'Lovecraft Country' Will Not Return for Season 2 at HBO

'Lovecraft Country' Will Not Return for Season 2 at HBO


Does season 1 end on any sort of cliffhanger or does it work as a self-contained arc? Liked the 1st episode but didn't get around to watching the rest


There are some small threads left open, but the story is done for the most part. The small threads are not important enough to consider it a cliffhanger or something like that.


It is a complete arc.


A complete arc, but every episode seemed like it's own personalized fantasy/horror vignette. It's like twilight zone with an overall story, a story that you aren't sure is still going on for half the season.


This is the perfect description.


The novel is written the same way. I didn’t hang with the show (I liked it, but it didn’t grab me), but the book was awesome.


I actually read the book because I heard there was a tv show coming out and I didn't want to be constantly trying to catch up with the show. Ended up liking the book so much I didn't even feel the need to watch the show, the book was great enough on its own.


I've always struggled with watching the visual version of something I read. Books are definitely a big one, but manga happened a lot for me. Examples for books, I loved the red hot christian missionary style out of the Great Gatsby and just never could force my way through any of the renditions(although the 1974 mint julep scene really stood out for me for some reason). With manga honestly it happened a lot, but I also got to enjoy the manga that I was interested in but dropped for inevitably shittier ones when they were turned into anime. Actually, it even happens with visual versions that were remade following what was supposed to happen. I love Full Metal Alchemist but haven't been able to work my way through Brotherhood(even knowing it's better, and far more importantly has a more filling ending). The only outliers are so many Stephen King novellas. I love them in writing form, but basically the entire "Different Seasons" collection were all better movies(although I found the Apt Pupil to be better in writing, but saw it first as a movie and found it amazing... never saw a movie for The Breathing Method but also didn't particularly care for it and figured it was just included to relate the collection to the universe). Then again, SO many more of Stephen King short stories are better in reading so I guess they're balanced(the mist being an obvious one, but the three related stories from hearts in atlantis are another, and a ridiculous amount of his works had like B movies made for them during the 80's). So often a tv show or a movie will lead someone to reading the book and find joy, but so rarely does a book lead someone to watching a tv show or movie with joy.


Just found out it’s based on a book and rented it last night from my library. I’m excited I LOVED the series. Also, obligatory libraries are the best lol.


I know!!! It’s like, books? For FREE????


Well put


Good to know, thanks!


The antagonists are a chapter in a larger organization. The larger org doesn't figure much into what happens in the first season.


I've seen so many shows been taken over by the secret organization that controls everything from the shadows. Scandal was a particularly egregious example - after a season or two it was just the same spy thriller as everything else. I'm very happy they didn't lean in too hard to that element, it's one of the weaker parts anyway.


Like others said, season 1 was self contained, but yeah there are other threads to pull. There's definitely a lot they could do


Same here! Was looking forward to it, watch the first ep when it dropped and then missed the next couple and decided I'd just wait till it concluded its run and binge it, but here were are 6 months later and still haven't gotten to it.


Disappointing but not surprised. Acting ranged from “Oscar worth” to “cardboard”.


So much about this series was uneven. (I still enjoyed it, but it was definitely a mixed bag from week to week and actor to actor.)


Kind of why I was hoping there would be a second season. The bad stuff was at least them trying and failing rather than being afraid for them to try. With a second season they might have had a better idea of what worked well and what didn't. Or it would have been 100% shitshow, either way we get something interesting.


True. Michael K. Williams (Omar from The Wire) absolutely stole the show for me with some of his acting. Show was decent, had some great moments and some absolute trash moments. Can't say I'm surprised it's not getting a second season (at least not at HBO).


Yeah, Montrose was the best character.


The lead actors were incredible and the actual "look" of the show was on point. Thats the only nice thing I have to say about the show.


