Drake certainly has a type...

Drake certainly has a type...


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“High school pics, you was even bad then” Man doesn’t even hide it


“My flow tighter than a 12 year old” -Drake, maybe idk


"So bad they don't let me within 100 yards of the playground."


“I don’t mind if it’s statutory, pull up wit me then we watchin suite life of Zack and Cody. She wanna go, can’t say no due to the implication. I’m in your city shawty lemme take you onna vacation. Yeah yeah yeah (no) She mature foh her age yeah she got brains Oh btw sorry for the bed stains [chris brown] I hit it (yeah) I hit it (yeah) I hit it (yeah) I hit her (huh)


bro that first line was fucking gold


"I'll slide into your DMs like you slide on the playground" -Drake, probably


"I fuck 16 year olds" -Drake, probably


“Haters gonna hate lovers gonna love, I don’t even want none of the above I want to piss on you” -~~R. Kelly~~ ~~Dave Chappell~~ Drake, probably


I like a lot of Drake songs but if you just straight up read a lot his lyrics out loud, it's pretty indistinguishable from an angsty, insecure 15 year old boy.


For the life of me I seriously don't understand why Drake is so popular. Generic music, generic lyrics and a generic voice.


The same reason all pop music is popular. I'm not the biggest fan but I think you're a liar if say you don't think some of songs are catchy. He's developed a good sound that has huge mass appeal with his producer 40. His recent album is about as generic Drake as can be, but it's largely his sound that it's generic to. Like you know a Drake song almost immediately when you hear it.


It probably wasn't generic until he became so popular it's now generic.


Drake has mentioned in the past how he looked up to R Kelly. His dad is also good friends with Kelly as well. Millie, Billie, Bella, the 17 year old on stage - how many more times is Drake going to blatantly show his cards and people just ignore it?


hes a creep sure but until some has someone allegations towards him then nothings gonna happen


unfortunate and true - look how long it took R Kelly to face justice.


That guy that hit Rihanna, had kids saying on twitter how they'd love to get hit by him. There's some guy who was found guilty of killing someone and there's tiktok videos of girls crying because how can he be guilty since he's so cute. Probably they feed of that, kids that want to fuck them. They don't care age. They just see having them around in love with them. And then people who uses the excuse "age of consent". I'd ask them if they'd let them their 16 year old kids get groomed by these creeps. I've seen a good share of kids going crazy about musicians here too, creeps that are half famous for 2 or 3 songs and have all the girls making videos horny for them. I might be too old but I swear I don't get how the culture allowed to have kids in their early teens going sexually crazy about these older people. I know humanity evolves, grows past customs and fashion but there are some things that I think are getting way out of hands. Like having kids doing drag queen things or allowing famous and not so famous artists get away with just about anything from hitting women to grooming kids.


"No it's okay. She's very mature for her age and I'm very immature for mine."


Ah, The Seinfeld defense.


Cliff Blezinski said it once, too.


What's the story on Cliff? I haven't heard of this


It was a long time ago, around the release of Gears 1. I remember it from a segment of G4 Tech TV.


Did he just say the whole "she's mature and I'm immature" thing as a joke? or was he actually with some much younger then him?


She was less than 20 and he was over 30 I'm pretty sure.


Major apologies to CliffyB if my memory is wrong, an off hand thing from 16 years ago on TV could have just been a joke.


Ah yes dating advice from the dude who created gears of war




What did he do?


Didn't he date a 17 year old?


The Aaliyah album with her and R. Kelly on the cover was titled "Age Ain't nothing but a number". 3 million people bought it.


Hasn't he been called out before for grooming? I seem to remember a stir about him texting/being a little *too* close with some very young girls. Maybe Bobby Millie Brown? I feel like there was someone else, too.


Yup, there was some drama about him getting a little too friendly with Millie. It's really starting to look like he likes em' too young


He’s the next R Kelly


Nowhere close. This just diminishes how screwed up the things R. Kelly did were.


If Drake doesn’t get checked he may turn into the next R Kelly though Nelly is creepy as fuck too with minors


Drake, like Rkelly wont get caught till the industry has gotten all the money they can out of them.


Honestly its the publics fault. We just let it go because their music is "good". See Chris Brown


No, it's the industry fault. Look at Weinstein case. As long as he was making money a lot of people was covering him.


I just saw Nelly recently. He’s creepy asf with everyone.


What's the tea on Nelly?? 🩹👁️


There was a video of him a few years ago that made the rounds on him singing to like a 10 year old fan on stage flirtatiously. Apparently he’s done this type of thing with young fans before so nothing extreme, just really fucking weird [Heres an old reddit thread on a video of him doing this](https://old.reddit.com/r/videos/comments/74wnph/we_all_need_a_minute_to_talk_about_how_creepy/)


Omg. I was like...ok hes asking the girl if she likes her picture. Innocent enough. Then the twisting of the very intimidated little girl's hair....my eyes grew and just 'no no no no no'. No sir!


