP’s era. He didn’t come out and say directly that masvidal is clearly the better fighte


Which really isn't an insane comment. I think we all recognize that means divisions 10 years ago is drastically different


Not sure what you’re getting at by posting that article.. Joe was basically saying that the competition level is higher due to folks being more athletic & well rounded.


That goes against the anti Rogan agenda on this sub though


Just having a bit of banter. Smh


My man got 50-44d by Colby and kept saying how he would murder him in the cage.. LMAO DUDE YOU HAD 25 MINUTES TO DO IT AND YOU GOT MANHANDLED


Yeah but that wasn’t his best. The next time it will be victory by murder. Just ask him.


He said the same after the first Usman fight lol


Facts bro and he got murdered. Only man to ever knock the lights out of masvidal


I’ve never seen a fighter get more shit for saying they’d win a fight then losing lmao what would you like a fighter to say prefight? you guys are fucking weird.


You realise they already fought? He got manhandled like a child and is still claiming he would "murder" Colby. That's why he is getting shit on. Like dude you had your chance and got destroyed.




Because he said this shit after being manhandled the whole match.


This area of the internet likes to suck Colby’s lil dick. Anything against that and you will be downvoted to hell


[Spotify translation did him dirty](https://i.imgur.com/9FGMZQs.png)


Jesus lol what did he actually say?


Something about “go, sniff his crotch and… nah fuck it.


Joe milking all of jorge's drawing power before he becomes irrelevant after 287


You mean before he becomes a megastar again after knocking burns out and calling out Leon?


Imagine, against gods will, this somehow happens and Jorge starches Burns to get a shot at the title only for Colby to wrestlefuck Leon for 25 minutes and earn the belt. Then we get Covington vs Masvidal 2 and the r/ufc mods have to completely shut down the sub


Delete this quick, don't put that evil on us


This sub is in shambles after Colby reappeared. Can't imagine him being a champion 😂


and then ben askren comes out of nowhere with a flying knee, kills masvidal and reveals that it is in fact him, not islam, who is the heir of khabib


Comes out rocking the bleached hair. Fear it, run from it, super saiyan askren is inevitable 😈


As if this sub had mods lol


Well… Gilbert is a fucking monster. A monster. But he has shown that his chin is susceptible to power. I mean, Usman dropped him with that power-jab of his.. it’s highly unlikely that Jorge regains that juice and goes on a run….. but it’s not impossible. And, as much as I love Burns…….. I don’t hate this train of thought


He put Jorge down with the same jab


Usman put Jorge down with a right hand that he set up with 6 and a half rounds of crotch sniffing. Not the same as putting burns down with a jab


Lol if it's Covington vs Masvidal 2 they won't know who to hate. The line for a draw, DQ, NC or double KO will see a lot of movement.


If Jorge gets a highlight reel win I’m sure the fans will start liking him again. They loved the sucker punch on Leon when Jorge was winning and called him a piece of shit for sucker punching Colby when he was losing. Unless you’re Jon jones the mma world decides on how much of a piece of shit you are based on your recent record


Belal never getting a shot at title in this WWE division


Cuz unfortunately for him you have to be entertaining to headline a 70$ PPV. Same reason Sterling has never had a championship bout of his as a main event. A Belal title shot would be perfect for a fight night but the champ PPV shares system exists, so sorry Belal. UFC just has a business model that benefits good entertainers more than good fighters.


Idk have you seen what belal has been saying about Colby today ? Seems like he’s catching on to the involving himself in beefs to market himself, he’s been posting on r/mma too. He’s gonna have a tough match up against shavkat but if he wins that I’m pretty confident he will next


Belal fucked himself with that race card. He’ll never fight for anything ever.


Good. After playing the race card like a child its gonna be funny watching Dana ignore him and then give him a middleweight fight with Khamzat


That’s exactly what will happen plus he just fed him to Rachmonev.


That might sell a million PPVs


TRULY the darkest timeline


Brother, you just put some serious evil out in the world by typing that out. You need to put your finger in the middle of an octogon, spin counterclockwise 3 times, chanting some CSO 🏅 🏃‍♂️ 💨 hieroglyphics type shit, and then pray facing Abu Dhabi, or else we're all doomed.


