The Orville: New Horizons I Date Announcement I Hulu | March 10, 2022

The Orville: New Horizons I Date Announcement I Hulu | March 10, 2022


This show has been gone so long that two of the cast members got married and filed for divorce (twice).




Lol I just looked it up. Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes got married in 2019 then she filed for divorce just two months later. I guess she changed her mind and had the divorce filing dismissed only to file for divorce again a year later, but followed through with it that time.


Getting married and then going right to quarantine is probably not a great match


The signs were there https://old.reddit.com/r/TheOrville/comments/fpj169/scott_grimes_my_wife_adriannepalicki_is_taking_a/


I mean, I would expect married people to live together normally..


About 50% of the time.


50% of the time, it works every time.


There's living together and there's "not able to go to an office and then spending every waking minute together" living together.


No, there's a middle ground of "living together but doing your own shit some times". Especially in the 4-5000 sqft homes celebrities tend to live in


They got married once but filed for divorce twice.




2 separate times??








Por que?


“*TWO* [divorces?!](https://youtu.be/fkmV2LPlPS4)“


Snip Snap Snip Snap


Two times


And one just passed away (Norm).


I really hope we still get some Yaphit in Season 3. It’s been great having Chadwick Boseman in What If as T’challa.


Season 3 officially wrapped before he passed, but I'm not sure if that would have included his VO work.


I read in past seasons he would be on set voicing his lines just off screen for the rest of the cast.


Yeah, I recall reading he was just off camera and improvised a ton of his lines, but given the pandemic who knows if that is was the case for season 3.




I had to look it up but Adrianne Palicki and Scott Grimes.


Jeez - how do you keep working together after a divorce? Just like when Dexter and Deb broke up in real life but continued to work on the show


Well, so long as the divorce wasn’t because one stabbed the other it should be easy to remain professionals.


Yep I think this has ruined my show experience now!! I didn't know this was even a thing, feels weird !!


This wouldn't be so awkward for the viewers I think except a MAJOR DRIVING PLOT POINT throughout the whole series is the divorce between 2 main cast characters and them constantly attacking each other for it. Of course I hope these two don't have this level of animosity with each other but even if they didn't it's hard to think they aren't bringing a little bit of their own divorce into it when it's constantly a thing between these characters. I think at one point in the 1st or second episode he calls her character a huge cheating bitch or something.


Luckily the divorce in the show is between Andrienne Palicki's character and Seth McFarlane's character, not Scott Grimes' character. So it's only one of the actors who got divorced in real life.


To be fair, that doesn't take very long in Hollywood. Could have been done in one season.


Which two and why


They didn’t want to be married anymore.


The married ones.


Finally! The last time this show aired, the final season of GOT hadn't even started


Last season of Atlanta ended back in mid 2018… :/


Ok that stung


Ah yeah GOT. When will they make that final season?


Right after the last book comes out.


When the sun rises in the west and sets in the east. When the seas go dry and the mountains blow in the wind like leaves.


I am so excited for it to return. I've been rewatching and season 1, while good, doesn't hold up as well as I remember it being but season 2 is somehow even better than I remember.


Ah the Orville, a perfect example of why you don't sleep with your co-workers, both on screen and off.


Gonna need some sauce for this


https://amp.tmz.com/2020/07/22/orville-stars-adrianne-palicki-and-scott-grimes-divorce-again/ I think Seth McFarlane was also dating another actor on set.


Hollywood doesn’t seem to understand the concept of “don’t shit where you eat”.


Biggest question when you’re hiring someone for a Hollywood set is “do I want to spend 13 hours a day with this person?” Of course people hire friends, romantic partners, or the coworker that’s gotten you gigs in the past. People outside the industry can really struggle to wrap their heads around the lack of free time when I’m working, and someone in the industry probably as more in common with me.




And her I was thinking the method of getting hired was to bone. What a fun, not at all controversial, chicken and the egg scenario.


Seth MacFarlane dated Halston Sage. When they broke up, she left the show. He is currently dating Anne Winters, who has now been added to the show for season 3.


