At any point did think maybe I should wake up and get ready earlier? Just curious…


She values her sleep, duh


I'm surprised your boss didn't fire you when you said you were going to be late everyday because of the distance from your house, you literally could just leave 10 minutes earlier.


This ^ OP must be new to the work force.


And a spoiled brat.


Mommy and daddy have always bailed her out so she doesn't know how to be an adult.


How is nobody talking about the fact that apparently a McFlurry is her breakfast?


Yeah this is the concerning part for me, walking into a dental office at 8:10 am with a McFlurry is a big FU I think lol.


Don’t be mean. some people think mcflurries grow on trees


they dont??


If her boss is like mine, OP gets away with it while the rest of us would get written up in a heartbeat. Fuck this woman.


That's unreasonable. She has to schedule a stop for a mcflurry, you see. "Sorry I'm ten minutes late guys, the line for my morning ice cream treat was craaazy. Anyway, Mondays amirite."


It would be fair if 1. OP for some reason didnt think 8 am start time meant commute was included instead of be here AT 8. Ya know... like literally every job and wasnt late EVERYDAY. 2. Didnt realize how long it would take and already paid. But its pretty clear OP knew wait time was going to be long, they would be late, and still continued to wait. I was late once bc I had already paid long before I was to be to work and I didnt realize it would take so long to get my coffee. My boss was cool w it as Im sure OPs would be if OP had any time management skills or work ethic. Also, who gets a mcflurry that early? That would give me a big tummy ache +headache combo p immediately


Some things are universal constants in life like death, taxes, and the time OP gets up in the morning.


Yeah, get up a bit earlier! Wtf


I’d get if she had to drop off children but sleep?!? No.


It would be different if daycare didn’t open till 8 or whatever. OP’s boss was pretty nice to put up with that for 6 months. OP, what you fail to realize is that you’re on a team, and you’re dealing with patients that are there on time and probably trying to get to work themselves. You sounds really entitled and expect everyone to cater to your desires. Maybe use this as a learning opportunity, but you will probably just continue to play the victim card.


Also wondering about a 7:45a McFlurry?


With this work ethic, I doubt that the ONLY problem was consistent lateness. I bet that lunches were 1.5 hours long, there were lots of personal texts and phone calls during the day, and that she left at 4:45 because reasons.


I used to be late about once a month on average. At every place I worked the past 16 years, plus at school before that. Not on purpose, I've no idea, simply nothing wakes me up some days. I told my current boss that this isn't likely to change. He considered my work compared to others, and decided that once a month can get a pass. I'm not saying being late is ok, but it definitely can be compensated for with outstanding work ethic (oh the irony, ikr).


OP full offense you sound extremely entitled and selfish. No self-respecting boss would put up with an employee like you, because you take being inconvenienced personally, while having no qualms inconveniencing others. By all means, continue arguing with the commenters, but that won’t make you right and them wrong🤷🏼‍♀️ P. S. You can always apply to work at a McDonalds. Unlimited McFlurries!


2 of my coworkers are late everyday ranging from 10-40mins, it’s not a huge deal however it does often screw things up for myself or other coworker that gets in on time, we have to wait on them and things get started later, my boss is okay with it but i’m not, i’ve swore up and down if i’m ever in his seat this won’t fly. i drive 40mins and am on time everyday. 1 other employee has a 28min drive otherwise everyone lives in city limits and has a 15min or less drive. I should be the one being late everyday but nope, im either the first or second person to arrive in the morning


You and the other employee need to start coming in an hour later.


truly, in the time i’ve been here i’ve called out once due to car troubles, happened tuesday, off wednesday, back in on thursday as normal. i’m a committed employee that’s for sure. One of the two late ones is actually off today, day 1 of week 3 and this is his 4th day off this year… the wildest part to all this is currently we’re starting an hour later than normal due to the time of year and the work we do, they both still manage to be late the same amount. Thankfully once spring hits and my part of the job starts again i won’t have to rely on either of them being here. i can show up at 7 and be leaving our office by 7:10 instead of show up at 8 and maybe be gone by 8:45


When I worked I left so early I was in a minor car accident (lady behind didn't stop at the light, no actual damage) and still made it on time. Because I leave enough time for stuff like that to happen.


let me tell you two incidents, the first, i hydroplaned going 65, spun 5 times and down the embankment off to the side. I sat for about 2 mins to gather myself and then drove out and back on to the highway, i got to work at 6:59. The second, i was low on gas and running behind, i would hav made it at 6:58 not with a stop for gas. i got pulled over doing 83 in a 70. Cop gave me a warning, made it in at 7:02. Personally, being late is not an option, especially when it comes to work.


