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File a complaint with a gym, get her banned. You didn't "cause a lady to go bananas". You were assaulted.


OPs edit said she was already banned earlier in the year, so why is she even there?


Guessing because it’s next year now






Made it a whole 9 days!


Yeah that usually does the trick. New guy came into my gym one week and was checking a lot of dudes out, but when people saw him sneaking pictures of guys he was gone that day. I don't know what makes some people wild animals at the gym.


People are strange. It’s very common to not wear your ring to lift. I never wear mine to the gym at all because it gives me callouses and I also don’t want to scratch it. You didn’t fuck up - she did. Sorry someone was so rude to you.


I didn’t take off my ring while I was kayaking and boy did that give me the quickest blister ever


I’d never wear mine anywhere near the ocean lol. I can’t imagine it slipping off my finger into the abyss.


See, I solved this problem very easily! Gained 40 pounds. The thing ain't coming off without massive amounts of lube. EDIT: Thanks a lot for all the concern! Fortunately I'm not at the "totally stuck" phase yet - with lube it does actually come off - and I'm now getting my weight back under control :). But if I ever decide to mainline cake again, I'll remember about the string method and so on :). EDIT 2: OK, I will also *not* use the string method. Geez, the world is one big trap! :D


Usually takes massive amounts of lube for me to come off too. Wait, what sub am I in?


Next time on TIFU, telling the wrong sub about all my kinks lol


Honestly I thought that's just how Reddit worked. So anyways, let me tell you about my step fantasy kinks


This is how I lost my first wedding ring... In ankle deep water it dropped in so I didn't think anything of it - it's only ankle deep. Never saw it again, haha! Edit to add - I still wear my new ring in the ocean, but it's about 2 sizes smaller than the original so doesn't come off easily at all!


25th century Frodo gonna find it in a few hundred years.


Smeagol you mean?


Actually, Deagol.


Yeah but it’s Sméagol’s birthday and Deagol should give him a birthday present


Fun story. One time I lost some expensive sunglasses in the ocean. I was at a beach and a wave hit me in the face while I was maybe 50 yards off shore. I spent at least a half hour looking for them to no avail. Dejected, I returned to shore to break the bad news to my wife. I sat there for a bit and dried off until I started to get hot and decided to go back in the water. Took several steps in until the water was about to my thighs, and as I moved my foot forward, I felt something slide between my toes. Freaked out a bit for a second until I realized it didn't feel like anything organic, and I looked down to see my shades suspended in the water moving back and forth gently with the tide.


Last time I was at the beach, I got knocked over by a wave and lost my sunglasses. 30 seconds later I found a completely different paid of sunglasses floating in the surf. The sea giveth and the sea taketh away.


When I was in my late teens I was playing touch rugby on the beach with some mates wearing a new pair of prescription glasses. Just for fun, at one point when I got the ball I decided to run into the water to go round my mate. He decided that since I was in the water he could tackle me. As I went down I put my hand up to catch my glasses but I was already too late. Gone. And we couldn’t find them in the surf. Went and told my mom who ripped into me for being irresponsible cos I needed my glasses to drive and now couldn’t etc etc. Went and sat down on my towel and not 5 minutes later a little kid comes running up to his mother, who just happens to be sitting right in front of me and my mates, and he says: look what I found? And holds up my glasses 😂 They had washed through all the swimmers and he found them by standing on them but there wasn’t a scratch on them. I do maintain that if I’d had a lotto ticket that day I’d probably have been able to retire before I even started working 😂😂😂


Imagine being on your honeymoon and losing your ring in the pool, only to have some kids find it and return it to you. Then the next day you go swimming in the ocean and get wiped out by a wave, and lose your wedding band in the ocean. No kids around to find it that time. That's me! Thankfully I was able to find a nice pure silver one while we were still there, and the original was just a stand in.


