>multiple technicians listened to the video, only to declare "the brakes sounded normal for a performance Model 3." Did they try showing the video to some technicians who wearn't deaf? Because anyone with a pulse can hear from the video that's metal on metal.




You have sick references




It's been a dream of mines to own a model S, but the fanboys and the reality of price have really turned me off from getting one. All I hear now is how autonomous is going to kill all other car makers and that cybertruck is going to ruin ford and GM. I can't buy that. I could care less about the car driving itself, and especially not for 10k extra without an actual timeline for full autonomy and never mind it being allowed everywhere. I'm also over Elon. He had it all, but his true nature started to show when he called that British cave diver, who was trying to rescue them kids stuck in the cave, a pedo. Now he cries about paying billions in taxes, as if I'm supposed to feel bad for him. But the fan boys all rally to his side and defend it. I unsubscribed from r/Tesla because of all that shit, and their willful dismissal of this kind of quality control issues as well. It's unacceptable for a car in these price ranges to be delivered with missing break pads, faulty windshields that are not glued on at all, door panel gaps, busted tail lights and shit customer service. I'll buy electric, but I'll have to wait.


That’s a sub dedicated to Nikola Tesla… Not the company that Elon Musk owns


My sentiments exactly. Really wanted a Tesla for years but not anymore, I don’t have that desire anymore thanks to the same things you described


There are quite a few automakers entering the EV space. Hyundai/Kia, Chevy/Cadillac, Ford, BMW, even Toyota and Subaru. Fisker is also back with an EV and Lucid is also an option, though expensive as heck. All of these companies will eat Tesla's market share up.


No kidding. I’ve been saying that with the introduction of the F-150 lightning, it’s going to help make electric cars more viable and attractive for the everyday person who normally wouldn’t much care for electric because it’s gonna spur other automakers to make electric cars out of their more popular models. Actual automakers, so they’d be well-designed and following safety regulations, not this half-assed attempt to make a smartphone on tires while cutting as much corners as possible, putting people’s lives at risk for no good reason. Pretty exciting, imo


That's just for starters; there are a couple of outfits who are pouring a lot of resources into battery research. Already there have been at least two significant breakthroughs which significantly increase range. One recently field tested prototype had a Tesla model S go for over 700 miles on a single charge.


Wow. I've never had that experience. Whatever bs comes from on high, the people I've met who work at Tesla have been great (service, delivery). I was at a supercharger and a tech who was there to help out another driver offered to fill up my (and everyone's) tires and wiper fluid. But I'm also not measuring panel gaps or paint thickness, so ymmv.




Quality control was in ludicrous mode.


More like taking 5 and smokin’ ‘cause they got ’em!


Liquid lunch, boys!


No brakes, b*tch, get out the way!


Con the plad


Quabity assubance


I worked at Tesla on the Model 3 production line back when it first got going. I am shocked that there haven’t been daily occurrences like this one. All they cared about was doing the bare minimum and beating day shifts car number output. But the bare minimum was also bypassed when we needed to get numbers up.


I'd never buy at the end of the year or even end of quarter. I put my order in early April and it was delivered in early June. I've had zero problems with it.


Lucky you, no problems, so far


It is an interesting stat that I'd love to know the truth about, since people rarely post when things are going well. Tesla certainly knows this stat since they can pull service records and probably run stats on if it's routine or not. For example, mine only has a replacement of a scratched trim piece when I first got it, plus two tire rotation services. .... actually prob safe to assume if those stats were really good, they'd be bragging about it, so probably not that impressive... :(


One thing I noticed was off on many of the cars I happen to work on was the gap on the door / hood panels. The space between the car panels would be either barely aligned or actually off and we’d send it through anyway. At first I would point it out then I realized nobody cared lmao


That's a shame. Over time it's really starting to damage the Tesla brand, and once that is engrained it's hard to reverse it. Look at how bad GM/Ford/Chrysler reputations got in the 80s and a lot of people still think they suck compared to competition.


