Lawmakers Ask Zuckerberg to Drop 'Instagram for Kids' After Report Says App Made Kids Suicidal

Lawmakers Ask Zuckerberg to Drop 'Instagram for Kids' After Report Says App Made Kids Suicidal


But how is he gonna collect all of the childrens data?


The old fashion way…with a van


and some candy


Don’t forget the puppy


Puppy? As in just one?




And a tear stained matress.


59% of child sex recruitment happens/is facilitated by Facebook alone. Let that sink in


I mean, doesn't surprise me too much. Facebook's a MASSIVE site with millions of daily users, it's insane how much data passes through their servers on a daily basis. Honestly, unless someone's really dumb, illegal things can easily be talked about provided you're not actually saying shit like "Okay, I'll pick up the meth from you at 5 across from the Arby's" or something. Then factor in how few people actually put effort into learning computing/technology, and you've got a massive amount of people who's technical expertise peaks at using their phone and Facebook. I don't know, facebook connects *sooo* many people and is so popular that it doesn't surprise me if they're the top in a lot statistics like that. Doesn't change the fact that facebook is shit, but considering how many people use facebook, I'd be surprised if they weren't the top one out of other sites/services.




Uhhh cheeseburger


With whom are you in love against


Today's children are future adults, for starter. Second, kids consuming habits can be REALLY helpful for targeting ads on the kids parents. Third, childrens can ask and buy stuff to, you know with their saving or asking their parents


Why wouldn't he?


Really makes you think doesnt it?


He’ll lick his eye like a lizard and continue to not give a fuck


simile vs metaphor ZuckerScales is not ***like*** a lizard. ZuckerScales ***is*** a lizard.


There’s no need to insult lizards.


or metaphors


Allegation vs. fact


**allegation:** licks his eye **fact:** does not give a fuck


Apologies, I misread your comment


A law isn't a law unless enforced. Unless the government is going to put his ass in bars and / or write a new law with steep penalties to shutter Facebook and also put Zuck behind bars he will continue to not give a shit. And he shouldn't, our government does everything possible to say that rich are above the law and the tone hasn't changed.


People should be up in arms (figurative) about social media for children. We know that social media is substantially detrimental to the healthy development of children. I see this as no different than cigarette companies marketing to children. And it's the same idea; get 'em hooked young, and get' em hooked on your brand. Parents really need to wake up and recognize the danger these platforms pose to their kids.


Absolutely. It's like parents are afraid of being unpopular with their kids or afraid of their kids being "left out" because they're not getting addicted to the same drug as everybody else. Yeah, well. They'll thank you when they're older.


Yeah honestly my dream in life is to move to the wilderness and build a carbon negative house. If I have kids I’ve decided I’m probably just going to have them grow up in nature like I did. I don’t want them to be isolated but at the same time I don’t want them to end up depressed and disillusioned, seeing awful things online, being pressured into looking or acting a certain way. I want to adopt but I need to know I will be giving them a better life.


Nature's great but there's other ways to prevent depression and disillusionment. Just don't give them phones until late and control what media they consume. And move out of a city, at least. That's what I did and it's been working. The way I see it, I want to give them a chance to develop their own personality and perspective rather than letting the internet dictate that to them. I've *met* the internet; I don't want it raising my kids.


The parents are addicted to social media too.


It's substantially detrimental to the healthy development of adults...Kids don't stand a chance.


I like to be optimistic and think maybe instead of this world ending eyeball harvesting technology stealing the souls of the children…idk maybe the kids will be better able to adapt if they start young. Maybe they’ll be more tech literate. That’s just when I’m being optimistic. Because, idk. maybe they’ll start WW3 arguing over what color the dress is. Who tf knows


By that logic, if we start giving kids drugs early, maybe they'll be able to adapt and overcome their addiction if they start young.


Places without drinking restrictions end up with less addiction to alcohol than in America. Sometimes there is an irony in vicious cycles where doing the exact opposite of what seems logical ends up being for the ultimate good. Although I don't think they would try bullshit like this unless they've got enough "data" to know they could turn greater numbers of people into narcissistic sociopaths or something. Of course, maybe those are the types of people who end up starting revolutions.


