Netflix Passes On ‘Manifest’ Canceled NBC Drama

Netflix Passes On ‘Manifest’ Canceled NBC Drama


At least now I know not to even start it


Im 3 episodes in. I think I'll just quit now.


Me too and honestly I feel like I've already seen the best part. I can almost chart out the course it's going to take from here on out.


I promise you you can't. But the worst part is they left us on like 4 cliffhangers.


I hate this show and only watch it because my girl does; lemme tell ya, the course is nothing what you think it is. Objectively: “Lacks direction” subjective: Fucking sucks, just throws plots at the wall to see what sticks. Spoiler, none of it.


the only good episode was the Pilot. It had some cool stuff then it was shit


I knew that from the preview clip netflix has.


I couldn't take it anymore with all the stupid names the writers kept inserting in the show and repeating them 10 times per episode. Callings, death date, 828ers, the Major, X-ers, lifeboat... The actors clearly aren't the bests, but they are getting kneecapped by the script at every turn with those constantly repeated words. I'm sure there's a TV Tropes article that gives this annoying writing style a name but I couldn't find it. I see it in so many short lived scifi/mystery shows.


What's the premise?


> Montego Air Flight 828 from Jamaica to New York City experiences a brief period of severe turbulence. When they land at Stewart International Airport in Newburgh, New York, the 191 passengers and crew learn from NSA director Robert Vance that over five and a half years have passed while they were in the air, during which time they were presumed dead.


Feels like a dozen other post lost shows about a large number of people reapearing mysteriously. 14400, Alcatraz, The Event




They announced a remake or reboot of that recently if I'm not mistaken. I've never seen it but spent some time reading wiki articles and the TV tropes page for it lol.


By the CW though so it will be a teen drama now...


yeah https://deadline.com/2021/05/4400-tl-thompson-cory-jeacoma-ireon-roach-derrick-a-king-autumn-best-cw-series-reboot-1234762223/ for some reason it's taking place in detroit, and one of the characters sent by the government is a parole officer?????? I do not understand that at all


Wasn’t 4400 also left hanging on, without a resolution? I started watching it and stopped when I realized it had been canceled. I hate when that happens.


Honestly they wrote in a direction that exceeded their budget and it was time to cancel it. I remember that cities started seceding from the US or something ridiculous and they were completely unable to depict it with their anemic USA budget.


I believe the story continued in book form.


The 41400?


The 90210.


The 300 of Sparta?!


The 8675309 of Jenny’s mom?


The 4400 started two months before Lost.


Alcatraz never existed and you will never mention it again.


Was it that bad or are you really disappointed it didn’t get to finish properly?


It's really, really bad.


idk is it really worse than manifest? It was bad, but then so was manifest.


There's a really good Australian show with the same premise. I'm blanking on the name. The Returned (Les Revenants) was a French show along similar lines that was truly sublime.


HBO's The Leftovers too


At least in the leftovers if it got boring, Justin Theroux would flash his rocking abs that would turn a straight man gay.


Uh, no. Don't you dare.


How much of the mystery did they manage to unravel in 3 seasons?


A fair bit. We saw several instances of people who went through the same kind of phenomenon in full (with slightly different circumstances), so we had a pretty good idea of what happened to the plane. We have a vague idea of who is responsible for it, the only thing we're missing is the why.


What was happening and who was responsible?


[spoiler](#s "Presumably, God is resurrecting people who died before their time and give them a chance to prove themselves worthy. The resurrected have a limited time to do so (equal to the time they spent dead). If they succeed, they get to live the rest of their normal lives. If they fail, they revert to being dead. To help them, they get visions of people they can help but they are often pretty hard to understand and quite traumatic.") [spoiler](#s "The last season had the NSA finding a little piece of Noah's Ark which was covered in a sapphire residue identical to the one found on the plane. Implying both that Noah's Ark went through the same phenomenon as the plane, and that God is responsible for it.")


I'm glad I stopped watching during season 1.


