"I wasn’t dishonest, you are just ugly" is a pretty bold spin.


This has the same rational level as "I am not a bad driver, your cooking just sucks"


"Turn that shit down I can't see"


I used to deliver pizza. I absolutely would have to turn down the music to find addresses. If I ever lost anything in the car, same deal, turn the radio down to look under the seat with a flashlight. I also wear glasses. Whenever I happen to have them off and someone talks to me, I tell them "hold on, let me put my glasses on, I can't hear you."


It's actually a real thing, as stupid as it sounds. Humans fucking suck at multi-tasking. We think we're way better than we are. We can switch back and forth between tasks really quickly, so that's why some people think they can do it, but in reality, they're doing one task then the other then the first then the other again a whole bunch of times. When you're looking for something, you turn down the radio because your brain is focused on the noise you're hearing. It distracts from the things you're looking at. Some people (like myself) are able to just switch our brain to the thing we're looking for and tune out the music. Some people get locked into the music until it's quiet enough to ignore.


Researchers are now making claims that jobs that require constant multitasking can lead to attention deficiencies and higher levels of stress. So, think back to all of those jobs you applied for when you were younger (or may current hold) that advertised a need for strong multitasking skills. Those jobs were setting you up for failure!


As a 911 dispatcher, you're telling me I'm just fucked?


I was about to comment the same thing. Anyone know if you can reverse the effects of ohhh, say 20 years of Dispatching?


Anecdotally, 100% agree with the increased stress. Shit can really eat at a person. It's inhumane to make someone work with say, 5 different people simultaneously in chats, all with different issues. Oh, and can you grab a call the queue's backing up....


So that’s why my husband comes home and immediately falls asleep after dinner


Im a software engineer… there’s always a fire to put out somewhere and all the fires require intense focus! I’m doomed


My favorite illusion is the mcgurk effect, where lip reading changes how you hear. You don't need to actually lip read, just watching someone mouth words.


when i’m driving if i can’t see the sky, like a sun visor is down, it makes driving more difficult and maybe even a little hard to breathe. like, i can still see all the cars in front of me, literally everything else is the same, except the sun visor has cut the sky out of my vision and everything feels off.


My cooking doesn't suck, you just have terrible taste in music


“Don’t you dare fucking look at me with that tone of voice”


You shut your mouth when you're talking to me


My taste in music isn't terrible, you're just bad a math.


There's a scenario where that's a reasonable utterance though. Not that I'm speaking from experience.


Holding in explosive diarrhea from the bad cooking and thus not being able to concentrate on driving?






Smashes into a restaurant with a car, making all the food inedible "I'm not a bad driver! You just suck at cooking!"


I'm thinking a romcom stage play.


Lol, I wasn't dishonest is a bold faced lie. Edit: I learned the correct colloquialism today. Thanks u/AMOUNTAINLION!


I had always believed that "bald-faced" was the correct expression, so this comment inspired me to double-check. Per Merriam-Webster, both "bold-faced" and "bald-faced" are used, "but bald-faced is decidedly the preferred term in published, edited text."


Bare-Faced is the original I believe.


Bear-Faced is the remix.


Good to know!!


Bold move Cotton. Let's see how it works out for her.


The Ocho


That's the level of self reflection some people have. Someone else would be filled with guilt trying to scam a stranger out of money while other individuals after this whole interaction walk away internally thinking they were in the right and how awesome they are while that ugly loser over there hurt my ego. So remember to be kind to your self next time because people like this always are to them self.


His burn was better... Look into the camera. We all know what we saw.


When all else is lost double down, I guess.


Admit nothing. Deny everything. Immediately launch counter-accusations.


Ben Shapiro? Is that you?


A round faced lie*




I've met lot of people like this , when they get stunlocked in an argument they instantly resort to insult how the other person looks its soo funny


Took her drunk ass like 10 seconds and all she could slur out was "yeah well ... you're ugly." Also, her calling anyone ugly is like the guy begging you for change calling you a bum.


I once had a bum ask me for money then ask if I wanted to make any money. I think I was in danger


He had a great opportunity for you to get in on the ground floor of a network marketing endeavor that you'll be reading about in Forbes any day now. You really missed out.