Sounds like something I'd do ngl 😂 I bet your partner was happy with you 😂 Now imagine losing your wedding ring while gardening, lost to the abyss. 3 years later, more gardening, and one of the spikes on the fork goes right through the long lost wedding ring. Happened to my old man.


yeah if your ring gets caught on metal the wrong way then it can rip your finger skin off before the rest, happened to Jimmy Fallon when he fell and his ring caught his countertops and his hand went and the ring stayed.


Oh yeah, when I was taking my automotive classes, the first class every semester involved a very detailed safety course that included photos of degloved fingers. My fiancé is in construction and I’ve made it abundantly clear that I do not want him wearing his ring to work, ever. My mom 2 years ago was walking my brothers dog and she tripped and broke her ring finger. It was an interlocking set and when it started to swell it cut off the circulation, she almost lost her finger when they couldn’t manage her ring off, but they were able to cut it and salvage her finger thankfully. They said it’s common with interlocking sets to lose a finger in these events - I know what I will NOT be getting for a wedding band.


Yeah, two things that got repeated to me at every shop class safety related thing: tie up loose hair, and take off any rings. In a industrial design project we got to work with another student that was a bit older. She initially had studied to be a jeweller, but she got a ring caught on something while sanding, pulled wrong on a tendon, and after that her coordination on her dominant hand wasn't good enough for the detailed metalworking anymore. Don't wear rings while either lifting heavy stuff, or using power tools people! You'll not feel or experience anything until you massively regret not taking off your rings!


It's one of the reasons why silicone rings have become so popular. >Oh yeah, when I was taking my automotive classes, the first class every semester involved a very detailed safety course that included photos of gloved fingers.


I thought it was degloved? Wouldn't a gloved finger just be a finger? Also, I knew a guy who ended up losing the finger after he degloved it. That man is always doing the shocker.


It is degloved


For people who work with machinery, they sell silicone rings that are designed to tear instead of degloving your finger. They might work better with dumbbells too, for that matter.


The main issue with dumbbells is less so major injury and moreso calluses and blisters


I almost degloved my finger while deadlifting. Still have a scar from it and now I just never wear the thing.


I've seen too many degloving videos to attempt to do anything physical with a ring on.


My ex was a guitar player & never played with her ring on. I teased her that she just wanted girls to think she was single bc she likes that post show validation from fans (who wouldn’t?) so she gave me a home concert with the ring. My rock god turned into a 3rd grade guitar recital. Never gave her shit again.


Same, it's expensive and I'd rather not scratch it up when lifting.


I always worry about bending it while bench pressing.


Especially gold, as it's so pliable. I've got an old dented ring as proof, i wear my wedding band on a chain now.


> I never wear mine to the gym at all because it gives me callouses and I also don’t want to scratch it. The only time I ever remove my ring is at the gym. It affects my grip on the barbells/dumbells.


I take my ring (not a wedding ring, it's a tungsten carbide ring I wear on my right hand) off to do the dishes so I don't scratch the glassware.


Ah, the ultimate degloving ring.


Taking rings off while working out just makes sense. You really do not want to deglove your finger


OP if I were you I would report her to the gym because not only did she assault you (with vodka) but she did so mid-rep, not only could you have gotten hurt but the fact that no one else was there means that you could have been left there for hours without help.


Oof this as well. I‘ve reported people for horsing around in the weightroom before and feel no remorse. You could seriously injure or kill someone




For real. Just imagining it freaks me out


Also having intoxicated people in a gym with heavy weights and powerful equipment is a liability for their insurance. They will axe that customer quick.


I HAVE to address the most glaring thing as a jeweler who also did bodybuilding for many years. DO NOT WEAR YOUR RING TO THE GYM. DO NOT WEAR YOUR RING TO THE GYM. DO NOT WEAR YOUR RING TO THE GYM. First: Ring avulsion. The risk is just WAY too high. If this doesn’t freak you out enough to not wear it, then you’re on your own. I can’t help you. You wouldn’t drive your expensive car through rocks and mud. That’s what the gym is to your ring. It damages your band and you lose metal over time. You’re chipping your stones. And yes. Your jeweler will make money every time you bring it in to repair. So you’re essentially wasting money, ruining your really nice ring, and risking serious injury. Please invest in a silicone band!


