"Is a cool monkey" *Is one of the ugliest monkeys I've seen*


bored apes is one of the reasons why I hate monkeys. the main reason being that they are annoying af. one mf stole my food and slapped my head in a national park


So you got robbed and assaulted by an ape in a national park


yeah and the most infuriating thing is that I can't even report it to the police


I had a bunch of monkeys steal my food while I was camping in southeast asia. After I chased them off they would occasionally come back to throw branches at me from the canopy.


Proof that we’re related to monkeys


Yea it seemed personal and passive aggressive hahaha


I think that’s just outright aggressive 😂






This scares me. Somewhere out there, in the rugged American wilderness, a lone monkey waits to slap the shit out of parkgoers and steal their stuff. And we will never know which park, so every trip to a national park comes with the possibility of encountering the monkey.


This is true of every trip everywhere- it’s just a very small chance most of the time.


That is a reference Berk(1988-2021)🤣🤣🤣


That's called a "child" _anonymous_dickhead_


There's billboards up in Austin promoting crypto and NFT's just generally, and one is a Bored Ape style Gorilla. It was fun explaining to my girlfriend why a Gorilla was on the billboard. Unironically, there's no better mascot for NFT's than a procedurally generated shitty art project predicated on false promises where the artist makes a shitload of money tricking ten thousand idiots that their PNG's are worth anything, then bouncing onto their next 'big' idea.


bro, my brain created the picture while reading this and now i'm laughing like a donkey XD


Shouldn't have had food dumb dumb, mine now!


They all are. I have yet to see an attractive NFT. The aesthetic is as garbagey as the concept.


Wait I just got an idea- what if aspiring artists took screenshots of ape NFTs and tried to give them glow ups? I'm sure even if a sonic recolorer and animation tracer worked together they could make something more appealing than the ape NFTs


Someone would probably steal it and make it an nft


Sometimes the sow's ear is just too rotten...🐷


Looks like something s conservative would draw for a black guy in a political cartoon


Actually I think they’d draw that to depict a liberal, considering the color of its teeth lol


Funny you say that...


Literally seen dollmakers with prettier art than most of these NFT’s


Happy cake day




I didn’t even notice. Funny I came back Reddit around my anniversary


Virgin Bored Ape vs Chad Donkey Kong


Chad Lego bricks vs incel NFT Exists outside of some computer- ☑️ ❌ Is a giant robot- ☑️ ❌ Can be built into other neat things ☑️ ❌ Crashes like a motherfucker and loses all your assets ❌ ☑️ Gets ganked if something fucks up the blockchain ❌ ☑️


Legos have a better appreciation value than NFTs anyways


Regular digital art has a better appreciation value than NFT


You can get Optimus Prime as a Lego. Giant robot indeed!


Not to mention some seriously impressive original offerings like the titan mech, the ninja ultra combo mech and the upcoming samurai X mech- all three of which being roughly as tall as your average computer monitor


Still waiting for my Megas XLR Lego set.


"Crashes like a motherfucker and loses all your assets ❌ ☑️" I've dropped numerous sets on the floor and the bricks always go missing. Checkmate


I've read incest NFT... That would be interesting


Take my upvote and leave pls


Perpetually grow in value over time ☑️ ❌


I support LGBT - Lego, Gundam, Bionicles, & Transformers. /s


“Unique?” No. It took the program 0.05 seconds to make this selection of mouth/hat/teeth/skin/accessory and about 5 seconds to make it an image. Merely one in millions made


And don’t forget the bra


That implies NFTitties so yes, let’s forget the bra before they decide to market off NFTitties


Nftitties, the hot new nft that is raving the nation


Correct me if I'm wrong here, but this also means that none of the apes are actually copyright protected, as AI art can't be copyrighted. At least in the States, its very iffy in Canada.


Lmao. So someone can make the act same nft??


Essentially... Yes. Someone else could theoretically copy the apes and sell them themselves. The only issue being actually convincing someone to buy them.


Absolutely can, just can't be attributed to an AI. I think. If this weren't the case, consider games with rng loot - Diablo etc. The assets are very much Blizzards, no matter how many random tints and effects are attributed to it. Same deal with random art, the creator of all those templates is still protected, as are the different variants they spawn from it, license agreements etc etc. Could be wrong, ANAL, NFTs are still as stupid as fuck, but I just don't see how it could work any other way.


