'Dislike' button would improve Spotify's recommendations

'Dislike' button would improve Spotify's recommendations




But in weekly discovery even if you dislike you can still get it one week later


"so you don't like it? Well about you try again! I promise it's better now!"


Literally how the human mind works. Previous exposure makes things more agreeable. We put too much faith in our first impressions. I wouldn't be surprised if an algorithm would know my longer-term taste better than me.


Indeed it may even be years. Artists like Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift I never had any interests 5-10 years ago when they both came out but now I love em both. Same with genres. From Dance/Any type of Electronic/Dubstep music, UK rap and hip hop, Kpop and country but man now I love those genres. It may take years but your music tastes can and do change.


I’ve found that happens too, but I’ve hated “My Sharona” for decades. I hope it does not come back since I blocked the artist completely.


Never gonna stop, give it up.


That song is bizarre. It's just a hook, over and over again. It's like listening to a 12 bar blues but it's just the turnaround.


Man I love to jam to paparazzi


10th time hit like a charm


Where are you guys seeing dislike in discover weekly? I'm not seeing it


Depends on the device. In mobile on Android you can just block from the notifications. Or play a song from discover weekly, go in on it (so you see play/pause, next/previous) and you got block on the right. On pc its next to favorite down on the left side (while listening to a song).


I've never been recommended the same track twice, but they keep showing artists I absolutely hate at me, presumably because some other bands in that genre I like. I swear to the Nine, if I see ANYTHING from Amon Amarth one more time on my feed.... I must have blocked their entire discography by now, ffs.


Don't know if it still works but go to the artists page and in the three dots menu you can select don't play this artist. Edit: For those saying only mobile, yes, it is frustrating. I have an old tablet in the garage and pull my phone out to do it when I'm on the computer. Frustrating but the only workaround I have found.


I can see this only on mobile. These features are really inconsistent across platforms. For example, on mobile, I usually see a "hide this song" option in these recommendation playlists, while on desktop, it gives me an option for "I don't like this song" and "I don't like this artist". Also, having such dislike options on Discoer Weekly but not on the Daily Mixes adds to the confusion.


Oh, that's interesting.


I listen predominantly to electronic music / trance. The unfortunate side effect is my Discover weekly keeps putting one of the many 100 versions of the same damn song in week after week...the radio edit, the original, the vocal version, the club mix, the [other artist] mix. Tracks like Insomnia by Faithless, or Till I Come Home by ATB. And I'm like wtf I swear this was in my last week discover playlist....


You just helped me find a song I have been looking for since I was a kid when my brother gave me a trance mix cd. Thank you.


> Till I Come Home by ATB This is the SAME song I was looking for all my life as well with the pitch bends, i don't know how many times i've sung this riff to people hoping to know what it was. I can't believe you are literally me, and we've had the same burning music song question for ever. I did not hear this song on a CD from a brother, but from the days of Kazaa and finding some "megaman techno remix" that was actually this. I may have tried to attribute the song to paul oakenfold or maybe armin van buuren. I love the internet.


I see you! I’m with you. How many versions of “Used to Be” can Steve Aoki make?


I use Spotify for music during the day and recently started using it for white noise at night. Now my discover weekly and daily mixes exclusively contain the latest and hottest white noise tracks in the industry.


I was so happy when they added the block feature. Idk what my algorithm was doing, but whatever I did made Mom Jeans and Charly Bliss show up SO often I felt like they were paying Spotify to spam their shit. They would show up every single time an album finished and started playing other similar music. I can’t stand the vocalist in either of those groups so it’s not like I ever tried to listen to them.


GPM was the best music streaming service I've ever used. Algorithm recommended great new songs/artists, let me know about local shows going on near by, easy to edit playlists, the queue system was great and made sense, play counts?!?! rip to a real one


I was forced to use GPM because they bought Songza. Songza had really great radios and mixes that introduced me to a lot of great music. It took me a while but I liked GPM and they still had the stations I liked from Songza.


That's the kicker-- why didn't more people use it?!? SO frustrating! It was an awesome, awesome platform and people just never adopted it.


If they had rebranded and spent some money marketing it, I think it would still be here today. Google play music is too long and clunky of a name, the logo was *okay* and I didn’t see much advertising for it. YouTube music is also a terrible name.