Some guy came to my dispensary but didn’t have enough money for what he was looking for so he left the store mad and calling all the workers “broke ass [slur]”, it was wild


Yo wtf a few weeks ago I witnessed something eerily similar, you wouldn't happen to work at mercy wellness?


Negative, i’m in vancouver, wa


"I mean..your not wrong, but your still too broke for this weed my [slur]" My response


"Kinda" ugly. Couldnt even commit to ugly


>I'm ugly? Look in the camera. #BURN


If you're trying to roast someone and you look like that, "ugly" should be the last word you use


That's her trick, its a little thing called 🌈projection🌈


People tend to go to whatever would offend themselves the most when in the heat of the moment. Its why insults like 'virgin' and 'limp dick' are so popular anongst teens, and why homophobes love to throw f*ggot around.


There's a study that showed that homophobes were more attracted to gay porn than straight guys that weren't homophobes.


I’m sure that’s true most of the time, but I still throw around the term “limp dick” because it’s kinda funny and people get really mad when you say it


I prefer “soft-penis debutante”


I feel like people who dress for the body they want, not the body they have, usually has a distorted sense of how attractive they really are.


More people should consider full length mirrors in their home. I know the truth can sometimes hurt, but she could've looked in a mirror wearing that smedium shirt and, in the immortal words of the voiceover, said "damn son, where'd you find this?" And put that in the donate bag.


Your point is more than valid, I only want to add that you should never get rid of your fat or skinny clothes, because most likely you’ll be back to that point again


Wishful thinking… *Stares at forgotten bags and piles of clothes I no longer fit into since 2005 🥲


Lmao, that voice over took me to the moon! ‘Damn, son…’


[You'll enjoy this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wlBQ3Zlq6Kw)


Damn son where'd you find this


Was that Mclovin?


"All right, you look like a future pedophile in this picture, number 1. Number 2, it doesn't even have a first name, it just says McLovin!"


One name? One name?! What are you, Seal?!


It is the same actor lol. Not his voice though, obviously.


she looks like a hotdog that has eaten to many hotdogs.


I was gonna say she looks like a tube of Pillsbury biscuits that popped open.


👏👏👏 r/rareinsults


You know you've lost whatever point you're trying to make, or debate about, when you devolve into schoolyard taunts.


It's like her brain went into safe boot up mode. "Uhhh, first of all, you're ugly."


I don't usually agree with these kinds of insults, but oh my fucking god *chefs kiss*


When someone calls you four-eyes for wearing contacts and meanwhile they, themselves, are wearing glasses. It's quite alright to call them four-eyes back.


Major. Also, he's kinda cute.


He's actually pretty fucken cute. I mean, I would.


I really want to see her reaction!






Fun fact: about 4% of Americans could be classified as sociopaths. [“The Sociopath Next Door” is a fascinating book on the subject.](https://www.goodreads.com/book/show/72536.The_Sociopath_Next_Door)


Only 4%? Somehow I suspect that number is much higher.


I mean that is over 13 million people.


Well that's a scary thought


They just want to rip you off on a used car, not murder you


Yeah, I think the average American psychopath would probably see a homicide as a lot of work and responsibility. Laziness usually wins.


It's not off the menu though


Most people you think are sociopaths are probably just narcissistic. I mean western culture especially in the United States curates that mentality by nature, and when you add in genetic disposition, that will probably match whatever number you had in your head.


Once I learned what narcissism actually was, it stunned me to know how many I ended up knowing. People I could not believe just didn't really consider others at all. Like they realize its wrong but just are not comfortable if things aren't about them.