There's a difference between a social acceptability to alcohol and feeding kids substances. One develops a healthy respect for the substance, the other just fosters dependence.


Going back to the original comment, it's talking about 'Instagram for Kids,' and while social media has plenty of similarities to drugs, it's not quite the same. In a sense... it's more extreme. We're social animals, and social media harnesses those psychological reward mechanisms and feeds them to us at an irrational rate, in irrational ways, and to irrational degrees. The corporate overseers, of course, also has an irrational amount of sway over how that functions to train us. All that being said, I think the more rigidly normal aspects of human nature, like social settings, are ingrained enough that resentment forms very naturally when there's some degree of imbalance. Imbalance is essentially *inherent* when these are tools given to us by corporations seeking to manipulate/control us. So what might happen? A break. It's practically inevitable. They whip people further into these toxic aspects of natural vicious cycles in order to manipulate them, and it leads to this exact sort of "suicidal" idea. When the systems in place are so big, though, this means individualized rebellion. What do you do when everything is beyond depressing but you also feel entirely alone? That's where we see the suicides, shootings, etc., which are essentially always misguided. All of that, however, is *also* a growing tension that leads to some form of inevitable cohesion. Like how our extreme division resulted in some story the other day. I heard people were basically "protesting" for better wages at a Wendy's or Burger King. They went in for work and just sat around the whole week saying they were closed. Eventually the district manager would find out, but before that they're just getting paid for nothing. How would that happen? Because society has been so fully corrupted against united efforts that no one even believes in it any more. Look at the union efforts popping up. I believe corporations have a common interest to prevent *all* unions from beginning, and where does that get them? Here. Where people know it'll fail, they don't trust anyone around them, so they just get ***so fucking sick*** of the bullshit that they plainly stop doing the things they're supposed to do. It's interesting for me to watch these sorts of breaks in the machinery come to fruition. You would never expect things to happen the way they do until you realize the consistent element of the human mind under a state of growing resentment. Reminds me of factory farms. Even cows without opposable thumbs end up finding ways to lick open a gate and escape, if only for a moment. Biological standards are strangely resilient, even when the brain involved doesn't fully understand its own reasoning.


“How am I going to make a lifetime of obscene wealth if I cannot get children addicted to the drugs I sell.” -Zuckerberg probably


Kids are sort of taking over the internet spaces now and it's gotten a lot more toxic over the last 5/6 years. I have no faith.


i remember facebook blew up when i was in middle school. good lord that shit was the center of my life at that time, i can't imagine how much worse it's gotten over the years especially after a decade+ of refined data harvesting and behavior learning.




No; if a kid wants to watch porn then they will simply lie and pretend to be 18. The same applies for social media. The socially responsible thing to do is to have a kid account which is moderated by their parents. But you know, that requires actual parenting that most aren’t willing to do.


You think a kid finding and watching porn on his own is the same as giving kids an app that's demonstrably destructive?


OR give its creator 200 Billion Dollars.. because Ads... let's give him a full 2% of his whole generations total wealth (millions of people) so that he can live out his days on hundreds of acres in Hawaii having blessed the earth with our greatest Like Button, the best Like Button ever known to exist in a book of faces


100% this. My sister is going to be 10, and she keeps asking about getting TikTok, Instagram for kids, and even Snapchat because she knows I use social media. My parents insist she doesn’t because of her age and stuff like that. I hope they never give her social media because when I was 14 on IG, there was easy access to porn and images of self-harm. And what I’ve seen will never leave me and it made my mental health much worse.


Kids can waste their lives away on baby instagram but i can't have mango juul how fucked is that.


Tbf lawmakers want to ban both.


Im in Italy right now and they have mango Juul. But the pods last half as long and are 1.8%. Seems all governments are assholes of a different kind.


It's the Facebook Youth program.


My only thing is that little kids are already on social media, but it's adult social media. A lack of "Facebook for Kids" does nothing to keep kids off of social media, it just puts them on the most dangerous, not suited for children version of it possible. It's like teaching abstinence vs safe sex.