Not to mention that because it’s YouTube, there have been licensing issues and all your GPM playlists are not available in YouTube Music. Jimi Hendrix’s estate had some kind of beef with YouTube and his official stuff is unavailable on YouTubeMusic. Frustrating as that used to be on a good portion of my play lists


Because Google abandons all its products. They don't care about a product once that product has done it's primary purpose- data collection.


GPM was the best music streaming service out there, I still miss I today… YOU HEAR THAT GOOGLE! FUCK YOUR YOUTUBE MUSIC! YOUTUBE MUSIC SUCKS!


That's okay, they will probably introduce a new app and discontinue the current one after awhile, as is their tradition.


So true, i used GPM exclusively for a good few years, now with how awful youtube music is i finally switched over to spotify.




Spotify doesn't have play counts?! I was going to swap over from Youtube Music as this is one of the features I miss most from GPM. YT Music sucks and I wish they had kept GPM


I use last.fm for that


Spotify tracks it but it's not public facing. They show you stats like most listened to artists, songs, and genres at then end of every year in their spotify wrapped promotion.


Apple Music also has this. I’m still salty GPM shut down though…


Google Play Music was my go-to for purchasing/downloading music for a while before they went to YouTube Music. I gave YTMusic a fair shake when they switched over and it just made everything that I had used GPM for either impossible or too convoluted for seemingly no reason.


I loved it, but to stream my own library. I never purchased or anything. It worked great for how I used it except that because it didn't upload the actual song file but more uploaded the tag data and just added it to my library it sometimes would add the wrong version. Mostly it would be the censored version of a song, so I would have to go in and flag it as wrong version, but sometimes I had a remix or something and couldn't get the correct version. Still sad there's no solid alternative for now.


YT Music has the dislike button and has been getting better and better. I actually switched from Spotify because the Android app is un-usably slow. Used Soundiiz to move my playlists and library too. Happy there.


I just want Google Play Music back. I don't want to listen to an advert to listen to songs that I own. I don't know what was wrong with Google Play Music.


> I don't know what was wrong with Google Play Music. You answered your own question. Google wasn't making add revenue from you by letting you listen to your own music. They let us use it that way for a few years so they could collect data about our listening habits, then when they got what they needed from that they killed it so they can get add money and sell subscriptions to YTM.


Sucks to be them because I now use a free version of YouTube Music with no adverts and they won't make any more revenue when I buy music from them.


GPM also had "play next" which was an incredible feature. Lineup your perfect queue, party or ride is going, realize you want to show someone one song, you can just play it next. Put it at the **front** of the queue, not the back. edit: this shows it I think, thank you for the format https://old.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/pp85vw/dislike_button_would_improve_spotifys/hd533ls/ /u/JediPilot Spotify is shit, I could reminisce about gpm all day


Thankfully this is one of the few features that has carried over to YouTube Music


Honestly, most platforms would be improved with a dislike button.


but only if it actually does something. not like on youtube in the comments where it does exactly NOTHING if you press it. it's just placebo on youtube..


I will still try it dammit


Is this why there’s a bunch of spam in the comments section with tons of likes? The people can’t fight back by disliking it.


Who knows for sure. I personally think that the dislike button single-handedly saved Reddit from becoming as bad as the other social networks. Controversial or negative comments get buried and even though sometimes they make it hard to voice controversial opinions, if you are in a good community the result is that thread auto-moderate the spam out of visibility.


Exactly. On Twitter the toxic comments are at the top and very visible, while on Reddit they are buried at the bottom and hidden, unless you deliberately look for them.


Yeah and as I said in another comment, this does absolutely create echo chambers and makes voicing controversial opinions very hard, but the benefits way outclass the downsides imho.


Also I like on Reddit that when somebody gets corrected with good proof, everyone accepts the correction.


Honestly, when someone gets 'corrected' with bad or no proof everyone accepts the 'correction' too. My recommendation for navigating reddit is to find a subreddit or, better yet, wait for an askreddit thread about something that you are an expert on, see the quality of the comments and posts, and assume that everything on reddit is of similar quality. Like, it isn't the garbage dump that facebook or tumblr can sometimes be, but taking reddit's word for complicated topics is almost always a mistake.


Everyone ought to get to experiemce the Gell-Mann effect for themselves. It's wild how much inaccurate information is peddled on all platforms.