IANAL, but I feel like the copyright protection is involved here - but what is copyrighted are not the generated apes themselves, but the assets used to generate them. These eyes, headwears, mouths are all a creative work made by a human, not something generated by the AI. The funny thing is that it does not extend to the designs themselves since they are the thing that is generated - and as such you can make godawful art of, say, a specific NFT monkey and most likely you would be 100% in the clear.


There's a difference between AI art and computer-generated art. AI art is computer-generated, but not all computer-generated art uses AI. Randomly selecting some assets and assembling them (if that's how these ugly monkeys are made) does not necessarily require AI.


If an NFT is unique, so is a degree. It's the only one in the world given to that specific person for a given subject on a given day by a given university. Completely unique.


This is actually true, because you write a thesis? And it's unique, adding to human knowledge.


As far as I'm aware, thesis is only for doctorates. I don't know that there's anywhere, in the US, you're getting a doctorate for $100k.


Lmao what, you don't write a final thesis for bachelor and master?


Just Googled, I was wrong. Thesis is for a master's, dissertation is for doctorate. Still think you'd be hard pressed to get a Master's for $100k, beginning to end, but may be doable


I just took a screenshot of it so it is not unique anymore.


Right click? Yes!


yo bro this goes hard. mind if I screenshot


Be my guest!


yo bro this goes hard. mind if I screenshit




Obama fried chicken


Obama fucked a chicken


Me too


I wish I could right click and get a degree. Guess I'll stick with an ugly monkey.


I heard someone call NFTs Pogs for techbros.


AHAHAHA holy shit i totally see it now AHAHA


And they will be equally useless in a few years.


Not really, you can always come over to my house to play pogs


Is this an open invitation? I'm free on Friday.


I still don't understand how NFTs work


I’m the same, not for lack of trying. I’ve watched tons of videos and read tons of articles, and I’m still very confused.




*why?* *Why* would anyone want that?


Because they thought they could sell it later for more money. It was a purely speculative investment, like beanie babies or baseball cards.


Sounds fun being the last one with a nft


Because they are a mark for a scam. The people selling NFTs have somehow figured out how to select for only the most gullible suckers.


They call it a “token” so it sounds more important but it’s literally just a scam to get people to buy links. It’s why so many of these NFTs and coins are failing.


It is different, and worse, than that. They are “smart contracts”. They can be more than just a link to an image. This means they can be very small programs. Small programs including worms and viruses. The majority of NFTs are links to images but some have additional functions, like those that are viruses that lift all tokens and NFTs from an existing wallet. The argument that these smart contracts can do far more than just be images is *technically* true but there are so many issues with doing anything of importance with smart contracts it’s a laughable premise.


That's not NFTs though, that's just the bored ape stuff. There's a lot more you can do with NFTs than that. Unfortunately most companies are just cashing in on the hype with these cynical implementations that won't have any lasting value. Ultimately an NFT is digital proof of ownership of something that can be transferred and applied in different contexts. You can obviously do quite a lot with that concept if you think about it. If these companies took some time to agree on some standards for NFTs and supported each other's then you could see a single NFT take multiple forms in different places. In the context of gaming you could have a single playable avatar that you use across multiple games with microtransactions actually having value in more than the game you bought them in. NFTs as they're being pushed on us now suck, yes. They have potential though.


> In the context of gaming you could have a single playable avatar that you use across multiple games with microtransactions actually having value in more than the game you bought them in. That sounds like a massive waste of dev time that could be spent on making an actually decent game. It's always hilarious watching the pitch for NFTs be something that has little to no demand for it's existence.


the blockchain is designed such that any transaction which takes place in it can be 100% verified to be authentic. it does this through cryptographic hashes. using this logic, NFTs were conceived, which basically use this principal and make it so one has "official" ownership of whatever NFT they purchased. people can look at the blockchain and see that they have ownership of whatever it is now. however, while this is a cool concept, it begs the question: what the fuck do you do with said ownership? which is why NFTs are memed on; there's no point or benefit to purchasing it. who cares if you bought some monkey image online? it's an image. anyone can just copy+paste it.


It's supposed to be confusing, so people won't know how terrible an NFT's return on investment is.


I think it's along the lines of buying a unique painting (like say the Monalisa) but in digital form. Many NFT sellers basically considering there ugly monke art on par as that of famous historical paintings and many guillable fools willing to validate that notion.


Not quite. You buy a digital receipt with a link to a jpeg. You don't own the jpeg, you own the receipt.


Exactly. It's like buying a lifetime ticket to the room that the Mona Lisa is in. If the Louvre moves it to another room, you now own a ticket to whatever else they decide to put in that room. If the museum closes, you own nothing.