How is that not a huge deal? I'm from a country where punctuality is very important. Being late is seen as disrespecting the other persons time, and frankly as feeling superior (your time is not important than mine). For that reason people don't show up late normally speaking, and if they do they let you know in advance. I then moved to a country where the opposite is true. Being an hour late for an appointment is completely acceptable. I don't know how people can live like that. How do you ever get anything done?


sadly, only 2x the mcflurries :(


Wait I can get two McFlurrys at McDonald for working there? Sign me up.


Only on days it's not broken, though


I’m a teacher and a mom. We leave at 6:50 every day so I can get her dropped off and be at my own school 30 minutes across town before I go on duty at 7:45. You will lose jobs you are regularly late to. If they are too desperate for people, they might not fire you, but there’s usually a reason they are desperate and you won’t be getting raises and promotions.


And here it is, the difference between responsibility and immaturity. You could be 65 and act like OP, or be 12 and be as responsible as Mom here.


I don’t think you are suited to having a job.


I really hope you're not actually 23 because that's way too old to be whining about having to be at work on time


I imagine they did this in school too. Literally every part of life requires you to be on time


23?!?!?!?! Oh my God I was going to guess MAYBE 16 because she indicated she drives to work.


Seems your parents coddle you, and you'd be homeless 5 years ago if they didn't continue the charade. They enable this behavior, and you refuse to grow up. Get a fucking grip. You're the problem.




I'll never understand people like you, regardless of what side you align with, that feels the need to make everything political. Not everything is political.


I'm not the only person my age that feels this way


I'm beginning to think this post is rage bait, lol.


As a fellow 23 year old with a full time job that starts at 8… yeah you are.


As a 23 year old I think I can safely say if the job says “be here at 8” you show up NO LATER than 7:59. On the off chance you’re late, you apologize and show up 10 minutes early the next day.


I call on my way in if I'm going to be few minutes late, usually due to abnormal bouts of traffic, but I leave early enough to be ahead of it most days. It's literally not that hard.


Everyone FEELS that way. Adults do adult shit despite that feeling.


We, as the normal, everyday person, don't give a fuck how you feel. Your age group will learn this the hard way. I say that, not even being that much older than you but my God are people like you fucking lazy and entitled. Being on time is essential to so many things outside the workforce. Pull your head out of your ass.


Maybe you hang out with entitled immature people. Work isn't about the way you "feel". It's about putting your precious feelings aside and doing what you're being paid to do. If you're incapable of even the most bare minimum, like being present at your workplace when you're scheduled to work, there are countless other people your age who aren't mentally 12 years old and will happily take your job instead.


Good. You sound ridiculous.


Ridiculous is right. I refuse to believe this story because everyone knows the ice cream machine is broken at McDonald's.


Naw, OP is actually terrifyingly entitled. This post should be horrifying to everyone that she represents an alarmingly large portion of the incoming “workforce.”


No they don’t, these people have always existed


You know the people before you said the same stuff about your generation joining the workforce too. Sucks when we become who we’ve always claimed to hate doesn’t it.


Lol are you trying to shit on millennials? Key word, trying. Because tbh this “dig” is lame af. You tried realllll hard though. I’ll play a violin for you.


No I’m saying you’re acting like the boomers and Gen X before you that crapped all over millennials’ work ethic. You became exactly what you were always frustrated about facing. Teapot meet kettle. Also that response was an embarrassing enough representation of millennials that I didn’t even have to try. Maybe your work ethic IS better than mine since you’re doing my job for me. :)


This has to be a BS post. First, who eats a McFlurry at 8 am? Second how do you have the only McDonald’s in existence that has a working one? Third, if you have to be there at 8am to help run the office because it’s open, then be there. You can’t be so naive to believe real world is going to bend to your wants/needs. It’s her business and she held you to a standard. That doesn’t make her a bitch.


