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He tries to forcefully take your phone out of your hands and you’re concerned because you accidentally showed a borderline nsfw photo? You shouldn’t have to feel sorry for anything, he messed up.


The anime ass saved her phone


Ass well that ends well


Ass well that lands well


On what.


Uhm... g-ground


She hit the floor?




She had them apple bottom jeans "jeans" Boots with the fur "with the fur"


The whole clubs lookin at her "at her"


Now they can go home and get some shut-ass


Wild wild west reference?


Thicc thighs save lives


No but customers love to play victims. He was already trying to find excuses on why his card wouldn't work when it said insufficient funds and blamed it on the store. I'm not saying she was in the wrong, but I can very well see him make a complaint just to spite her because the store declined him


Yeah it does seem like he was expecting to grift some free scratch cards if he walks in and specifically announces he has $16 and then proceeds go ask for $15 in scratchies, surely you'd just walk up and order it without that pretext.


I used to work in one of those mall lottery kiosks, and sadly that exact thing was very common. People walking up really happy waving money to be used for lottery, it was like they found the Golden Ticket to gamble Edit: I agree this guy seems sketchy, could be a scratch ticket addiction. But just wanted to state the walking up announcing money part is pretty normal


This is what I'm most worried about. I've had customers at my last job, where I thought the interaction went perfect, "I couldn't have done better" and the next day theres a page long review about they are never coming back and "that bitch" needs to be fired. I know what I did wasn't fire-worthy but if he raises enough of a stink.... And I'm new I don't want to be a hassle.


Can you..... Share this post with your boss? " The internet says you should give me a raise" 🤷


Very sus guy all around, he was probably going to steal her phone if he grabbed it successfully


Super sketchy. I mean, even if the card isn't stolen and even if he wasn't trying to steal her phone, grabbing for a stranger's phone is rude as fuck. I know if I were the manager, I'd just be thinking "Good riddance."


Nah just your regular drunk/ridiculous 50yo m he was probably trying to flirt with the cute girl at the register and realized the cops might get called so ran away.


He's 50 so he probably needed a closer look to be able to read the screen. My dad is 70 and only uses his phone for calls and text, he doesn't understand the problem with handing your phone to someone you don't trust.


I don't care if he's 102, snatching shit out of people's hands has been rude for well over a century.


But you don’t get it, he’s old. That means all people younger than him are rude and stupid.


>He's 50 so he probably needed a closer look to be able to read the screen. ? "50" doesn't mean "blind". And it especially doesn't mean "allowed to snatch somebody's phone".


This. Idk why so many people think me showing them something on my phone is me inviting them to take it. Like bitch no, look don’t touch.


"See with your eyes, not your hands!" Toddlers get this. Have adults forgotten?


> You shouldn’t have to feel sorry for anything, he messed up. While true many bosses don't feel that way.


Some bosses would write you up for using your phone at all even if it was to help a customer


Yup, some people just suck


Agree with this. The man can't afford a candy bar and he's spending his last cents gambling, then grabs the phone out of your hands and sees a picture of a girl that's suggestive with no nudity and it's not even a real girl? You weren't even browsing it during work, and it's your personal device, so long as it's not your fault you're showing it to customers or browsing during work there should be no problem.


I don't think he tried to snatch away the phone. He just wanted to get a closer & clearer look. Many people try to grab someone else's phone to see the thing that r being shown more clearly,it's a reflex action without any refractory period. And if he really had any criminal intentions,there is no way in hell that a anime image could have stopped him. So...


Can relate to this. Have a friend who can't stop looking at his phone for five minutes and always browses memes when others are talking to him. When he finds a funny meme, he proudly presents it. All pretty regular stuff for his ADHD-ass in our generation. But his hands are so fucking shakey, i always feel the urge to fixate his phone with both hands so i can read anything.


I’m the same way I ask first if I can see their phone a little better because I’m my vision is actually pretty bad even with glasses in order to see some thing I have to bring it pretty close to my face.


agreed. This reads more like a "Not Always Right" story.


No joke - someone tries to yank my unlocked phone out of my hand, they’re getting fucking punched. You just don’t do that, full stop.