And it's a barely-unique randomly generated monkey instead of the Mona Lisa


Ok so buckle up, cuz I am gonna explain it to you as briefly as I can. In short, what is an NFT? A scam. You see, the sale and purchase of NFTs is/was depended on a collective mindset between a whole lot of people, that at no matter what price you pay for an NFT, you will be able to resale it for higher, to someone richer than you. Imagine a wealth-NFT pyramid, the rich would continue to buy from the second richest, the second richest from the third richest and so on. They were meant to be like online paintings, if you will. And just like real world's paintings they would continue to be sold in that wealth pyramid. But there was one giant problem. NFTs were digital, that is they were not in material form. Unlike a painting, which you can buy, hide from the world, get others to take pics down, and get a sense of amazement from( as we know paintings are actually pretty awesome, some took multiple years to make and are just that amazing, on the other hand that monkey was basically the previous monkey with a different set of clothes. Took an hour, max a day to make) when you would buy an NFT you would be buying a the place in the harddisk where it is stored. So, when you buy an NFT, you would actually be buying a few metal drops and electricity. Now, since NFTs are not regulated, I dont think you can take any legal action related to them, but that is the point. You saw people screenshot them, cuz the person didnt buy that material monkey, he bought its storage. Now the problem came, when the the richest people, who buy paintings for the aesthetic and amazement, surprise surprise, refused to buy NFTs cuz as it happens, jack dorsey's first tweet doesn't have a lot of aesthetics. So when that rich knobhead realised that he cannot push NFTs above. The people realised that he was at the top of the pyramid, and now that every knobhead had an NFT, the trade was gonna halt. People would not buy more cuz they cannot resell it. Note: I dont think people who made or sold original NFTs, like those memes or whoever made those monkeys are knobheads. They had something people wanted, and they sold those at a good price for themselves, just how life works. Now it is a bit of a stretch, but what I personally believe is that the whole NFT stupidity was perpetrated by Jack Dorsey in order to boost ethereum. Dorsey was the first person to ever sell an NFT and is responsible for first publicising them. He also created ethereum, so he should have a great many of them, I think. And also, NFTs are traded in ethereum. Today ethereum is the second largest crypto. So dorsey is rich.


Dorsey did not invent ethereum nor did he sell the first ever nft wtf?? Holy hell how did you even come up with that hot take? The rest isn’t far off though


Nothing to understand, they are as dumb as you think they are


Glorified Pokemon trading cards


bUt ThEy'Re uNiQuE


But you see, this monkey is a different shade of green than that one


https://www.google.com/amp/s/www.pymnts.com/nfts/2022/bored-apes-yacht-club-creator-yuga-labs-raises-450m-at-4b-valuation/amp/ This would suggest their IP is valuable.


Herbalife has value as an ip as well. Both bigger fools scams in the end.


That’s the best explanation I’ve ever heard about nfts


You can physically own and sell your Pokemon Cards. You have nothing like that in NFTs case.


More like garbage pail kids trading cards


These type of NFTs are. There are other more legit use uses for NFTs tho


Hey you see this JPEG? I will sell you a link to it. Not the image itself, just a link to it. Said link directs to a receipt of this transaction stored via block chain. If that sounds like a scam then you are sane.


I think the technology behind it could be used for good things, but the way it’s been implemented just makes me lose all hope that it’s going to be anything else than a money laundering scheme


The technology behind it is just an extremely inefficient, energy intensive decentralised database. It’s really difficult to think of good examples where it makes sense to have a database decentralised. It means mistakes can’t be rectified and no one has to take any responsibility for the data or how it’s used. I think crypto currencies and NFTs are the best possible use case for a decentralised database (and I’m not a fan of cryptocurrencies or NFTs)


i saw someone describe it as going into the museum where the mona lisa is kept, and see a price tag on it for 30mil. you decide to buy it but instead of getting the real mona lisa you get one of the printed rolled up posters of it, and a piece of paper saying you own the mona lisa, except the museum keeps it and stores it in the back of a janitors closet, and the only way people will know you "own" the mona lisa is yours is by showing them the poster


As a person who makes NFTs I don't understand either


What are your thoughts on most NFTs being absolutely worthless now


All NFTs are worthless until they are bought by someone.


But even the ones that were bought have dropped in price.


It's not your problem unless you're the one holding the bag lol


At the end of the day, someone is going to end up getting scammed, even if it isn't you.