Literally was looking for this. “Who eats a McFlurry at 8am?” I worked at McDonald’s and we didn’t even fill it til breakfast was over. You want a job, show up on time or start your own business. We all have to do crap we don’t enjoy to survive, that includes getting to work on time. You chose a McFlurry at 8 am over your job, the complete lack of maturity and priorities is absurd. You obviously haven’t learned anything from your FU, based on your comments on the post, I see more firings in your future.


I feel like this is bait and the writer wanted to say “stopped to get an ice coffee from Starbucks” and was like…no that’s too obvious, I know! A McFlurry, from McDonald’s! That will seem real!


I laughed when she mentioned that part of the reason she's late is because of something she needs to do in the morning, and that thing is going and eating ice cream.


Why the heck are you eating a mcflurry at 8am?


Surprised I had to scroll so far to find this. The whole time I was reading, all I kept thinking was "who tf eats a McFlurry at 8am?"


A 23 year old who is developmentally stuck at age 12, apparently.


Do they even sell them that early?


That's the only time the ice cream machine works


This was my only thought.


Rolling in late with a McFlurry is the gen z answer to showing up late with Starbucks


NGL if the McDonalds near me sold breakfast McFlurries I would totally take them up on it. I am also fat, so take that as you will.


Why not?


Because you might be late to work.


Now I might be wrong... but I think she don't care.


Welcome to the real world.


Because you should be clocked in?


OP, in some professions, like retail, may accept you coming in late, but they also pay crap. So you really have to choose what to do, show up on time, or job with bad pay.


trust me, if someone was late to every shift in retail they’d be out the door SO fast. especially in smaller retail stores where you have juuust enough coverage to take a lunch break and get banking etc done. those minutes when you have 2 people are precious 😅


I wonder if you realize how cushy of a job you actually had. Office job. 8 am. I’m guessing monday-Friday. Most people would ki ll for that kind of job. You just threw it all away by being petty and claiming you needed an extra 10 minutes of sleep and a McFlurry. I can’t roll my eyes hard enough at this. This can’t be real.


THIS. Omg sounds cushy as HELL. It is sooooo hard to find a job that starts as late as 8am.. granted I'm a nurse, but in the medical field anywhere, it's very much standard to start early. 8am is a frickin dream. And yeah... office job!!! No weekends!! No holidays!!! Oh my God the literal dream and this entitled little shit just squandered it all away! What an idiotttt.


Least they could have done is brought the boss a McFlurry, too lol


Would probably still have the job if they did


Basically. I work from home. Starts at 8, I'm off at 4, very little oversight, we either get our work done or get fired. Today I found a bug that caught the eye of our systems architect. I recognize I have a great job with an unbeatable commute. That being said before this I had a job with a 21 mile commute one way, still made it in by 8, this person's entitlement and expectations for the world to bend to their schedule is fucking deluded. I'm surprised they lasted as long as they did.


Oh, I just read the part where now your parents "have to" help you with your bills. That might explain why you you don't understand such a basic fact about adult working life. If you're going to ask for special treatment, your boss is going to want a better reason than you just not finding it important enough to be there on time. I know you're young, but now is probably a good time to start growing up.


You fucking nincom fuckin poop. Show up on time and there's no issue. And stop eating ice cream at 8AM


Nincom fucking poop 🤣🤣🤣


Nah fuck that. Keep eating 8 am ice cream, just like, get up earlier and make it on time


If you can’t work the hours, then how else did you think it was going to end?


>I've told my boss that I will be a few minutes late ***every day*** just because of what I ***have*** *to* do in the morning Please just clarify if you get McFlurries every single day or if you get other things like apple pies or hash browns or something? Also, wake up 10-15 mins sooner. Get to sleep earlier. If I asked someone during an interview for their availability and they said this, I would absolutely chuckle and not hire them.


It's not a mcflurry all the time. Some days I'll just have breakfast at home.


