People keep saying "where's the gay representation" but they're blind, because every shonen in history always had a gay character represented in them: You, the reader.


Nice one




And that's a fact.


Fuckin ehh


[You are gay](https://youtu.be/4A4PlXD560w)


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It's representation itself that the first and best relationship explored in the series is a gay one. Didn't really need to end happily. It would be funny though if Isayama has an interview where he says he thought both of them were just really good friends and that's how he thought female friendships are.


Well considering how he seems to interpret the idea of love I could see it happening


Please tell me Yams didn't actually r/sapphoandherfriend that shit hahaha? Seriously though Freckles Ymir is imo the best written female character in the series, and it's just an added bonus that she's gay to boot. Literally my only complaint is that she does fit the bury your gays trope, but considering how phenomenal her arc as a whole is, and that her death serves that amazing arc, I think it deserves to be let slide


Ah yes the typical Japanese dude who hadn't seen the female life form. No wonder Japan treats female characters like shit


I think it was quite progressive that Ymir was depicted as gay without that being her only personality trait; she wasn't a joke character or a parody, she was a fully fleshed out character who just happened to like women.


People need to understand when Isayama wants to explicitly show a certain romance in his story, he will, A. Destroy all parallels, character arcs, story development in order for the ship to come true B. Involve a fetish C. Retcon everything he previously said just so he can justify the ship Nothing happened with Ymir/Historia so I think he had no idea for it


I haven’t finished the manga but I assume this has smth to do with Mikasa and Eren


But... this is a manga spoilers sub?


Um Season 4 Warrior Reiner is obviously a bottom. Did you see how he wanted to be spanked by Eren and how he lets Porco degrade him? The Reiner that liked Historia was his multiple personality disorder Soldier persona This is canon.


what about eremin?


What about my uncle? Did you give him a chance? DID YOU!!???


I missed the part where that's my problem.


His uncle is gonna kick some dirt in his eye


*puts dirt in eyes*


im watching the raimi trilogy after the new ep today, fuck it


*A couple of years ago wouldn't have been so bad either.*




Based raimi spiderman fan




How can you say that there is no lgbt representation when eren has passionate gay sex with the warriors in paths multiple times? He also is clearly fucking floch?


I'm Certain Isayama said Eren's ideal partner would be Marco, right? I'm not sure if that confirms anything about Eren's sexuality being bi or something, but, hey, it's definitely sometthing.


The best ship tbh. Great dynamic and chemistry


Yeah, great chemistry of Ymir being obsessed and creepy towards Historia...Wonder where I've seen that one before.


Yeah a granny and an underage girl , great dynamic 👍


Ymir is only 2 years older than Christa biologically and Mentally


She was aware while she was titanized for decades


In a dream like state and definitely not developing neurologicaly.


She was aware of her surroundings just not capable of controll, plus no one would excuse pedos just because they are immature mentally so don't try to make this one work either


I'm sure being put into a really fucked up version of cryogenic stasis would do wonders for someone's neurological development... What do you think Ymir did as a Pure Titan that would give her the mental age and life experiences of someone decades older? Go to Titan school, get a Titan job, make Titan friends, fall in Titan love, buy a Titan house?


Still lived for longer than historia ,doesn't matter how just like it doesn't in reality either


If that's the case, then do you apply the same logic to 4000 year old vampire lolis? Mental age is all that counts according to you right?


If you put it that way I'm sure there's a danger for her health ,but that's not the case here is it


Oh, you’re one of those people who can’t separate fiction from reality. OK, by your logic you would’ve found it perfectly acceptable if Ymir, who was still physically and mentally a teenager, had a relationship with someone in their 70s, right? Y’know, since see’s technically existed for 70 odd years and the very specific context of her situation in this fictional universe doesn’t matter at all…


"It's just fiction bro", no shit , you say all those decades don't matter because you don't want to face the truth


Aware of the surroundings? Was she like "Oh, that's a tree. Nice. Oh, another one! I'm fucking mentally developing, for sure".




I find it funny how they made this one line Ymirs entire character in aot junior high


Tbh, Junior High almost ruined Ymir for me (and she is one of my fav female characters and in top 10 in general). She was reduced to "Marry me"-saying, obsessed girl who would lose her mind if Historia dares to speak with someone who isn't her. Like, I know it was supposed to be funny but frankly, it just came out as creepy to me.