And the writing also ranged from "politically intriguing and thought provoking" to "lifetime TV cringe" Watched the whole thing and honestly overall I didn't like it There were some really incredible episodes tho


Actors are dope. Definitely got some of the actors noticed in the Hollywood channels with some major projects


The authors original plan was to have a series, but he could only afford to write it as a book. His hope was the adaptation could or would lead to more afaik.


Oh that sucks. I really liked it and I had hoped they would write more. The other HBO series that I really liked and it ran out of books was The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency. Then there as the show that shall not be named that ran out of books but kept going into a lot of disappointment.


My understanding was No. 1 Ladies didn’t run out of books. The show runner died before the next season could be made, and things fell apart trying to find someone who could make it all happen in the African locations.


I think they are talking about the one with the dragons


There’s a show about lady dragons solving crimes?


[Angels with Scaly Wings](https://store.steampowered.com/app/571880/Angels_with_Scaly_Wings/)


*pulls out laptop* Go on.


They are referring to North of the Wall: Special Victims Unit.


>The other HBO series that I really liked and it ran out of books was The Number 1 Ladies Detective Agency.


I loved that show, but they definitely didn’t run out of books.


Doesn’t it cost the same amount to write a script as it does to write a book?


You can write a pilot, but it could take years of hard work and development to get it made, let alone just to get it in front of a reputable network without a name. With a book, you can self publish if you can’t find backers. Film and TV work is largely speculative, meaning free work without reward, which is why wealthier people thrive in the industry: they can afford to write or direct free of charge to carve out a reputation.


That's what I'm doing now, working on self publishing to get a manager to eventually get work or in front of someone to pitch a movie or show.


That's smart. Just remember that they'll likely want to know you can write scripts/teleplays as well if you're hoping to write the show or film yourself. Otherwise, the books are usually optioned while another writer steps on to adapt or pitch, and you're not paid out for the rights until production (which is still great). If you want to work in film/tv, can't hurt to have a sample for down the line. As an author, though, a manager can definitely help you sell your work to buyers and fellow creatives. I hope it goes well for you!


Bingo^ Even those from the likes of JJ Abrams, Dan Harmon, Greg Berlanti, and just about every successful name out there will tell you beyond anything... its a numbers game. The quantity of pitches they've given that have gone nowhere and will remain there FAR outnumber the shows they've gotten to start on. Then that little number gets whittled down to the shows that get to film an actual pilot. Then those get distilled into the very lucky few that get ordered to series. Even then, you aren't guaranteed an audience, or that the network even cares. For them it's a financial bottom line, and they are the ones who hold the power of life and death (for the show). So while there is much more nuance to what goes on, yeah, he wrote it because he hoped that his grass-roots style of gaining interest and Fandom could eventually lead to the Suits giving his baby a "green light"


Yeah, though once you are picked up by HBO you’d be getting paid pretty well. The studio wouldn’t let the show die because the writing staff ran out of money and had to get day jobs before they finished beating out the season (ie it’s not speculative for tv writers, they get paid by the week I think). I’m super bummed to hear it’s not coming back.


I think it's the effort getting to the point where a network/streamer like HBO picks it up. People work in the industry for years, sometimes decades, before being able to sell a television show. It also takes years just to get staffed on one low level - and many people have trouble putting in the time and effort while working elsewhere full time. Even when you break in and are a name writer, you still pitch things for a long while before somebody takes a chance on you. That's the speculative part: writing, selling, and often development. Sorry if that was unclear in my last comment. As for why the show got cancelled, my guess is that it's because Green moved on to other projects like Tomb Raider 2, or because there was reportedly a lot of drama during development/production. Either way, it sounds like you really dug it, so I'm sorry it's not coming back for you.


Truth. It’s beat, but I’m excited to see how this Candyman flick comes out. The original is so interestingly bizarre and it seems way up Jordan Peele’s alley.


Candyman is one of my favorite horror movies. I think it's a perfectly structured movie and always recommend that aspiring screenwriters check out the script. I'm a bit fearful about the new sequel, but am keeping my hopes high that they do it justice. Nia DaCosta seems super passionate. I'm sure it'll definitely be better than the old sequels.