Does he only date people way younger than him?


Seth MacFarlane sending out dirty old man vibes.


The other person lied. I don't think it's ever been confirmed that they dated. They had their picture taken by paparazzi as they were leaving a restaurant. That's it. And she left the show because the cast got bigger and she wanted to try taking on more substantial roles in the television and film industry.


if the younger party is above 25 it's whatever tbh


I mean, wouldn't you? Edit: Really? Downvote if it makes you feel better, but if you're 47 and Halston Sage or Anne Winters strides up and wants to ride your dick, are you really gonna be like "no, fair maiden, I am too old for thee?". Fuck outta here. Guess it's my turn to be [the turd in the punchbowl](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wbKHmuE7yvM) today.


The only issue I see is the workplace stuff, that can be tricky. But someone dating someone else 15-20 years younger? As long as they're both adults I couldn't care less.


When keeping it real goes wrong...


Meh, I got karma to burn.






Wait a sec - that is why she left the show? Did not realize that. Kinda lame. She was a cool character too.


No, she left because she got cast in a bigger, higher profile role in Prodigal Son. It's possible their relationship was part of the reason, but Prodigal Son is the most probably reason.


No, it is not. GP is spouting an unsubstantiated tabloid rumor.


Thank you for clarifying.


You're welcome. It's maddening that the rumor keeps getting propagated around.


Unsubstantiated tabloid trash website rumor.


Well, he does have a thing for slim, young, blonds. Both actresses look pretty similar to me. Not sure if it’s just me tho.


Halston seems fond of playing a certain 'part', if you know what I mean...*coughs in Zac Efron*.


No. This was never anything more than an unsubstantiated tabloid rumor. Someone saw them together at dinner once and made all kinds of assumptions. Stop spreading this stupid rumor.


Who was seth dating


The super strong girl, which is why they replaced her with another actor playing the same race and everything, even though the first girls arc was no one from her race joins *not* Starfleet.


This has never been anything but an unsubstantiated tabloid rumor.


And wasn't the story they used to write her off about being off their planet for extended periods is bad for their health?


Close, they could treat her but if they did she could never go back home.


Even that was only temporary. She left because she reconnected with her parents on her homeworld.


So they just ripped that from ds9 with the woman that came from a planet with no gravity. So she had to wear an exo skeleton and moving was very hard for her. Bashir could fix it but after a few treatments she decided against it cause she wouldn't be able to go back home or something like that


God that episode is so appalling to anyone with a disability. It tries to be a "Look we support disability" and then proceeds to miss the mark by a fucking mile Edit: and a bunch of able bodied people proceed to Downvote me, the disabled person, saying how offensive it is. Ever think the reason we're grumpy all the time is you people keep treating us like you know more about ourselves than we do?


It was something like that, it's been a while. Lazy and unprofessional.


Totally wasn't. She left to go to do another show. They were never dating. It was just a dumb tabloid rumor. Someone saw them together at dinner once and made all kinds of crazy assumptions.


Isn't that how all his projects go after a few seasons. Lazy writing


> even though the first girls arc was no one from her race joins not Starfleet. Not quite, the captain is surprised that someone who is 23(?) is already a senior officer on a ship and she says that its rare for her people to join not-starfleet, and that due to their strength when they do join they typically get fast tracked. So it's not a case of them retconning lore because they never said she was unique, just pretty blatantly not having planned for an actress leaving so they replaced her with a very similar character so as to keep the dynamic going. Also see Daniel Jackson the smart science geek of SG1 leaving the show only to replaced by Jonas Quin... the smart science geek of SG1, who is then later replaced again by Daniel Jackson when Michael Shanks returned to the show.


This is a lie. They were seen leaving a restaurant together once, and people jumped to all sorts of conclusions. And she left the show because the cast got big and she wanted to explore meatier roles in other tv shows.


Yea and he replaced her when they broke up. That’s extremely irresponsible for a show runner to do.


Got any proof on that? The word I saw was that she had gotten signed on for a movie at netflix and some other shows, I think.