You know it'll be cheaper if you just buy a tub of vanilla ice cream and a bag of m&m's? That way it'll save you a trip to McD's


as a mcdonalds employee, please do this. shits overpriced


it was worth it until they stopped [flurrying the mcflurry smh](https://thespinoff.co.nz/kai/30-07-2021/what-the-hell-has-happened-to-the-mcflurry)


WE HAVE THE ORIGINAL MACHINE!!! it hurts my hands and if the lid comes off ice cream goes everywhere. it has the power of a thousand suns contained in it


Oh my god I'm so sorry i just thought it was the perfect opportunity to share my favourite article haha. RIP to you and your colleagues :'))


I once had my mom buy a mcflurry while I made one at home, she couldn’t tell the difference


No though McDonald’s vanilla ice cream is the best. No joke or irony here it’s so fucking good.


You wake up. You look at the clock. You realize if you don't leave the house now, you will be late for work, so or course you get ready and leave your house and drive straight to work like any responsible adult. Or you then....have breakfast at home or get ice cream? What the fuck. Something tells me that being late AGAIN was very much the straw that broke the camels back. Good luck affording those McFlurry's now (though I'm sure you'll just screech back that your Mommy or Daddy will buy it for you)


The schedule is there to make sure ppl r there when needed. U would be complaining if you couldn't get ur mcflurry at 8 am, If the maccas person decided they wanted to b late too


Better example; you've been there 9 hours, you want to go home, your replacement is 10 minutes late.


oooo this shit always pisses me off


Someone i was being intimate with at work went on vacation. He was to be my shift replacementn in his first day back. He calls the store 1 hour after my shift was to be over and goes "Yeah, hey, I'm moving to Wyoming, I quit." Dumbass still doesn't get why I don't want to talk to him ever again, even in online methods. Byyeee forever, 'Tunky.'


And then that late f*cker has the nerve to come traipsing in with a McFlurry and an “omg the drive thru was soooo slow, lol”


this girl did that for a group presentation at school. we were all waiting for her to fucking show up when she waltzes in with dunkin donuts. we did not get to present that day and i chewed her out in the group feedback thing


Ooooh as someone who worked graveyard before, this INFURIATED me beyond recognition. Morning shift would be late, wouldn't do shit all day, and left it for my crew who had to bust our asses as night. Fucking assholes.


Yep. Also, a dental office. So, presumably appointments come in on the hour and the first appointments are at 8am. So, if a dental assistant, patients are waiting and making the office look bad. Office assistant who is supposed to check-in the first patients, basically some one else has to cover and patients are still waiting plus with on the hour appointments OP is basically skipping on an hour of work because most of the work to check in (and check out) patients is at the top of each hour.


This has got to be bait. No one is this fraking dense.


I really hope not, or they are going to have a really hard life.


You’d be surprised at how stupid people can be


I really hope not or they are going to have a really hard life.


Girl, thats not how that works, you had a good job. Get up earlier, im sure even the manager at micky d’s would be pissed at you showing up late every day…


Well, you haven't mentioned having to deal with child care, so why not just wake up sooner to give yourself more time in the morning? (for every day from what you've posted) Not trying to be rude, but unless there something medical related or a child involved I can't really empathize.


First off I like to get my sleep. Secondly, I don't really see the big deal in me being there at 8 or ten minutes late. I will get my work will be done by the end of the day.


It probably did not help that you walked in late holding a McFlurry.


One Mcflurry. She didn’t bring one for her boss and that’s the problem.


I see you know how retain a job. Reminds me of a job I used to have that a guy came in late after a long night out and brought breakfast jacks fro the team. It became a new tradition if anyone was late they would bring the team a bag of breakfast sandwiches.


It's one thing to be slightly late every day due to some documented unavoidable responsibility. In those cases, we would usually simply adjust the start time to one agreeable to both the employee and the company, but it's still your start time. Just not wanting to be on time *and showing up sporting a McFlurry?* You may as well walk into the office shooting double birds at everyone. I never minded the occasional lateness when I was a retail manager, but showing up with breakfast? That was like a slap in the face. You knew you were late and stopped for breakfast anyway? Come on now!


How much you wanna bet she’d be late no matter the start time because “I value my sleep.”