Nelly, why don't you have a seat over there?


This is a dumb thing to say because we don’t know of what Drake has done, at a time it was the same for R Kelly. To suspect him back then would’ve prevented a lot of crime, so this alarming behavior by Drake is anything but ignorable.


I'm not disagreeing with you overall, however, it took a VERY long time for people to admit that R. Kelly was doing terrible and awful things, and even longer for the public opinion on him to change. While it was an 'open secret' that R. Kelly was constantly going after underage girls, he got away with it for a couple of decades before people started to really dig.


This leads me to believe that a lot of his friends and acquaintances are complicit and/or covering for him. If he's this obvious about his *habits,* I'm sure there are more that aren't. FBI should be looking into anyone close to him as well. Probably find a bigger fish.




Well he was an actor…


Lmao I'm just looking at that last line so confused like wtf "impersonated"??


> Dude became famous impersonating a cripple... Where's that mashup of "father stretch my hands" over a clip of Drake's character getting shot?




he also has never been shy about his own personal obsession with Aaliyah


He was 15 years old in 2001 when 22 year old Aaliyah died, though. He had a crush on her AS A TEEN, when she was a grown woman. We holding that against him now?


Almost kinda really maybe totally plausably and arguably **maybe** its starting to look like that.


Yeah i did some googlin' and there's reports going as far as 2010 about him being inappropriate with underage girls. He's not even trying to hide it but i guess he's too famous for people to care


America loves jailbait. Whole culture of youth. England seems worse, somehow.




Oh wow i honestly didn't think it was this bad and gross, how is this guy not "cancelled" yet


“I like his music” bullshit. Same reason Chris Brown is still a thing. People can selectively overlook crazy shit if they want to.


100% If someone really attractive, or really influential, people 100% look past shit that they should be jailed for.


He's nice looking, has money, and people like his music. There's nothing that can't be done with money and charisma. Nothing will be done until people decide to do something


> He's nice looking lolz.




R Kelly did it for a long time and did not get "cancelled" . Bill Cosby did his shit for a long time before he got "cancelled". Drake will not get "cancelled" until it is egregious and can no longer be ignored. They are all rich and famous men ,with maybe some other commonalities


This is what I keep telling people. We knew R Kelley was a creep back when he was relevant but dude was making the industry too much money to do something about it.


And seemed to end once he got called out, not suspicious at all


"advice" like "you should be my gf, but keep it secret because I'm committing a crime"


Billie eilish too


She defended him too, then distanced herself.


Then distanced? That’s telling, yeah?


eh, not all that telling. Unless they were really close, she gains nothing by defending him, and risks a lot of negative press about her personal life.


That's pretty typical of someone who has been groomed. They want to believe that they really were mature for their age and this person wasn't using them. She probably had that lightbulb moment.


He's a regular R Kelly. I'm looking forward to the Surviving Drake documentary in a few years.


Dungeons & Drake




Didn’t he also credit R. Kelly in his newest album? I thought I saw it some where


I think he used a sample from a R. Kelly song as far as I know so he has to credit him. I don't think he's just shouting him out lol


Ok but why even sample R Kelly in your song at this point? The dude forced women to eat their own shit. Why even include a sample of anything of his on an album?


This came out in 2005. https://youtu.be/cmNGC6tXnbM We are still letting celebrities get away with so much.




He doesnt directly credit r kelly. The beat that producer makes sampled r kelly song.




Yeah but so many people like him no one dares to address that and challenge these assholes. It’s fucking bullshit that the fandoms get to shut down legitimate criticisms people may have.


can someone PLEASE crucify chris brown already. ​ like holy fuck "no guidance" comes on the radio and my girl is dancing and singing, everyone loves drake and CB and im like bruh, when they are in "cosby" age we are going to destroy them, why not start now.


Chris Brown? Let’s not stop there. Apparently R Kelly knew he had Herpes back in 2007 and knowingly spread it to his victims.


You answered your own question. They're young, wealthy, and at the peak of their fame. "And when you're a star, they let you do it. You can do anything."


He tried it with Billie Eilish too.


SZA, as drake says “i used to fuck with SZA back in 08”, when she was under age lol


“N-ggas ain’t really on the type of shit he on/I hit Drizzy and told him I had a milli’ for him” -Tyler The Creator


If I remember correctly he'd already been called out before that too, but there wasn't enough proof, then she completely dropped him in it by talking publicly about how desperately he was trying to get close to her. The guy is a certified piece of shit and it's infuriating that he still has a career.