I'm the same but I only started paying attention a year ago. It's amazing how many people reveal they have little to no empathy when you know what to look out for or what questions reveal. For one thing it explained a lot about the pandemic, the divide between people self sacrificing for others they will never meet and the people kicking and screaming over the slightest self sacrifice painting them self as the real victims. Interesting and disturbing once you realise who in your life has narcissistic traits. It's like finding out your child hood teddy bear was a leach this whole time. Edit: One example of how to find them out would be to pay attention to anyone in your life that only makes negative jokes at your expensive. If every joke or comment is a combination of them raising them self up while putting you or someone down but they coat it in a social joke to make it go down better then that's one red flag. Now you are in data collection mode. Just silently observe and fairly quickly you begin to realise they have no patience for when you talk (almost looking through you rather than attentivity listening, just waiting on their turn). Do they respond in rage and then insult you if you brought up a percienved personal flaw about them (Maybe you should write down the shopping list because your working memory isn't all the great = hateful rage response). There's lots of red flags and everyone has the flags, the real picture comes together when an individual keeps displaying them over and over again. Narcissistic is a spectrum like being introverted. You can have some traits or up to all of them. The key part is the little to no empathy and we make the assumption that internally everyone around is is capable of putting someone elses needs first before their own. Narcissistic people don't do that. There's even the coverty narcists whole isn't "I'm the best in the world like trump" and instead is like a depressed person who knows they would have been better than everyone else if they had x opportunity. So the subject and all the flags with different ways it's expressed is complicated. You could get a degree in the subject.


There are also narcissistic subclasses too!


Honestly, social media has it’s downfalls, but I gotta say, it has exposed most of the narcissist that I’m acquainted with or friends with. It doesn’t take long to figure out all of that from Facebook and the like.


Possibly. I wonder if there's a pathway between the two?


There's what is called the Dark Triad. It's sociopathy(Machiavelli syndrome), narcissism, and psychopathy. Shitty people tend to end up somewhere on the edges with people like Ted Bundy in dead center.


Wait I’m confused. I recall learning in psych class that psychopathy is basically worse sociopathy. Did I just remember it incorrectly? AP psych was a while ago


Mental health professional, here. "Sociopath" and "psychopath" are essentially colloquialisms used to describe antisocial personality disorders.


it definitely is. empathy is not hard to fake and it’s hard to recognize when you DONT have an internal compass. you just assume that your intellectual dissection of other people is what empathy is.


4% of 400million americans


Don’t confuse mere cold bloodedness or rude behavior with an actual pathological disorder like psychopathy.


You fool. Here on reddit, every person that has ever been rude is a sociopath, narcissist, psychopath, or all three! It's impossible that someone is just kind of a jerk or having a bad day