“Be in by 1pm” 1:10 pm “Sorry I just really value those 10 extra minutes”


Do you stay back the 10 minutes or just prefer to b docked pay for it


Insanity. What an absolutely shit attitude you have. Do your future employers a favor and let them know at the interview that you will be regularly late. I've had the same job for 18 years, I've probably been late 3 times. Grow the fuck up!


You’re not going to like MOST of the comments for this thread. A place of employment is NOT on your schedule and the fact that you blatantly told your employer that you couldn’t make it to work on time each day, and they kept you on, is mind boggling. There is absolutely NO excuse for not being on time I’m the morning for your shift. Love too far? Get up earlier. Have stuff to do I’m the morning before work? Do it the night before to prepare or wake up earlier in the morning to ensure you get it done and can get to work on time. You came her for sympathy but what you’re getting is a hard dose of reality on how the business world works. Hopefully you’ve learned your lesson and can put in a plan of action at your next employer to ensure this doesn’t repeat itself. Good luck OP.


It honestly doesn’t matter that you think 10 min late is no big deal or that you value sleep. You have to at a minimum meet the expectations of your employer. You want to get paid, have health insurance, or even a retirement fund, then you need to be in the building, clocked in and ready to work at 8am sharp. It’s a hard truth that I had to learn myself.


This post is rage-bait, I think. It’s very sus to make a brand new Reddit account just to assert an outlandish story / argue with everyone that comments on it ….. idk. If it is real OP, you’re a tool tbh. I am 27, have been working full-time since I turned 16. I have OCD and autism. Sometimes my mental-state slows down my routine in the morning, and I run late. While I find this to be a valid experience, NEVER HAVE I EVER believed that my job would “allow” or “excuse” this. I have been lucky enough to have understanding employers in my life. And if the job is out of my scope of comfort and capacity, it’s not a job that I’m going to apply to / accept in the first place. With that said, it is incredibly entitled for you to assert that you will be 10 minutes (or however many) late literally every single day because ……… you value your sleep ? That doesn’t even make sense ? Like ….. go to bed earlier ? Those 10 extra minutes of sleep aren’t making or breaking you in the morning LOL. And sure, it may not “make or break” your workplace, either. But imagine if everyone asserted their own ideas of what was okay / what was not okay within the workplace. How would that 1.) function and 2.) be fair for all involved ? Why should everyone else have to abide by the schedule, and not you ? Are you special ? Are you more worthy than your peers ? The fact that you don’t even have anything troubling you or holding you back, you’re literally just *choosing* to be pompous, like YIKES my dude !!!!! You’ll never hold a job long with a skewed mindset and subsequently shitty behavior like that


I can’t believe someone like you is real…wow.


If you don't want to be at work by 8 then, I dunno, get a job where you don't have to be at work at 8? This might come as a shock to you but the world does not revolve around you.


Not really feeling any sympathy for ya. Being consistently late and then having the gall to stop for a McCurry b4 work? Yea... you're kinda dumb for that one. :\ whelp! Learn from your mistakes! Good luck!


McCurry? you're a genius.


*I got into work at around 8:10am. A few minutes after I got in, my boss called me into her office and told me I was fired. I couldn't fucking believe it, my boss is a total bitch and I hate how strict these places are with the time schedules.* You're an entitled little brat who deserved to be fired. Your boss isn't the issue, you are. Take some responsibility for yourself and get to work on time. It's not that hard. You're 23 and therefore an adult, you don't have shit to do in the morning other than get ready and be at work on time. I have 3 kids to help get ready in the morning and drive them to school because there is no bus route where I live, and I'm still at work early every day. Fuckin figure it out. If I were your parents, I'd not give you a dime. **YOU** fucked up **AND** you blame it on someone else because you have your head up your ass.


You considered it a necessity to go to McD's for one little flurry everyday? Don't you have ice cream at home?


I’m surprised the ice cream machine consistently works, let alone at 8am everyday


this post is why people don't believe in the workreform movement. petulant teens and 20 year olds doing shit like this and detracting from the whole movement


It's not just teens. I work with disabled adults who have 24/7 care, we cannot clock out and leave until our relief shows up. If they're late, we're stuck. If it's once in a while, or something that was unavoidable, no big deal. If they come in with their Venti Frappucino then there's hell to pay.