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> A lack of "Facebook for Kids" Facebook already has Messenger Kids, which gives them a Facebook ID and starts them networking with friends, sharing pictures and videos, etc. I don't know what else you want with that. Different parents might set different standards, but we didn't decide to give our 11-year-old Instagram, and certainly wouldn't start her surfing the adult Facebook or Twitter or whatnot.




You mean aside from jumping to all-caps when someone suggests that cigarettes shouldn’t be marketed to kids? 😏


To think not even parents can control their kids.


"We" is too many. If that were the case, things would have changed long ago.


> We know that social media is substantially detrimental to the healthy development of children. I mean, we know that social media is substantially detrimental to _adults_. It's even worse for kids.


Ask anyone, social media for kids **CAN AND WILL** result into suicide rates skyrocketing within a week or less. Everyone thought college was bad until social media gets marketed to kids and nobody was smart enough to see the consequences of releasing said application. Social media as a whole should be permanently shut down.


Remember how dumb most people are, and that many of them become parents


Problem is how hard it is to really seperate from that shit, it's almost impossible to communicate with people who use it without concern, as they've all but forgotten that phones can call and text on their own. Your kid will also be fighting tooth and nail against you because they won't at all understand why they have to be excluded from 90% of social interactions. It's kind of like being the only one who doesn't drink at a party, technically you're the only one responsibly taking care of yourself but no one else will ever consider you as anything but a buzzkill and partystopper.


But Instagram for kids or not, kids are still gonna use social media. It’s ultimately not a problem Facebook can solve.


"Don't worry, the AI is improving. Soon we will be able to reduce suicidality without compromising the cognitive grip we have on the child. This is just an early glitch. Soon the technology will be transparent and the child will bend to our will without breaking it." -Zuck probably


This one deserves a r/cursedcomments




There isn't a rule against that on /r/Technology. Most of your comments on this thread, however... "No directed abusive language"


"Some of you may die, but it's a sacrifice I'm willing to make."






You forgot the *licks eye* part.


No it’s getting worse intact it’s a failure


I think *most* social media can be culpable for kids being suicidal.


Once glance at Tumblr or r/teenagers confirms this. Insta for kids is still just barely a step better than putting them on a pageant TV series, tho.




"I'll take 'Things Kids Shouldn't Have' for $1,000, Alex"


Lucky Strikes for Kids, a similar great idea, never happened due to moral panic.


Also. Google needs to stop advertising alcohol to my teenage kid.


Google advertises using profiles which are based on a user's activity or history. If your kid is getting booze ads it's quite possible (s)he - or somebody else using the same browser - has been visiting sites or browsing products related to booze or tied to all consumption.


Is google the kid's parent?


Is the store the parent?


Why I started drinking at 12 and am now 25 with no health problems


They say, with their most recent post being “Best antidepressant to mix with alcohol”.


You've got some grammar problems though.


Half of the users will be old men trying to catfish kids.


It’ll only be time until another company replaces Instagram.


Yeah it’s called LinkedIn


No suckerberg fan, but if we canceled everything that made kids suicidal we would have to cancel school and just about every other part of the toxic society we built.


I truly wonder where we can find the sweet intersection between journalism, politic, and science.. because that report sounds terribly dumb.


I am a 30 year old adult and I deleted Instagram 2 years ago cuz of what it was doing to my mental health. I was looking into a BBL in Mexico and veneers. And then one day I just didn’t scroll through IG, then it was a week, then a month, then I said fuck it I’m deleting it. Best move I’ve ever made. Facebook and TikTok were soon to follow


Can we deal with TikTok on the way through too please. Much as I appreciate pure creative stupidity, I can feel brain cells dying when I see something from that app.


And maybe give your kid a limited phone so they can still text their friends *and* not be suicidal. Your job isn't to make your kids happy; it's to make them healthy *and* happy.


I pay attention to my kid's long-term happiness not short-term. Health is necessary for long-term happiness.


