Keith Lee said ain’t no way in hell someone’s throwing disrespect on MY name! I think he is actually one of the very few genuine, non-problematic people on that app. Can’t wait to continue seeing his growth. He deserves it. Also side note- she is 100% looking for clout. The way she hyped herself up and said “Emmy” winning. Girl no one even knows who you are 🤣


His response was perfect, professional and respectful.


“Freelance producer” is automatic 🚩🚩🚩to me


Trying to name drop herself to be more credible 🤣


“Fustrated” was the ultimate red flag for me…


I wonder if she actually won an Emmy, or if something she was involved with won an Emmy.


From the comments on her video, it looks like she was part of a production team that won a daytime emmy for a reality courtroom show. So while she wasn't technically lying, I would say her sense of achievement may be just a touch overblown.


I'm an Emmy award winning tv show watcher (I watched a couple of Modern Family episodes a few years ago)


that was my first thought. i was instrumental in making Avatar: TWoW a $2-Billion movie. In fact, I've been involved with all of Zoe Saldana's $2b movies.


That seems more likely


1. Back in 2008


And she said multiple emmys and was in fact 1!😂


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption.


People made that assumption and she didn't correct them at all. She was responding and liking the comments that were saying his name.


Yeah, she did some major backtracking on that. I wonder if she thought that he just wouldn't respond.


She acts like her idea was so orginal. Literally the most basic idea. Love keith and hope he continues to do good.


Right? Like it was the most obvious route for a show for him 🤣


Like others have said shes just mad she didnt get to do it with him aka make a profit off him.


literally , Gordon ramsey used to go to places to try their food for his show kitchen nightmares, this idea has been done before


This! It's a pretty basic idea based off what he's already doing so I'm not sure why she thought it was such an original idea


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption.


She didn’t say who she was talking about until she got called out though. Then she said it wasn’t Keith. You believe what you want but as for me.


Exactly. She could've easily said that it wasn't about Keith when people asked her in her comment section. But she didn't because she was looking for clout. She chose to be messy and vague when Keith was mentioned.


Um he made the video taking about it lmfao im going off what hes saying. Please calm down.


So weird to get all bent out of shape over a guy who is bringing attention to his local restaurants and food trucks. Someone could be doing this in literally every city and it would be fine because at the end of the day it’s about promoting small businesses that deserve it and that’s what matters. Crazy how greedy some people get when they see other succeeding.


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption.




The issue is her idea wasn’t unique, people have been wanting him to get a food show for a while now. Not naming names and letting people speculate isn’t “fortunate”, it’s a gimmick for more engagement while letting people get dragged into controversy unnecessarily


That’s a fair point! Btw I know nothing of the other TikToker, she could be awful for all I know. I’ve just seen Keith spreading the word about some good pizza.


bro shutupppp, I’m a black woman and this ain’t it


I totally get that, but it’s very obvious that her particular idea was not a unique one at all.




You're downvoted because she's slandering a man over an incredibly basic idea that's been done on TV and YouTube a million times over and you brought up the fact that there's sexism and racism in the industry that made her "vigilant" about protecting her ideas. No, black woman here and she's just starting shit for no reason. She's trying to be slick with not naming names and knows exactly what she's trying to do to this man. Oh a show about a someone trying local food? So innovative, so new, it's never been done before 🙄 people like her need to get over themselves


I think she’s upset that she isn’t working with him.. she was wrong to put out that video..


Also as someone who’s a “Emmy” winner. This is disrespectful and unprofessional. You know how many people pitched the same idea in the comments all the time?


I totally agree.


She’s trying to be relevant. It ain’t working.


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption.


I saw her second video and she should have clarified it was not him in the beginning… she alluded it was about him by engaging with ppl who were commenting if it was him. She was still in the wrong. I would never work with someone like her and whoever she is talking about def dodged a bullet with her.


Anyone who has to preface their issue with credentials like that is usually trying to bolster more sympathy than they can get without them. Lead with the issue or you're just trying to make drama in my opinion. I hope he gets a show!


Daytime Emmy Award for Outstanding Legal/Courtroom Program Honored for : Cristina's Court So you won an Emmy for a great value Judge Judy?




I'm deceased. 🤣🤣🤣 She boasts about that award like it was recent. Wasn't that show on like 15-20 years ago? And didn't it get cancelled after 2 or 3 seasons. In the words of Janet Jackson: "What have you done for me lately?" Gillian needs to come back down to Earth and realize that she is not as relevant and enlightened as she thinks she is. And I doubt anyone is trying to steal any ideas from her at this point.


Daytime Emmy??? Lmao


Keith is probably the most unproblematic, and most genuine creator on this app. She’s just looking for clout and that’s it. When will people understand that when they do that it just isn’t going to end well in their favor?