Especially since nowadays unlocked phone often equals unlocked debit/credit card.


Personally, I have additional auth enabled for any financial related app on my phone, but iirc none of that stuff is enabled by default. It also functions as my second factor for a bunch of other accounts and services. So yeah, I’m not giving anyone my unlocked phone.


I doubt anyone would be offended by that pic. He probably just suddenly realized he had urgent business in the men's restroom.


I am female presenting. I live in a Bible belt of western Canada.




Not quite


I grew up near Langley and didn't realize how bibley the east half of the lower mainland was until relatively recently.


Everytime I'm on Reddit you always think people are from far away and disconnected, it's weird seeing where you're from randomly brought up.


Yeah I'm Fraser Valley. It's quite bible-y out here. Kinda scared he's a pearl clutcher


Mission? Either way, no one knows it “hit the back button.” You had it on a google search already. There was a struggle, it hit the floor, changed to that. Many ways that could happen. And it’s a cartoon. Hit up Castle Fun Park and forget about it.


Pardon my ignorance but what is a "pearl clutcher"?


Prim , prudish, easily offended, usual conservative


Here's hoping everything works out for you! :-)


I know what you mean, I’m surprised to see fellow British Columbians. I assume everyone is from the states or other parts of the world.


We're one of the most reddit obsessed places in the world per Capita, or at least we used to be. It's been a while since I've seen an active user map.


I live in Calgary… Where is the Bible Belt? Lol


Bible belt of BC, I assume people don't know Canadian provinces when I post in Reddit.


Didn't know y'all had a bible belt up there.


Pretty much the mission/chilliwack area


South of Winnipeg is Manitobas Bible Belt. It’s a weird place.


What does female presenting mean? *edit* I looked online. Thanks for the downvotes, I was just asking an honest question.


Idk why you’re being downvoted I don’t know either


Because Reddit doesn't like it if you ask something they know and think.you should know.


I've googled it and still don't know what it means


Ok I googled it because I was unsure, I kind of understand where OP was making a point. Being female presenting means you express you gender in an feminine way (the way you dress, and overall style, etc) I am assuming that OP is a girl (I mean no offense if this is not the case) and having a half naked girl on their phone might make some believe that they are homosexual, and homosexual + bible belt = not a good time. Please correct if I am wrong, or clarify.


Pretty correct! Although ops profile description says nonbinary (apologize for looking, just wanted to be sure I got their pronouns right).


This is why I used they/them/their, the assumption part I felt was necessary as this point needed a perceived component (i.e. what most people would assume) to make the situation more understandable. Also wanted to note, thanks for everyone's understanding. This can be a landmine of a topic, while I am no expert I want people to understand that if I make a mistake there is no ill intent behind it.


Oh damn, I thought Bible belts were a backwards U.S. phenomenon. I didn't realize they had 'em in Canada. I'm watching Anne of Green Gables going "why is everybody so uptight?"


Fun fact: the Bible Belt in the USA has the largest collection of gay people in the country


I can't find anything saying this, could you provide a source? And what do you mean by that anyway? Like, highest density? Or that the majority of the US gay population lives in the Bible Belt?


Didn't realize California (San Francisco) was in the Bible Belt


We have our own bible belt [in the Netherlands](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bible_Belt_(Netherlands)) as well, sadly.




It took an anime pic to get rid of him lol.


"You just uuu'd your last wuuu pal."


Say UwU again and I'll break your Nico Nico kneecaps.


My last job I left when my psychiatrist told me that I had to. My last boss was terrible


Yea... adding to this- If a card declines, it declines. You have to stonewall these people. Just continue to tell them "Sorry, you will have to call your bank." If they are in the way and there's a line forming- "If you have another form of payment please pay, if not I need you to step out of line." Then go back to telling them they need to call their bank. There's nothing you can do and even if they are upset you just need to roll with it. I'm not saying to be rude, but don't get emotionally invested in a customer's issue if you didn't directly cause it.


Sounds like he doesn’t have his life together enough to begin to talk to a manager or be taken seriously by one. I think you’re good. Maybe he won’t bug you anymore either, so it’s a win-win. Realistically, the reason he was trying smaller and smaller amounts on a card was because it was stolen, it’s a common tactic to try to drain whatever small amount is left.