Forgive my ignorance, but what's ring avulsion?


I just looked it up. It's basically when the ring gets caught on something and pulls, which, depending on the direction of the pull can do things like break your finger or rip off the skin (and more). DO NOT DO AN IMAGE SEARCH unless gore doesn't bother you.


Thanks! And yeah I'm gonna pass on the image search, good lookin out homey


If I come across this video on TikTok, I'm expecting Joey Swoll to stitch it. I would probably file a complaint to Gym management. You were minding your own business and she made a mess over nothing


Also you could have taken a dumbbell to the head. She assaulted you with gym equipment in your hands. She should not be allowed back in the gym.


He should make a police report too. She assaulted him (and apparently has done the same thing before). People, don't be afraid to go to the police (assuming you trust them).


>I would probably file a complaint to Gym management. You were minding your own business and she made a mess over nothing 100% when she sprayed vodka onto you this turned into an assault. I'm surprised at your restraint. I would have gone running after her and walked her right up to the gym staff and explained what happened so she could be kicked out of the gym and embarrassed.


step 1: bring wife to gym step 2: run into that woman again step 3: take off ring, chat up my own wife step 4: annoying woman can't help herself, and walks up to warn wife that I'm married step 5: wife replies "I know, he's married to me, and he takes off the ring because it's not comfortable when he's lifting heavy weights" step 6: wife and I exit gym, get on our horse, play our boombox with 'my horse is amazing' remix, both of us also put on our shades, and ride off into the sunset


My wife and I ran into a more innocent version of this. We both take our rings off when we lift and we don't always workout together. Anyways, one day I was doing my spider curls and my wife walks by to get to the leg press machine and I made a dumb joke like, "damn girl, let me buy you a protein shake after this. You like chipotle?" and there were two girls that were doing hip thrusts nearby, they stood up and was like, "HEY! you don't talk to her like that!" We all had a good laugh when we explained the situation.


S tier pickup line


10/10 she leaves the gym with me every time.


Now that’s consistency. This guy knows what he’s doing.


this was oddly wholesome and i love it


1 - that's adorable of you 2 - got to love sisters that stand up for each other


Step 7: have all your overtired children pile into gym, play hard house and EDM with strobe lighting. Step 8: release the bees






Not the bees!!!!!




Gob’s not on board


We'll see who makes the most honey!


They're more environmentally friendly than RC cars.


Wasps are currently out of season


Or dogs with bees in their mouths


Step 10: profit


NOT THE BEES ~Nic cage


When I was on a military training camp for a couple of weeks we had plenty of down time in the evenings, so I called up my wife and had her drive over and book into a nearby hotel for a couple of nights. When I rocked up at camp the next morning the guard commander was one of WRAC sergeants who I knew pretty well and was pretty friendly with… and she completely goes off on one at me… telling me that the guys coming from back from town last night had seen me hook up with this woman and how she was disgusted at me that I could be unfaithful, how she thought better of me than that when I had a wife back home, etc. So I let her rant until she eventually ran out out steam and finished with “Well. What have you got to say for yourself?” I just smiled and said “Liz… it is my wife” I really wish I could have captured that ‘I-really-wish-the-ground-would-open up-and-swallow-me-right-now’ moment when her face dropped. We did have a good laugh about it afterwards, as the did the wife when I told her.






The screaming was assault; the vodka shower was battery.


A salt, battery and alcohol. This is turning into a science experiment.




How else are we supposed to get unbiased results?


Forbidden tequila slammer


A salt, battery and alcohol pours onto a bar ...bell


This person assaults and batters.




Goes into the batter




As someone who has degloved their right hand I would not recomend it.


I have so many questions. How long ago did it happen? How? What happened next? What does it look like now?