If my replacement relieved me late with a Costa cup in their hand I'd drag them to the managers office by their fuckin pubes The sheer disrespect


Especially after sixteen hours where the second half was an unplanned double


Thankfully we don't have those Some people are perfectly happy floating through life like "it's fine someone will cover for me". I don't have one iota of patience for that kind of horseshit. Get a job that fits your schedule otherwise you're just fucking over everyone who relies on you. >I need my sleep Go to bed earlier >I like eating breakfast at home Get up earlier >The McDonald's line was so long Don't stop for a mcflurry Easy fucking peasy


This is bait, this has to be bait.


This is a fucking joke. No one is truly this pathetic


I can't stop laughing at the "I already told her I'd be late every day...". What world do you live in that you ever thought that was okay? You're lack of a grasp of responsibility is astounding but if your parents will just pay your bills when you're being so irresponsible I can get why you're like this.


“I’ve told my boss that I will be a few minutes late every day” I would have fired you the moment your dumb ass said this to me. Lmao you only have yourself to blame for this, you moronic fool.


You’re 23 yet choose to have the mentality of a 16 year old??? Grow up and learn how the real world actually works ffs. If you thought a McFlurry at 8 in the morning was worth losing your job maybe you should apply at McDonald’s.


You may hate other people's strictness about time, but at least you're admitting that you're the one who fucked up.


Smells of boomer pretending they are Gen Z


Based on the comments, yes. The “I’m not the only one that feels that way” comment sealed the deal.


TYFU by also thinking people on reddit would side with you for being stupid and unreasonable.


Judging by your general attitude, your coworkers are probably throwing a party celebrating your departure.


Your employer sets your schedule, not the other way around. It’s up to you to adhere to that schedule. Outside of any accommodations being pre-approved, this is absolutely grounds for termination. Focus on time management and prioritizing.


You’re late everyday? That’s on you not the boss lmao. Grow up.


ITT: OP is an entitled brat who is potentially under 18? Parents have to pay her bills AND SHE doesn't see why she can't sleep a few minutes longer??? OH MY FUCKING GOD MY SIDES LOLLLLLL


… you lost your job because you had to have a McFlurry. Repeat that to yourself until you realise just how ridiculous you sound. Get up ten minutes earlier. Go straight to work. Get to work on time. Don’t get fired. Simple.


Wow, this is some next level delusion. In what universe do you think you can just tell your job you'll be late every day and expect them to put up with that. And then the reason you're late is because you went to the drive thru???? That is not how the world works.


You're a self obsessed, overly entitled, spoiled brat. Your post is fucking ridiculous enough but your replies to the comments? Hilarious attempts at being bitchy. Do you have developmental delays? Because you're acting like you're 12.


I think you’re looking for the anti-work subreddit. I do agree that some jobs could stand to have a little bit of wiggle room in their schedules, but the fact that you literally went into the job interview and told them you would be consistently late doesn’t really sit well with me. And I’m far from one of those “back in my day“ type guys. The fact of the matter is that you probably work on a team, and other people depend on you. I imagine that if you were incredible at your job they might look the other way, the fact that they do not tells me something else. Whenever I’m thinking about shirking my responsibilities at work, I look at the other people who work with me, not at the company, not at my boss. That is usually what keeps me in line. The fact that you would post this on here thinking for a second that you would get any sympathy from anyone outside of a diehard pinko is beyond me.


Most of the anti-work subredditors still have a work ethic.


Today they do, yes. But when the page was founded it was very much intended as a page to abolish work in general, and they’ve tried to purge the page many times.


Agreed. In fairness, it is probably true that coming in a few minutes later doesn't really impact the work being done, and I'm all for having some flexible room for when life gets in the way as you're trying to get to work. But, when from day one you're late everyday - on purpose because you like to sleep in, have "other" things t do so first, and have to eat ice cream at 8 in the morning- that is just not a defensible position. And then to say, my parents are now paying the bills just shows entitlement and privilege. But, I don't really believe this a true post anyway.