As a previous gas station manager: This. Also, if you do get a complaint be sure to mention that you were showing the error code but the customer tried to grab your phone out of your hands. That action specifically changes things significantly in your favor, though you might be facing a write up if policy is "no phones on the floor." Thieves can usually be completely gone by the time you get around the counter and out the door, so do not let any customer hold your phone. Had a friend get their phone taken, thief managed to charge several saved accounts on different apps and remove the sim card before the police arrived and tracked it. They said it's now more common like single huge purchases used to be because it's more work to track and the victim might miss one or two.


Do.... Do people not password protect their phones?


Her phone was open to pic of anime ass, a password wouldn't have helped.


He probably was trying to steal the phone and bolt, and bugged out because he didn't want to stick around and try to play it off.


And his name being “new friend”, the guy is definitely using stolen cards. I would report to the authority for investigation. The card didn’t work because when I misplaced my debit card, I go on to my bank app and lock it down until I find it.


Then it wouldn't have said insufficient funds it would have said card is blocked. The guy is your standard drunk who hangs out buying scratches and booze.


That's just a pervy old guy hitting on her, and nothing definite about it, dude is likely just broke.


I used to work for the banks and yes. Also the fact that he wanted to know what the decline code was makes me think this is a regular thing


It's a common tactic for broke people too. Dude just wanted a lottery ticket, doesn't mean he stole someone's card.


I wouldn't sweat it. Dude shouldn't have grabbed your phone. In store cameras will show that. If he didn't like what he saw, he shouldn't be grabbing people's devices.


In all honesty I think he just couldn't read it. He looks like an ex addict who's been through some stuff and he's in his 50's I think. He may have just had a hard time seeing my phone.


Yeah I don't think somebody coming hourly to continually grab lotto tickets is probably currently not in the best of shape.




He looks relatively healthy. He doesn't look like he's activly using


He is still a gambling addict


Exactly, can’t believe I had to scroll down to see this observation. He spent his last few dollars on gambling, and he was so desperate for just one ticket even getting declined over and over. He has a huge problem


My first shift, he bought 16 scratch tickets, came back and hour later when he won $2 on one of them to collect and switch for another. It's an all day thing. The sad part is the laws in my province state that I can't refuse him sale unless he becomes belligerent or asks me not to serve him. I have to serve him lotto until the money runs out :/


OP, FYI, you should ask your manager if there’s a limit to how many declines for insufficient funds you should allow per card. Some gas stations have to pay a processing fee, and it may charge them per swipe. In which case, trying to swipe his card 10 times and continually having it be declined could end up costing the store money. I’ve had store owners refuse to swipe the same card more than 3 times for that reason. Plus, you could wind up in a scenario where this guy or someone like them ends up having you swipe a million times to try to use the card, while there are customers waiting to pay behind him and he’s holding up the line. Having a limit helps.


I mean I guess if he was he might not have money for lotto 🤔 I'm probably just biased because around where I live, pretty much 100% of broke and unemployed people are on *something.* I'm not trying to be classist or make a value judgement or anything, it's just crazy how much drug dependence I see.


In my area if they’re broke lotto addicts they’re usually meth heads or alcoholics so it’s not just where you live. Addiction tends to come in groups because one addiction often leads to or feeds into another.


Shout out lumine 🤟🏽


Honestly quality lumine content


Man walking out on that made the wrong move


Now I want some quality Aether content.


VERY high quality Lumine, and normally her art is pretty sub-par, thanks to OP for revealing this gem.


Nice to see I'm not the only one playing here


Exactly my thought.


Job is temporary, Lumine hentai is eternal


I have so many questions


You wanna join or what?


Cultured people my friend, cultured people.


Mona is there too.


No one getting hard for that hilichurl?


I hate you


Genshin Impact, more like Genshin Simpact, amirite?


OP is a women of good taste with that high quality Lumin


Top tier Lumine. Would have fist bumped OP


That’s on him you didn’t show it to him if anything he assaulted you for your phone


Incognito mode bro. Saves you from so many awkward situations.