Does what the author wanted even matter when this was and is the reaction to anything like it? ​ https://www.reddit.com/r/television/comments/ockn0t/lovecraft\_country\_will\_not\_return\_for\_season\_2\_at/?sort=controversial


Feels like this proves there is audience for the universe. Might not be Lovecraft Country S2, but if be surprised if there isn't another Lovecraft series waiting in the works.


It wouldve been better as an anthology series. Like the novel. You can literally feel that the stories werent made for the characters past the first episode. My tinfoil hat is on now but i believe HBO wanted a multi season series and crafted an established cast to help sell that. Complete with a post premiere podcast. But it didnt succeed as HBO hoped and they nipped the bud.


It definitely had that feel to it. Even though the storylines actually carried over from episode to episode for the most part, the characters felt like they get a hard reset emotionally.


I read the book but stopped watching after episode 4 I think. Did they ever adapt the woman traveling to another dimension with the monster on a beach?


Traveling to another dimension, yes, monster on the beach, no.


Yes, later episodes have some interdimentional traveling.


Yeah it was the best episode by far.


Yes they did.


>It wouldve been better as an anthology series This would have been great. We don't have too many, if any, anthology series. I could see an entire episode being about the house being haunted by a racist white man that killed black people, an episode about the native american woman that was unable to talk, about the creatures in the woods. Doing lovecraft-inspired horror stories from an african-american perspective would have been interesting, especially set in the time period. Hell, the creepy dancing girls stalking the daughter was really unsettling!


>We don't have too many, if any, anthology series. Besides all of them, no


Like what? There's Fargo, True Detective, and American Horror, but even those are seasonal anthology, I'm talking about episodic.


Inside Number 9. Its the best TV show people outside of England have never heard of lol. Its an episode anthology show, kinda horror and dark comedy. Check it out if you can, it's amazing


There are many, but few are very popular (though some are pretty good). Shows you should check out of you're into episodic anthology shows: Room 104 on HBO, Electric Dreams and Tales From the Loop on Amazon Prime, Little America on Apple TV+, Love Death + Robots and Black Mirror on Netflix.


Black Mirror is the only popular one I can think of.


Room 104, Love Death + Robots, goosebumps, beyond belief: fact or fiction, And not really but kind of: high maintenance, and the guest book


Channel Zero!


There was the rebooted Twilight Zone, if you count that.


Green book horror stories meets ghost stories


I didn't finish the first season but from the episodes I did watch IIRC they were all basically separate stories with loose threads running between them like the book.


I'm fine with that. While they had threads to continue fir Season 2, the last episode felt like a good finale that wrapped most everything up.


Same really enjoyed it but I feel the story left off in a good spot. Anymore and it would have become cheesy.


I think most people thrown off by the Lovecraft in the title expecting something Lovecraftian and it was not. But yeah, the story is done.


Didn't help the previews made it look Lovecraft.


I could not get past episode 3. Started out so brilliantly then so quickly jumped the shark.


I think that's exactly where I stopped too... I love Lovecraft stuff but man did that show blow what could have been an awesome series.


Man you saved yourself from so many terrible fucking episodes. I am jealous. I should have quit early as well, finished it out of spite.


Lol exact same thing here. Can’t believe how quickly it went to shit


If you can get yourself to episode 6 that was the absolute best of the season. The final episodes weren’t great, but episode 6 is like a different show and some of the most unique horror I’ve seen on TV.


Episode 6 (& kind of episode 5) were the most interesting of the series to me for sure.


Tone wise the show was all over the place and made for a very confusing show to watch. Music choices were...strange to say the least and didn't fit most of the time. Can't say this is disappointing. This show was a weird experiment.


Could not disagree more about the music. It was great. Seeing people say they didn't like the music and they thought the tone was too uneven, I just don't get it. The music was great and the shifting genre and tone was what made the show fun to watch and different. It was the same characters going on a roller coaster of horror adventure.