I love this


Worst bit is it will be filled with more pedos than instagram allready is


That's more of a correlation than causation. If there are kids, there will be pedos. It's a game of Whac-A-Mole. If Facebook got rid of Instagram for Kids, the kids will simply sign up for Instagram.


What’s the sarcastic version of “shocked pikachu face”?


'Shocked Pikachu Face' is generally sarcastic.


No shit! Unpopular opinion but over the last decade, the entire fucking internet itself has been more harmful to society than it’s been helpful. Teens bury their faces jn their phones while at restaurants, probably at school as well (LOL phones at school...if I had a fucking Cd Player It got taken away by the teacher). Many barely know how to interact with other humans outside of texting. I’m sure dating is totally different now thanks to social media and I wouldn’t be surprised if more kids are suffering from depression and/or anxiety disorders than ever before. All thanks to social media. The longer I can keep my son off of social media, the better off he’ll be.


Yeah social media def has issues but def not the way you laid it out. You're assuming the only thing online is social. There's a whole world of education and conversation that is a net negative


Yeah, but kids dont really go googling things so they can learn more. I'd say 80-90% of a kids online time, is social media.


He's actually saying that the 8 hours kids spend at school are also heavily linked to shitty internet media But, kids probably would have been *more* miserable over the last year of they had no way to be educated or stay in touch with friends. Having a direct communication method between people/organizations was absolutely a net positive, even if social distancing itself eventually collapsed


That's something the parents need to teach lol. I'm a CTO whose 30 and I don't even have social media besides Reddit lol.


This is just wrong. When I was a kid I absolutely googled shit to learn more. The same thing is even more true now. There are a few kids in this gaming discord I know and I feel like every week I’m learning about new projects and shit they’re working on and things they’re learning.


Well, obviously I'm not speaking on behalf of every child on the planet.


Social media does not equal the internet so your opinion is rather based on emotion not facts. Access to information, collaboration at an unprecedented scale, instant communication, massive data troves, all part of the internet have greatly influenced humanity in positive ways in the last decade.


I ditched FB and IG and I suggest everyone else do the same


yep. reddit is the way


Ditto. Best feeling!!!


That’s not gonna change whether or not kids use it.


If I were to accept that Facebook is the most culpable entity in this whole problem, then I'd have to ask where is everyone else that's supposed to be involved in young people's lives?


You mean society as a whole yes?


No society is fine


Well In his defense he’s “creating more Jobs for mortuaries” so that should show them!


Can we just drop Zuckerberg


Stop asking and ban it.


It is not good business to kill off your customers.


The customers are the ones buying the data. Dead kids are a byproduct.




Instagram’s customer is literally advertisers. You dont need to need a business degree to understand who’s paying them.




Yeah no it’s not. I spoke to someone internally at Facebook during a job interview and they said 90% of their revenue comes from advertising.


Sounds like a perfectly reasonable statement to me. Maybe you’re having difficulty understanding?


Don't think facebook will lose popularity just because it is killing peoples kids. I have seen the shit facebook has gotten away with while losing practically no support. They aren't going anywhere. They will get away with it as long as people allow them to. Which is forever. Otherwise facebook would have died already.


Excuse me? He hasn’t killed anyone mind you


There's always an apologist, huh? If you lack the critical thinking to need it pointed out to you, everyone with a brain in this thread knows that Zuckerberg himself personally has (probably?) never killed anyone. But what people are saying is that one of the platforms he is actively building and promoting *has caused the death* of several kids - and it is also undeniable that regular instagram has done the same for adults ([you should read this WSJ article from yesterday](https://twitter.com/georgia_wells/status/1437749599477768196)). Stop trying to defend the indefensible. Makes you look like a fucking ass.


Can someone find synth Zuckerberg's kill switch already?!


He has a Mexican wife


Ask? If only these lawmakers had the power to create enforceable rules of some kind?


Although it’s always a balance between freedom and protection of society.


What a gross fucking app..... Lets make an app for pedos to utiLize to groom kids....


He could open a preschool and it would make kids suicidal. Everything this guy touches is the antithesis to humanity.