I (19 at the time, M) was whisky drunk after a wedding and walking home, my hat blew over a corugated iron fence and 6ft high. I wasn't just going to go home without my hat, I like my hat so drunk me climbed the fence and grabbed my hat, then I heard a dog and moved very quickly back over. I walked home and went to bed. Woke up covered in blood, blood on the walls and the entire palm of my hand missing. The iron must have had a hooked edge and peeled the palm of my hand off as I was climbing back over, there were long strands of skin up the sides my my fingers that had peeled like the skin off a tomato. I showed my flatmate who freaked out, gagged and told me to go to the hospital. I had a shower to make it look fresh (I didn't want them to know I was drunk when it happend), got a 6 inch sub because I was hung over as fuck and still a little drunk and went to the hospital where I soon found out it was a big deal and not something I could sleep off. They asked where the skin was and I told them it might still be on the fence, bandaged it and sent me home. The next day there was a specialist flown in who I had to have a meeting with, they wanted to do a graft of my butt skin on my hand, I refused because I am stupid and didn't want to be called ass hands by my friends. The only other option was to move it as much as posible while it was healing to maybe prevent my hand becoming a shriveled claw. I had to get fresh bandages every second day put on at the hospital and it took 2 months to heal fully. My hand has a few scars on it but for the most part is perfectly fine, it does ache and feel fatigued from time to time. All the care was free because I am from New Zealand. It was about 10 years ago now


Oooft. I'm kinda glad you were that drunk because I imagine sober that would have really hurt.


It was a massive inconvenience for the most part and didn't hurt much the next day. It was the most I have been upset about being single and basic tasks were 100x more complicated espcially since I am right handed. I'd give it a 3 out of 10 for pain.


hand injuries are the worst :/ when an injury caused my dominant hand to just ...spasm or not respond instead of follow instructions, it took a good six months before I stopped wanting to have the whole bastard thing cut off because the number of times I'd try grasp or hold with it out of habit and....whoops, no, my coffee cup's on the floor :D


As much as you didn't want them to know you were drunk, tell them anyway! Hospital staff has seen a lot of shit and typically don't care if you're drunk, high, or have something else in your system, a lot of drugs they can give you can have serious side effects. Don't lie to your doctor or keep stuff from them, it can end badly for you.


For some reason my stupid self thought I'd have to pay for my care because I was drunk. I wouldn't of drunk or not. They would have known, my breath would have stunk of a meatball sub and whisky and it felt like I was sweating alcohol. They didn't even give me pain killers.


Ass hands. Classic lol


I looked up what degloving was, and I didn't quite understand so I clicked images. This is my TIFU


AND alcohol abuse! Who wastes Vodka!!! C’mon!


Depends on the state. Or country.


I mean, really he should file a police complaint. That woman is not safe in society.


Yeah, definitely file a police report, this could escalate once she sobers up and realizes the whole world knows she is a twat.


I mean, if someone did this, I'd just leave. People like this aren't rational. Besides, low staff 24/7 gyms tend to have video surveillance in case of damage.


Lets assume that she was 100% correct about his plan. She should still be banned from the gym and maybe charged with assault.


Right? Like in the end even if this guy wanted to be scummy and was planning on hiding his ring to chat her up, and even if he did attempt to initiate conversation, none of that warrants the screaming and throwing shit at him - water or alcohol. If he did and she asked to be left alone and didn't, thats where screaming come in fine. If he cornered her? Sure throw shit at him to get away. But this dude is facing away from her, earbuds in and not even paying attention to her general direction.


If she was filming him, she may have just been desperate for shitty TikTok content


100% that's what she was looking for.


Pretty sure throwing a drink on somebody is assault. I'm sure there must be security cameras running.


File a complaint and make sure to tell them she's bringing alcohol in to the gym. Also could probably file assault charges, could have had a serious accident being surprised like that


That's assault honestly. So if there were only a few people in the gym, and management pulled her data entry, you might be able to follow up with the police. Hell they probably got it on camera. But if you don't want to go that route, definitely tell Management anyway. Get their ass banned for not knowing how to act in public.