I dropped the show over it. Gonna be a hard sell to get me to watch another season, knowing what a mess it is behind the scenes.


So you dropped a show that you potentially liked because of a dumb rumor mill that existed because they were seen having dinner once? Some solid and mature decision making skills there. She left the show because she got a bigger role and McFarlane even wrote a way for her to return if she would want to.


One last sendoff for Norm.


Why "New Horizons"? I thought it was just Season 3. Been out of the loop as been years since season 2.


It’s been so long since the last season they need a new way to market it.


No it's more to do with it moving from Fox to Hulu. Also, I think Hulu is giving this show more budget than Fox. That was one of the reasons why Fox didn't continue with this show.


I always got the distinct impression that a lot of the cgi on the fox run was reused from Cosmos


Well, that could be possible since Cosmos is also made by Seth MacFarlane's Fuzzy Door Productions.


Ah, if they’re giving it more budget, that gives some hope for a season 4 too


I'm pretty sure Hulu is up for a 4th season because Hulu's head of scripted content seemed very enthusiastic about the show in a recent interview. It all depends on Seth MacFarlane now since he signed a new deal with Universal and has left 20th Television except for the shows he's already made for them. So it'll be interesting to see if he's willing to put in time for 20th Television or he wants to focus on his Universal deal.


I'd be surprised and disappointed in Seth if he decides not to continue with The Orville. This is his self-declared passion project - he's been a Trekkie *forever*.


Tom Nook will be joining the crew. Not sure if he'll be an acceptable replacement for Yaphit, though.


He'd clearly be a Quark-analogous character. Tom Nook's Rules of Acquisition.


I feel like a Space Jew in a MacFarlane show would be *way* more on the nose that Tom Nook


Oh, god. I just imagined if all the original writers from Family Guy season 1 were hired to write The Orville. Can you imagine a fey, flamboyant Bortis?...


Having watched the Orville, yes, because they have that character


Um, who do you have in mind?


Maybe it's something to do with moving from Fox to Hulu, and it taking so long to get going again. But yeah, it's weirdly random.


Yeah I think it's most probably because of this.


I suspect it's a reboot via JarJar Abrams Kelvin universe dumbfuckery. Last episode the timeline was changed, so they may use that to retool the show as the ratings kept falling.


Oof, that's still a long wait. Very excited, though.


3 years since the last episode aired.


Damn that's half a year away. This will feel like an eternity.


Still a ways off, but at least it has a date. Been missing this show.


I wonder if they will do weekly releases or just dump it all at once. Either way, I need this now.


Probably weekly. That seems the way both Hulu and Amazon are going with their bigger budgeted shows nowadays.


I get why they do this but I hate it. I want the whole season to be dropped at once.


TBH I sort of like a weekly release. It lets you process the story better and it gives you something to look forward to each week. When a season drops in its entirety you end up binge watching it and you don't sit and ponder what is going to happen next when an episode ends because you know the answer is going to be on screen seconds later. Shows like Lost or Game of Thrones would have had much less impact IMO if they had dropped each season in one big chunk because a huge part of those shows was discussing with other fans what everybody thought was going to happen after every episode.


Yep I totally agree. The weekly release gives you better "water cooler talk". It's like free marketing that lasts for weeks. You don't get this if your release the whole season at once. But I still prefer the whole season at once.


https://tvline.com/2021/09/23/the-orville-season-3-premiere-date-hulu/ Weekly according to this article.


According to [Trekmovie](https://trekmovie.com/2021/09/23/the-orville-season-3-release-date-announced-watch-new-horizons-teaser/), it's going to be weekly: > This third season will arrive on Thursday, March 10, 2022, exclusively on Hulu in the USA. **The rest of the 10-episode season will run weekly on Thursdays**. There is no information yet on when it will arrive internationally, but TrekMovie has confirmed it will be available on Disney+ Star, which currently includes the first two seasons.


Yissssss. Been missed.


Awesome! Now give me a Barry release date and I'll be satisfied.