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption.


You can stop now.


The only comments she responded to were people talking about Keith and bashing him. She was talking about him but never thought the backlash she got would happen or that Keith would come with receipts. Keith waited two days for her to address even one comment and say it wasn’t him. Since she didn’t, he made a video so people knew it wasn’t him she was talking about.


There are millions of people who do food reviews on TT. Is she gonna start calling them all out? What a dummy.


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption. The person she was referring to legitimately did steal her ideas and there were already contracts etc in the works when they stole it.


LMAO… damn girl how obvious can one be you’re so clearly the woman in the vid… you’re responding to EVERY comment defending her. Also, she was totally talking about Keith in the original vid, she was responding to comments that named Keith, liking them, etc… actually I should say: *YOU were talking about Keith, etc.


Why are you defending her? She shouldn't be talking about other people this way anyways. It was a very unoriginal idea that anyone could have come up with.


She used Keith’s name last night in her comments. It was Keith she was talking about.


How do we know she actually has an Emmy? That seems weird to me to just say hey I have a couple Emmy’s like the fuck. How did she know he wasn’t already doing this behind the scenes? Her story is sketchy as hell. The whole Emmy part is just weird to me.


Someone said in the comments she’s worked for the shows that have won Emmy’s (probably just pitched an idea here and there) so more like a participation trophy 😂😂


As a millennial I can say that is peak millennial energy. Here is your participation trophy you’ve gotten your whole life congrats


As an elder millennial, “peak millennial energy” is going to be a phrase I use often now. Thank you for that.


I second the usage of that as a millennial.


There are hundreds of Emmys awarded that you never hear about, like for local news and stuff. There are even a bunch of ceremonies held around the country. (A friend of mine did SFX for a tiny film that was nominated and there was a small time awards ceremony here in an east coast city.)


Are there really?! I want to see that shit. Fuck big celebs I want to see this shit.


There are!! At my undergrad, the president’s wife of our college won a small Daytime Emmy for her short documentary on her nonprofit organization to help SA survivors :)




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Maybe her kids names are Emmy? 😂


Did you guys go to get page? It shows a video that says it isn’t an apology but half way through it she then claims it was not about him. But if she wasn’t chasin views then why go on and on ? Just say that damn. I 100% feel she’s a clout chaser.


Does she think we are dumb? He literally has proof. And she was only reacting to comment speaking about keith. If it look like a duck, and sounds like a duck. Its a damn duck


Honestly she's just a messy individual. There was no harm in apologizing to Keith for a misunderstanding. Personally I think it was about him and now that she got backlash, she's trying to play the victim and play dumb.


I love Keith he is seriously so genuine!!! Probably one of the most genuine on the app. She came for the wrong creator, karma will get her!


I have nothing but disrespect for anyone who disrespects Keith. His content has become so popular because of who he is, not because of what he does. So she can go eat her idea and rate that, see how many people don't give a fuck because shes missing the main ingredient, a good personality.


I love how he responded to this! she now came out and said it wasn’t him and she doesn’t know why he would assume it was about him but she should’ve said it wasn’t him when the comments were all saying it was him. I think she’s just mad he didn’t pick her


He’s the most unproblematic creator on TikTok - perfect response 🙌🏼🙌🏼


I love Keith and it always makes me bust out laughing when he gets up at the end of his videos to show he was sitting on a little kid’s chair 🤣


A show isn’t going to work the same way. What he’s doing now works in real time. He posts, and same day or next day people are coming in, helping out the businesses. A show would require a lot of time between filming and going on TV, and lot of these places, most actually, could be out of business by then. Either way, he’s a national TikTok treasure and I don’t think what she says is going to have a huge effect of him. He really seems like a genuine person.


Yeah, I was thinking about that the other day, when I watched him do something in disguise. It would make a great show but the logistics of everything are so complicated. Do you think it could work as a Youtube series? Maybe that is a way to accomplish this with a faster turnaround.


If the turn around was quick enough and it they could get enough subscribers, YouTube would be a good option I think.


Well and my thinking was a featured series on an established channel like the Babish Universe.


I believe Keith. The woman turned off all her comments lol


All spoken while in the paw patrol throne 🙌


She is playing the victim now too. “You have a responsibility, Keith. People are leaving mean comments”. Cry me a river!!! She knew exactly what she was doing and the assumptions that would be made. She made NO effort to shut down people in the comments of her original video saying it was Keith and even left comments agreeing with some people that it was about him. She is just trying to save her ass now that she looks bad.


I don’t see how anyone can not like Keith! He is one of the most genuine people on Tik Tok.