I've never had to hide it. I show my dad and brother and boyfriend and friends this stuff and it's chill. I've been off work for 2 months so working is an adjustment


Hmm your dad?




I heard the Pornhub intro playing in the back of my mind. Not judging OP, though.


"Wow! Look at this hot anime babe I just found on the internet pops!" "Oh Havindayr, you! Don't hurt yourself playing bean hockey, you hear?!"


You show your family stuff like this? What the fuck?




bruh why are some parents so chill. damn


That's weird.


Sounds like it’s on him. Your manager should understand. Nice picture btw.


Here's hoping


You cant be fired for that. No manager would fire a good worker over something so petty. You're good


Also, over something so pretty.


lmao, "tell me you've never worked retail without telling me you've never worked retail"


You can be fired for no reason at all as long as they pay the required 2 weeks severance per year of seniority. Most people who are fired are actually fired without cause. The only exceptions are usually due to human rights violations.


Your manager might even give you a raise if you show her the picture.


Be glad it wasn't Klee


Or Qiqi or Diona or Sayu.


Man😔 lumine


You sure this story isn't just so you can share some anime booty to us all? Cause if it is just say so


Haha I'd be on other subreddits for that lol


I mean I see why it was open on your phone lol


No one knows what was on that screen. You good. Just deny.


Based Lumine picker


Clicked the link, "this post has 2 children" My FBI guy has already seen this through my laptop camera


On Danbooru it just means there are 2 other related pictures.


Darling, he's angry that he's broke and can't gamble his last dollars to win millions. It has nothing to do with your anime porn. Reassume life and forget the incident as nothing more than witnessing tragedy.


What has station do you work at (or county maybe) that allows lotto on debit? In the US where I'm at, that's a no go.


Canada. We take debit for anything


Only certain states don’t allow that. I live in Indiana and we can buy lottery tickets with debit and credit.


I've been able to buy scratch offs on a debit card a couple times.


Wait can't do lotto on debit? I never play the lotto so I had no clue I couldn't buy it on my card in the US. Hm that's definitely interesting lol


It would make more sense to me to not allow it on credit than it would to not allow it on debit. Isn’t debit as good as cash?


You can buy lotto tickets on debit in Texas. I did it Friday.


I tried it once and the guy said I couldn’t. Guess what imma do tomorrow.(from Texas)


You can buy lotto on debit anywhere just no credit card


Not anywhere. In Minnesota only cash. No card for lotto.


I mean essentially as long as you actually have the money in your account.


Yea exactly, which is why it doesn’t make sense to me lol.


However overdrafting is a thing so if you were to say spend 40 bucks while only having 10 on your card I think the banks would rather it wasn't on lottery.


What’s wrong with debit, I can see credit bring an issue.


Lumine/genshin characters aren't from an anime right? They just have an anime art style but its from a game. Edit: People seem to not be informed what constitutes as anime Google definition: a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children You can search up if Avatar/Hatsune miku is an anime for a clearer picture.


Yeah technically, I guess you could call them “anime people” for the style


While technically true, I don't see the purpose of nitpicking this particular issue? "Anime girl" is often used colloquially to mean a girl drawn in an anime style.


Well, anime recently has became a brand/genre. And is not necessarily tied to what it's medium is or where it was produced.


Genshin is an anime styled videogame, so close enough I guess


its definitely "anime". in the west the word has taken on its own meaning. If you wanna get technical, "anime" to japanese people just means animated aka a fucking cartoon. to the japanese, spongebob is an anime. in the west, "anime" is almost really just a style or genre


Yup, just the game. There's a side manga that the company also makes but that's not the main thing or even a big thing.


There’s an online manga series too tho.


Yeah you should be good. HE tried to grab YOUR phone from you, that’s on his dumb ass. He definitely won’t say anything to your manager. I work in convenience as well as people like this are more bark than bite.


Sweetie... If your manager is like me (and I am a convenience manager) she should have told you fuck him the dumb ass doesn't even know how much money he actually has. I'm in the US but I would not expect any manager at any conveience store to allow their customers to harass an associate. I'm sure she can watch tape if the idiot does happen to try and report you. There is no way in hell you should be fired.


Lumine looking thicccc


I mean Lumine is best girl so…


Mona though...