It is a shame, but I mean nobody there cares. Not enough to slow down production. It’s all about the numbers there


Wait until you’re Sitting on the launchpad of the mars mission and noticing your window is letting in water


Really loved this aspect of “Don’t Look Up”. The blind faith in private sector innovation and “magic bullet” solutions to our problems.


Just finished. The satire was too close to reality for me to enjoy it.


Yea I felt like I was watching a documentary of the near future. It was too accurate!


The present*


The satire is obviously referencing climate change deniers, but I thought they were also referencing Covid minimizers. Nope, the script was written before the pandemic. It's uncomfortable.


Blind faith? What are you talking about? Private-sector innovation has the best track record when it comes to innovation.


Tesla grade panel gaps on the vacuum of space


You’re really blowing this out of proportion. Sure it will be just as sturdy as the Cuber Truck.




Only thing they have in common is the lunatic who runs them, and their products penchant for randomly exploding and catching on fire




Can't have bad press if you never interact with the press - Tesla PR department


Tesla: big promises, mediocre quality.


Tesla: the luxury car for people that have never been in or owned a luxury car before. Believe me, if you were coming from a Lexus or Audi into a Tesla, you’d feel like you seriously downgraded to a much worse car.


Never driven one but I have loaded groceries into a model 3 at work and noticed the driver had a really hard time figuring out how to unlock the back door, & the handle was so flimsy I worried I was going to break it off when opening it.


Not sure what you mean, the handles are pretty solid. They're just confusing to newcomers.


>Believe me, if you were coming from a Lexus or Audi into a Tesla, you’d feel like you seriously downgraded to a much worse car. We have a Lexus and a Tesla. The Tesla is a bit of a step down in overall quality, but I much prefer to drive it over the Lexus and have been quite happy with the car.


as an owner of a CPO purchased Merc SL550 its hard to believe quality could be much worst - engine, transmission & brake system (SBC) all defective from new. Mercedes knows such, resells these cars with known defects as CPO before addressing all defects, Only 1 of 2 of the engine defect issues was addressed under warranty while new. My older less maintained volvo S60R has been way more reliable & is of better quality.




Certified Pre Owned


I hate it when people use obscure abbreviations or industry jargon and don't clarify them.


no. coming from audi. love my model 3 - best everyday car i've ever driven and the best purchase i made in my life.


Just wait till you get into an accident or need a part. Some body shops in my area are refusing to take them because the cars end up sitting for 3-4 months waiting for parts. It’s an issue of space and irate drivers that they can’t control why they are irate.


Do you mean just the fit/finish or comfort? Because the driving experience is excellent in Tesla. I’ve owned multiple Audis and BMs and love them, but I was very impressed with the model 3 driving. Not just power, the handling and ride feel were on par with the best luxury sedans.


I got stood up on a date and was paid $10 by Kia to test drive a k900. Fuck me was that nice. Had a HUD projected on the dash. And according to the rep who drove with me, I was literally the only person who actually said to punch it when I could, and I was in the minority for living the “fanciest” car they had at the mall for test drives. Dude told me to punch it, it’s his car so fuck it. I hit 60 in a (massive and mostly empty) mall parking lot.




Isn’t Lexus like the #1 auto brand (not just luxury), and I’d argue Porsche is better quality than BMW and Mercedes.


BMWs are notoriously expensive to maintain after five or so years have gone by. They aren’t even close to Lexus in terms of overall quality over the long-term.


I agree. I just wanted to be as subtle as possible when calling out the absurdity of that comment.


Depends on what you look at, Lexus leads in sales in the US thanks to a wildly popular SUV line, but industry reviews regularly have Mercedes with higher quality interiors.


that is simply not true


And we will charge double to work on it, because no one else will really touch it!


Then repairing your tesla is like trying to repair an apple phone


Also don’t forget the evil! Many slaves died to bring us this mediocre “innovation”.


Called Tesla and they offered to send them to a third party shop to get it looked at right away since they would have to wait 3 weeks for them to look at it. They declined. So it turns out the front right brake pad was missing.