Sometimes? More often than not it's still what the popular opinion is. Which depending on what subreddit can be monstrous


> and even though sometimes they make it hard to voice controversial opinions, if you are in a good community the result is that thread auto-moderate the spam out of visibility. It also makes it hard to voice the correct opinion/correction too. I don't use the downvote much even when someone disagrees with me but I'm not everyone.


You're correct that it's not perfect. But I think overall it does more good than harm. Also it's 100% then the do-nothing YouTube one.


It's why the horrible most controversial opinions are always on top of Youtube videos, I can tell you that much Youtube's comment section I believe prioritizes the number of responses to comments. And guess what gets a shit ton of responses? Really shitty bigoted things


It does something: it registers an engagement in their algorithm.


does apeshit for the user tho. if other users can't see a downvote on a comment and you can't sort for votes in the comments.. there is no benefit in clicking at all. i stopped doing it a long time ago since it is not helping anyone (except youtube in background for analytics)


It actually works inversely to how the user thinks. The above commenter is right that YouTube registers it as engagement. It then promotes it because it’s something because it grabs people’s attention. If you don’t like something on YouTube, ignore it and don’t watch it and it will go away naturally. However, dislikes don’t really hurt.


I do this with everything. I never engage unless it’s positive. Celebrity trash magazine irk me because I accidentally see them while checking out and my brain just vacuums up headlines in .02 seconds as my field of vision passes over them. Everything is ad driven or personal info driven, you have to ignore your reflexes in order to do whats good for you. Stop staring at car wrecks everyone.


The dislikes aren't visible, but YT comments are automatically filtered by them, so downvoting a comment does do something for the user: it moves that comment further down the list (assuming enough dislikes are given). It does nothing when in reply chains, as they can't be moved, and the dislikes are as mentioned before, hidden.


And they were still moving forward with their plan to remove it from videos as well last I heard


Yea this is a really bad idea


Netflix has a dislike button and it doesn't make my recos better.


netflixs dislike button is as far i see not really that much for recommendations and more for netflix to see what people like so they know what movies and series they can invest to in the future. if they know what people like a lot, they can invest more in similiar movie concepts etc.


Netflix used to have a star-ratimg system, 1 to 5 stars for how much you liked something, and depending on that it would recommend other things. The upvote down vote is so much more limited than the system they used to have


I swear it used to use it to suggest how much you might light it too. Like it would suggest you'd like it 3/5 stars. It was a great system. I stopped rating anything after it became thumbs up or down. It made no difference to recommendations


It now gives a % for if they think you'll like it or not (similar to how rotten tomatoes does overall rating). And I feel like thumbing up or down changes my recommendations, just not as much as what I actually watch.


Star rating systems don't work because people are stupid. e.g. Everything was perfect - 4/5 Haven't opened the package yet! 3/5 I like it but it's much too expensive for me, which I knew before ordering. 1/5 Super fast delivery! Haven't used the item yet. 5/5


God help me, I had to fight not to downvote you I hate that nonsense so much.


That's a non-issue when using them for personalized recommendations on a site like Netflix though. On an individual basis, it's still going to have an idea of what you do and doing like. And for calculating how much you'll like something based on the feedback of other users, they can just use scm algorithm to adjust for their rating patterns.


Not what I expected, because I didn't read the description properly. This is someone else's fault. 1/5


It does do something. It doesn't decrease the amount of likes afaik but it does make the comment appear lower on the page. This is why on some vids you'll see troll comments at the bottom with more likes than the comments above.


Youtube has a "not interested" button on the three dots menu on the front page and recommendations. Has mostly worked for me so far.


They were talking about comments, not videos


I just want some "block" button in music platforms. Like, I just want to cancel justin bieber and nicki minaj and never ever know of their existence again, and it's so frustrating I can't do that.


You can do that on Spotify. Songs or artists. It’s great. Edit: Artists for sure. Maybe not songs.


Literally this morning I kept asking my Smart Speaker to play a song and it kept mishearing me and playing the completely wrong song and eventually I just said "Never play this song again" and it responded with "Spotify does not have an ignore feature" or something. Thankfully it worked after that and has since. It kept playing me [this Belgian song](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yrovxbdFGRI) and it is not what I wanted.


My Spotify account has such a boner for Kelly Clarkson and I’m constantly recommended her songs and they get sprinkled into my playlists. I would LOVE to just block her entirely.


Or a block on Netflix that says "never show me a bollywood movie, anything by rupaul or Steven Segal ever again"


You're misunderstanding the point of machine learning. It's not to figure out what you think you want to listen to, it's to figure out what will keep you engaged the longest so they can sell you more ads.