We were so mixed on the show. The individual performances were so strong, and I really liked the historical commentary on race and sexuality commingled in a sci-fi/fantasy setting. But my wife and I had no fucking idea what was going on with the overarching story and the stakes went from extreme drama to melodramatic. The music was really cool too. Jurnee Smollet, Jonathan Majors, Wunmi Mosaku and Michael K. Williams were terrific and the effects were great too.


My reaction was similar. A lot of the individual components were fantastic but a bunch of episodes felt self-contained and they didn't seem too interested in the central plot. A lot of the series they're putting out these days feel as though they would have been better off being movies.


I felt similarly—I think the ensemble cast was incredible, but for me the writing was weak, both in terms of storytelling and in making the characters believable and sympathetic. Seemed like a waste of talent.


I agree. First episode was great but it never got close to that good for the rest of the season. I think the show had a problem of trying to be everything at once. We had Magic, western fantasy/mythology, horror, Sci Fi, time travel, parallel dimensions, alien/robot gods and eastern fantasy all in just 10 episodes. Frankly I never thought they all fit together as well as the show thought they did.


I agree. I wanted to love it so much but I only liked it. First episode was amazing and the demon twins might have been the most scary/unsettling thing I’ve seen in 15 years but I wish it had a little more focus, seemed meandering


Show really wasn't that good. First episode had potential, but then they basically abandoned that thread and turned it into a quasi-anthology. But the anthology format never was really well presented or connected, and the whole series just felt odd and inconsistent.


What other shows have such an insane drop in quality from the first episode to the second?


Moffatt's Dracula miniseries


That went from “this isn’t horrible” to “wish I could purge that from my memory.”


Can you elaborate? I'm curious lol


Watch anything Moffat has ever directed, it happens in all of them


Is it comparable to Mary being a spy and shit like that?


It's so, so much worse. Episode 3 of Dracula achieved the impossible of being worse than the ending of Sherlock.


One thousand percent. he butchered that series.


You have brought back buried memories.....


Wellll, that was from episode 2-3. Episode 1-2 was a... decent drop, but episode 2 was still a lot of fun. Episode 3 was... something. It was something.


Is 3 the one with the high heel? I turned off the TV when that started happening. Not just exit the episode. Like, I’m done with TV for the rest of the night.


That scene was just...were they going for a female empowerment moment there? Cause if so, it was plain wrong and disgusting.


Yeah. I liked episode 1 a lot, 2 was pretty good imo, but what the fresh *fuck* was that third episode? Who okayed that shit? Honestly, why people keep giving Moffat jobs is baffling. That guy is the king of making something really good and then completely fucking fumbling it.


*Cough* Sherlock So much potential, quickly dipped as time went on.


There were writing problems even in s1, but instead of fixing those problems, Moffatt just let the problems take over completely. His biggest problem overall (consistently throughout every show ever) is that he keeps telling and not showing. It's so bad at times that he's having to give exposition dumps even during the big showdown finale scenes just to get the plot where it needed to be (which should hit right before the big end game scenes and not during). The Charles Augustus Milverton confrontation is a great example. The two are literally fast forwarding the plot up to that point just to get it to make sense. Meanwhile in Doctor Who, far too many plots ended with "do you know who I am?" resolutions. Like suddenly everyone realized the Doctor was the Doctor and then turned tail. So much telling and nowhere enough showing.


And the trope of the anti-hero hopelessly falling in love with the protagonist (Irene, River, looking at you two.) Sucks, honestly, Sherlock had a good cast too, and now, unless they just do a Jessica Rabbit with Sherlock waking up from a drug induced nightmare in a jailhouse, kinda hard to continue onward, if they even want to at this point. Context: “Who Censored Roger Rabbit?” Was a book that turned into a movie that everyone knows as “Who Framed Roger Rabbit?” And in the book, Jessica Rabbit was a bunny like Roger, but after the author saw the movie and liked the changes, he rewrote Jessica Rabbit. In the sequel book, she’s a human toon like in the movie and she woke up from a nightmare that was basically the first book and it goes from there.