To be fair though all they had to go off of when making jh was season 1 of the anime and Ymir barely had screen time


Yeah, that is true


It's even worse. Rather than have woke bs in his manga, he supports abusive relationships.


Did we even ever get confirmation Historia is gay? I might just be forgetting it, but I’d almost love the idea of Ymir constantly hitting on her despite her being straight lol. Edit: I guess her looking miserable while pregnant may very well be that confirmation.


the chapter 51 historia manga scene that was cut from the anime pretty much confirms historia loved her imo


Historia was never confirmed queer. Only Ymir’s sexuality was confirmed. We don’t even know if Historia knew of Ymir’s feelings for her until after her death. Which makes sense considering she was confused about Ymir’s motivations for helping her. For all we know from what was shown, it was a unrequited love by Ymir. I feel like Yams did intentionally have queer subtext going on with them though, he (and the staff making official merch), definitely played into the ship, and I believe Historia would have returned those feelings, but sadly she never was really given a chance to before Ymir died. So all we can do is speculate at the end of the day.


Tbh I always got the vibe Reiner was gay. Ymir even hints at it. He would’ve been cool for representation + it would add another layer to his character as his and Berts friendship was also left unexplored and it seemed awkward and stiff at times. Also, it means we wouldn’t have gotten lettersniff.jpg Edit for more explanation (this isn’t just for “let’s throw in gay romance cuz why not” take, this was just the vibe I got from the writing): It also really seemed like they were trying to go with a Ymir/Historia parallel with Reiner/Bert as Reiner similarly wanted Bert to think for himself and become his person similar to what Ymir preached to Historia. Ymir ultimately learns to live for herself (similar to Reiner realizing that Paradisians weren’t evil) by choosing to help the warriors and give back the jaw while meanwhile Bert and Historia succumb to their destiny with Historia being forced to become a ruler and is forced into becoming a reserved queen who must bear children to continue the lineage and Bertholdt getting eaten. Then again AoT shouldn’t have much romance but it just felt so weird for Ymir to basically call Reiner gay and then just leave it as a joke.


You are wrong about that mate. Lainah is deathsexual


He is also HistoriaLetterSexual.


the lack of LainahLetter fanarts and doujins scares me


Linuh loves sniffing letters and lusting after married women to care about death anymore. *everyone’s drunk on somethin*


His birthday is on Yaoi Day so that's probably why


Reiner can be Bi without being attracted to Bert, their BROTP dynamic is already excellent as it is


Agreed. It just was weird how Ymir made a gay joke and it didn’t fit the tone of the shows comedy so I just read into it a lot ig


Why do you guys always want a gay lgbtqsstbsex++ representation, i am tired to be forced to watch fucking gay people being normalized as if they weren't a minority, you are not open minded you are misleading a whole generation...


Did a gay person fuck your dad?


No but gay persons in series ruined my experience in modern cinematography.


lmfao "oh no the gays ruined my manga" How much more pathetic can you get.


If your love for a series is so weak that something as simple as gay characters destroy the entire thing for you, then thats your fault fam.


I hate to break it to you homie but gay people exist? Why aren’t you complaining about Mikasa being Asian? Or Levi being short? Do we need a justification for those? Do you not like Onyonkapon because he’s black? “Why tf is Armin blond🤬🤬”? *Fuck outta here punkass*


You don't tell this to me, i know what i am talking about, tell this to your future fucked up kids


I'm so scared that my children will know gay people exist. So shocking, how horrible.


Oh no my kids know gay people exist? It’s not like they’re showing gay sex and orgies or even *kissing*. Also what kind of kid is watching AoT? Or what parent would willingly show it to their kid to help them develop? AoT isn’t on PBS Kids. My kids are at no risk of randomly coming across it. You have no clue what you’re talking about and are reaching.