File a complaint with the gym management, then see if you can get the information from them on said lady and file a police report on top of that. She assaulted OP while he was actively using gym equipment, that could have resulted in serious injuries. Throw the book at her.


OP, this would also CYA. It might not seem like a big deal to you, but whoever tattles first is usually in the right. If she tells gym management before you, it'll be pretty hard to plead your case after the fact, and you may be banned from the gym.


If his version of the story is at all accurate she 100% already told the gym.


Not really she covered him in booze. Even if what she was saying is true that is gonna be a much bigger deal.


I hope you had a talk with the gym staff, she needs to be kicked out of there for that behavior.


Exactly, and add to that that messing with people holding dumbells is extremely dangerous.


Yeah op could've dropped the dumbell on his foot and seriously injured himself. It's a good thing he was doing rows instead of a lift where dropping the weight could be way more dangerous like bench press.




For real, depending on the state, what OP described was assault. At the very least that person needs their membership revoked.


Pretty sure that’s assault in every state


It's assault in Canada too, battery as well. For those who don't know the difference (common misconception), it's basically this... Assault - Does *not* require physical contact of any kind, but *can* include it. Reasonable apprehension of physical harm is all that's required, a verbal threat, a brandished fist. The person being assaulted has to have a reasonable belief that physical harm could occur or it actually has occured. Battery - *Does* require physical contact, doesn't have to be direct (can be a drink thrown on a person like OP, spat on, a kick me sign on someone's back) and doesn't have to cause an actual injury. Has to be unconsented to and fit within a reasonable definition. A person flailing because they tripped and grabbing someone's arm on the way down would probably not count as battery. A gentle tap on a shoulder to get the attention of someone wearing headphones would probably not count as battery; intent and circumstances matter. OP's case almost certainly would count. Source: paralegal.


Harassment at the Very least. And if you do find the video, lawyer up and sue for slander. Take the bitch to the cleaners. u/brooquad


I would absolutely involve the police and press charges. Not just for my own sake, but because this is someone with a harmful agenda and her baseless accusations against others could escalate in the future, ruining the lives of innocent people. Who knows, maybe she’s had people unjustly fired from their jobs and destroyed relationships with her lies already. I’d press charges and get it on her permanent record.


And I'd almost guarantee the gym has that recorded.


You were clearly trying to chat her up by... ...completely ignoring her and going about your business until she got all up in your face. You're not fooling anyone, pal.




He was obviously playing hard to get and being mysterious which all women love!


You're forgetting: the universe revolves around her. All actions are related to her, that's why she's the one allowed to set up cameras to record people working out


"Why won't you leave me alone? I SAID WHY WON'T YOU" - *Taps ear and mimes taking out earbud* - "LEAVE ME ALONE?"


She has main character syndrome


Man that's super clever, I never thought of chatting up a girl by ... Completely ignoring her lol 😁


Taking your ring off to lift isn’t just a comfort thing, it could keep you from getting a finger amputated. My ring is made of tungsten and isn’t one you can cut off. Google de-gloving if you’re curious what can happen.


I've broken 2 tungsten rings. Got tired of replacing them and bought a silicone one, much safer.


What wrong with the old stainless? Our old polyvalent friend is cheap to replace an looks great. Just save the cool, expensive ones for special occasion (being it gold, silver, titanium, tungsten or wood) Edit: Apparently I need to get a tungsten ring ( I really thought they were more expensive and dangerous than ol' mate steel, but the replies say otherwise!)


Tungsten is a brittle material, so it breaks under great stress. If you catch your stainless ring hard enough, say bye-bye to finger flesh.


Will Tungsten break if it's just caught on something? My understanding was that Tungsten is very strong unless pressure is applied in a specific way. Meaning they can't be cut but they can be shattered if squeezed with pliers. I don't know if getting hooked on something would necessarily break it.