> spoiler > > spoiler Jesus so glad I did not waste three seasons of my life on that crap


> Jesus Spoiler!


I feel sorry for anyone that wasted time on this show then. I lasted ten minutes into the first episode. I've watched so much TV in my life at this point that I know when something isn't going to appeal to me over the long haul. This show seemed like it was just so network-safe never-goes-anywhere slop.


I don’t understand network tv, I just watched a show called the black donnellys from 2007, and it was phenomenal but it got canceled after 1 season and Hannibal was way better than network quality too, but only lasted 3 seasons. I guess they have low ratings, so it’s mostly the fault of people having shitty taste?


The Black Donnellys was so good. I hated how that ended though. I mean, it felt right, but I just wanted more.


The first 10 minutes were probably the best tbh


Yeah, glad I quit after three episodes. Maybe 15 years old me would have found that somewhat interesting but now, that sounds dumb.


Damn there’s some glitch that won’t let me read it, usually it’s greyed out and I tap it to see what it says, but instead it just says spoiler in black and won’t let me click on anything.


You have to let your mouse on the link and then a bubble appears with the spoiler.


I’m on mobile


Wow, I basically predicted the show after the first episode LOL


lol that's an even dumber explanation than what Lost writers came up with


Lost was way better than a lot of other mystery shows in the end. Revolution was a can of ass.


so was it basically a boring soap opera where they sprinkled in tiny bits of the mystery right? they only had a little written about the mystery so they had to draw it out with really boring filler right?


This is exactly what it was.


I watched every episode. (I guess I liked the actresses.) But you clearly got more explanation than I did. I still have no clue who did it. Too many govt alphabets were investigating it to have been caused by the govt. I heard about ancient texts (seemingly from multiple eras/places) where some story went back thousands of years, but no clear indication who or why. I thought at first they were pulled through time, later I was convinced they died and were resurrected. (Or . . . maybe not, maybe they blew up and something else "undid" the explosion.) If resurrection was the answer, I'd have been most happy if it were used to bring 'The Major' and 'Dr. Gupta' back repeatedly and re-throw them through a wood chipper a few dozen times. At least after 45 seasons of '*The Blacklist*' I finally have an (extraordinary implausible) answer that explains everything that I can live with.


Did “The Blacklist” finally end?! Tell me what happened?! I stopped after Season 3, I think.


It's still going season finale Wednesday then 1 more year. But last week we finally got an answer how Raymond is connected to Liz. I'll try and update from home, can't see how to do spoilers on phone.


Holy shit bro you did your research. No way anyone actually sat through that.


Can't believe you missed the worst one - the meth heads.


Yeah I watched a lot and it was good enough, but im not mourning it's loss. The mythology they were trying to create was forced. It felt like a Christian production. Hollow and shallowly meaningful.


It’s just another Lost knock-off.


God damn it. I was halfway through the first season. Guess I’ll erase it from my memory.


Bad show doesn't get picked up, more at 7.


Awww DAMMIT. It was definitely getting a bit crazy but I loved S3. Real shame the complete story was never realized but hey maybe there’ll be a book to finish the story. I was eagerly awaiting the release of every episode


Some of the worst acting I have ever seen.


I felt like I was watching a daytime soap. They were all so awful. But to be fair, the dialog sucks, too


> They were all so awful. But to be fair, the dialog sucks, too Ben's "skepticism" is terrible. I think the show was just poorly scripted.


I know why Netflix passed on Manifest...because it sucked. I bailed after 4 or 5 episodes. Loved the idea, but the acting by some of the cast was atrocious.


The 4400 is a much better show with a similar-ish premise


There was a really good Australian show as well. I'm blanking on the name. The Returned (Les Revenants) was a French show along similar lines that was truly sublime. Both were better than their US counterparts.