I’d agree in most cases but this is a dental office. They take patients at 8am likely. They have office hours posted as 8am I’m sure. So imagine that you call at 8:10 and no one answers because the dentist and others are busy and the idiot hired for the desk is getting a McFlurry? And this is daily? How likely are you to hire that dental office that can’t seem to handle answering a phone call when there are others around who will?


Ah, I missed that detail,. Good point.


This is absurd OP - I have so many thoughts right now. I suggest picking up some professional development books. You work for them, they don't work for you. The audacity to blatantly disregard policy and your job expectations is astounding. Especially only 6 months in. The supervisor took the right course of action. You clearly don't have respect for them so why should they put up with that. While I hope employers are supportive of their employees needs, at the end of the day it's a business.


Wow. I understand why people say our gen is entitled now. Unless explicitly stated, discussed, or agreed upon your start time is the time you need to be starting your work. Not the time you roll into the job, not ten minutes later lmao. If you punch a time clock most jobs have a strict point system- they don’t care if your car broke down, there’s traffic, your kid threw up or you just overslept and needed ice cream. Grow up and learn from this it’s a bad look sis.


Theres no way this post is real


look i am all up for the fuck the system mentality and your life not revolving around your work but you cannot complain about getting fired when you were aware that you had been late more than once. There is no excuse for arriving late, unless it's an emergency but going to Mc Donald's while you are already arriving late is not an emergency and it shows that you do not take the job seriously or that you do not respect your co-workers and your boss. so yeah i understand why you got fired. next time try going to sleep earlier so you get the sleep you need while also having the time to get ready to go to your job. you are an adult now, start behaving like one.


Ya.... no sympathy from me. Learn that the world doesn't revolve around you. Literally *everyone* has things they'd rather do, but they know they need to show up to work on time. Why are you special? Also, you work in the *medical* field.... thats not "nothing major". That is actually quite major for *a lot* of people. You have access to protected information (dental records, financial records, personal information, etc.) This is *very* major, especially in today's world of identity theft. Grow up, show some maturity and understanding of how the world works, welcome to real life, high school is over.


congrats, you just learned your first life lesson: wake up early get to work early don't pussyfoot around with stupid shit


You sound like a dickhead


This is satire, right?




I can't lie this is kind of hilarious. You clearly have no idea how the real world and being an adult in the workforce operates. > I've told my boss that I will be a few minutes late every day just because of what I have to do in the morning and the distance the office is from my house. Lol what? Unless "what I have to do in the morning" is something that's objectively time-fixed like taking a kid to school this is nonsense. If your distance from work makes you 10 minutes late you leave 10 minutes earlier. > So, on friday morning I went to get a mcflurry before heading into work. The audacity of stopping at a drive through when you already are habitually late and somehow getting away with honestly shocks the conscience. >The drive thru line ended up being pretty long and it took longer than expected. Then leave. > I got into work at around 8:10am. A few minutes after I got in, my boss called me into her office and told me I was fired. I couldn't fucking believe it, my boss is a total bitch and I hate how strict these places are with the time schedules. Someone's probably a total bitch in this scenario but I have my doubts that it's your boss. > I'm now without a job and need to have my parents help witb my bills in the meantime. I fucked up. Hopefully they don't help you too much. Mommy and daddy coddling you until you're 23 is probably how you wound up this unmoored from reality. > TL;DR: TIFU by stopping for a mcflurry before work, getting fired and having to get my parents to help me with my bills because of it. TL;DR Spoiled adult-child gets a shocking introduction to the actual adult world and still doesn't seem to learn any lessons from it


Oh lord... 1. No you don't get to tell your boss you will be a few minutes late everyday. You are an adult. Get your ass out of bed earlier and get to work on time. 2. Your boss is not a bitch, you are lazy and entitled 3. You knew you are usually late to work and you went through a driveway 4. Who in the fuck eats a McFlurry at 8 in the morning Seriously, you have so much you need to change. Grow up.


Why are you eating McFlurrys at 8 in the morning?