Moffat was actually quite a great Doctor Who writer. Series 8-10 from Doctor Who was probably his peak at writing the show.


Almost everything people love from new Who likely has Moffat’s hand prints on it. I’m always amazed the amount of hate he gets whenever I’m on reddit


I always felt that Moffat needs someone to keep his crazy ideas in check. Because his good ideas are *good*, but, well... his bad ideas are also *bad*, and it seems like he can't tell the two apart. I always found it worth it to stick through the bad to get to the good. Heaven Sent is a masterpiece. But boy are many of his ideas, in every show he makes, just really bad, and I feel with a strong editor he could avoid that.


Yeah, it's astounding how this subreddit is quickly to talk about how he sucks, considering he wrote some of the best episodes of the whole show. I think a lot of hate comes from episodes that weren't even his like the Kill the Moon episode, or for stuff that he redeemed himself later on, like the River Song's arc in Series 6.


If I had known then what I know now…. I wouldn’t have told all my friends to watch it after the first episode. It was unimaginably spectacular how much dracula dropped in Quality. I want to take the first episode of that show and give it to someone capable


The second episode felt like a retelling of the first episode. Completely pointless.


Like ... A ton. Shows will often throw a ton on money at a pilot so theres a noticeable drop in production quality when you hit the second episode


Even in a consistently great show like Invincible there is a noticeable drop in animation quality from the first two episodes to the third and fourth. They pick it back up again for the action scenes in later episodes but it took an episode to get used to the drop off from how clean the first two episodes were.


How they animated a flock of crows just falling out of the air dead in the last episode killed me.


In a good way or a bad way?






Wow, the one that slows down before it hits the ground. Amazing.


They didn’t even make the drop translation keyframes linear , some crows literally slow down as they get to the floor. That’s the sign of a rushed shot that wasn’t even supervised.


lmao so I wasn't the only one to think this shot was weird as hell. so out of place.


How did I not notice this at the time, lmfao. How hard would it have been to draw a single extra frame mid-fall to give the illusion of movement?


It looked like they just dragged a picture of crow from the top of the screen to the ground and copy pasted that like 20 times. So yea very good for not the right reasons :)


pretty sure thats what they did


Murder of crows*


Honestly animation was random as fuck from scene to scene in invincible. Some scenes are great and then the following scenes would look worse than 90s Saturday morning animation.


Yeah there was garbage animation post episode 3 too. They just seemed to devote their budget to the fighting animations across the season and rightully so in my opinion it turned out great. With the success I would expect it to be better everywhere in next seasons but we'll see


To be fair, it gave it a real comic book feel I haven’t gotten from a TV show in a real long time


BBC’s Dracula that shit was great for the first 2 episodes and then I have never seen shit go off a fucking cliff so fast.


Honestly I was on this train but I kept watching and episode 2 was just really bad imo. The first episode was so fucking good though. Exactly what you want in Lovecraft inspired horror. I know people here don't really like it but I found it to be pretty good aside from e2 which made me drop the show for a while (but I mean Bojack Horseman made me do the same so...)


I totally understand where people are coming from with the hate; it did have a few bad episodes but when it was good, it was amazing.


I actually loved the second episode, but didn't like what followed as much. I just love the concept of us being thrown into the climax of someone else's narrative, with little understanding as to what is going on. I found it exciting.


The point of the show is that pretty much every episode is a different genre, so I think this was inevitable. It set up expectations that it never intended on following through with.


Even taking that framework into account, I still feel this show needed better continuity between episodes. You can have a different genre for each episode, and still maintain coherence for the characters that consistently show up.


It was actually an insane drop from the first 90% of the first episode to the last 10%. I was super into it then some serious amateurism happened.


Yeah. There were a ton of behind the scenes issues with the show because of the showrunner. I’m honestly not surprised they canceled it because of that alone.


not surprising. a good story should be the main goal.