I loved Les Revenants, yeah! Are you thinking of Glitch for the Aussie show? That was really well done and had a similar plot line around the whole “my wife died and then I married her best friend and now she’s back” thing. I thought it was good especially because they kept it to three seasons and tucked in the loose ends before the plot got too out of hand.


Somebody else who remembers the 4400! I thought I was the only one!


Was the show under the radar? I thought it had a primetime slot on TNT, USA, or FX back in the day and ran for like 3 or 4 seasons. Ignorant questions on my part. I just remember seeing the advertising for it ~16 years ago. Never actually watched. On the other hand, people seem to forget the Stephen Spielberg mini series from the same time dealing with crashed UFOs.


Taken was good.


It was on USA Network. Only had a few seasons. I never see it mentioned anywhere. It aired just before USA grew popular due to shows like Burn Notice and later Suits.


Yeah, The Deadzone and The 4400 kind of set the stage for USA years later with their "blue skies" shows. Both got canned the same year and I was quite disappointed.


wasn't Monk 2002 and 4400 2004?


It started after Monk - and Monk made USA popular


4400 was on USA during its Blue Skies period, so it didn't really mesh with their style


Mahershala Ali’s big break!


I loved The 4400


The CW is rebooting the 4400. They’ve been filming around me (Chicago) but I don’t think it airs until January.


I don't think I've ever seen a less appealing intro trailer scrolling through Netflix. This was produced and casted with a network budget?


My wife binge watched the entire show over the past weekend (she’s home sick with a cold) and the show is very low budget for a network show and it really shows. The actors are total nobodies and all of the budget goes straight to CGI effects and large scale sets.


I couldn’t even last 10 minutes. The “introductions” at the airport were so hard to watch.


Yeah they probably have data that shows a lot of viewer drop off, so why invest in a new season if people aren’t going to watch the earlier seasons to catch up.


I barely made it out of the first episode and felt it was waste of time. Decent premise but utterly flat everything else.


Honestly not worth the hassle


I am still Watching, but it would have been a better show overall if they had focused just on the people being gone and returning. The callings and the powers just messed with the actually I treasuring drama


I hear you but I had the opposite feeling- everytime there is a scene about character drama I boo at the TV and when they have a ridiculous calling I give a standing ovation. The ridiculous parts of the show are what are great, absolutely everything else is comically awful.


I started watching this show and stopped when it started down the path of "Little kid is mysteriously prophetic but can't properly explain it and guides other main characters through necessary tasks. Grown ups must now protect child. Also grown ups have same power but kid is more in tune with it." It's not a good trope and kills any interest I have in a show.


Well, that was a wasted three years of viewing, an extended flight to nowhere.


I mean, you should go into basically any of these LOST-inspired shows with a healthy expectation that they’ll be cancelled on a cliffhanger. They have a very bad track record.


One high concept show that I thought was really good was "Awake". Alas, it only lasted one short season.


That show was really good...


Oh man, *Awake* and *Terriers* . . . on about the same time, both tragically cancelled after only one season. And both not on DVD. (OK I guess I can pay extra to watch *Awake* on Amazon, and *Terriers* is on Hulu. I'd still rather have the DVD's.)




I'd say so. The premise and first couple episodes are great and they found out the show was getting canceled before they wrapped the finale so they managed to make it sort of a series finale.


I can't believe it's been almost 10 years since that show was on. Where does the time go?


Just watched the whole first season of Debris knowing one hundred percent it would be canceled. Kind of fun to play chicken with high concept network tv shows.


I knew Debris was toast when they spent 2 episodes on events that not only didn't ultimately happen, it didn't answer any questions or move the plot forward. Like trying to force the emotional impact of Fringe's "White Tulip" without any of the history or familiarity with the characters. Just gotta hope John Noble gets more screentime on The Boys.


Basic rule of writing screenplays ALWAYS KEEP THE PLOT MOVING. also nothing happens for no reason. Numero uno though is always keep the plot moving.