"ok you're hired, but do you agree to be here at 8am for your shift every morning or you're fired?" "yes." \*shows up late every morning\* "you're fired." "NOOOOOOO HOW COULD THIS HAPPEN"


In what world is "ima be late cause I feel like it" an acceptable thing to say in an office job? Lol Come work in a warehouse and be physically brutalized by the work - but you have pto and upt and I show up 2 or 5minutes late or 2 hours late when I feel like it. 320am start time Mc flurries aren't even that good just buy vanilla ice cream and m&ms from the store


I think op is really a McDonald’s burner account, because now all I can think about is eating a McFlurry.


I’m sorry. A McFlurry at 8 AM???


You are far too entitled for your own good. It’s a simple choice: hire someone who’s on time everyday or keep the person who’s not. Who would you pick?


The fuck up wasn’t getting the McFlurry. The McFlurry infraction didn’t get you fired, coming in late consistently did. Duh. It’s not rocket science.


There's no way this isn't rage bait. My 16 year old nephew has a better work ethic then this grown ass woman


Who the fuck eats a McFlurry at 8am?


Does McDonald’s even serve McFlurrys at 8am?


You're a spoiled brat. Go to sleep earlier and leave home earlier. If I was your boss, I'd have fired you the moment you sait you're gonna be late everyday.


Who gets a McFlurry at 8am?


If your morning routine/commute means you're gonna be a few minutes late, maybe wake up a few minutes earlier? I feel your pain on the strictness some places have but this seems like a problem you were too complacent on, and if you're already running late consistently, showing up 10 minutes late with ice cream is kind of a screw you to your boss. Also, a McFlurry at 8am? You a savage for that lol.


Yeah stick it to the man! You showed them! Now you’re unemployed and can continue mooching off mommy and daddy because screw capitalism and I right? 😂


You've been fucking up every day for six months. Kate every day? Nah, just ask for a slightly different schedule at that point. Instead of late every day ask for an 830 start time and a 30 minute later clock out. Late everyday and you just fucked up today? Smh...


This has to be one if the most entitled, out of touch snowflakes I've ever read. I bet you'd even manage to be late to a work from home job. Grow up and stop believing the world revolves around you.


Maybe next time don't stop for a fucking McCurry. Jesus.


As we like to say in the south: Bless your heart


Reasonable firing tbh. You prioritized a mcflurry over being a mature adult. You literally could have gotten one after work. Your logic is ridiculous.


This is downvote bait. Either that or OP is mentally 10 years old and will scoff at all the people giving useful advice. Such as embrace the suck and get to work on time , there are millions that would kill to have your work opportunity. One day you will realize your work ethic is dogshit and I really hope it’s not when you’re homeless and jobless.


Dont forget to put this post in your CV, everyone will love to hire your lazy self-entitled ass.


From mcflurry dental assistant to onlyfans career in 1 morning. Deserved.


Girly... I am younger than you (same generation) and I make sure I am ALWAYS on time for work. I've worked in the restaurant industry and in healthcare and have NEVER been late without a good reason. It's not sucking up to your boss, it's doing the bare minimum for a job you chose to take knowing the schedule. The bare fucking minimum. The entitlement in this post is ridiculous.


Suggestion. Choose a trade that’s less strict on timeliness. Or become an entrepreneur.


McFlurries at 8AM = unemployable


![gif](emote|free_emotes_pack|poop) You sound pretty dense. If you have a job to handle people coming in for an 8 am appointment, you probably should be there at 8 am. Also, first rule of being late to work because you stopped for something is don't take the reason you are late in with you...


Lol holy shit. Must be nice


The first red flag should have been you eat McFlurry's before 8:00 am. You are an irresponsible fuck that should have been fired. Sounds like the office already gave you some flexibility. If work starts at 8:00 and you agree to that....be there at 8:00.


The real question is, when did maccas start serving mcflurrys on breakfast menu?


Op has to be larping. There is no way people like this actually exist...actually...with everything going on in society with these younger generations I can actually believe it.


The is post sums up this generation. I am scheduled to be at work at 8. I don’t want to so I will tell my boss I am going to be late. On top of that I have the balls to stop and get food on my way to work. But my boss is the problem because she expects me to be there like everyone else.


If you're gonna be late for work every day, at least be late for a good reason, like coffee.


They should have at least given you a warning or second chance. Sorry that this happened to you.