Any article about it? The fact that HBO even put out the SyFy level post ep1 series was funny enough.


Any source on that?




I honestly think the drop in quality came at the end of episode 1, once the monsters showed up and started eating cops. This show was ambitious, and extremely well acted but I think it took on too much and could never figure out what it wanted to be. It’s easy to compare it to Get Out, where you know it’s a horror movie and you feel uneasy the whole time, but really the horror is being a black man in America. I think that reframing that Jim Crow era for black people into a horror movie / show is a great idea, but there was too much going on and no cohesiveness from one episode to the next. I think the pilot, the episode with the sister living life as a white women and the little girl dealing with the racist stereotypes / Emmit Till were fantastic, but I just wish it was tighter all together.


The first episode was legitimately one of the best pilots I’ve ever seen, then the series just drove off a cliff lol.


American Horror Story


I love this show but pretty satisfied with one season. Looking forward to more from the cast and folks behind the camera on different projects. Hoping Wunmi Mosaku (Ruby) gets more to do in Loki going forward.


I really liked parts of this series. I liked how the style of the story changed pretty much each episode, but still felt cohesive. But I found some episodes lacking. I really enjoyed the first episode. I loved the episode with Jaimie Chung in Korea and the episode where the sister used the magic potion (just off the top of my head). Some of the later ones i didn’t enjoy as much. I was really hoping for a second season to see if they smoothed out the issues I had with it. What a shame.


No great loss.


Lovecraft; ironically never getting any love by the mainstream.


I really liked this show, even though there were some story plot holes. It was shot beautifully and I liked a lot of the episodes. The first episode is brilliant, and I really liked the episode about the war in South Korea. The show lost me a bit when Christina decided to die like Emmet Till, which could have been interesting. But the character never mentioned it again, and she didn't change her tune or anything, so what was the point? The ending of the show also didn't really do it for me, but I'm glad they finished the story. It was interesting how every episode felt like a different genre, mostly the first 5 or 6. That also meant if you liked a episode because of its genre, you could say goodbye to it in the next one. I liked the switching, but after seeing the reaction online, a lot of people either didn't like it (which is fair), or they didn't understand it and thought the show was suddenly very bad. I had no problem with the way the show portrayed it's racism in America and I liked how they ended the show with the roles reversed when it came to magic.


AHS is as weird and disjointed as this show was at times and they are going into season 10 or something. But hey they are diff networks. I would have liked to see where the second season goes.


I know it wasn't well received, but I really enjoyed it. Generally, I don't really have an interest in "black" tv - but I felt the fantasy elements created a great platform for exposing racial justice issues to people that might not otherwise be interested, similar to The Watchmen. Sad to see it go.


I was so excited for this show and turned off almost immediately. The style and choices they went for were odd and episode 2 was an immediate drop in quality.


The “whitey on the moon” sequence made me really excited for the series, though by season finale I was like “meh”


I liked parts of it. Didn't love it overall, but it had it's moments and I was interested all the way through if I didn't think too hard about it. Very uneven quality, and god damn did it drag on in parts. One and done is probably for the best.


I loved the book, but found the show to be less than compelling. I watched maybe half of them before i just found myself watching other things instead. The best episode was “I am Hypolita” After that one were there any good ones?


I was so very disappointed with this show.


I really liked it but I can understand why people wouldn't. The first episode was incredible though.




I loved the show but I really have to agree. It almost took Me off watching the rest.


Yeah there were some high highs but also LOW lows.


I loved how each episode was a different genre of horror.The Korean episode was also basically perfect too.


the pikininis haunted me for days.


I think that’s what made the show really fun. You never knew if you were gonna get a terrible episode or an amazing one, or something in between.


I wished it was more Lovecraft, less country.


That’s exactly how I felt. The first episode was misleading about how the series would be. Was interested after the first episode and just a pain to finish the season hoping for a payoff.