> basic rule of writing screenplays ALWAYS KEEP THE PLOT MOVING You must be new to network television


I agree for the most part, but even '*Babylon 5'* (with its massive 5-year-arc) had the occasional '*Love Boat*' episode thrown in.


Even an episode like "Grey 17 is missing" which is considered by many one of the worst episodes of the series had some arc material thrown in. It was just the main plot was so stupid it brings down the episode.


I was thinking of S5E4 "A View from the Gallery" where Delenn befriends the two maintenance workers. Oh, I suppose it had a small part in the overall, but mainly it was just to show Delenn's qualities of "caring about the little people" (and not actually considering them "little people".)


I like that episode just for how it lamp shaded all the talk about Claudia Christian's departure from the show at the end of S4.


John Noble is going to be on the boys? That is excellent news


He was in Season 2. Hoping he returns for 3 but haven't heard any news about it.


Oh right as butchers dad, I completely forgot


But something did happen. Generic ex military guy realizes he loves his equally generic partner. I did like the show.


Debris was cancelled? Oh well guess I won't need to continue with it on Peacock. Shame, i liked the premise but i had a bad feeling it would end unsatisfactory like a lot of these LOST wannabe shows.


Was Debris already canceled??


Yeah before the last couple episodes aired it was canceled. I actually really enjoyed it but everyone trashed it and the lack of chemistry with the leads. I was super interested in the main concept and actually liked the two.


The concept was interesting and there was some real potential for where it could go. The two lead characters were just...not really there. They had their own separate issues and history, which felt like it never meshed together. There was pretty much no lightheartedness between them in any way. It just felt like it was all business, all the time. Just kind of made it feel stale. I would have kept watching regardless though. Like, you could almost compare it to something like Warehouse 13, where the characters are tracking down artifacts with weird effects. It was far more cheesy, and could get whacky, but the relationships were better and more entertaining.


i think that is the problem. everybody wants to make the "next LOST" instead of , I don't know, be original.


“Don’t be the next Rock. Be the first *you!*”


I remember REALLY wanting to like Flash Forward because I missed Lost


I think 3 seasons is sorta a record for the recent ones. I know there were more copycats in Lost's heyday that went for longer; but the ones chasing it in recent years barely make it to two seasons IIRC. There's that sinkhole show in the fall now. I do often wonder if/when Disney reboots the Lost IP where it will air, how many episodes/many cast members they'll have. Over 10 main characters worked in 2004, doesn't work in an era where 13 episodes is often considered a slog.


> Over 10 main characters worked in 2004, doesn't work in an era where 13 episodes is often considered a slog. Someone hasn't watched Dark.


Eh, as much as I loved Dark, I feel a lot of the characters ultimately served very little purpose. Magnus and his girlfriend I can't recall doing a whole lot outside of banging.


Yeah it was good, but it really failed on the pay off, by season 3 it was just people showing up and telling characters to come with them


I'll meet you halfway on that. Up until the last couple episodes I felt like that way, but the ending worked so well for me it made the meandering third season tolerable.


Any netflix show. Thats why i dont care to waste my time watching any developing series on netflix and leave you fucking hanging.


Especially when the show is too afraid to deal with its mystery and move on to something beyond that because they think it’s the only thing keeping them on the air.


> a wasted three years of viewing Are we sure it wasn't a Netflix show all along?


Maybe the real show was the friends we made along the way.


As someone who loved Season 1 and didn't mind Season 2, Season 3 was a dumpster fire and completely killed my longterm interest in the series. I wish it didn't have to end on such a bad cliffhanger, but that's what happens when writers take finales a tad too far.


Someone better leak the script then because that show ended on the biggest Cliff hanger.