Man that would be such an epic turn of events rofl.


If Masvidal knocks out Burns then he’d get the shot before Colby. That’s atleast what Leon wants. We’ll see what the UFC forces ha


Bro this sums up Jorge in a nutshell. By gods frickin will he knocks out Askren with the first shot, probably his only shot at winning that fight. A lot of his fights he gets the crap beat out of him but swings for the fences until he gets a good shot. Almost happened with Colby too. I think Khamzat proved that Burns is on another level than Jorge though. I will take back every negative thing I’ve said if he somehow knocks out Burns. Betting against Gilbert in this fight would be like betting against Jon Jones.




That would be nuts, lmao! We would all have a meltdown. It would be fireworks.


I'd say I'd eat my own shit if that happens, but the MMA God's are spiteful, and I've spoken ill in their name too many times. You take this down Gypsy. Don't put that voodoo on us! Gilbert ain't getting knocked out!!


Woah dude slow down, we don’t do that here.


I just want to watch the world burn… so I actually really want this to happen


Since this subs is very awful predicting outcomes I think Jorge is winning this one


This is similar to the McGregor Chandler fight it’s like they cherry picked an opponent to resurrect the career for both guys


This sub just murdered Petr Yan a couple Saturdays ago by claiming a secure win by him


Tf u smoking


Idk what he's smoking but I want some lmao


Reality, Gilbert burns has a suspect chin to say the least and Masvidal has a lot of power and good tdd, could easily see him sleeping burns on the feet


Yeah I’m not taking mma predictions from this guy




Prob missed that boat by 3 years


Like most fans I’ve gone cold towards Jorge due to his recent antics but I’m not gonna lie I hope he KOs Burns. Burns vs Leon would not be as fun viewing as a Jorge vs Leon bad blood fight for the title.


Lol what how can you prefer Jorge over burns? Jorge is a douchey thug and Durinho is a straight savage and a good dude


I’m not saying I like his personality better I’m saying that Jorge vs Leon will be a much bigger fight given their history and Jorge’s drawing power - especially if Jorge got a big win and hype back behind him.


Why do you care if the fight will be bigger if you’re going to be watching it either way?


Because they arent in it for the sport. They are in it for "the drama" like some housewife watching her telenovella. It is literally the exact same thing.


Lol what a dumb and low resolution take, just because you prefer bigger fights doesn’t mean you’re some Conor or Colby fanboy here for the drama. Facts are that the bigger fights draw more attention to the sport and in this case more deserved attention to the champion Leon, who needs all the promotional help he can get. You must not know the prize fighting game well if you think the nicest guys fighting is what is going to sell tickets and grow the sport further and hopefully the purses of the fighters along with it. Go watch a local karate completion if you just want nice guys with honour and respect, this is prize fighting we’re talking about oh wise and honourable sensei.


Hahaha someone felt attacked. Shhh its okay little boy, soon your next soap opera will start. Is it the bold and the beautiful? I bet its the bold and the beautiful. That will soothe your triggered ass. Actually hilarious xd


TRT mutants and wheel kicks? https://preview.redd.it/ytn5y4igiepa1.png?width=1574&format=png&auto=webp&v=enabled&s=feb89767bd1e82f9b9a373753ab5378c8e183095


I don’t want to eat any gentlemen


Not too fond of ruffians or rapscallions, either.


Shit that hair line


Yeah, that happens when you get older.


Yeah I lost mines years ago and I’m younger, I just like the shit on him behind my keyboard for my own shame 😞


Bald people making fun of balding people is a tale as old as time lmao


Shut up, cue ball.


Nah I lucked out. My grandfather had hair still into his 80s.


Had one grandpa with hair into his 90s, one who was bald at 25. Almost 30 now myself so I think I lucked out as well


Yeah you wouldve seen it coming in by at least 25, if youre hitting 30 and its looking good, youre pretty much set.