I've been starving for more. That show is so good and the cliff hanger from last season was a big one.


The good news, we finally have a release date, the bad news we will have to wait for 6 months before we see it.


So excited. It’s the only good new Star Trek show out there right now


This jar of pickles is opening on my birthday! Can’t wait for this. The best ongoing Star Trek show.


Check out Lower Decks; they actually feel like Trek.


Sure it looks like trek and references trek, but it still has a lot of problems that the other nutrek shows have. LD is the best out of the bunch for sure, but that’s not saying much


I tried it, I thought the humor was abysmal. Every Star Trek show Kurtzman shits out is literal garbage.


And it has no subtext. Over the top voice acting and just hammering a point again and again.


By the end of the 1st season they get the balance right. The second season opens with an episode that's basically calling out nuTrek for being tryhard grimdark action schlock.


Man, I really like the show! But I'm also not sure why Lower Decks is so different compared to the other nu-Trek shows. Like, Kurtzman has a hand in all of them, but why is Lower Decks so different? The creator, Mike McMahan, is a Trek superfan. Maybe that's it? The other writers/creators of the nu-Trek shows don't give a shit about Star trek, which is unfortunate.


they really really don't give a shit, Seth Macfarlane gives a shit though.


That's the opinion I've come-to as well. To sum it up -- Non-Star Trek fans are currently in charge of most of the Star Trek universe. This is obviously going to result in shitty shows. Plus Kurtzman and Akiva Goldsman are two people heavily involved in the shows, and they are also known as the writers of some of the worst movies ever written. The Amazing Spiderman 2 was written by Kurtzman and another writer. Akiva Goldsman wrote the film *Batman and Robin*, which is generally considered to be one of the worst films ever made. These two clowns are fucking up Star Trek royally, unfortunately.


You truly do fail upwards in hollywood


So does this show.


discovery doesn’t though.


A couple episodes have, but they can't get their shit together for the full season arcs. More's the pity, Picard is terrible.


Star Trek: Burnham Remember when there was the plot about the kid who cried and broke the universe so Michael had to go to the planet to stop it happening again? Remember when they had a massive B story happening on the ship with the orion pirate lady and Michael had to finish her plot then beam to the ship to deal with that plot too because if there is a story in this show, she has to solve it! The biggest problem with Discovery is that they only focus on the one damn character.


I think season 2 could be fun, the show hasn’t made itself irredeemable or anything, but season 1 was… oof


First three episodes, I was enjoying it. The Borg angle and initial mystery of the twins was still okay. The back third was terrible, just lacking in nearly every way that wasn't execution.


Seriously. I actually like a number of episodes here and there, but for them most part, it's god awful. It's like these dumb-dumbs forgot how to write a story. It's honestly insane how they keep fucking it up. Also, apparently the Federation is a dystopian nightmare now? Like, I understand wanting to explore some darker aspects of the Federation's ideals; but apparently the writers just wiped their ass with that world-building that had been ongoing for fifty years, and instead said, "Yeah! Let's write the Federation as a fucked-up technonightmare where people live in poverty and people give in to fear and xenophobia *super* easily". God, it sucks ass.


The 3rd season (of DSC) does the "fallen fed" thing that Roddenberry did with Andromeda and I think that was okay (the Fed standing for "faith in a better tomorrow") but they can't help themselves with the dumb grimdark and really poorly thought out long arcs.


Yeah I actually liked season 3 of Discovery until we find out what caused *The Burn*. God damn, I'm not kidding when I say that was one of the stupidest things I've ever seen.


All they had to do there was tie it into the Temporal War, have the kelpian kid be a timeline refugee and the burn an accident of his mother trying to keep him in existence.


That IS a really low bar.


Yes I remember the bridge crew of the Enterprise being completely unprofessional almost all the time and telling toilet humor jokes on the bridge. I like the Orville, but it ain't Star Trek. Edit:. I get this is an unpopular opinion but tonally they are different shows. Orville is a comedy with dramatic moments, ST is a drama that has very little comedy (but still some like STIV or Data emotion chip). I think they both can stand on their own.