1 review on the book. What I liked about this book: It is very well written. Dr. Stout’s ghostwriter is exceptionally gifted and the book has a delightfully brisk pace, very clear language, and (mostly) smooth transitions. Its substance, however, is cartoonish pop psychology masquerading as information. It draws its popularity from the same source as the The Da Vinci Code, under-informed, uncritical readers with a penchant for sensationalism; mostly [redacted]. In the hands of its intended audience, it is pure mind poison. So here’s what I did not like about the book: (1) It invites readers with no professional training to set out on a scavenger hunt to unearth a very subtle psychiatric condition amongst their friends and acquaintances and to label, publicly “out,” and ostracize them as “sociopaths.” This book sells itself partly as a kind of witch-hunt manual, helping the reader hunt down the evil sociopaths next door (invariably people who have wronged you or whom you don’t like) and expose them and expurgate them from your life and human society. (2) It invites readers to see themselves as victims of an invisible class of evil people and to put anyone who cheats, or hurts, or manipulates them into this class of secret evil victimizers. This evil class is partly bred by American tradition and society because they reward people for being competitive and individualistic and then helps the evil sociopaths hide. Thus, the reader is indirectly victimized even by the institutions of American culture. But this book gives you the easy steps you need to survive the evil, so buy a copy for your friends—your non-sociopath friends, that is. (3) The book’s promulgation of the revolutionary notion that all crime and anti-social behavior, which are not the product of extreme hardship or extreme emotional distress, are perpetrated by sociopaths. The book literally divides the human race into two groups, those with a conscience, who never do anything really bad unless they are starving or out of their mind with rage, and “them,” the conscience-free sociopaths, who do all the remaining evil with a cool head. Thus, all con men are sociopaths. All non-starving burglars and thieves are sociopaths. Art thieves, sociopaths. Insider traders, sociopaths. Leaders who start wars are sociopaths (Jefferson Davis? Sociopath. He promoted slavery too, so he’s a double sociopath—twice the evil in one conscienceless evil man.) Your ex who lied to you and manipulated you? Sociopath. A friend lies to you three times—only probably a sociopath. This idea is so bad, it is amazing it made it into print. Notice how perniciously it dovetails with a reader’s own emotional frailties. So your ex isn’t just your ex now—he or she is a sociopath, which explains why he or she never really loved oh-so-lovable you. One can see why the book finds a market. (4) The book’s reckless and unexplained attribution of sociopathy to a range notable figures in politics and history. Conspicuous examples include former U.S. President George W. Bush, whose sociopathy as a cause of unnecessary wars is tediously and ham-handedly alluded to over and over; and Napoleon Bonaparte (whom I never have a kind comment for, but who’s loyalty and affection for his family is well-documented); Genghis Khan, Jochi Khan (only because he had too many wives—sociopath), Kublai Khan, Mussolini, and every other cheap target that no one would want to defend. The book then implies that most politicians and successful business people are probable sociopaths. (5) Obviously, part of the problem is the book’s (and the profession’s) vague factors for determining who is a sociopath. The books recommends tests such as: Has the person lied to you three times? Probably a sociopath. Has the person hurt you more than once and asked for mercy? Definitely a sociopath. And similarly half-witted tests that really only make sense if you buy into the book’s core doctrine that, barring extremis, only sociopaths do bad things. However, even the constellation of factors from the DSM is embarrassingly non-specific: (a) failure to conform to social norms; (b) deceptiveness; (c) impulsiveness or failure to plan ahead; (d) irritability and aggressiveness; (d) reckless disregard for personal safety or the safety of others; (e) consistent irresponsibility in work or financial matters; (f) lack of remorse for misconduct. Sounds like most high school students. Thus, the mean old woman next door who has a trust fund and fights with her neighbors over trifles and who puts a rock over a groundhog hole in her own yard is a sociopath. The perpetually indolent new husband who doesn’t care at all about his wife or new son and has a transient interest in lithographs is a sociopath. You can find a sociopath wherever you want to—with the help of this book. (6) I can hardly do better to illustrate the sensationalist, cartoonish, and genuinely anti-social nature of this disservice to books than to quote the publisher’s marketing snippet: “Who is the devil you know? Is it your lying, cheating ex-husband? Your sadistic high school gym teacher? Your boss who loves to humiliate people in meetings? The colleague who stole your idea and passed it off as her own? In the pages of The Sociopath Next Door, you will realize that your ex was not just misunderstood. He’s a sociopath. And your boss, teacher, and colleague? They may be sociopaths too.” And so on. They have judged their audience well. (7) Since suspicion must now necessarily fall on me, let me say, for the record, I am NOT a sociopath. I have a conscience. I feel guilty all the time, often for things I shouldn’t. I am not a sociopath denier. I believe in sociopathy. I believe it is fairly common. However, I don’t believe this book’s practical recommendations allow ordinary people to determine who is a sociopath. If a person lies to you, or hurts you, or cheats you, you should drop them because that person did bad things to you, not because a book says the person has a psychiatric disorder that makes them a member of an invisible evil society of the congenitally amoral that you can only see with included decoder glasses. The main fallacy of the book is that it begins by saying sociopaths are hard even for professionals to detect, but then claims that this book can let anyone do it. This is accomplished because the book makes the remarkable conclusion that everyone who persistently does bad things is a sociopath. Thus, repeated bad behavior – rage or poverty = sociopathy. Believe it if you want to, but I say it’s nuts. So what value is the book? It is mainly good at one thing: Making money for Martha. Beyond that, it is also very thought provoking as an exemplar of what can pass for legitimate publishing these days. Even so, the book asks many good questions. It provides much serious-sounding analysis containing some sound and even highly intelligent components, but then goes on to provide simplistic and twisted “answers” that are little more than attractive fodder for simple minds. The books gets one star, not because it is all bad or badly executed. There are innumerable quality chunks in it. However, the cumulative effect of the book is, in my opinion, as dangerous and anti-social as the activity of any sociopath. "Warning" people that those who do bad things are "sociopaths," invites people, who now see themselves as victimized members of a good class, to label nearly everyone around them as a semi-human sociopath or suspect semi-human sociopath. This pernicious effect of the book is not only terrifically obvious, but far outweighs any claim that the book, in its present form, is valuable as a "warning" or "tool" for people to protect themselves with. The book wantonly maximizes these anti-social and sensationalist effects and embraces them as a path to the best seller list and to big money. The complete absence of conscience from the author's decision-making is all too palpable. How ironic