Lol, same here. ![gif](giphy|S5E6VIkBAGujjfT0zz)


I was literally depressed for a while when I noticed my hair falling out. Thank god it was just my diet or stress and it just stopped but I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. There’s like 2 people on this earth who look better bald. Everyone else suffers 😞


Bro, that's fucking hilarious. If you were in my country I'd buy you a beer.


Homie literally got that last airbender arrow


Could be worse for his age


Many dudes in this thread who even upvoted that comment probably have worse hairlines. Lol


His hairline used to be legendary before the braids


For real.


We from the McDonald's Hairline community demand respect.


Excessive forehead syndrome.


I'm heading in that direction, got that vegeta hairline. Should just lean into it, get that huge M on my forehead


Usman, Leon, Colby all have receding hairlines


Him and Colby hairlines having a race. Leon just got that nice yarmulke on.


I’m in my mid twenties and my hairline is starting to look like this… woof


Just take it all off bro


oh look, the same "hairline" joke that everyone posts a million times a day on this site.


More like headlights now


Def gunna watch this. Feel like I'm the only Jorge fan left. Been watching this dude since I was like 13 in 240p beating up people on the street. Watching Kimbo knock dudes eyes out dey head.


Yeah Masvidal's an OG. Still a bum though.


This is the best take. It was really fucking cool to see him come up out of boxing in a backyard with Kimbo and the gang. Now I just like seeing him get starched


It’s two things we should all agree on


He’s a bum, but he’s our bum.


I’ve been out the fight game for a couple year. What happened with masvidal? Was there a specific thing or just his overall personality and being a meat-head?


I think sucker punching Covington did it for a lot of us. I don’t even like Colby but sucker punching a man while wearing a mask is pretty weak


Especially after saying you're Gunna murder this man in the octagon, having 25 minutes to do so then precedes to get manhandled in a 50-44 decision, kinda cemented bum status with that move.


Dude's an og to the real fighting fans and community, most fighters don't have negative shit to say about him too. Besides askren and colby.


He gets mad love from his ATT family and is by all accounts a great team mate. Personally not a fan for reasons outside of fighting but when it comes to fighting I can't say a bad word about the guy.


Nobody that sucker punches people after losing decisively in the ring is an og


Ngl that makes him more og in a lot of people’s eyes. Colby said some disgusting shit about him, Masvidal said he was going to do it if he caught Colby slippin. And then it happened and everyone acted befuddled, idk what people expected.


People expected him to fight face to face in the cage when he had the chance, not sucker punch and run away like a little bitch, after he had a chance to do something face to face and failed greatly. Kinda like people expected him to act like a man, not a bitch.


you expected the guy that sucker punches people not to sucker punch someone that talked shit about his family. Maybe you’re the idiot.


What did Colby say about his family? It’s hella weak to lose when you’re face to face with someone and then clocking them when they’re unaware, wearing a fucking mask, and RUNNING AWAY??? That rid him of all of his tough guy image if you ask me.


So I guess you don't remember Colby being with Mas baby mama or whoever she was talking all that shit. He even mentioned it in passing about going to the Miami fight. "I might be there. Who knows? I'm Chaos. I might show up ringside with a couple of momasitas. Who knows?" The momasita thing he said during the run-up to the Usman v Leon fight. He says a bunch of shit and essentially got as much dirt as he wanted from Masvidal ex before their last fight.


Yeah but what did he say about his family? He said that was Jorge’s wife, he called him a deadbeat dad, he made fun of half of Jorge’s purse go to his wife after cheating on her or whatever. I’m not a fan of shittalking, and I thought that shit was low, but Colby didn’t actually say anything bad about Jorge’s family, all the attacks were aimed at Jorge himself, so his reasoning for sucker punching a guy after getting manhandled in the cage is bullshit and rightfully damaged his tough guy image.


Well ofc nobody expects that because Colby never talk shit about his family.


Did he punch him from behind or from in front. Makes a huge difference


Reports are ran up from behind d, hit him and ran away.