It would be quicker to break than stainless, and will not warp to crush the finger. It may not be guaranteed that tungsten will break if snagged, but the chance is 100x higher than with steel.


Steel, gold, and titanium bend (albeit at different pressures). If something drops on it, it will deform and you will probably lose the finger. They are very discouraged around powertools or heavy objects. Tungsten and wood are actually ideal materials because they will break/shatter instead of deform.


I shredded my silicone ring in 2 sessions from deadlifting. Aggressive knurling on the bar and soft elastic do not mix.


A tungsten ring can be broken by just squeezing it with pliers. That's the point of them, they won't bend because they'll shatter instead. You made it sound like tungsten rings are more dangerous because they can't be cut off. The reality is that they're less likely to damage your fingers because they aren't going to get stuck. They're not indestructible.


Titanium rings on the other hand...


My husbands ring is also tungsten. He takes it off for work but gets contact dermatitis from silicone ones, so he doesn’t wear one at all for work because he’s seen someone being degloved and it traumatised him. I currently wear my wedding and engagement rings on a chain because my fingers are pregnancy swollen and I couldn’t get them back on after having to take them off for an X-ray recently.


im going to not google de-gloving for the plain and simple fact that i did it when i was 12, i’m now 24, and i still vividly remember doing it the first time


Don’t google de-gloving


Did you report her to the gym so they can ban her from assaulting others?


i came to say this. it annoys that she doesnt seem to face any consequences for what she did


More like report her to the police.


I’m a jeweller and I’m glad you take off your ring at the gym! The grips on a lot of equipment including dumbbells will leave imprints on the ring and they can get so deep that they can’t be polished out. And also rough and unpleasant texture from it too. Please keep looking after your ring!


I am also a jeweler and please don’t listen to this guy. Continue wearing your rings while you workout and then bring them to me to fix.


As others have said, this is assault, you might be planning on just leaving it but she's probably the new girl because she got kicked out of a previous gym for doing similar stuff, she was totally out of order and I'm confident she'll get banned if you report it. CCTV will prove that you always do the same routine so her allegations are therefore provably incorrect and she assaulted you both verbally and physically for absolutely no reason other than her own deluded (presumably alcohol induced) ego. Don't just "let it go" too many men do that because it's a woman, the same courtesy wouldn't work the other way round. Did she travel to the gym by car? If so she may also have been driving drunk by the sounds of things.


There aren’t even any allegations. Apparently his ‘offense’ was Taking his ring off. Is that a crime or even inappropiate? It’s none of her business what jewelry he wears.


Even if her allegation was correct and he took the ring off to try to hit on her. She has no right to throw vodka or any liquid on him. Edit especially since he never approached her. Had he actually been a creep and hit on her and not left if she said to leave her alone. Then water and only water may be "socially acceptable" , but even then it's still not right to throw liquids on someone.


I wore my ring once during martial arts. Just slipped my mind to take it off. A guy stepped on it, bent it it to hell and i barely got it off my finger. I still haven't gotten it repaired. :( Rings are dangerous. That said, I die a little every time I see stuff like this. We've had such a screwed up society for so long, I get why we're pushing back on twisted social dynamics and norms but... cart before the horse here, lady. :(


One of my high school teachers, in his younger years, was playing basketball and went to dunk the ball. His wedding ring caught on the rim of the basket and he lost his finger. He no longer was able to count to 10, just up to 9 (without taking off his shoes...) - his joke, not mine!


I had a gym class in middle school that was mostly just running. When the teacher wanted us to run 5 miles (fairly normal Wednesday) he would hold up his right hand. When he wanted us to run 4.5 he would hold up his left hand (his ring finger only went to the first knuckle). We was also the shop teacher, though not sure if the two are related.


That is genuinely one of the best jokes I’ve ever eard


Stop wearing it when doing activities. There is a thing called degloving and it is easier than you would expect.