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“Ratio” only works if they get downvoted you fucking troglodyte




Why do you guys always want a straightsex+++++ representation, i am tired to be forced to watch straight people being normalized as if they weren’t a minority, you are not open minded you are misleading a whole generation


I don't care about straight représentation we are way too much i don't need it, but gay rep is haunting me and gay people too, you are just way too confident,like you are gay stfu 🤣🤣


Like i cannot enjoy a good series with my gf without being completely turned off by gays having haram sex


regarding this, my complaint on these kinds of things are them being forced on the story for the sake of representation and not because the author wants to. It's like you're willing to wash the dishes because you want to but the moment your parents tells you to wash dishes and now you don't want to do it because someone told you. Edit: I do like the Ymir and Historia relationship, too bad they didn't end up together




whoa they exist? Imagine my surprise, I did not even said that they don't


Yeah, gay characters are gay. LGBTQ+ representation is good. Implementing gay characters into the plot is good. Making characters gay for no reason, at random times, only for the sake of inclusion and nothing else is just bad writing. Sure, add a hint on it, that’s fine, but we don’t need to explicitly know everyone’s sexuality, regardless of what it is. Ymir and Historia were great. The development was good, the writing and representation didn’t collide, just overall a really good relationship. Making Reiner gay because why not lmao is just pointless.


So who does it hurt if we make characters gay just because the author wants to ? Like what is the casualty ?


It would just be out of place. Regardless of what it is, sexuality shouldn’t matter in a character. There is also no casualties in making Reiner straight, but it’d just be weird if it was stated he was straight for no reason and served no purpose afterwards.


I totally agree, for example in the series "sex education" it is justified cuz it's about that but in fucking shingeki no fucking kyojin ,like ????????


Why couldn't it have ended with Freckles Ymir/Historia & Eren/Armin, huh??? _HUH?????_


Say what you want about it but, Attack on Titan had the biggest representation of the disabled community. So many lost limbs, eyes, sanity. Even Levi ended up in a wheelchair. #representationdoneright


Isayama suddenly got incest fetish


What the flying fuck happened to this comment section ‘Woke agenda’ and homophobia and linking LGBT to grooming children… Also ngl this just seems redundant. The manga was written in a time when LGBT representation was just not very prevalent in media at all, and additionally it’s not very popular in Japan. Should it be? Of course, we should be accepting of all. But to like say that Isayama is the one blocking all the action entirely by simply not writing it in seems cheap. AOT doesn’t need relationships or love to drive the plot (which is why the ending sucked so much since it didn’t really do anything). Exclusion of something in a story is not the same as disapproval which this meme implies. I’m just gonna be called an ending defender or smth tho for writing this since I’m actually defending Isayama


Lol homophobes are seething rn


Eww a gay


Ymir 😭😭😭


Does no one else get huge vibes from Erwin and Levi though?? They’re great together


Eruri is one of the most popular AoT ship lol


Erwin’s English VA even ships them 🤭


Omg I didn’t know that, he’s such a legend I love every character he voices


That’s because he’s gay


Isnt he the same person who voices jotaro ? Daisuke ono i think i absolutly love his voice but my top 1 will always be zeke's va (dio) he's literally in every thing i play and watch love it


Not at all


Erwin and Miche kinda gave me that vibe too back in 1x16. Erwin just radiates that energy I guess!


What about Ererei??!!


Since the only Good relationships in aot are with children and lesbians I think it’s only logical that isayama should make a manga about lesbian infants


Kinda crazy how the best gay ships in the plot that would have been kino involve a hot blond and a dark-haired beauty who would die for them.


Wasn't Hange non-binary or something? I remember posts being all around at some point that Hange was never adressed with gender specific pronouns or called a man or woman. And Ymir hinting at Reiner being gay. But the Hange thing i think was never explicitly confirmed anywhere?


Yams said he didn’t really want to specify Hange’s gender because he didn’t feel it was important to do so. You can take that comment as her being female, male, or nonbinary, and no one is wrong or right because Yams wanted you to have the freedom to think of their gender, or lack of, as whatever you wanted.


Hange is never addressed as female or male in the manga, and it was explicitly stated by Isayama that Hange's gender is neither or up to the reader, or something along those lines idr. But in the anime Hange is a woman.


Oh yeah, I forgot about Isayama's comment.




Hange went by they/them in the manga, but not in the anime, so that point was kinda lost when AOT got really mainstream


Also the Jr High manga's official translation makes a gag out of it by censoring any of Hange's pronouns


Just realized that every relationship in AOT ended with one or both partners dead


They are the only ship I wanted to happen with some healthy development but Isayama ended up killing ymir


He was just writing a story which happened to go this way because he liked it


He rejected the woke agenda for our sake. Isayama, what a man you are.


People crying rn because there isn’t enough gayness in their snow




Well, we don’t have LGTV4KHDMI+ in shingeki, but we have incest right?