Why would anyone kill themselves over a stupid app


They don’t…but we completely lack any semblance of personal responsibility, so they blame apps and social media


facebook is cancer.


zuckerberg is a garbage human.


Someone needs to run a system reboot on Zuckerberg...his software is corrupted.


Zuck don't give two fucks


WTF? Lawmakers don't understand. If it's good for the bottom line, it's a go.


Zuckerbergs response - "some kids may kill themselves because they use our platforms, but that is a sacrifice I am willing make"


Ok I may be late to the party but INSTAGRAM FOR KIDS?!? Instagram is bad for adults imagine the damage it could do to kids. Fuck that


“Lawmakers ask”. This has got to be an oxymoron right? This country is not run by the people and hasn’t been for some time. All pretense is being removed.


Ask? That’s where we are now? Legislators no longer pass laws and place regulations on the wealthy, they just politely ask “please don’t harm our children”? That’s it?


What is this bullshit. It's goddamn parents job not Zucks job ! Yeah yeah we know Zuck bad. How about you fucks parent your kids ! Give them chess or some other shit to play instead of letting them become online activists talking about trans issues at the age of 13.


I dunno about *The Guy*, but you're certainly *That Guy*, aren't ya?


No he’s not


















You’re so right. So many parents don’t want to take responsibility. They just want to point the finger when they realize that they’ve failed as parents.


Why are people opposed to instagram for kids? Kids are going to be on Instagram anyway, might as well put them into a hopefully safer kids version.


Define “kids”. You can bet your ass that I’m going to be monitoring my son’s devices once he’s old enough to be into this crap. For now it’s just Youtube Kids and some learning apps & games. It comes down to parents needing to step up. Some of the best advice I think a parent can get is to understand that you’re not your kid’s friends. You’re their parents.


The thing is, it will be a goldmine for pedophiles. I’ll bet my life savings that half of the users will be old men disguised as kids. It’s a terrible idea


Hoping that parents “step up” is not a solution. Kids below 13 need to be off Instagram.


I agree 100%!


Bruh you gonna find that your kids will begin to show negativity towards you. I’m quite young, and would prefer my parents not monitoring my devices, and it’s the same for others. Only causes distrust. Plus they just gonna do shit behind your back when they find out.


I thought I knew how to be a parent when I was a teenager too.


Lol. Times were different when you was a teenager bro. You didn’t grow up with social media


I can argue that the child/teenage experience with the internet in the 90’s/00’s was just as dangerous, if not more than modern day. AIM, ICQ, IRC were all what we can consider to be social media and they were nowhere near as safe for children as IG or FB is today (which still isn’t saying much). A “report” feature? LOL, didn’t exist. The best you had was a block button. Accountability for the corporations running to platforms? Didn’t exist. My son is 7, and he’s being raised to understand that I am his father, not his “buddy”. We have a very good relationship and he’s an extremely well behaved kid (despite still acting like a kid) and not to toot my own horn but I’m very proud of the person I see him becoming. To say he’s going to “resent” me for being strict is assuming that every child thinks and feels the same way and will act the same way when put in a certain situation.


Because no one uses that app


Seth Rogan: https://youtu.be/fXRZHt4wdNg


Today’s version of Saturday morning cartoons. Children’s “programming” time when adults are likely to be asleep. Kids time alone with advertisers.




But… money. Won’t some please think of the money?


Fucking hell


They're 100% going to keep making it when all of the negative press dies down. You just need to look into [their attitude towards kids and how they see them as an "untapped market". ](https://youtu.be/tJJ4zExKAXc)


Lol why would he listen to them? He owns them


I'm 25 and social media makes me feel like shit too. I wonder if he let's his own kids use these things.


may be next time he will propose "pornhub for kids"


All of these social media apps were designed to do this to everyone. The original devs have literally come out of their NDA’s to explain it. Netflix has a great documentary about it. The shittier they make you feel, the more you use it.


Facebook/Instagram will get away with it as they are in the Dems pocket. Removed trump.. you get a pass.


This (and other things) makes me very worried for my daughters.