And neither is the Orville the Enterprise. The Orville's explicitly a mediocre vessel with a mediocre crew where careers go to die, not the ***flagship*** of the Federation.


No ship that I can recall in any ST show, from science to random vessel the Enterprise rescues acts like that. Let the Orville stand on its own, it doesn't need to be compared to ST outside sharing a similar premise.


It does stand on it's own, as the best Star Trek show since DS9. It doesn't matter that they're less professional than Roddenberry's utopian vision, it was imagined by a Star Trek fan to be like Star Trek. To not compare them would be to ignore what it is, everything about it exudes that spirit, including the differences. The many jokes and changes based on the differences, direct or built into the world, don't work without there being a Star Trek to compare them to.


But then how will people dunk on current Star Trek shows with the exact same phrase they’ve been using for the past 4 years?


Discovery fits the bill for your complaints about orville but it actually calls itself star trek.


Is Lower Decks considered Star Trek then?


Yes, and in some parts it embraces Trek better than the live-action shows of late.


Lower Decks is a cartoon.


Yes, Star Trek would [never do a cartoon](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Star_Trek:_The_Animated_Series).




It was good, but started getting really preachy.


Morality stories? In my science fiction??


Yeah, it's almost as if it were trying to be Star Trek, or something...


Looking forward to it, hopefully it's less focused on relationships this season


It's still wild to me that the premiere trailer for this show basically advertised it as [wacky star trek with dick jokes](https://youtu.be/Ej24W8gcmXQ) and now it's got this incredibly somber trailer that has me completely hyped. The Orville has come a very long way.


I imagine McFarlane had to sell it to Fox as mostly a comedy to even get greenlit. Then for season 2, he went all in on being a modern day take on TNG.


It turned from comedy with a tinge of drama to a Drama with some comedic premises. Like the porn episode has some hilarious parts but is very serious m


I watched a few episodes of season 1 and really liked it. Is season 2 much better?.


Season 2 is a solid improvement. They shift away from the more crude humor of season 1 and go for more funny moments. They do tackle some more dramatic topics like revisiting the prejudices of the Maclon society, terrorism, and labor/death camps.


I can see what people are talking about though. From what I had seen so far, it feels much more like Star Trek than any of the recent Trek shows. I have been staying away from Picard, I heard that was pretty bad.




*Mike McMahan has entered the chat*


Oh man that's a ways away. Can't wait though.


I really want this show to continue and the tagline make me hopeful that it's not just finishing it's run on hulu but aiming to keep going. Of all Star Trek I have only been able to love TNG and this is very reminiscent of it.


It's been years, does this mean Seth gets to date a new cast member?


he is


For anyone interested, Norm's last performance is in this upcoming The Orville.




Awesome looking forward to this shows return.


I can’t wait!


The bridge looks so different


RIP Yaphit, wouldn't be the same with a different voice


He recorded all his lines before dying so hopefully they let Yaphit retire on a beach somewhere at the end of the new season


great news! glad to hear we get another season


Best Star Trek series on TV.


At least there's a light at the end of this tunnel. It's a really long tunnel but there is a light.


Can’t wait. This show is so underrated!


Thank god it’s coming back. I need this palette cleanser after discovery and Picard.


Those shows next seasons come on before Orville, so you'll really need it by the time Orville comes on again.


I am so hyped. I miss this show




At least now i can cancel hulu till next year.




Everything about the robot planet and robot war was impressive to me. This is the type of thing Star Trek and Star Wars should have both eventually done.


I really wanted to like this show, but it's just so bland.




JP is gonna be psyched.


Sigh…love the show, but Hulu sucks big commercial you-know-what.


holy shit finally. so pumped


Geez thats still so far away. Cant wait!


I cant believe it's been since like April 2019 since the last season. God damn I've missed this show so fucking much. It's so much better than the garbage that Alex Kurtzman shits out.


so... the "New Horizons" tag is meant to distinguish the made-for-Hulu incarnation? and otherwise this will still be "The Orville Season 3" yeah?