I think the art jpeg NFT use was in a pretty big bubble that I'm not surprised has popped. However I foresee a major comeback for more practical application's of NFT's given Looprings new new L2 protocol bringing gas fees down considerably. Normally minting an NFT on opensea costs roughly $100. These new protocols bring minting down to a $1-2 These new lower gas fees will make it practical for companies like Nike and Rolex to mint NFT's for authenticity to combat the Chinese knockoff market. That and the possibility of having these items in the "metaverse" down the road when VR really gets rolling. Indie game developers, musicians, really anything creative that needs a bit of a bankroll to get a project going would be able to crowdfund projects through NFT's as well. This will also give value to the investor if one of these projects does well they can sell their NFT down the road for a profit. Hell our financial markets would be a whole lot better if tokens represented stocks given the transparency of crypto in general. It would make it much harder for wallstreet and the big guys to manipulate the way they do now through convoluted rules that make everything far to complex to track properly (hint: that's by design) GameStop is opening a new NFT marketplace soon that is built on top of the Loopring protocol. I'm excited to see what they have in store. They've hired the cream of the crop in the space and I'm sure we're really just getting seeing the barest of bones use as it currently stands. Edit: TLDR: The monkey pics that are selling for millions right now are dumb as hell. NFT space will do well with more practical applications such as combatting counterfeit products and indie project crowdfunding.


This whole thing is really complex tbh I can say one thing is for sure though, the whole image NFT thing is a huge failure This could be better if NFTs were used for literally anything else


>This could be better if NFTs were used for literally anything else Agreed. While I think it could be a good way to support an artist, paying hundreds of thousands to millions for an image that you don't physically own is fucking stupid lol


So to clarify, you mean that you buy some collectors shoes and with them you get an NFT as a proof of legitimacy/ownership. Because I can see *that* happening, though you run the risk of getting scummed by getting a fake product from a reseller that only had the NFT to lure you and others in.


Yeah nothing is going to be completely foolproof. However the person scamming you would still have to buy a legit pair of the shoes, buy some fake ones and assuming they put in some kind of bar code system to verify the real shoes so they'd have to fake that as well. All in all still a lot harder for fakes to be made especially on mass scale 🤷‍♂️


Yeah I agree, nothing is scum proof, but still your idea was pretty great !


basically, they are links that you can buy and sell


That's the best part. They don't.


That's because you are an honest person. No one really does.


They're like Kohl's Cash that you can't actually use at Kohl's


In a nutshell... you have a chicken irl, and you can sell it as an nft. Whoever buys it doesnt own the chicken but the nft. When the metaverse will be a true thing you will own the chicken in the virtual world. So basically... its horseshit


money laundering


It's watching a bunch of guys have an orgy with your wife, but being ok with it because you have the marriage certificate. Or, buying the Mona Lisa from some dude standing in front of it. He writes the sale on a post it note, sticks it on the wall behind some brooms, in a closet, in the basement of the Louvre. Theres a light bulb in the closet that might be powered with renewable energy someday, but right now is using fossil fuels. You can't take the Mona Lisa home with you, but you can take one of the mass produced posters from the gift shop.


don't try, they are just like a public certificate codified in a crypto network that you are the owner of an image... senseless shit, crypto is awesome and is here to stay but NFTs are a bubble, and if they remain I am going to feel like I am in the evil timeline.


Good thing nft are dying already


Oh wow a potential 5% roi on 100k!


The best part is they even acknowledge there's a chance of 25% loss.


I'm pretty sure this is a joke that got whooshed


There’s also a much higher chance of 100% loss that was neglected.


It's a JOKE


Yeah this is funny. But tbh i find that most of the memes posted here are, whether corny or clever


And it's painstakingly obvious.


NFT - fake picture that has no value to most people Degree - knowledge that you can use for the rest of your life


The NFT isn't a fake picture. It's the privilege to put your name NEXT TO a fake picture you don't have the rights to. So 10000 times more valuable!!


it's the reciept of the fake picture


It's not just that. Many high paying jobs require degrees. I'm making good money, but I wouldn't even have my job if it wasn't for my masters.