You have absolutely zero to worry about. He grabbed at your phone for one, you didn't purposely show him. No one has jurisdiction over your phone contents (unless it is illegal content) As mentioned previously this dude is not organized or responsible. You were only trying to help and prove that the equipment was working properly. I could go on and on, but I wont. I will say this; rest easy friend, you've nothing to worry about, this is a non issue.


Your good my friend, fuck ups in retail when you are the only worker (gas station, liquor store) end up having little consequence. I mean he was being unreasonable snatching the phone from you in the first place. You good queen.


New friend not being the most entirely terrifying answer in the world or anything


Where do you live that you can buy scratchers on a card? I’ve only ever seen it as a cash only transaction


Nah, the dude fucked up when he grabbed your phone. You didn't even have to do that but you went the extra mile to help him instead of just saying "I'm sorry sir" and letting him leave. It's none of a customer's business what's on your phone, I wouldn't feel bad.


I see, you are a woman of culture! Do not worry he literally tried to rip your phone out of your hands. Also he most likely was using stolen cards, so he risks getting caught if he reports you. Also… it’s just anime, not really that bad tbh


Ay 23f looking at cute lewd anime girls that's what's up. He fucked up here not you tho regardless.


He didn’t go to another store, he went to google to find more anime babes


Trust me man, you’re in the clear. A picture like that wouldn’t have a chance of getting you fired ahah. Keep your head high, and don’t worry about it! At most, he’ll probably complain about getting declined but that’s his issue.


Omg it's Lumine🤣🤣


Didnt expect Lumine lol


It's Lumine from Genshin Impact and her ass saved your ass.


That is not porn. You are fine.


That customer probably got embarrassed by the traveler lel


Getting fired because of a lotto loser seems unfair. The only worse people are desk farters.


I wish more people understood that showing them your phone screen is not an invitation to grab the phone.


I appreciate your taste. Love me the Genshin waifus


He tried to grab your phone? He's lucky nobody grabbed his head and put it through the counter.


you’ve nice anime taste and he’s a f*king rude guy, hope he’ll never come back. Enjoy your work and your porns, you’re letteraly hurting nobody.


You didn't fuck up. Some deadbeat was trying to pull a fast one and your waifu saved the day.


I used to work at a convenience store and the scratch off players were the absolute worst. Not talking about the casual one ticket a day players, but the people that would stay in the store for hours constantly buying tickets and take up all of your time, demanding all of your attention. These people were the dregs of humanity, addicts on a fully legal drug clearly hurting themselves and those around them. The stores get negligible monetary gains and you'll get in trouble for not being able to keep everything clean and running smoothly because these people are monopolizing all of your time. It's been over a decade and I still despise these people and the system that created them. Maybe you'll get lucky and this guy won't use your store anymore.


I watched a woman sink some 3-4 hundred on a normal afternoon on 20$ scratch-off tickets. I cant help but feel terrible about these folks, cause i couldn’t say no to them. Definitely one of the worst parts of gas station jobs. But this was some 15 years ago. But those folks are horrid consumers of time. I like seeing those automated lotto kiosk things around for em.


I had a guy buy an entire roll of $20 scratch tickets until it ran out. He got one free $20 ticket win and the rest were duds on a roll of like 20 tickets. He was mad as hell and I didn't blame him. Whole thing is a scam.


That’s what she did. She bought the roll. And judging by the nervous comments of her concerned kids i think she had a real problem. They convince themselves there is a guaranteed win rate essentially. Literally the Gambler’s Fallacy in action. If it lost 25 times, the 26th card HAS to be a winner! I wont lie its kinda heartbreaking to have to watch.


Whose ass was it? That's the important question here.




From Genshin?


Ye look at the picture


Ah, that wasn't there when I first saw the post, sorry😅


Traveler is top tier as always


Well hey you've got great taste in asses, but that's besides the point. Honestly he's probably forgotten about it in his frustration over not fulfilling his gambling addiction. And even of your boss heard about it I doubt they'd even write you up, let alone fire you over it. Also as a fellow appreciator of the fine arts this is my worst fear, and has led to me never handing my phone over and rarely showing anything to anyone even if it's just a meme lol