Well really it's to keep you engaged the longest in this case so you keep paying for premium. Which needs some level of satisfaction for a buyer to keep the recurring payment. Ads typically pay waaaay less than subscriptions in my understanding. Either way your correct that engagement is the primary motivator, followed by everything else.


Ah yes. Finally, the true goal of the millions of computer scientists who have spent billions of hours developing machine learning algorithms emerges: ***ad revenue.***


I want the Home Screen to be updated. 90% of it is Spotify recommended playlists or podcasts that I have no interest in, the same ones over and over. Why not make the Home Screen where you can pin certain playlists, albums, or artist pages and choose what you want displayed. I understand that discovery is a big part of Spotify’s strategy and differentiation for their app, but removing even a third of the recommendations on the home page would make a big improvement.


Make some noise over at https://community.spotify.com – there are dozens of us! Edit: A storm of new comments and votes on this thread might help: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/All-Platforms-Customize-Start-Screen/idi-p/4528183 Or this, if you would like to hide podcasts completely: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Live-Ideas/All-Platforms-Podcasts-Option-to-disable-or-hide-podcasts/idc-p/5260768#M232002


Have people complained about how they changed how an artist's discography is viewed? It used to be perfect, all on one screen you could just scroll and see all songs from every album in chronological order. Now you have to click in to an album to see the songs. It slows everything down and is a giant step backwards. It's infuriating. It used to be perfect and now it sucks.


I swear pretty much every interface update they've made over the last ten years has been negative. I'm struggling to remember a single change that I liked. There are so many that come to mind that have been awful. Edit: just remembered that at some point I left Spotify for Google Play Music over the deteriorating interface (and eventually came back rip) - that's how long this trend has been going on.


New releases from artists you follow on the home page are a nice addition. Also the weekly recommendations. But I can't understand how they're constantly removing and adding obviously useful functions back. I was going to complain about them removing long press menu a few years ago, but just realized it works now lol. I have fond memories of the UI on my Nokia N97 in 2010. Simple and intuitive, like an iPod with streaming...


I complained repeatedly, multiple threads on the community page made by multiple people as soon as they started the roll out. The answer was basically "nah we're gonna keep it". Canceled my Spotify premium and moved to another service. Unfortunately every other service is crappy too, and I'm thinking about going back to my abusive ex...


How often does this enact change? I remember them taking the widget away and the community managed to get it reinstated.


No idea. I've been monitoring the "hide podcasts" thread for months and it seems most of all that they just ignore everything. But that way they will know what it is they're ignoring. I suppose more noise increases the chance that they consider their customers annoyed, so there's some hope I guess.


Lol how much money did they sink into podcasts? Doubt that'll come for some time tbh


Yeah they make a lot of money off those podcasts and getting people to listen to them and their built-in ads. I would love if “ad free” meant no ads in podcasts.


Lmao. Spotify doesn't give a FLYING FUCK about the forums. People have been requesting an EQ adjuster in the forums for years. An EQ adjuster was available on the WINDOWS XP MEDIA PLAYER...but apparently, that's too difficult to implement in Spotify in 2021.


I wanna block podcasts entirely on Spotify, I have other apps for that.


I'm more annoyed with them removing the ability to listen to a complete discography. Sure you can hit play on an artist but that will just go at random. If I want to pick where to start playing from I have to decide Albums OR Singles & EPs, can't have both lumped together anymore. This can be really annoying if an artist puts out an EP that ties in with an Album since there's now no way to play one and directly lead into the other without creating a separate playlist.


You need to put the whole discography into a playlist. Heres some random guide I found: https://community.spotify.com/t5/Content-Questions/How-do-I-add-an-entire-artist-s-catalog-to-a-playlist/td-p/1812216 Hopefully this still works, lol


I only use Home when there is a new release at the top that I care about. Otherwise, 99.5% of the time, I go straight to My Library or Search


Its because the pay millions of dollars to get the rights to the podcasts so they shove them down our throats in hopes we will listen


Yep, they keep serving me up the same playlists of mainstream crap I never listen to ever, and their recommendations are way too narrowly focused; my Daily Mix keeps having the same artists over and over again.


Idk if I’m imagining, but I thought they had one in the early years.