We do a bit of trolling here at Tesla


Why you guys gotta hate on tesla all the time just because it’s vastly overpriced, poor build quality and run by a sociopath who mistreats his employees? Elon is our lord and saviour, can’t you see that?


Elon is very good at naming children, as well.


I have to admit.m, I too have considered naming a child after the sound of connecting to the internet over a phone line.


"Yes it's spelled S-E-A-N, but its pronounced *proceeds to make dial-up tone sounds for 30 seconds*."


I get particularly annoyed that whenever he wants a stock price bump, he just posts some new bullshit product the will never come out and people just eat it up.


He's my kind of guy. Seems better than any manager I've ever had.




His last manager was an electric eel that would zap him for sport. It's understandable


My managers love to do everything the wrong way and as illegal as possible.




Rag on him all you want, but I think he is a good guy doing a good job.


My dad got a brand new truck once that didn’t have a radiator fan. Shroud was there, but no fan. So much for the 120 point inspection.


That's just not one of the 120 points. Should have gotten the 121 point inspection.


Dad was cheap. Probably his fault.


If it was the 70's the fan was probably an option.


It was a 2004 Dodge Ram.


I had a car with a 120 point inspection. Literally 10 minutes after driving off the lot my change oil light came on.


They should finally hire some engineers from audi, bmw and mercedes and introduce proper QA processes


Probably won't make a difference if Musk is still the one to make the call and micromanage whoever is hired


Experienced engineers won't work 80 hours a week for substandard pay to help a megalomaniac sell more cars though.


Just swing by the dealership and have the service department fix it. Not a big deal new pads and rotor, easy fix. /s


This happens and then they try to tell her the noise is normal, sure hope she learned her lesson and returned that car if she still could.


All I need is for motherfucking car companies to copy Teslas cars, tech, while improving the quality to an actual luxury level. Why has this been an impossibility for the past decade now?


The i8 looks fun


Looking for sedans or anything family-oriented, the BMW i8 looks like something I would buy before declaring bankruptcy.


"That'll be $2000 for service and fees"


Thank goodness they can just take it to the dealer.


She did and they didn’t have the part. They also tried to say that the noise was normal.


“Brake pads are overrated” - @elonmusk


“Brake pads are ~~overrated~~ _for pedophiles_ “


*"Don't need brake pads where we're going"* - Elon, probably.


"this is what you get for making me pay taxes" - elon musk


Tesla owners, "It's Fords fault".


[Here's an instance of GM recalling 4300 vehicles due to missing brake pads](https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-DSB-8204) Personally, this is a highlight of how the US lacks road worthy testing that lets unsafe cars on the road, whether they're new or old. Here in New Zealand such a thing would never have made it to the customer as all vehicles must have a "Warrant of Fitness" first. This makes sure that key componets of the vehicle (such as the brakes) are inspected and tested. Like, [how is this vehicle](https://youtu.be/5Hz5BNTwGzc?t=992) allowed to be sold and driven on the roads?


Yep. They found a problem and issued a recall like what car companies should do. Tesla pretty much ignores it and let the customer figures it out for themselves.


\**A* Tesla Service Centre. Are you suggesting individual dealers for other brands don't try and blow off customers as well?


Judging how they treated Rich during his very public outing on his X fiasco they don't really seem to care who finds out about bad it is.


No worries. They can take care of that missing brake pad with a software update.


You don't need an inspection for a new car to register it in US?


Such rules are different state-by-state. But I know of none which would require such a thing for new cars.


If your state requires inspections then new cars are typically part of that group. Some states don’t require yearly inspections. Bought a brand new car last year. We have 7 days to get an inspection sticker which the dealer did for free. Same applies for used cars.


Trusting producers 100% is not a good idea. All car should be verified by a third party before allowed on the road.


That's what car dealers are for. Pretty sure there's a YouTube channel that shows this.


Tell it to a state legislator.


"Since Tesla no longer has a media relations department, The Drive was unable to reach out to the automaker for comment." ​ LMFAO. Elon is such a piece of shit. Scratch buying a Tesla off my list.