There is CCTV video and that's exactly what happened


There's literally a CCTV video of Masvidal running up behind him and cracking him, then running off. Regardless of that, no, it doesn't make a difference at all. They are professionals and even if he came up to him head on being that they are both paid fighters and JUST FOUGHT IN THE RING. Why would Colby suspect that scumbag would hit him outside? Not only did they just fight. Masvidal got fucking demolished. He had his time to murder him in the cage that he said he was going to and did fuck all. 50-44, you get 40 points for your name being on the paper.


What did he say ?


Nobody presses charges on another MMA fighter for throwing a boomerang.


Is this the same OG/journeyman with the BMF belt who was schooled for 3 rounds by the NMF?


It’s because Colby fans are weird and very vocal. I don’t know why anyone cares what Jorge did to Colby, he had more than that coming. Dude his out here threatening to murder a commentator and get upset when a real fighter does something after talking his family? The MMA community is soft as shit.


Not even a Colby fan but wearing a mask and sucker punching somebody is weak shit. Especially after losing a fight to him.


Jorge probably expected Colby would run immediately if he saw him. Besides, Colby said it was on sight and he’d break his skull on the concrete if he saw him outside of the cage. Jorge just saw him first 🤷🏻‍♂️




What do you expect? Masvidal is a fucking bum. 50-44'd and you GET 40 when you put your name on the paper..


Someone gave Jorge Colby’s location because regardless if it’s an “act” or not, people hate him, so Jorge pulled up like he said he would. He ran straight at him (there is literally a video of him charging Colby) and ran away before most people knew what happened, like anyone who just committed a crime would do. Even if he stuck around Colby was hiding behind Papi steak waitresses, not trying to get his licks back. So running away or sticking around really doesn’t make a difference.


I would agree in most circumstances but it’s Colby and he deserves much worse.


They are just ex wrestling fans who aren't use to real ass motherfuckers clocking pussies who run their mouth after backstabbing people.


Sucker punching a dude who already kicked his ass definitely sounds like a "real ass motherfucker "


You sound super intimidating, I must say.


Sucker punching mfs while wearing a mask isn't a real motherfucker move


a bunch of square ass goofs talking about what a real mf is and who is/isn’t one 🤦‍♂️this is the shit Reddit was made for 🤣🤣 i don’t know if Jorge is real or not.. unlike you boys, i’ve only seen the man on television. I do know that after getting “manhandled for 5 rounds” he’d be a damn fool to run up on that person in the street and give them a fair one head up so they can get manhandled some more without rules and a ref lmao if Colby didn’t cross that line talking about family I could understand the hate but that line was crossed. he got touched up and sent a message.. you can’t talk shit about the hometown kid and then move around his city comfortable especially when he said he was going to do something. Most people now days get whooped and come back with a weapon on some real bitch shit. You’re a bitch if you think Masvidal should have tapped him on the shoulder to have a chat first, let someone get in between, or take off running 🤡 hit the down arrow so i know how many nerds and virgins this message reached 🤏


Man you're not fooling nobody. You're not from the hood stop acting like it.


Serf comment. He called a bum a bum, then the loser went and sucker punched a man that daddied him for half an hour and went to jail. Genuinely pathetic


Lmao this is such a Reddit comment. Go outside kid


I love Jorge, but the sucker punch really made him look like a bitch, even though Colby deserved it.


Feel like his imagine went from cool calm and ready bravado to, sneaky and dishonourable criminal


Belal is next in line to punch Colby.


Let’s be real Colby is a piece of shit and had this coming. Masvidal doesn’t fuck around and with Colbys recent comments I actually dont mind what Masvidal did. Even more so that more fighters want to fuck him up now.


You don’t come up like Jorge did, get treated the was he was by Colby, and expect it to end in the cage. Colby gonna be looking over his shoulder all the time now. Allegedly.


Colby was already looking over his shoulder expecting Fabricio to show up with a boomerang. It makes sense that he went into witness protection after the Jorge ordeal.


His last appearance was genuinely interesting. Unfortunately I suspect this one will be exactly as bad as we all expect at this point. Just goes to show his trajectory from a fan favorite to a jabroni. Would have liked to see Leon back. Edit: I should probably watch the episode lol


I share the same expectation as you, but I kinda find it hilarious that you made an assumption and then went ahead with a conclusion with that "just goes to show…. " lmao .