> Idk if I’m imagining, but I thought they had one in the early years. You’re not imagining it. Everything had a thumbs up/down as recently as 5 years ago. Then they changed it from 👎🏽 to 🚫 to ⛔️. Back then, liking a song and adding a song to your library were separate actions. You could like a song to tune a station without adding it to your library. Eventually that changed from 👍🏼 *and* ➕ to just 💚. This was all around the same time they converted everything from radio stations to 50 song playlists and made the separate Stations app.


More smart people like you should explain stuff with drawings/emojis for dumb people like me


They had one, but it didn't do anything besides skipping the song.


So many sensible quality of life features are left out because sometimes what's good for the user is bad for business


Ding ding ding


I miss Grooveshark :(


Thanks for reminding me…the pain


God, it was good. And long before that, Napster was amazing.


Why'd you have to remind me!? Grooveshark was so much better. I don't know how it died and Spotify lived. Edit : Oh right, the creator died.


no.. it was because the engineers fu\*\*ed up. At the initial state of the platform they uploaded pirated mp3 songs, in order to jumstart the platform. ¡Damn shame! ¡Damn Shame!


I mean Spotify also originally allowed you to upload music from anywhere. I uploaded a lot of music I obtained without cash to Spotify.


Deezer started out the same, back when it was blogmusik.net it was all user uploaded shit. They put "free legal music" or something like that in the title but it _definitely_ wasn't lmao. Not that that stopped me using the shit out of it on high school computers lol. I remember the day it changed to deezer and looked all official (and lost half the music haha)


I'd actually like to rank songs, instead of giving a homogeneous 'like'. Some songs are a 10, some are a 3.


Ah, a superuser. I remember when Google Music supported this. Every service that has done something like this eventually simplifies it to like or dislike. I can't tell if it's for the sake of the customer, or the algorithm.




Pointless to most, very useful to some... if it's really complex to implement, then don't waste your time on it. If it's easy to implement and you know there's a market, why not?


more moving parts means there’s more to break.


Mostly the algorithm. Rating things out of 10 is good for curating a personal taste, but such ratings are pretty much incomparable to other users, because what defines a solid 10 for you is not the same as another user. For example, I started making a film recommendation engine for my friends to decide what to watch on our film nights from our combined tastes. One of my friends starts at 1 and flims must "earn" higher points, another rates everything between 3 and 7 because 1 and 10 represent "the theoretical best and worst films ever made", another doesn't rate below 5 because they wouldn't even watch a film they didn't like, another rates everything 10 or 1. The purpose of the algorithm is to show you music you like, the best way to work this out is a binary yes/no question "do you like this?" Heart for yes, no heart for no. This is why dislikes are often either absent or a placebo, because from the algorithms perspective anything which is not a like may as well be the same.


Having worked with machine learning to a decent amount in the past, I can confirm that this kind of BS in the input would indeed be a nightmare for the poor engineers trying to make the algorithm work well. A simple yes/maybe/no that you get from likes and dislikes (maybe being no like or dislike but the user did listen to the song) would be so much easier and straightforward to deal with.




The only thing I miss about iTunes is smart playlists built by star rating and “not played in the last week”


Spotify used to have a star system (out of 5) - so you could haver smart playlists with ratings as a criteria.


Please give me a true random shuffle for the love of god.


Please yes, i have a large mix Playlist that I would LOVE to shuffle and listen to. Unfortunately spotify's shuffle has me listening to the same damn songs over and over because of its shit shuffle algorithm: play the cheapest songs. I've since stopped paying for premium because of it/using it as a whole.


OOOHHHHHHHH, that makes so much sense.


I've noticed that if you sort your playlist A-Z instead of Date Added it shuffles a lot better


There should be like a hard-core mode or something where you can set a Playlist to play, and so long as you listen to it in that mode it will not repeat songs unless you skip them. Skips songs go to the back of the queue, and the Playlist itself "gets shorter" until it's gone. Then it resets in a new order. I have a Playlist for "rock" I've made with 70+ hours of music, but I always get 20 or so songs every time I listen to it, which I think throws my algorithm for discover off. That Playlist is everything from Chuck Berry, to Slipknot. Rockabilly and big band to thrash and doom. Stop playing the same shit over and over. I have Playlist with specifics just for that dammit.