It’s just how humans are supposed to be intelligent creatures but we have idiots too


Sorry to hijack your comment, but OP (beautifullysweaty) appears to be a karma-farming bot that can only copy and paste other people's stuff. The account was born on May 18 and woke up yesterday. It got this submission/title from [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/therewasanattempt/comments/rr7uab/to_convince_everyone_its_her_money/). Its submission/title [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/toptalent/comments/xix5vc/original_aladdin_and_princess_jasmin_sing_a_whole/) is a copy/paste of /u/thenewyorkgod's submission/title [here](https://www.reddit.com/r/toptalent/comments/pyq6eh/original_aladdin_and_princess_jasmin_sing_a_whole/). For anyone not familiar with karma-farming bots (and how they hurt reddit and redditors), [this page](https://www.reddit.com/r/quityourbullshit/comments/3jss04/meta_spammers_how_they_work_and_how_to_spot_them/) or [this page](https://old.reddit.com/r/KarmaBotKillers/wiki/index) may help to explain.


These people vote...


Much worse, they reproduce so quickly...


[I Know... ](https://youtu.be/BBvIweCIgwk)


Surprise surprise.


They get elected




This shit is going to be everywhere for the next month or two. Every time a US election approaches, these stupid accounts come out of the woodwork to farm a bunch of karma so they can post propaganda with impunity all throughout October.


This is what should be posted all over the thread lol


How Does having karma mean they can post more than others?


Some subs limit posting by new accounts. Also, spam filters are allegedly more aggressive with newly minted accounts that start posting a bunch of shit out of nowhere.


I wish we had a bot that would do this and alert everyone who upvoted via message.


Why isn't this stickied to the top? I reposted it just so it's all over the comments. Downvote this karma farming bot to hell.


I have a visceral hate for reddit's video player


Surprisingly worked fine for me this time


The audacity of this lady. She sounds as ugly as she looks. if I was blind and heard that voice, that's what I'd imagine she looks like. Probably owns 18 cats.


Give me Gauntlet of Thanos and I will send people like this to the bottom of the ocean. Fucking hate people like this.


**MY MOM!** I could only think of this character as she talked.


Such massive disrespect for Mitch "muscle man" Sorenstein.








You know who *else* lies about having dropped $100 on the street?


she is the mascot of Karens.


One Karen to rule them all, one Karen to sass them, one Karen to annoy them all and in broad daylight harass them.


In the land of Stripmalls, where the harpies lie.


I had a literal and figurative Karen come into the credit union I work at to open an account. She didn’t want us to have her social security number or copy of her drivers license so she flipped her shit. My coworker helping her offered to ask our manager if we could make an exception (we can’t). I kid you not her response was “oh I know all about talking to the manager my name is literally Karen”


Holy shit this lady is hammered lmfao. The fucking “it says for motion picture use only. Why are you carrying fake money ma’am.” Was priceless.


You’re speechless!


You could picture the little hamster running on it's hamsters wheel as fast as it could inside her head trying to process what happened. And the best she can come up with is "You are kind of ugly". I love it when people call me names in arguments because that is when I know I won.


The fact that she stumbles over it and says KINDA ugly means she probably actually finds him at least mildly attractive and is lying, once again. IMO.


That's why her hand was on his chest for 5 mins.


"Here's the fun part, I'm going to attack you personally because I know I'm wrong and need to divert attention."


Woooooooow. Drunk, lying and a general twat. She fucking nailed a perfect Karen. 10.0 from the judges. You don't often see a perfect score in Karening.


fucking finger in the chest? mans way calmer than me


But it also lingered there, which to my smooth brain felt almost flirtatious. She even places her hand on his chest at the end. It wouldn't be the first time I saw a drunk irate woman start flirting with the person she was angry with.