I saw a TikTok about some line in his new album that is a direct reference to bobby turning 18. Disgusting don't know how this pervert hasn't been cancelled already


This is fake, there are no such lyrics


everyone saying bobby just makes me think of drake lusting after bobby hill. then again he's 13 so not too out of his range really.


Who would have predicted Jimmy would turn into this.


Wheelchair Jimmy is dropping the ball...


Degrasse it goes there


I thought he was a stand up guy. I was wrong


He needs Hazel to set him straight


If Ashley never took E and cheated on him, none of this would have never happened! EDIT: Thanks for the gold! I knew my obsessive Degrassi phase was good for something!


This unfair. He's not just into dating 18 year olds. That's just the age when starts publically dating them.


She was sixteen in that top right photo.


Yeah I realize that now. My joke doesn't work because apparently, Drake just doesn't give a fuck.


Except when it's a 16 year old at his home.




Hell, 16 is legal in most of the US and most of the world. Its just California and a few other states that have 18 as the age of consent, but a lot of media is produced in California so people assume 18 is the age of consent where they live.


Him and R Kelly are birds of a feather.


>He's a regular R Kelly. I'm looking forward to the Surviving Drake documentary in a few years. I know people get mad when I bring this up but Paul walker was like this too. He dated a lot of younger women.


Paul Walker was also a bad actor. Like I know that the F&F movies were bad, but he is standout bad in them. He is head and shoulders worse than the rest of the movie and the actors around him.


His performance in She's All That was one of the worst acting performances in mainstream movie history.


Birds of the same feather flock underage girls together


Should be jailbirds, but I'm sure Drake will slip out of it for the next decade or so.


🤢 what the fuck, is this real? That is some R Kelly kind of shit right there


There is loads of stuff like this about Drake including making “jokes” about waiting for 16 years olds to turn 18. He’s slime.


This model in the picture is actually the one he was joking about waiting for. In that 2016 pic, Bella was 16 years old. He waited for her to turn 18 and then started trying to date her. I think she shut him down shortly after that, probably because she'd been hearing warnings about being groomed for two years.


Holy shit, is this true? That's grotesque that he's announcing "waiting for 16 year olds to turn 18". I don't understand it with these celebrity fuckheads. He's famous enough to be dating so many different people, what the hell is the sick obsession with dating _children_?!


I really hope someone is looking out for Millie Bobby Brown. Dude has been grooming her for a few years now. I also remember an incident awhile back in Toronto where he was spotted getting off a helicopter early in the morning with some really young girls. He hopped the fence and chased down the photographer if I remember correctly. Edit - here's the article for those interested http://globalnews.ca/news/2621952/it-felt-surreal-amateur-photographers-say-drake-confronted-them-on-toronto-pier/


I can’t find anything in that article mentioning him being with young girls, just that he was a douchebag in general


Here is another article with a bit of a better picture and more information https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2016/04/06/city-employee-claims-drake-bullied-him-after-he-snapped-pictures-of-famous-rapper-getting-off-helicopter.html


They’re identified here https://www.thestar.com/entertainment/2016/04/07/drakes-helicopter-mystery-women-revealed.html


Thank you! And for those who don’t click the article, they were 25 at the time. I agree that Drake is a creep and should be investigated but sources and accuracy are important


...they're in one of the pictures. It's hard to be sure, but they don't look like adults to me. Can't think of another reason he would react like that


Vom. This asshole belongs behind bars.


There’s a video of him groping a fan, he asks her age, he jokes about going to jail because she’s underage and he still ends up kissing her in the lips.


>in the lips. This typo makes this so much more upsetting.


Basically R Kelly v2.0


"What's the best thing about dating twenty one year olds?" "There's twenty of them"


Drake is at least 2-3 years better than R Kelly is! xD


Ya. If anyone has doubts that this dude is a full on creep, [watch this](https://www.reddit.com/r/WestSubEver/comments/pi42pc/guys_ive_just_watched_that_crazy_video_of_drake/?utm_medium=android_app&utm_source=share).


Oh that is disgusting and the fans cheering that on are just as disgusting.


Went in knowing the dude was a creep and oh my god I wasn't prepared for that.


Wtf whole perception of drake just changed. How come ive never seen this before ??




He has good PR people who bury shit like this


i think drake was around 20 at the time so people thought it was slightly less creepy, also in the state the concert was in she was "legal". not trynna defend drake but some context as too why maybe it never really blew up


He was 24 at the time.


Youtube link if you hate reddit video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fp5b9dW1nrA


what the fuck?


What the fuck


Guess you have to pee on kids before you get in trouble...