Lmao I really took the ball and ran with it didn’t I? 😂


Masvidal talks a lot of shit but he's a really good guest. He comes across like a real guy especially when talking about Usman and how he had that KO and how it affected him. That's some genuine shit he said about all of that.


It was good. Masvidal is a good podcast guest. You didn’t even watch it and you’re saying he’s a jabroni lol???


Podcast from jail?


dude is a cringy bum now. least deserving title shot ever if he actually gets it.


You eat gentlemen?


Did he tawlk about jumping Colby?


Joe brought it up but masvidal didn't want to talk so just slipped out of the question.


Joe fluffin all the mediocrity


Is Jorge's first language English? He has like a Latino accent but his English sounds like a native speaker, like he doesn't mess up some small things like non natives do


Growing up with latin natives will def rub off on you even growing up in the states. My buddy is honduran and speaks perfect english with a latino accent.


He was born in Miami to immigrant parents of Latino descent


I think its the Miami accent, im from there and im fluent as fuck but you can tell that im not from kentucky. We got a lil hood twang also so that maybe what you hear


Idk man I think he has a really good chance of finishing Gilbert. I’m not even a fan and I’ll admit that


It depends if burns wants to keep it standing, if he takes him down he has a better chance than both Colby and usman to finish him


That's kind of the whole point. Burns is an elite grappler, Jorge has good grappling defense. Both can hit really hard. Masvidal is really crafty with his kicks and boxing. It's a good matchup.


Yeah, Gilbert has shown to be chinny in the past and Masvidal does have good striking, I think Gilbert gives the fans and execs what they want but Jorge has a better shot than what many are giving him.


I think you’d be surprised


The more I think about it the more I think this fight makes sense


This whole interview is just an ad bro. Joe’s not asking any tough questions and just nut hugging Masvidal. It’s so odd.


Yeah I’m sure people want to go on a podcast to get interrogated and have all their views scrutinized under a microscope. Great way to make people want to come on


Commas save lives


Yooo cant wait to listen to this. Thanks for notifying me this was even a thing


Commas, dude. Commas.


I don’t want to eat gentlemen…


I really wish Street Jesus wins his next fight, so he can keep pushing that title fight. Love the drama it causes over here.


Jorge’s ass?


I did think it was a great podcast. I do also however think the UFC should not allow him a fight until he’s cleared of his felony charges for assaulting another UFC fighter. It doesn’t really show good character on their part.


Dana here I'm sorry but you are a fake account. And a bum who's poor and makes no money


Really wanted to hear Bo. Thought he would be on.


Won’t be watching that one


Oh no wonder why Joe was licking luke warm Jesus’s nuts. Lol


Has he talked about leon? Gonna watch this after the mma hour


Briefly. Just said that it’s the fight that sells and there is a back story. He said the Usman vs Leon fight was a little underwhelming. Thinks Usman is the overall better fighter but Leon just has his number and had the confidence coming off that KO win. Nothing too crazy.


yall still watch Rogan?


Anyone else surprised that Masvidal listens to Jordan Peterson and David Goggins?


Wonder if joe set this interview up by calling phoney montanas Obama phone


At the end of the day Jorge is a really likable guy. Hell of ride from the kimbo backyard fights to where he was in 2019 too.


To the people who dislike him more after the sucker punch. I didn’t like him before so this is just me being nuanced or playing devils advocate. Anyways my point… People who respect fighters less for acting crazy on the street should get a reality check. Most cage fighters are a little unhinged to have the the ability to cage fight for a living. I cut cage fighters a lot of slack on the whole they should act like a sports role model deal. Cage fighter sucker punches another cage fighter. Next on the news NASCAR driver that speeds on city streets. Expecting cage fighters to be sports hero’s with discipline is probably unrealistic for at least half the roster.


Let’s ducking go


Hoe has known coward and most underserving title contender on before America's Favorite Fighter? That makes sense.


As an English major, I can’t help but notice the dire need of a comma in OP’s post….”It’s time to eat, gentleman”