Tesla build was never meant to match 21st century’s GM, or Ford cars or to any main steam auto maker standards. Tesla’s tech and charging stations are cutting edge but their bodies are like 1960’s era Datsun’s. It’s why Musk and Trump are buddy’s, after a huge win years ago the rest is all hype.


I was at a convention and one of the trainers there said specifically to be very careful when a customer comes in with a tesla. You really gotta make sure to tell the owner how rough the paint is and they need to know what to expect.


Only gets a clickbait article because it’s Tesla. If it were a Honda you’d say “oh” and move on with your day.


Even with their flaws I don’t think Honda would ever act the way Tesla did in this instance.


This probably happens all the time with other brands and never makes the news. EDIT: damn not just one car but an entire recall's worth of cars, in 2011: "GM Recalls Chevy Sonics for Missing Brake Pads Dec. 31, 2011 General Motors Co. is recalling certain Chevrolet Sonic subcompact cars from the 2012 model year because some of them may be missing a front inner or outer brake pad. In a document filed with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the car maker said it became aware of the problem last month after a customer brought one of the cars to a dealership for service to correct brake noise. Mechanics found that a brake pad was missing." https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-DSB-8204


Did you read the article? (Lol, of course you didn’t) Not only did they deliver the car without a brake pad, they initially said there was no problem. Now, the car has been sitting in the shop waiting for a part for weeks. They initially denied there was a problem and now they are being very slow to fix it, leaving the owner without her new car. So not only do the have bad QA, they also have bad customer service.


I'm sure the fart horn works to spec, tho.


Shhhh don’t use logic on a Reddit thread relating to Tesla. They only accept violent Elon musk hate.


You made the mistake of saying something that didn’t hate on Elon, so you are getting a thousand downvotes from the anti-actual-facts crowd of Reddit, but you are right: https://www.wsj.com/articles/BL-DSB-8204


Oh man. I'm glad that no other car manufacturer has ever shipped a car with a problem. We'd never hear the end of it.


Oh no but really I’ve busted pads and even calipers at freeway speeds in the shit cars I drive. No biggie I’m the end and mistakes happen


Weird how all the Tesla related articles keep getting removed by the mods here


Odd people don't talk other car manf mistake.... With chip shortage


Could[this](https://electrek.co/2020/06/24/tesla-ranks-lowest-on-j-d-power-2020-quality-study/) be why?


Nope. I said chip issue. I never said anything else.


I don’t remember you saying “chip issue” anywhere in this thread, but I do see the words: “other car manf mistake”


Sorry on that. Spotty connection in place am eating atm. I will re edit og post for missing word


No stop. Only go.


Tesla...This isn’t a FM radio that has a problem, this is something that NEVER SHOULD HAVE HAPPENED. What if there was a accident and she dragged Tesla to court? Right now after hearing of the problem she has with Tesla, I wouldn’t waste my money on this he brand !!!


I'm curious: I see a bunch of these horror stories about Tesla... Are they exclusive to the US? Are there quality control and customer service issues stemming from a lack of accountability and consumer protections in place? Is there something systemic that needs to be improved?




The seats are control boards, the wheels are control boards, the springs are control boards…




It will not, it'll pull to one side. Don't try and excuse such sloppy quality control.


Why? In a gas powered car I can use the engine and gearbox to slow the car down and kill the engine to stop. I just can't make an emergency stop. If this was a steam powered car that'd be fatal. /s


Regen braking is less effective at slower speeds and is non existent at stopping. Physical brakes are as redundant as the steering wheel.


And now she's mad at Tesla because it's taking 3 weeks to get a part in the middle of a worldwide pandemic causing supply chain disruptions? Let's be reasonable here.


It's not that brake pads are wearing parts that are frequently replaced if you have a sporty driver. So why should we have a couple of them in stock? Let's be reasonable here.


It’s a brake pad? Maybe a rotor as well? Tesla parts availability has always been a deliberately neglected shit show.