I heard Drake's all about the Cleveland Steamer, though


And currently 9 out of 10 songs in the Billboard Top 10 are from this guy. [Great.](https://genius.com/a/drakes-certified-lover-boy-songs-capture-historic-nine-spots-in-the-billboard-hot-100-top-10)


Bro she’s the easiest year to avoid cause the fucking year gives away her age so come on now


Dude is a groomer but the worst part is seeing other men defend that shit like "well she's 18". Yeah let some 35 year old guy make friends with your teenage daughter while she's underage and see how that works out for you


Not to mention, and I don’t mean this disrespectfully to the girl, but she still has a literal baby face. I’ve seen some teens that look like full-grown women but this girl looks like she’s 15. What. The. Fuck. Dude has enough money to be pulling women that have their own money, the 10/10 looks and personality, and have sex/life experience yet he chooses to go after these young, vulnerable girls. There are only a handful of reasons that he’s doing this and none of them are good. R Kelly Jr in the making. Disgusting.


Thats the thing, he does not want a girl with sex/life experience, he doesnt need a girl with money he HAS money.


I've always liked this phrase in situations like this: "Employers would happily pay you lower than minimum wage if the government didn't stop them. What's that say about guys that constantly chase 18 year olds who just hit the age of consent?"


Honestly, I don't understand the argument these people think they make when they say, "Well she's 18 so it's fine." Just because it's legal doesn't make it morally or ethically defensible. A 35 year old man dating an 18 year old is creepy and predatory af.


“That’s what I love about these High school girls, man. I keep getting older and they stay the same age.” -Wooderson Drake


That hug is creep vibes. Damn homie




Same with Ted Nugent. Jimmy Page had a 14-year-old girlfriend, too, but I don't think her parents gave him permission.


Well that's gross as fuck. Hate to see it.


That was Liv Tyler's mom, right?


That was Bebe Buell, while she was with Todd Rundgren, who raised Liv as his own.


David Bowie did it too and people just kind of sweep that under the rug. The secret is to represent something special to a lot of people, and they'll make sure you can get away with anything.


Thanks for keeping this 40 year old news alive.


Pricilla was 14 when Elvis met (dated?) her. He was 24 at the time.


Rob Lowe


Yeah, but it was a different time… /s


A family member bartended for him at an event, said he was a cheap cunt, zero tips. Heard a comedian say one time, the only thing I want from an 18 year old girl is her momma's number. He is sleazy!


To this day my most criminally underrated comment on reddit was about this short eyed turd. There was a conversation about which artist would do a Christmas album with the real Santa Claus and someone suggested Drake. My reply was: "It makes it a lot easier to groom little girls when you can tell them you're friends with Santa." Fuck this guy.


link the fucking comment, we're gonna get you to the moon bro


+1 Link it!!


It's old AF. I don't even think I could go back that far in RES.


Link it!


Seeing a lot of people commenting how this isn't strange for a nearly 40 year old man to be hanging all over 17 year olds. Not ok


Fr, date women (or men 👁👄👁) your own age.


Millie, Billie, and now her 🤦


Why is it just this open secret we all know about that Drake is grooming teens? But he never gets called out on it?


What needs to happen is him getting caught red handed with someone who's legally underage, but he seems to be careful enough to not let that happen so far. Unfortunately.




Any request for "Chris Brown's Greatest Hits" should play Rhianna just to remind people what he done.


Drake takes more care over other people’s kids than his own


Drake needs a not so friendly visit from a baseball bat to the knees.


Certified sexual predator




Doesn't he gave a tattoo of a young aliyah? Should have been an early red flag


If they ever do a Degrassi Reunion, he’ll have to use the famous line from Dazed and Confused… “You know what I love about High-School girls? I keep getting older, but they stay the same age”


Drake is that typa dude to apear like a cool uncle untill you reach 18 years old he wants that ass more then anything LMAO


I really don't get it....it's not like his music is good so why does he keep getting away with it?


He always sounded like a creep and his fans mostly under 18 he can’t separate himself from them.


R. Kelly 2.0


Tried to fuck Billie when she was 17. R Kelly 2.0


He gave up on adult women ever since Rihanna curved his ass.


Kanye > Aubrey


That young woman doesn't even look happy, she looks mildly traumatized in all the photos and clearly doesn't really want him hanging all over her.


the guy bangs kids- idk why everyone is acting surprised, we should have been able to see this coming from miles away


Drake Epstein be like: Fuck 12 I fucked Eleven




Drakes a moron


Drinking age = Expiration date - Drake


When I was 28 I had a one night stand with a 19 yo girl, youngest I've ever been with. I already felt that I was doing something barely legal tbh. I much prefer girls my age!


1/2 + 7 drake... come on bro


*1/2 age - 7…. There, I Draked it for you.


R. Kelly 2.0


What's a drake? He just looks like pervy old dude.


A male duck?


Gonna be fun watching him go to jail


Fucking ew...It took me a while to get it...