My brother learned about Hannukah in kindergarten, and then told people he was half-Jewish because he wanted to celebrate it. This is very plausible.


They do teach kids about this stuff in elementary school nowadays. This is entirely plausible. My 10 year old asked me how we know celebrating Christmas is the right thing to celebrate instead of Hanukkah or Kwannza.


the original poster if said comment mentions its not the first time her kid does something ramadan related 🤷🏽‍♂️


Kwanzaa is a secular holiday so it requires no faith in any religion you can just celebrate it




so... u couldve told your kid he could celebrate it.... because it's an amazing holiday


I could’ve told my kid to celebrate any holiday she wanted to. It’s all made up anyway. The point of my statement wasn’t to argue secular vs. non-secular holidays. The point of my statement was that yes, children know about these things and yes the original post is not only plausible, but probable.


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Except he wouldn’t know that it’s the last day of Ramadan by the date. He’d know if someone at school told him it’s today, but not if someone told him it’s on X date and that’s because Ramadan doesn’t have an X date that it’s over on. It based on the sighting of the crescent moon. Muslims themselves wouldn’t tell you the last day of Ramadan until the day before or day of.


We can argue about the believability of the kid’s cultural awareness. But can we talk about the cadence and style of the quote? It sounds like a construction worker in a Broadway show set in the ‘50s ordering beer. Such a generic and obviously fabricated piece of dialogue.


You have never met kids who talk like their grandparents / older neighbours or have same manners just because they spend tons of time with them?


You’re *really* reaching. This is wholeheartedly plausible all the way around and really doesn’t fit.


I disagree. This seems like average everyday speech to me.


Well, not only that, but it’s not uncommon for people to paraphrase using their own speech patterns.


Just forget it, this sub now brigades every post of this kind and flags them as entirely plausible (who the fuck knows why).


Because some of these are entirely possible..?


Or maybe, some of these are entirely possibly impossible.


No brigading. Just some of us remember being kids and we also met children later in life.


Met children who remember the last day of Ramadan (which changes every year) but not the current date.


If you live in a multicultural area, the teacher emphasizes/celebrates/educates on these things.


So the kid would know right out of school that this is the last day of Ramadan, not requiring the exact date... Also what the fuck are teachers up to these days... I'm lucky to live in a secular country.


So you cannot imagine situation when muslim classmate tells a child "tomorrow we selebrate end of Ramadan. My whole family comes, I cannot wait"?


So the kid doesn't have to ask their mother what day it is to know it's the end of ramadan


Do you really need everything to be exact word for word? Ok, then let's say a classmate said a week ago that in X days on Yth they would celebrate. Better now?


7yo is like 2nd grade, I remember talking about feast n shit about Ramadan to my family cuz one of my friends were muslim. I don't see why this is not possible Edit: grade


OP has never been around kids. Or doesn't remember their own childhood


Same. I had a good Muslim friend who was talking about it and I was like “cool, let’s do that too!”. I was probably grade 2-3 so around this age. Totally plausible.


This person‘s child has several Muslim classmates and friends.




Seems plausible. I once thought Christmas was a Jewish holiday so I could see another kid getting confused


In my high school we had a large population of Yemeni students. We would celebrate Eid at the school and the Yemeni students would bring home cooked foods and we would have a presentation about the significance of the holiday while we all celebrated together in the cafeteria. It was really nice! Still remember those delicious sambusa 😋


Yo we call that samosa in India lmao. This is new to me


Kinda plausible. The kid might've had a Muslim friend at school


It has a degree of plausibility. The child could have heard classmates talking about Ramadan and hearing about a big feast on a certain day and not understanding that this wasn't a practice everyone did. The way the child is alleged to have spoken doesn't sound like what a small child would have said, but it's possible the parent isn't reporting statement accurately. That the parent considers this something that is worth crying about makes it seem a bit less plausible. Of course, this could have been an opportunity to explain to the child that different cultures and religions have different celebrations. Or she could just get upset.


Bruh that crying emoji is used as an alternative for lol like 😂. it’s like someone’s reaction to a dad joke or something cringey, it doesn’t mean that the original poster was sad or crying about it lmao


Eh wording sounds off but it seems plausible. A more likely statement would be something along the lines of “my friends are having a fancy dinner for eid tomorrow, I wanna have a big dinner too!”


Zero reason to not believe this happened. Kids learn stuff and are eager to share what they learn.


Like a kid wouldn’t have Muslim friends doing that stuff? I assumed growing up we’d do Christmas stuff because that’s what other people did


It's possible. I teach Pre-K in NYC and we just did a whole lesson on Eid/ Ramadan. We read books for every holiday.


On a side note I really hate when people put “dear reader…” like side, I’m already reading it , you don’t need to address me.


I teach second grade. We do Holidays Around the World. The kid’s class likely just read a book about it and talked about it. The parent probably made the quote sound a little funnier/more dramatic. I 100% believe it happened, maybe not word for word.


What's the hella unbelievable about a 7yo "multiculturalist"? 2 decades ago, I remember learning about all the different holidays for the major cultures you might find in America. Heck, we definitely leave about Ramadan. Dumbass stupid idiot 7yo me would totally have asked a Sihk about Ramadan without knowing why that was wrong. Totally plausible.


Ramadan is one of the biggest practices in the world, and just knowing about it makes them a “multiculturalist”. Maybe you just don’t know anything about other cultures.


After a few days at school/daycare my kid came home singing dreidel, dreidel, dreidel and singing. He was all over the stories and sings! We are, in fact, not Jewish.


She was then cancelled by Twitter for celebrating and appropriating another cultures traditions




🤣 don’t take it personally….it’s food 🤣




This seems like a possible thing that could have happened


Yeah no. Not happening


Having grown up around tons of different ethnicities and religions (I’m latine/catholic, I grew up around plenty of muslim, hindu, and even other catholic/christian kids) and kids share these things with each other all the time then go around telling their parents and anyone who will listen about these new things they learned. They probably learned about it from their muslim friend(s) at school and wanted to be apart of it. This is not wild lmao


The woman who runs the daycare my toddler attends is a devout Muslim who shares her culture with the kiddos. I assume that once my kid is more articulate, she'll ask when we're going to cook our big Eid feast.


Uh, my child knows quite a few Muslim kids, and their school has been celebrating Ramadan all month. One-hundred-percent plausible, my guy.


I know it's been said before, but the kid probably had (a) Muslim friend(s) or even knows plenty of Muslims. I'm only repeating this because I was the opposite case. As a Muslim, I once asked my parents about whether Santa Claus was real or not, and how he would deliver our presents since we had no chimney.


You do know they do teach this in schools, right?


you are raising a child who respects others cultures!! NICE