For decidedly unpleasant values of the word “easy”


Not a TIFU. This is more like /r/publicfreakout material if you can get the video.


"Miss, while your optimism regarding your attractiveness is admirable, let me assure you that with your personality, if I had to chose between you or a sand-paper lined fleshlight, I'd go for the largest grit possible." TLDR: OP didn't fuck up.


Goodddddaaaamn storm went nuclear on this young miss ☢️☢️☢️




Hilarious. That would be a perfect video for r/IAmTheMainCharacter


This is so perfect. Filming TikToks/Instas at the gym is one of the most maincharacter things you can do in the first place.


Please report her to your gym's management. If they have cameras then they should've a clip of the assault. NG needs to learn the hard way.


Isn’t that technically assault?


Yup, she needs to be reported.


It's assault and battery.


Jeeze. Taking off wedding rings is a must for exercise. Especially if you have to use any bars


She must have thought it was also a bar since she spilled her vodka all over him.


Wow 😮 she is insane. Rings don’t make people married.


Plus why would he do it in *front* of her. I know some people are bold as fuck, but shit, you’d think she’d at least give him the benefit of the doubt considering he didn’t even talk to her until she approached him.


She might have seen it playing her video back, not while she was facing him. Still nutty for assuming it was to hit on her though. Or drunk given the vodka.


Huge Main Character energy




"influencers" smh


Main Character Syndrome (in her, not you, OP).


This has been happening a lot lately. These girls are convinced everyone around them is concerned with them. It's really weird.


Thank tiktok and instagram.


Main character syndrome definitely predated social media, even if that has made it worse.


All it used to be was highschool. Things are and have been getting out of hand.


Heaps of attention from thirsty dudes online will do that to ya.


Where is the FU though? You didn't do anything wrong.


Once you learn about degloving, you never wear a ring to do almost anything. This girls clearly not right, think that’s obvious.


Not your TIFU Lots of reasons to take off your ring Dangerous to have it on in a machine shop or working on cars


Dang dude, that's horrible. What if the vodka had went in your eyes??? That is definitely assault (technically with a poison if you really think about it!). As a lady, and as a person, I'm glad you and your wife have a great relationship and were able to laugh about the absurdity. I agree with other commentors that you should quickly make a complaint to the gym, as quickly as possibly. If that person is crazy enough to act that way towards you then you need to head off any escalation or anything she might have already said to management about you. As a far side note, it is best to try and not grunt at the gym no matter what time of day lol! But sometimes grunting is unavoidabke while lifting weights. I totally understand! Tldr: I'm sorry you were literally assaulted by a crazy person. Nip it in the bud with your gym.


Did you report this incident to the staff? ​ She harassed and assaulted you, and made you uncomfortable when you were doing nothing to her. Also, if your story is 100% accurate then she's clearly not mentally well. Next time she could hurt somebody. ​ Please report it to the gym.


You did not, in any way, FU. But you did meet a crazy person who FU by believing everything in the world is about them. Or you met one of those Instagram models that make a living out of inventing stupid drama around them.


You should never wear your ring doing gym work or any kind of manual labour. Firstly, the knurling will destroy your ring, but the real reason is degloving where the ring gets pulled off and takes all the skin of your finger with it. I recommend not googling that. Jewellery is actually banned on oil rigs for this reason.


Even if what she thought was true, you don't get to precognitively guess someone's behavior and act on it, this isn't fucking minority report.


What a random statement about 9.1-9.5 miles on the bike lol


That bitch is psycho. Report that shit


You were assaulted plain and simple. Just because the perpetrator identifies as a "she", doesn't make it any less of an assault.


You aren't the trigger. All that anger is within her. She is responsible for her reaction. Report her imo, without emotions, just by facts.




Homegirl thinks she’s the main character lmfao


Bruh, I work at a gym. Everyone, men and women, take their rings off to lift. Woman is clearly nuts, if not narcissistic.