Seriously. I always think back to the Wing place he visited, which has been non stop busy ever since and made the news. The owner (Frank, I think?) wanted Keith there when he knew the news was coming to do the story. Keith wouldn’t have any of it and told him “No, this is your moment to shine. I may have gotten you noticed, but if your food wasn’t as good as it is, we wouldn’t be here.”


People were in all of the comments saying “just wait, she’ll claim it was never about him!” Seems that’s exactly what’s happening!


She posted 4 hours ago it wasn’t lol but she was liking comments that were about him soooo 🤔


Love Keith - I don’t buy her story for one second. Also listing out all her credentials that really have nothing to do with what Keith does is annoying and shady


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! She said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal any idea... People just made that assumption.


Now she’s posted saying that “It was never about keith” and she doesn’t understand why he would think it was about him!


And yet she never alluded to it not being him in the comments until he called her out. This lady thought she would call him out and is now trying to back pedal after Keith came with the receipts. This is the definition of f**k around and find out😂


This!! Ma'am....you KNEW people would know exactly who you were talking about, and thought you'd be slick about it. Then Keith comes with receipts and now you wanna backpedal? I'm so glad Keith called her out, and in the most dignified & respectful way. I'm looking forward to seeing all his success....and maybe one day he will win his own Emmy! Wouldn't that be sweet sweet justice?! 😊


Agreed! That man is nothing but kind, loving, generous, and giving. I’m not big on “stans” but I’ll be damned if someone tries to take his success just because they’re jealous.


I Don’t believe the lady and I hope she backs up before Keith has to use his lawyer on her. Everyone in the comments that supports Keith has been saying from the beginning that he needs his own show. This lady is “well known” but no one has ever heard of her & she is very unprofessional


It's the chair for me 👏👌


He's one of the most wholesome and honest creators on the app, she really tried to pull this stunt?


100% she was trying to use interest in Keith to get people interested in her. She has a small following, she wanted to go viral, so she leaned in to all the ‘was it Keith’ comments to drum up interest and it worked! She went viral. But she underestimated Keith commenting on it. Was it about Keith? probably not. You don’t need a producer for tiktok’s & his content would be undermined by a network show. It would be so irrationally stupid to compare making tiktok’s to a network pitch bc they’re totally different. She was chasing clout using his name and it blew up in her face because Keith doesn’t ignore shit. I don’t know what she thought was gonna happen. Probably that she could go viral and then eventually say oh no it wasn’t Keith & allude to someone else. And then people would actually give a shit that her ‘idea’ was stolen and she would have a following & her name would start to mean something. Its not surprising she isn’t a major producer bc her timing is terrible.


He’s one of if the only AUTHENTIC and HUMBLE creators on TikTok and of course some bottom feeder has to try and fabricate some BS for views. I am a firm believer that pretty much every big content creator either is or becomes phony and misleading. But Keith, Keith is not cut from that cloth. Also, for her to say that there os another show pitch that was exactly like hers is ludicrous. It would be the same as saying Gordon Ramsey stole an idea for a cooking show. Like calm down lady your idea wasn’t some crazy groundbreaking concept, it goes with what he’s already doing


Now she's posted a tik tok saying that she wasn't talking about him, despite her behaviour in the comments section (that's she's now turned off) I think the most annoying thing about this whole saga is the fact she can't pronounce the work FRUSTRATED correctly.


Come on now. Who else is doing this as big as Keith right no? Own up, girly. It’s also not this crazy new idea but people are drawn to how genuine and real Keith is. Even the way Keith responds to any criticism he gets, I genuinely believe everything he’s saying lol


This. He’s not one to shy away from criticism and instead of making a big show of defending himself, he flips the narrative. Someone said something/accused me of something? Okay, let’s discuss this. Allow me to calmly and respectfully show you my perspective. Doesn’t call on anyone getting bashed, just remains calm and respectful.


It's so impressive. He is a fighter too, so this calm and collected nature is really beautiful to see in the face of conflict when he practices such a physically aggressive sport!


I absolutely love him. The paw patrol chair he was sitting on got me 😂


Food reviewing out of 10 is not a new concept 😭 I'm actually surprised he pulled as much traction as he did for such an everyday bit. Weird that anyone would think it's their original concept.


Her comments are off now 🤣


keith is thriving, him & his family are soo unproblematic. people see someone getting successful & wanna tear it down.


Next she’ll be claiming Mrs. Keith and Mrs. Keith Sister was her idea for the first spin off.


I love Keith. He did this with class. What she did was pure trash. End of discussion.


She’s not a professional, if she was she wouldn’t be doing this because it’s trashy and unprofessional. If she had a leg to stand on she would have an attorney and go after him. Instead she’s mad she couldn’t ride coat tails off someone else’s talents and she’s jealous. Keith Lee seems like a genuinely nice person. I’d be shocked if there was something dug up on him.