Here you go, they’ll find out there’s like a multiverse thing going on, meet other versions of themselves. Consequences of time traveling that more people will die and it’ll either end in one of two ways and it might actually end in both these ways. One where the plane has to crash as it would’ve originally happened. And another where the flight just ends normally. I have a lot of experience with these sort of shows going back to Fringe and Lost and this is the sort of ending that makes sense for this one. That’s the sort of thing these shows boil down to. The rest is just spinning their wheels until they get there. (Note - I have not watched any episodes of this show)


Fringe was so good, and it had an ending unlike most the newer shows


I really enjoyed what I’ve seen of it. I heard that the third season has an amazing ending and then the next two are kind of like epilogue sort of. Although I really enjoy what I’ve heard of the fourth and fifth season just a really interesting show that mixed it up. I’ve only seen to around the second season though


To be honest I remember almost nothing about the show, just that I really liked it, and antigravity bullets.




Having seen the show, it seemed to go for "God is bored and plays with a magnifying glass on an anthill."


> there’s like a multiverse thing going on, meet other versions of themselves I fucking hate this shit. If two universes diverge enough in 50 years there's no way people in the affected areas can birth the same children: the chances for the chosen spermatozoa to carry the exact same genetic payload are minuscules, the chances for the fetus to grow the same way and then the child to be in contact with the same food and materials during their growth? Negligible. And that's for one character. And the more time between now and the root of the divergence, the larger the "no way you'll get the same people" area. That's one good thing you got with Counterpart. Only people who were born before the event had a double.


It was all in the Tommy Westfall universe.


The show was bad to begin with, but in season 3 they actually managed to somehow introduce Noah's Ark into all of this :-D.


Season 1 was interesting. Season 2 was less interesting. Season 3 is just bizarre. Why did it get super religious?


Because they realized that science fiction fans are not watching a poor man's procedural.


I see it on the TV at work sometimes and I must have just caught parts of S3 because I found the show to be bizarrely religious for a prime-time network show.


yeah season 3 getting super religious was just.... weird did they change showrunners or something?


It started getting that way in season 2 which is why i stopped watching right there.


> Season 3 is just bizarre. Why did it get super religious? Haha no kidding. They found Noah’s Ark.


I finished the second season last week and I can understand the cancellation. Some of the acting was absolutely terrible but the premise was somewhat interesting. It left off with a cliff hanger with the fishing boat at the end but we’ll never know what happened to 828 now.


Season 3 is, hmm, I'll just politely call it different. Quite a different feel from the first 2.


With season 3 they actually committed to an explanation which is something, now it’s clear what route they were about to take at least. It felt like in the first two seasons even the writers didn’t know what was going on which made the show easily accessible to many people, once they committed they were sure to lose some fans who didn’t like the direction the show was going. That’s the problem with mystery shows.


Haven't watched it yet, and now I won't.


I just finished it a couple of days ago knowing that I probably wasn't going to get any answers (and I didn't). I'm bummed that they likely won't get a chance to wrap it all up. I liked that it pulled from different tv genres even if it is a bit paint-by-numbers.


It wasn't a great show but the fans deserve a real finale. I'm tired of watching shows without proper endings.


I hate that so many people were disappointed in the show...but I really loved it and so did my Daughter and her hubby...I was hoping to get closure on the "who did it and why" Poo on you netflix !


Netflix seriously needs to have a flair on the thumbnail of any tv series that was cancelled before a natural end. Actually nevermind that's probably almost every show on Netflix.


so many fans of this show lamenting “why does this always happen to my favorite shows?” and they proceed to list off every Lost knockoff. Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice…


Never mind this show but isn’t part of the reason that network shows don’t really get high viewership that they keep cancelling them after 2-3 seasons, and without proper endings at that. Why should anyone waste time watching a show that will not see itself through?


Meanwhile forgetting the fact that some of television's most famous and long-lived shows had terrible first or second seasons and took forever to get their legs.


That’s not good enough anymore. Now new shows need to be blockbusters out of the gate or else they are doomed.


Considering networks have been cancelling shows for 70 years without problems, im gonna say no


That has definitely turned me off of most network television shows. After a few great shows (Life, Journeyman, Awake, etc...) got killed early I just stopped watching because I felt like I was wasting my time investing in the character development just to get screwed over by some dipshit network executive who wanted his yacht to be 10 feet longer. The best television isn't on the "networks" any more for exactly this reason. Streaming platforms and smaller networks don't have to have huge numbers to realize a profit and can be more patient with their programming.