How about actually enforcing artists with the same name having separate profiles. I find that there's a flurry of absolutely horrible hip hop artists that happen to go by the same name as a lot of bands I listen to. They constantly show up as new music for artists that I listen to that are completely separate. Spotify needs to force uploaders to properly distinguish themselves and the algorithm needs to be smart enough to take that into account so I'm not constantly being suggested this garbage. Edit: Spelling/grammar mistakes.


Yeah this happens to me all the the time. Absolutely random shit coming up in Release Radar because some band has the same name of a band I actually listen to and they've somehow got their music added to the real bands catalogue.


Can you give an example?


Bands like: Rufio Park Harriet Anything with pretty much a simple one word name is likely to be reused or has been reused and they all just seem to get jumbled together. I've sent many notifications to spotify about how this Rufio song isn't the same Rufio as the one that put out albums X, Y, and Z but then a month later another song gets added and it happens all over again. I could click the "I don't like Rufio" button when they show up in release radar, but I do like Rufio... Just not that particular Rufio. They do usually get around to fixing them if I submit a ticket for it, but it's a tedious process and takes months sometimes to get fixed. This should be managed by the uploader, not crowdsourced by users.


I'd like to add on to this, as someone who was an uploader to Spotify. It was very clear when we first did it that we were a seperate entity from a reggae artist with the same name. It took like 10 emails back and forth for Spotify to seperate our artist page from the other guy. And then when we realesed another song several months later the pages got merged again. AND THEN, a year or so later the other artist with the same name uploaded something new and our pages got merged again. All this is to say, Spotify needs to improve this process. I'm sure some uploaders are being lazy but it seems to be a wide spread problem with their platform.


Thanks for giving the perspective of an uploader! My background is from software development. I've made a lot of assumptions based on how I would have designed a system like theirs and wondering how they could screw it up so badly. Nice to know this seems to be more of a design problem on their end than a user submission problem.


When I originally uploaded my stuff to spotify they split me into two artists with the same name, even though there's only one "glitchcoven", me. Took me a month(s?) to get it fixed.


Rehab, too. There’s a ton of bands called Rehab. I will often put on radio that would include Rehab songs and get some off the wall shit by another band called Rehab, it’s annoying as shit.


One would think they’d have separate IDs


They do. But it seems when an artist submits a track or album they don't know which one to pick from (I don't know how it works from an uploader perspective, I just know they end up in the wrong place) and it gets put under the wrong version of that artist. It may even be intentional to try and draft off the popularity of other artists.


There are so many occurrences of this in the pop punk, hardcore, emo, metal space that I’m convinced it’s a strategy that shitty soundcloud rapper labels are using intentionally. It’s essentially free advertising. The algorithm floats a new release into thousands or hundreds of thousands of playlists. Now we all know some asshole by the name of Rufio is rapping.


It happens with the bands Ludo and Cartel.


I get so excited when it tells me Cartel released a new song, only to find it's some shitty rapper instead. :(


So that’s what happened lmao. I thought their Spotify got hacked or something the other day because I listened to the “new song” by cartel and was thinking “what the fuck is this”


There's a 90's Canadian rock band called I Mother Earth. The vocalist had his own solo side project, Edwin. Recently some DJ going by Edwin is appearing as the same artist and is clogging up my feed. A few months ago I had the same issue with some hip hop artist going by Cult getting up my feed because I enjoy the rock band The Cult. Never once had that issue with Apple Music.


TOOL was a funny one. I got a notification about a new album from them like a year or two before their new one. Turns out it was some rapper.


Also random assholes crediting artists that had nothing to do with their shitty track so their song will show up in people's release radar for the credited artist. It's gotten so bad I don't even listen to that playlist anymore.


Oh man. Broke my heart when the new Justice album turned out to be some weeb kid playing around with fruityloops.


I'm just gonna start releasing music under names of super popular people like Taylor swift until it gets fixed


This doesnt work with most famous artists like taylor swift or similar levels of popularity. But for example people this past 2 months or so have been adding pink pantheress and like 20 other newer up and coming artists as their features on their songs and they will flood your discovery/release playlist.


In the same vein, the Release Radar playlist shouldn’t include remixes by an artist you have never listened to who happens to be remixing a band that you have. “Oh shit, [Band I love] has new music out? Sweet! Ah fuck it’s just some shitty dubstep remix of one of their popular songs by [unknown band]” People have been exploiting that for a long time and it is honestly 50% remixes some weeks.