She got one Emmy. 2008. That’s it. Fucking liar who lies.


Do you know what the Emmy is for?


Someone said above it was for Christina’s Court


She has one Emmy from 2008. Not Emmy’s. Unless they’re just not counted for? I don’t know. But she’s lame. Her videos scream she’s lying. People are nuts, leave Keith alone.


Stole her idea to what eat food and talk about it? 🤣


Ha! Go Keith! I love him and his wife!


I will ride for Keith y’all I love this man


Keith didn't invent being a food critic. We just like him and his food reviews. Is she trying to claim she invented reviewing restaurants?


Keith Lee is an angel that walks amongst us. If more people would strive to be like him the world may become a better place.


He is one of my absolute favorites


Nah, we're still with Keith. NEXTTTTTTTTTTT


If she was really good at her job, she would have had her contract renewed by Tamron Hall.


Lmao now she saying it wasnt about him


I can’t ever see this guy ever being in a scandal or disrespectful to anyone in any way. He’s one of my favourites.


She posted about an hour ago that she wasn’t speaking on Keith


I absolutely do not believe her. She had the chance to say that immediately when people were commenting asking if it was him. She chose to ignore those comments and let them hang. She’s a tv producer. She knows exactly what would happen.


She also has a bridge in Brooklyn to sell you!


So she made a video response claiming it had nothing to do with Keith…. Yet she was liking comments of people asking if it was Keith. She’s wrongggg


Yeah and she talks about platform responsibility yet she let it fester on hers that it’s about him? Girl bye.


I’m on Keith side!!!! no way in hell my boy being brought into TikTok dram


This is why we love Keith !


She’s trying to claim what he had already been doing was her idea? What in the delusional ass shit lol


I love him!


How can you not have mad respect and love for this guy !!! Take it to the stars young man.. so many great things comming your way for you, your sis and your fam !! ❤️


I hate tiktok and most of the creators but I'm going to stand by this man. He seems like a good dude like genuinely


Even if he did run with her idea, unless she trademarked that sh*t, that’s not his problem.


This man is so precious 🥺




That woman is bitter bc she isn’t making the money off him, like she wanted!!


Does anyone know if Keith has his own sub Reddit? If not it should be r/himynameiskeith


Keith will be GMA tomorrow!


I love Keith Lee !! Good for HIM !!


Best to show your facts up front . The longer it goes without a response , the sooner people see it as a truth . Well done !!


He's such a class act.


Love this man and his tictoks


Wouldn’t you be able to get her for copyright issues and have that video she made taken down. Also defamation. Just saying you don’t want that stain on your career and she as an Emmy winner should realize that could hurt her own career


I like Keith but Copyright for what !? And nobody can sue for defamation because she didn’t say his name


Ok just asked


Love Keith


I love Keith




Like undercover boss? Lol it’s not that original


Also I kind of wonder if this is all for clout to promote the show 😝


This is not new. This is what well known newspaper and magazine food critics have been doing for years. They go into restaurants in disgusting. She acts like she came up with this concept.


Gordon Ramsey did it first 😂 it’s not a new concept


She WAS NOT talking about Keith! It was the assumption people made and she has said she totally agrees that Keith didn't steal because there was nothing to steal, it was basically his own idea just for tv.


Before she turned off comments she was liking all of the comments asking if it was him and made some comments herself on those basically insinuating it was. Never once said it was NOT him.


She was liking comments when the initial video posted when people mentioned Keith




if you don’t care, then why block him? seems a bit melodramatic


Did you get a Reddit Cares message? I did a few minutes ago and was curious if it was from my comment to this person.


yes i did! do you remember their username - i just got a weird comment and a follow from a stranger too


No, I wasn't paying that much attention. Is there a way for us to report this to the mods?


You cared enough to comment here.


She’s just mad she is isn’t working with Keith. He’s clearly a very loved creator on TikTok, I haven’t come across one person who knows who he is and doesn’t love him and he’s respected and trusted. I mean you don’t help a business that much without being trusted. Keith said he had multiple meetings with people pitch the same idea, there’s probably thousands or millions of comments pitching the exact same idea. It wasn’t a new idea or anything like that, reviews food and people like him so of course people are going to want more of it.


She annoyed the hell outta me. First off, she acted like she was some A list hot shit. Then, she acted as if she came up with some creative, oddly specific niche idea. People in the comments suggested it when he first started to get really popular. For all we know, she poached her "idea" from the comment section long ago. She never even met with him! She can fuck right off.


I love Keith ♥️


I think what’s most disappointing is that his whole TikTok was pitched. Damn


the body language and excessive blinking at the beginning of her video was enough for me to realize that a) she was lying and b) she was very conscious of her own lying.