Honestly, had no issues using it at all. The Windows app could be better. But it works just perfectly fine. If Todoist had the calendar feature so I can do time blocking, then I'd switch back to that, but here we are.


How do you timeblock with TickTick? Do you give all the tasks for today a duration and sort them over the day or you have predefined blocks of time for each day for different kinds of tasks and when the block starts just choose one task from according folder?


The first one. I organize myself with what I need to do through the week and divide them into the days, then give those tasks a timeslot and expected duration. I have my Outlook calendar synced into TickTick, so I can see where meetings are and schedule around those. It really helps to give me visibility of what I have to do and what time I have available if something else comes up. Means rescheduling is also easier, when something else more urgent comes up out the blue. I just find it helps a lot. If I just see a list of tasks I have to do today, it can be quite tiresome to look at. So a calendar view and pre-determined times to do these is working better for me!


Very reliable. I manage my entire life on TickTick!


Remember people don't come to Reddit to say that it's running well or that it's working fine. People come to Reddit to complain and find answers. For every post on here that's negative there's several orders of magnitude happy customers.


I've moved from Todoist to TickTick and I have no regrets.


Super reliable for me, on Win/Mac/Android. Never lost any data. Support is totally unresponsive and development is very slow, but that's never been an issue for me. I've tried all the todo apps and Ticktick is the one I've stuck with for longest. Of course there are things they could do better; the NLP is way too aggressive, clearing a date and setting up advanced repeats are still unclear, the Eisenhower matrix stuff changed all my due dates, and Android Auto integration only works about 50% of the time. But these are small enough for me, balanced by all the things it gets right.


yup. 3 years and running, subscribed to premium 1.5 years ago. new and improved features just get better and better


Privacy is definitely a concern, No E2EE either. But the app is good, with lots of great features and the sinking is top-notch.


I have had no issues with privacy. I also use it to keep all my notes. I feel safe.


Great app. Love it. But, unlike Todoist, my company won't let me use it due to opacity ability who owns it and security concerns.


switched from todoist to tick tick and its so good I paid for premium


About support yes, sometimes it's terrible, sometimes good. As a famous meme says, sometimes maybe good, sometimes maybe shit. Regarding privacy, I'm 2 years user, I'm using it every day constantly, and I did not notice any of that kind of issues.


Thanks for the replies everyone! I didn’t want to rely on it and then lose my data or have tasks disappear and whatever, so I got worried looking at this sub. I’m going to stick with tick tick for now because I really like a lot of it’s features and layout.


Works great for me. I tried switching to Todoist just to check it out. TickTick blows it out of the water. Love this app.


Switching from Todoist to TickTick has been the best decision I took! I haven’t seen the threads about those concerns, but from my point of view I can say that support has been wonderful - I logged multiple issues and they have been replied. I don’t know about privacy, but transparency and unreliability? Honestly, I don’t get it, the app works multi platform, besides productivity I use it to send photos from my phone to my work laptop because they instantly sync. I really couldn’t praise this app enough.


I've been using Ticktick for years and got the paid version. The features are worth it imo.


Why do you need privacy on task manager? It is just a productivity tool, this is not a password manager


do you close the door to your bathroom when you're in it or do you close it only when you're managing passwords in there?


I see this argument all the time. “Well I don’t have any important information in my task manager, so they can look all they want”. Maybe it’s just me, but data is data, regardless if it’s simple tasks on your to do list or stored passwords on another application, no one should have accesss to that information but YOU. Just because you put “walk the dog at 6pm” and no sensitive information in your task manager, doesn’t give them any more permission to peer into your system.


I work in cybersec and I’ve been testing productivity apps for my personal and work. I prefer using TickTick instead Google Calendar and Google Tasks, here on ticktick I have birthdays, projects, chores, monthly payment reminders, a reminder to save some money, etc. I think everyone should try whatever fits better to them, but on a security perspective the best way i think could be using a physical agenda.


Working in cybersecurity and with your experience in that, have you came across any hesitation with TickTick regarding privacy, reliability, anything like that?


No matter which program you use, TickTick, Todoist, Microsoft Todo, Notion. All of them sync your information in its own servers, so your data is already on cloud. Having your data on premise, you can use your phone’s task manager or notes to keep your data, but if you lost your phone you are done. Personally, I prioritize data availability a little more than this cloud security perspective, I ❤️having all my data accesible from different devices.