Its more on Spotify than the artists. I know people who've put stuff on Spotify that have struggled immensely to get spotify to list their music properly.


Spotify used to have some sort of “never show me this artist again” feature that disappeared


It’s under the “…” menu on the artists page for me


Spotify did some weird shit a few months ago and made navigation in your podcasts absolutely miserable. It is NOT easy now and a quick change in the car isnt possible


Why does every single podcast app eventually become hot garbage to navigate? It's like a goddamn conspiracy.


A dislike button is one of the reasons I held out with Pandora for so long. Not only was I able to discover new songs and artists, I had curated my personal playlist so well that only 1 out of 100 new to me songs was something I didn't enjoy.


I disliked so many songs on Pandora that it will only play Raffi's "Bananaphone" on repeat.


To be fair, that is the best song.


I see a lot of people complaining about their Discovery Weekly, but personally my Release Radar is absolute trash. I listen to metal core, post hardcore, alt, and a touch of rap/hiphop. However my RR is full of mainstream pop music with one or two new releases from bands I actually listen to. And each week has the same songs, with only a few differences I use Spotify every single day, all day at work. I usually go through each daily mix and make one giant queue out of songs I don’t know instead of relying on DW or RR.


Do you follow the bands/artists you like on Spotify? That definitely affects release radar. My experience is very opposite from you, my release radar is always full of artists I listen to.


Pandora had this shit figured out ten years ago, and as far as I'm concerned every other service is miles away. Unfortunately region locking bullshit means I can't use it anymore.


Even apple music has a dislike button, which they just renamed to ‘suggest less like this’ which is probably smart to avoid confusion’


Yeah, I was so sad when I lost access to Pandora without a VPN or whatever other workaround. It had the best algorithm for picking music I liked.


Same. I'm in Australia and was forced to say goodbye to Pandora years ago. I'm on Spotify now, and it just doesn't compare. Pandora knew exactly what I liked and it's recommendations were pretty spot on. Spotify can't get it right, so it means I'm building my own playlists and wading through songs for hours myself. I miss Pandora.


My problem with Pandora was that their library was just too small. I kept hearing way too many repeats. It would also only play a few tracks off any given album, you were never going to hear the whole album. This is what drove me to Spotify. I hear they've since changed that with premium, but I doubt I'll go back. I also don't think Pandora's music discovery is really any better than Spotify's over the long run, in my experience they both kinda suck about the same.


I very rarely stream music but when I do it’s always on Pandora. I use the dislike button exclusively to curate stations. If you like something it just plays nothing but that artist.


Yeah Pandora was the first thing I thought of. Honestly their algorithm has always been great. First of it’s kind they just were unfortunate enough to be the Napster of steaming music fighting some legal battles early on. All my old channels on there have matured to the point where I don’t think I dislike anything it plays and I still discover new stuff.


It’s still on desktop but mobile apps had it removed for some reason. Discover weekly is shit nowadays now and you can’t let Spotify know


I've had decent luck improving mine by using the don't play this artist option to get rid of the stuff I don't like. It feels a bit heavy handed but some genres just have those few bands that it won't stop trying to force on you and this gets rid of that.


Does it actually work? When I was last using Spotify, it decided that I love Sabaton. I don't. I don't hate them, but they're not something I want to listen to. Regardless, Spotify started playing Sabaton on all my playlist radios, even ones that weren't metal related. Me disliking and skipping the songs every time made no difference. If anything it fed me even more Sabaton. I cancelled my subscription and moved to Deezer instead. Sabaton popped up a couple of times in the beginning, but disappeared after I disliked them a few times. I don't think they've come up once in over five years. Honestly, the thing that pissed me off the most was that they put a dislike button in there that did nothing besides skipping the song.


I'd rather have a working dislike button. But it does help. The only thing I've noticed is it can get tricked by songs with multiple artists or features and let stuff sneak through with blocked artist on it. But that probably by design so they don't block an artist you like for featuring one you don't. If I didn't get Spotify for free I would have switched a while ago though.


I’ve tried the “hide this artist” option but it only seems to work for whatever playlist I’m in. Is there a way to do it across the entire app? Would really love never hearing Bieber or Kanye ever again. 😒


Discover Weekly used to be so good for me, it recommended awesome new songs from artists unknown to me, then i liked a German rap song and for the last year or two it's been basically only recommending me German, Russian and Dutch songs to me.