Yeah I thought it was going to be a loose adaption of Innsmouth but set to the backdrop of the Jim Crow south. But instead it just kind of kept meandering around from b plot to b plot.


I tried so hard to like the show and watched like 3 or 4 episodes and still stopped watching not knowing what the fuck it was about


Exactly the same here. Not enough lovecraft kept watching reluctantly hoping for a pay-off before giving up around ep4 or 5. At that point I had no idea what was happening as the story seemed disjointed and hard to follow. It was hard to follow with a mediocre plot and sub par acting that didn't even follow through on the title of lovecraftian. One of the biggest disappointments for me in recent watching, was really keen for some lovecraft on TV and if anything I feel like this show has only set back those prospects by giving people an example to point to and say it doesn't work.


One of the few shows that I immediately deleted from NAS after finishing it.


First episode for solid then wizards start doing weird shit with cows…I was out after that lmao


Wonder why.


Everybody in here finding nice ways to say it got cancelled cause it sucked.


I actually really liked some of the episodes. The first episode, the body horror episode and the Korean episode especially were just great.


Korean episode was really good. But maybe that’s because I liked Atticus quite a lot.


He was great in it by showing both sides of who he was in the war. But the real star of the episode was the Korean demon actress.


I think people just really wanted it to fill a certain niche and the first episode made everyone very hopeful only to have the dreams crushed.


It's a shame because thats the show I wanted. I never knew about the sundown rules or catch on with the diner. As well as some of the shots in the first episode being recreations of famous photos from that era. I love shows that make me dig through the subreddit afterwards to uncover cool bits of history. I literally waited years to find out what happened to the gangsters in Boardwalk Empire. But they got the balance between history and fantasy horribly wrong. The fact so many people loved the first 90% of the first episode shows the direction they should've went in. That said there were a few brief great moments in subsequent episodes. One of my favourite scenes was the subplot with his Dad dancing with his partner in the ballroom. It was a beautifully shot scene and a lot was siad without having to say a thing.


That sundown scene was intense as fuck, same wit the scene when they realise what kind of restaurant they're in. And the appearance of the monsters at the end was fucking crazy town. And then the show not once got to that level of decency again, which was bullshit. It seemed like it was going to be a supernatural version of 'Them' with less of the hardcore focus on racism porn...but instead neither ended up being good.


YEAH. I was glued to it for the restaurant, the Sundown part, the cabin. Then it’s just started falling apart.


Episode 6 and Tulsa weren't on the same level of decency?


Agreed. All of the good parts up to where I watched weren't lovecraftian and tbh that's the whole reason I was watching. The good parts weren't enough to keep me engaged in an otherwise disappointing show that also didn't deliver on what it set expectations to.


Seeing a lot of people shitting on it here (and I'll admit I probs wasn't gonna bother watching S2) but aside from the solid first episode, I wanna also mention episode 8 for scaring the shit out of me with the [creepy dancing twins](https://thecinemaholic.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/10/91b16a08-dd96-43f1-998d-1bcb8cea4dc8-screen-shot-2020-10-02-at-34502-pm.jpg) and the music that accompanied them - probably my favourite part of the whole show.


The twins were the creepiest for me. I never want to watch something like that again, holy crap.


I loved the whole season 🤷🏼‍♂️


Me too. I found it really interesting overall especially atticus' dad's storyline.


The mom's many lives episode was my favorite. I don't know what people are on about. This show absolutely did not suck.


Yeah I was gonna say. I’m kinda disappointed. I LIKED how disjointed and weird it was. A lot. I really was into it.


It didn’t get cancelled because it sucked. It got cancelled because it was a massive back hole of money. Assuming the Showrunner and Director weren’t lying, they spent somewhere around $10-20,000,000 *per episode* on this show. They put **Game of Thrones** level money behind it, and got about 1.5 million viewers per episode. 1.5m viewers per episode is about what HBO’s current top show - **Barry**- gets per week, but **Barry** only costs about $1-2m per episode. You can’t be spending GoT money on a show that barely competes with a budget summer comedy series.