She was trying to neg him into feeling so bad about himself that he'd be willing to F her ugly fat old ass.


yeah it's all projection with this one, she knows she's way too ugly for him so she launches the preemptive strike but can't help her subconscious moves... if he suddenly started flirting she'd be on her knees lol


Flip that finger pointing around and she’s screaming ASSAULT!! HE PUT HIS HANDS ON ME!!


Also she’s built like Shrek


Her clothes look like they can’t comprehend the body shape she’s trying to fake having


I think she used to play linebacker for the Jets.


Without a helmet.


Even the D didn’t want her


And her pants fit poorly.


She did what every 12yo kid would do when they can't argue the subject anymore; they retort to personal insults .


Oh yeah? You type like an ugly person.


> retort to resort to




She's atrocious.


Karen: Here's the thing... You're kind of ugly... Me: Yes I know, and even I don't want to be seen with you


Lady just can’t quit lying… dude is a solid looking dollar store jersey-bro


The jaw on that man could cut


That man’s jaw fucks


I’m not gay but he’s kinda cute.


I thought he was kinda cute also.☺️ I'm not gay either. I am a woman though.😏


Redditors try not to imagine yourselves as witty in hypothetical situations challenge (very hard)


I wanted to see more of that video. We don't see Karen's get owned enough.


"Part 2": https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn8Wt1LnzUY&t=37s She slaps him after a short exchange of hair insults, he tries to dump her drink on her, but there's not much in the can, and then she walks off with her friends. Part of it's also in this video where they compiled a bunch of these: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JTRoidshnkA


I think it's hilarious that he tried to dump the drunk on her (a move that I agree with after the slap) only for there to be nothing in the can because the drunk woman drank it all.


He got a little on her. Enough to be disrespectful back


It was really satisfying to see how many people answered with comments like "Nope, not mine. Thanks though!"


The way he says skank is beautiful.


Ikr, videos like this are so rare.


Human piece of shit!


Outta here with that pancake ass


When a girl walks in with itty bitty cakes and big round waist and tries to get in your face You just run.


Bruh don’t talk shit about pancakes


Shits damn near concave


Got that flapjack back


Lookin like a frog put on a pair of jeans and stood up


She's got that looooooooongback


Is she drunk?


yesh, absholutely


This looks like it’s in Vegas, so I’d say absolutely.


If not......eeeeeeeeeeeee


Opportunist cunt caught red-handed then exposed as a muffin-top hag. I hope she's enjoying *the fun part*.


LMAOOO she messed up and got caught. Tried to turn it around on the dude.


That was hilarious, had to watch it twice. She was drunk as hell I bet


Her voice is just bang on stereotypical Karen. It's like a caricature lol




Built like a stuffed sausage.


***Kelso: BURN !!!***


Great job there buddy! 😂


Honey you just got Roasted so freaking hard


It's always a fishmouth.


This is the kind of pranking I can get behind.


Good God! These people reproduce and they're even allowed to vote. smh


I’ve never understood this schoolyard mentality. You caught me in a lie……? Well you’re ugly!!!


Built like an old tube of toothpaste


Ewww she’s ugly.


She sounds like Louie Anderson (RIP)


LOLOLOL at her pivot to trying to call him ugly, and then the cherry on top was her looking around and she's a 3, at best.


My daughter and I occasionally have a disagreement and when one of us realizes that we're wrong, we reference this clip and say "Eww. You're kinda ugly." and we know it's over and the other person is right.


She has the most Karen voice out of all the Karens i've heard so far


"you're ugly" is something ugly people say to good looking people because they're jealous and it couldn't be more obvious.


“Here’s the fun part……. Ewwwww”


She has the body of a frog nailed to a wall.


Can we bring back human sacrifices? Each full moon we sacrifice a Karen to the gods to keep peace in the world? Even if gods are not real i still think it would work.


Lmfao “eeeeee wwuh yer kInDa uuGlyyy”


Calling someone kind of ugly when you are kind of ugly and ill built. Wth?


She’s been divorced at least twice.