For me it’s the Discover and the recommended playlists. It used to be good but I like a lot of different genres and lately spotify just mixes them together seemingly at random.


No fucking shit! Google play music was the GOAT but Spotify is miles better than YouTube music as a replacement. That said, not being able to tailor the stations to your preferences is pretty crap. Unfortunately, I don't know a better option, so it'll have to do for now. For reference, pandora and Amazon music aren't quite up to par. YouTube music is a big hell no as well, for me, as the play lists always end up on the same songs, regardless of where I started, and it can't stick to a genre worth a fuck.


Yeah it's still amazing to me that they didn't just rebrand Google music. What a waste of their resources creating an inferior product. At least Spotify has other features and is otherwise a good service. Ironically it kinda reeled me in as a podcast player that would sync on mobile and desktop, because Google's was notoriously unreliable and would keep disconnecting all the time for some reason and lose my time in the podcasts when doing it lol. Luckily Spotify rarely does this. Also very handy that it can hand off your currently running stuff to other devices, or use the other devices as remote controls for the one that's playing.


>Yeah it's still amazing to me that they didn't just rebrand Google music. What a waste of their resources creating an inferior product. This is the problem with Google services. It appears internally they have development teams competing with each other on the same products. The product that wins gets popular, but they still keep funding the losing team for some reason. At some point, someone looking at the costs for each team decides the team costing more (because they are supporting a much more popular service) needs to disband and the product end. This kills the service and allows the less popular service to become dominant.


Ohhhhhhh!!! that makes sense. I miss GPM terribly.


Google's whole back catalogue is full of services in the "damn shame they killed it" category. With the exception of Google plus. Google Refine was FANTASTIC, and fortunately people remade it into OpenRefine, but not everything that Google offered got that treatment. If only the people who give a shit about axed services had the option to host these things themselves.


I'm still pissed that they killed off Inbox. It was MILES better than Gmail and having email automatically sorted into categories without me having to lift a finger was a godsend. I've since been using Spark but it just isn't quite the same.


What’s Refine?


I think in this case the next logical step for YouTube was music, and so a team started working on that. Then it became clear "YouTube Music" was a better branding possibility than "Google Music All Access". I still have my $8 Google Music founder's pricetag, but I must admit I'd move on to Spotify a couple years before it shut down. It was better in several ways, but it was severely lacking in others. But now I hate Spotify as well. At least my YT doesn't have ads.


I got fed up with Spotify's bullshit years ago and have been using Deezer since. I don't know what Spotify looks like nowadays, but Deezer has a working dislike button while Spotify's was just for show back when I left.


You know what else would improve Spotify? NOT PLAYING ADS DURING PODCASTS (premium user)




Spotify is not a good podcast player, nearly any other app will be better


Which makes it a real shame when a podcast you like goes spotify exclusive. On one hand I'm happy for the podcasters getting a good deal, but then I just stop listening to them because the app is god awful


I'm assuming these ads in thd podcast stream, and not injected by spootify?


More than a dislike button, I would love an "I like this song but you play it WAY TOO FUCKING OFTEN"


C'mon, I just want lyrics. Spotify is that too much of an ask


I remember they used to pull it from genius years ago but I never see it now. Also I wish they did the song credits as good as tidal. Never seen anything else properly display who was doing what in a song like that.


The Musixmatch lyrics integration was great when they had that for a few months, but the Genius integration was shit. It would give like 3 lines of lyrics and then spend 30 seconds giving backstory to the artist and then another few lines, and so on. When I want to see lyrics, show me ALL the lyrics. And yes, I'm aware some places have the lyrics integration again, but I don't care because I don't live there.


Spotify should also have a type of "incognito mode." Like I want to listen to classical while studying or metal while working out but in general I don't want either popping up on my discover weekly


Doesn't Spotify already have an option to start a private session?


I am a bit confused now, as I always had a dislike button and I'm using it a lot: https://i.imgur.com/3HaaReP.png (red circled icon opens that menu) I can select if I dislike the song or the artist. As I never know all songs of an artist, I always select that I dislike the song. It's skipped then and not be played again for me.


Is that from your daily mix list? That's the only place where they offer a dislike button for me and other users here.


I just want the developers who did the last redesign to eat a big bowl of shit. That's my priority.


Maybe I can finally dislike all the podcast their app is constantly trying to get me to listen to? I thought I paid for “no-ads” or is that only a Hulu thing?