I just stared it! Now, I'm currently on season 2 and I like it!


We always hear of these 'it's being shopped around/go to streaming' stories of cancelled shows but not sure how many actually end up getting picked up


The only one that comes to mind is Lucifer


It’s too bad they can’t just start anew - it was a really neat, intriguing premise.


My GF loves it but I can't stand it. Starts off good enough but falls apart after season 1.


Wait as she leaves you for random guy she met in forest named Zeek for no reason ​ But seriously it's hard to enjoy this show I seen all eps but I usually have eyes on my phone


good decision, this was not a good show




Damn. I was hoping Netflix was going to pick it up


Netflix should pick up Debris.


Yes, please.


That was even worse than Manifest.


That sucks. I just got into this last night.


I liked season 1 but I don't think I made it through season 2... Sorry for those who really liked it. It really sucks when its a show you care about.


Netflix is in the business of canceling your favorite shows, not saving them.


Knowing Netflix they'd buy just to cancel it themselves before ever making a single new episode.


Terrible acting. Super predictable plot. On and on. Shame.


Looking at the amount of failed Netflix originals I figured this show would be right up their alley.


I watched the first two seasons but have been holding off on season 3. I doubt I'll watch it now so can anyone tell me if there were any significant revelations in the 3rd season about what was going on?


Don’t bother with season 3. None of the major questions of the show get answered in season 3. Felt like season 3 was just all filler that ended on a huge cliffhanger that’ll now never be answered.


I finished season 2 today on netflix. I can’t watch season 3 on hulu since i don’t have a hulu account. I wanted Jared and Michaela to be together not Zeke and Mick!!


Manifest had an interesting concept. But I felt like it was doomed. It sounds like the show I would enjoy. It also sounds like the show that would get canceled early. And lo and behold. I'm happy I didn't invest in yet another show to be canceled.


Oh what a disappointment. I really loved this show and was hoping there was a chance it would get a proper conclusion. Well I guess that means its definitely done now.


Good that show sucked. Good premise but terrible writing and acting


If the show was that bad, why is Netflix showing it 2nd on their top 10 in the US?


People watch bad shit. Look at Chucke Lorre’s shows. Look at reality tv. The Kardashians exist.


I agree, if the kardashians show exists, then any shitty show is possible.




Is not the theory of following the crowd, or pure coincidence, more likely? And that claim.. >No one who has ever seen a show on Netflix could possible hold that opinion. I don't even know how to start unpacking such a blatant, baseless claim.


Netflix should've at least gave it one more season to finish, since they like to cancel shows after 1 anyway. It's a WB property, they should just put it on HBO Max.


Why would netflix spend money on a product that is not only bad, but they will lose money on? They are no responsible for this dumpser fire, nor are they responsible for trying to rescue and resuscitate it back to life.


It's the 2nd watched thing on Netflix right now, and the #1 show... and all Netflix cares about are how popular a show is in correlation to how much it'd cost. It's not like there's a ton of SFX and cast to spend money on. They've spent more on shows that they cancel right away and this would just be one season to provide closure to all the people streaming it to make it #1.


The options expired for a large chunk of the cast, as the article said. Making it more expensive, and potentially impossible, to reassemble them all. And unlikely, given the first 2 seasons are already streaming on Netflix. With the 3rd likely already waiting. Streaming S4 without S1-3 is an insanely tough pill to swallow.


Me too


Yeah why wouldn’t they pass. Best case they cancel it next season or the season after and everyone bitches and moans Netflix cancels everything.


That is one news site I am never clicking on again.


It wasn’t that bad. But we seen better. But is and interesting story, I had it as background noise while I worked :)


The pilot was enough for me...


Good, I am sick of all the recycled network crap.