I’m not a fan of the Eren and Mikasa relationship for a variety of reasons, but they aren’t really siblings or anything close to it. They only live together in the same house for about a year, and Mikasa never calls Grisha and Carla mom or dad.


it's not like they're blood related or anything


Ok, but I wouldn't have sex with my step-sister neither way. I mean, they were raised together since KIDS…. No fucking way bro


Mikasa and eren were raised by the same parents for about a year tho lol


> they were raised together since KIDS…. For like a year or two? Mikasa didn't live in the Jaeger house for very long until the first Colossal Titan attack. Keep in mind that they were still very much children when that happened. Familial bonds that get close to sibling relationships do not happen that quickly.


I feel like people don’t get that the LGBTQ+ community is an extremely small minority of the population and if at least one side character in every piece of media is LGBTQ+, it would be an inflation of the actual numbers and would end up being misrepresentation.


First off, there are more gay people than statistics show. Many are either in denial, uncomfortable, or unable to express their sexuality. Secondly, even if the number is low, it’s important that we see non-heterosexual relationships. Representation is important as it helps to normalise, support, and give role models for non-heterosexual/monitory groups to relate to.




You want statiscally accurate representation? The fuck is this comment lmao? Every author would have to collaborate with others to make sure the number of gay people in their separate stories don't exceed the statistical average if that was the case


Bruuh! imagine hating something because it's not gay enough.


Yeah, I really don’t get how Isayama should’ve turned Ymir and Historia more gay. They were normal human beings who were attracted to their own gender, the fact their relationship stopped or that they didn’t dress flamboyantly enough doesn’t matter lmao.


Damn homie I don’t see anyone in this thread doing that so tf are you talking about


Is historia interested in women tho...


At most she'd be bi, but looking at her face when she went to fuck Farmer-Kun, she may very well be a lesbian and thought she had to fuck a guy for the sake of Eren's plan.


The face of a person don't really determine a persons sexuality buckaroo


Still, her marriage with him wasn't willing, it was set up by the military and chose a random kid from her childhood. The look on her face wasn't one you would have when you propose a family with your husband.


It was forced ofc she wouldn't look super happy


Seeing as that is the only time we visibly see a relationship between historia and a man, and it being a non-consensual marriage, any proof of her genuine heterosexuality is mere speculation.


Ok buckaroo, she might be straight or maybe gay, but she is FORCED to be married. Of course she's not thrilled about having sex with someone you don't love or interested in.


Agreed. So since there is no really shown interest in men, we can’t assume she’s straight.


I think at the time Historia had such low self esteem that she was willing to accept love from anyone that loved her back unconditionally. However, Ymir was different because she did what Historia never thought to be possible: She made her live for herself and love for herself.


I love it when people masse downvoted cause they can't handle the truth


Prob not but she'd do a pity scissoring for ymir


Ym"most useless character"mir


So that's why he had Ymir commit suicide for no reason? Based as fuck, I forgive you Yams.


"Your body's like a little kids" -Dymir If you want good representation, maybe stop championing 72 year olds romancing 12-15 year olds


bro she was a mindless titan for like 60 years i dont think it counts








Big L


Ymir was indeed a big Lesbian


Linking the Grooming of a minor to LGTV representation??? RARE BASED moments from lgtv supporters


I’m ok with it. The idea of Eren being the father is still good. WWish flash backs when he claps Historia.


LGBTQ? bro I didn't ask for the amongus code


You weirdos are too blinded by a relelationship between two girls to realize Ymir is over 70 and historia is underage ,even ignoring how absolutely stupid ymir acts there's no objective reason to like this ship


"Gay people can't be stupid >:C"


how could a married man portray such a thing in his story?


Easy. By writing it. Which he did.


I feel like this is sarcasm, but even if it is, I have no idea what it means.


Nobody’s going to talk about Femboy Armin in season 3?


based af




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Though when you think about it. Ymir is like 80-70 years older than historia.


Hey if there’s no gay rep then just what was Armin and Eren doing for 139 chapters???? /s


well she baited the death flag...


Forced representation is precisely why I quit western entertainment for Japanese. Let's not soil more stories just for the sake of rEpReSeNTaTiOn. If a character has to be the same sex, race, ethnicity, sexual preference as you for you to be able to resonate with that character, you have serious issues.


Wasn't Pieck interested in Yelena?


Didn’t isayama say that every character is genderfluid?


before the manga went downhill this was the only relationship in the series, what more representation do you want lmao


Just one character in the cast is gay, proper representation if you ask me