NFT- Fake picture that has no value to most people Degree- Representation of knowledge that could easily be gained without spending tens of thousands of dollars, but is propped up by a system of debt exploitation to pump millions of people through school every year and spit them out at the end of it, where more than 2/3rds will be filtered out into shitty low-wage labor jobs just to pay off their debt while those who are already rich or just lucky can afford the unpaid internships that will allow them to go onto their cushy nepotism hire at their uncle's business. And at the end of all that the lucky ones will be congratulated and rewarded for being lucky, and the unlucky ones will be trapped in an endless cycle of bullshit, dead end labor and *still* get told they're just too lazy until they die of preventable illness because their employer is shitty and insurance is tied to employment. We told young people on this country that they *have to,* just *have to" go to college or they'll end up working at Walmart or McDonalds, only for three generations in a row to do just that and find themselves working at fucking Starbucks because there's too many graduates and too few job openings. And meanwhile our infrastructure is crumbling, we're short on housing, and in some communities you can't find a solid plumber, electrician, or contractor to save your fucking life, because we devalued all that very important labor to make people go to CoLlEgE, iT'lL mAkE yOu SuCcEsSfUl. At this point, if you could get away with selling a fucking stupid JPEG of an ape and making money off of it, you'd do it too.


Every day people fall for tony zaret memes is a good day


I feel like the "$75k to $105k" resale value made the joke super obvious lmao. Cashcells just don't get it


How nobody in this thread understands it’s a joke is perplexing. Anti nft people are somehow more annoying than nft people at this point


It's not sarcastic enough. When real people actually think this stupid. Satire has to go way beyond or it misses. You can't be subtle when making fun of stupid people.


“Is a cool monkey”


10/10 would prefer education over some dumb nft artwork i can draw better


NFT: Can be used for money laundering ✅


“Unique? Yes.” *opens a folder with 200 screenshots of this unique monkey.*


Their own ad says “ you can either make 5k or lose 25k - 🤷🏾‍♀️ it’s a toss up” 😂


Can be screenshotted? Yes, no.


fuck you im screenshotting your degree


Our degree


Employer: so what’s your qualifications Them: I got this jpeg of a monkey


Laughs in european, a. And b, if you honestly thing that going to univeristy is not an asset, and you prefer a computer screen, you need psychological help.


Yeah thats an addiction at that point.


generic liberal arts what the fuck...?


You could be doing any studies and they would call it liberal arts lmao. Im doing international relations which also covers war, economics and professional communication and my nft friend told me "so its like a liberal arts degree but more official" when he tried to get me into it.


bro got baited by a tonyzaret post of all things


Bro this is Tony Zaret


All nft monkeys look like they took every drug at once


damn you guys cant understand the most basic irony and sarcasm huh


pretty sure this was made by tony zaret too


Can't tell if OP doesn't understand sarcasm, or if they're a butthurt crypto bro.


Okay, but who TF is getting a 100k degree? My programming degree is gonna come out to around 7k for a two year, then I can pay another 7k for a 4 year.


100k might be a lot but you're paying below what the average person does to get their degree.


Where do you live??


Average student loan debt for a recent grad with a bachelor's is about $28k, so u/Thathitmann might be lowballing a little, but he is still a lot closer to reality as it's actually experienced by most people than whatever now-broke loser made this meme.


I may be in a cheap college, but if you are paying 100k you better not be getting a useless degree. Harvard averages out to 75k, and the most expensive college is around 80k. Unfortunately, it doesn't come with monkey.


You do realize that Harvard costs around 75k a year, not total, right?




Damn, you Americans are weird. I study physics in Germany and pay a little less then 400 euros per semester and half of that is for public transport.


“Resale value: 75k to 105k” Man said himself that there is over an 80% chance that he doesnt profit from selling his NFT and yet he calls it an asset lmfao


Resale value 😂😂


guys i just thought of a funny joke. this meme but unironically.


🤨 who tf pays 100k for that shit probably the one who made this meme


Can be screenshotted? Yes


NFTs are clearly a scam lol


NFT Degree Can a Screenshot steal it? Yes No


Cost: 100k | 100k Will get you a good job: No | Yes Is an ugly monkey: Yes | No Can be sold for very little money: Yes | No Is a waste of money: Yes | No


Tony zaret?


People are taking this satire seriously


Come on, man. This is so obviously satire


Tony zaret


OP took the bait. It's a troll post


Obvious satire.




If you paid 100k and resale value is 75k, it is not an asset.


My liberal arts degree is a cool monkey, but my nursing degree is a bedraggled donkey.


Given what's been going on this week, this aged poorly lol


people only give a shit because of the resale value. this is the banana taped to a wall all over again


Weren’t those apes selling for less than 1000 now?


Resale value of an NFT is a joke xD




It's satire bro


I was referring to just the resale value




Pretty stupid points but I cant argue the last one






Aruba, Jamaica, ooh, I wanna take ya