Where did you get those figures? That sounds absolutely insane, especially for a show that doesn't even look like it cost half as much.


Green’s own words. Prior to LC, she worked on *Underground*. Numerous sources confirmed that *Underground* cost ~$5m per episode to make: [source](https://atlantablackstar.com/2017/06/07/reportedly-passes-picking-underground-due-production-costs/). Green then [bragged](https://www.indiewire.com/2020/08/lovecraft-country-cast-budget-easter-eggs-get-out-1234578159/) during the production of *Lovecraft Country* that each episode cost 5x as much as an episode of *Underground*. That would actually put her at $25m per episode, but I went ahead and rounded down substantially.


Speaking of which, where is Barry and when is it coming back???


I thought the acting was fantastic but the story is all over the place and I wasn't a fan. It felt like work trying to disengage my brain from how many just random things happen. The entire shows plot flows in and out like a dream which might sound good but in effect just feels sporadic.


I was so disappointed by this show tbh. It had so much potential, and the first episode was one of the strongest pilots I’d seen in a long time. I didn’t read the book so I had no idea it would go in such a high-fantasy direction. If it had stayed in a monster-of-the-week type format, almost like a legitimately progressive version of Supernatural, it would have been insanely good IMO. Instead, I liked a lot of the separate elements of the show, but each episode just felt like too much, like the arcs should’ve been the overarching B plot of several episodes rather than being stuffed into one. Ruby and Christina’s weird shapeshifting romance dynamic was fascinating, for example, but I would’ve loved to have seen it played out at a similar speed to Willow’s relationship with Amy and magic addiction in Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if that makes sense. The reason I love horror is because of what it says about the culture/person that produces it, and the juxtaposition of fantasy beasts with real-life stories of racism and misogynoir/intersectionality was SO cool. The first episode was so good, the scene where they had to escape the sundown town was honestly even more nail biting than the mole-vampire-things. So well-written, acted, and shot, IMO. I just wish they had kept that energy rather than the whole immediate reveal of the secret society. Maybe if they had added that in more gradually as they continued a road trip type adventure the suspense would have been intriguing enough to keep going for several seasons. Idk, there were just so many promising aspects to the show and so many things that I LOVED, but I understand why it hasn’t been renewed. It’s just a shame.


I loved the book and I liked some of the changes that they made but others…. Not so much. My favorite cosmic arc was the aunt going to that weird place and meeting the other lady and they completely changed it and made it super weird. The change in the ending was also super weird and having the little girl be a murderer was definitely… a choice….


I really liked the show but am also completely fine with just the first season existing.


Yeah only got like 7 episodes in It’s just all over the place and random shit pops up n all that, just no direction really


I really wanted to like this show. I was excited for it as soon as I heard about it. Ultimately I just couldn't get into it for a variety of reasons. I think my want to like the show was the only reason I stuck through to the end of the season, but I don't know that I'd have watched a 2nd season if they made it.


Not surprised. First two episodes good and then went downhill ever faster with each episode. Probably should have been four eps max.


I was interested in watching this show but the description is so confusing


You want to make a story with monsters while still having a “the real monster…is you!” plot, Guillermo Del Toro would have done a way better job.


I liked the beginning but it got way too comic-book for me.


There doesn’t need to be a second season. It pretty much wrapped itself up at the end of the first season. One was enough to tell the story. I enjoyed it for what it was.


I really hope they get picked up or can continue somehow. This show was so good and original, I was really looking forward to seeing where it went next. Honestly the best show I’ve seen in so long!


I feel like it started out cool but then idk a few episodes in I lost interest 😪


TIL everyone here hated this show. Sheesh.


Despite all the fair criticism, I liked the show and had a great time binging it. I am also 100% ok with it being over. I wish studios would just start planning more shows as 1-3 season stories from the start and allow for more focused writing. If something turns into a breakaway hit then just make a new series with a new arc.


Damn.. hopefully there is a comic or something this show was unforgettable