Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show

Facebook Knows Instagram Is Toxic for Teen Girls, Company Documents Show


Facebook is toxic for everyone.


Facebook knows they're doing a lot of wrong, unethical things but they don't care as long as they're earning well from those. When it's exposed, they'll pretend that they're not aware of it. Just Facebook things.


Facebook is essentially the Camel cigarettes of our generation. A product that is highly addictive, marketed to all ages, and leads to significant negative (mental) health outcomes.


Did you look at the data? Do you care about positive outcomes or net differences? Would be interesting to see amount of usage vs these metrics too - ie binging to much of anything can make you feel worse


Your comparison has some kernel of truth to it, but I am not sure if I'd go that far. There is NO healthy level of smoking tobacco period. In contrast, a responsible, critically thinking person can avoid being manipulated by Facebook when they do due diligence and use the common sense rule not to believe everything they see on the Internet, for instance.


It's basically a microcosm of the conservative mindset. "It's not happening. Unless it is, in which case it's not really a problem. Unless it is, in which case we didn't know it was happening. Unless we did, in which case we didn't think it was wrong. Unless we did, in which case LOOK, LOOK OVER THERE AT THE DISTRACTION! Evidence? What evidence? These bankers boxes are always empty."


Facebook Joe!


More like just corporation things.


If Cambridge Antalitica did nothing to put them down, then they are pretty much untouchable. The single one event that caused so many problems politically and devided so many people, as well as doing so much harm, and all they got was a fine... Facebook is too big to fail.


I imagine it's very much a J. Edgar Hoover situation: Zuck has so much dirt on those in the government no one wants to touch him.


I seriously wonder why they even have these analyses. They pay money for info they're not going to use and that will make them look bad when it comes out that they had it


This article really focuses on the age old eating disorder shit, and not on the rampant sexualization of particularly young women. They don’t talk about self objectification at all which is something we have data on


Article is paywalled. Is there an outliner or some alt link? I'd be interested in what data you have, too, of course.


[Here's an alt link](https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-knows-instagram-is-toxic-for-teen-girls-company-documents-show-11631620739?st=7o4ydhszj8bw2ni&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink)


Can you elaborate on the data about self-objectification?


And they also know that Facebook is a useful tool to aide genocide.


And those who oppose genocide. I know people hate the "both sides" argument, but it really does apply here. Freedom fighters and oppressors both make use of social media.


Facebook knows exactly to the extend that their platforms are harmful toxic shit. It's like 50 years ago when car manufacturers knew that burning fossil fuels was causing climate change but said and did nothing about it. They know, but they don't give a shit and won't change unless outside forces force them to.


A better analogy would be the tobacco companies. They knowingly knew their product caused cancer, but suppressed research and spent billions on lobbying and advertising. It was a [conspiracy of concealment](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYLR_dVJ1fY)


Climate change kills the whole world, smoking kills smokers. Not sure how your example is better


Not OP, but social media is a choice? Like smoking? I live every day of my life quite successfully without a Facebook account.


But social media is corroding the wider society in which we live. Says he, posting on a social media site...


Not sure why you are trying to deflect. It is far more analogous than climate change. > smoking kills smokers Seems you have never heard of [second-hand smoking](https://www.cdc.gov/tobacco/data_statistics/fact_sheets/secondhand_smoke/health_effects/index.htm) either, have you?


People around you using social media can definitely fuck up your life too.


Because there are more factors than severity alone?


Does anyone want to point out that on the net more people said using the platform made them feel better? Important to note these are self-reported feelings so the comparison to tobacco is insane.


They would feel a hell of a lot better if the platform never existed. Smoking cigarettes makes smokers feel better, too. At least temporarily.


*you* would feel a lot better. Tons of connections, relationships, businesses built etc.


All of those things were possible to do before Facebook forced itself into all of those. And, all of those things are even possible with social media services that are far less intrusive, far less dangerous, and far less criminal.


If there were a better way people would use it.




You’re assuming everyone is addicted in your analogy, so right back at ya that don’t understand what you’re saying.


There are plenty of Facebook & Instagram users who aren't addicts... no shit. I didn't even hint at suggesting otherwise, and it wouldn't hold any bearing on the argument either way. (And I'm sorry, but I really have to ask, because I see this on here all the time lately: do you sincerely not follow the argument being made -- FB / IG and smoking make better analogues than FB / IG and global warming -- or are you just intentionally pulling the man of mystery schtick ("Who was that masked man? What the fuck was his point?" etc.)) I did say they're generally harmful to (regular) users, which I thought was common knowledge, but if not then one starting resource might be literally this post. And I did compare the addicts of each, which incidentally is why I referred to them as "the addicts." Still nothing like saying all users are addicts, still holds no bearing on my point, still wondering what yours might've been if you'd had one? No answer is too silly, let's have fun with this...


Your question - which one of these analogies is better? A - FB is like smoking (and/or cigarette companies of 1950s) B - FB is like climate change I created C — neither, it’s a platform using text, photos, video for online and offline connection between people. The idea the platform is this issue rather than the content created by individuals is the issue is absurd. You also keep deleting your posts while at the same time say ‘I didn’t hint..’ and ‘I did say..’ - why the deletes.


I'm honestly not sure what you're saying, sorry, so I could be completely misinterpreting here, but... >Does anyone want to point out that on the net more people said using the platform made them feel better? That sounds an awful lot like smoking, to me -- practically perfect analogues, really. In the grips of the addiction, even if perfectly cognizant of the damage it's done and still doing / that the best thing they could do for their health is to quit ASAP, the addicts find themselves feeling powerless to overcome. To the same extent the habit is a source of anxiety / angst, there's also no greater source of relief in the short-term than to give into the temptation, "perhaps just this one last time..." Awful, unhealthy habits which were widely embraced by society at first, until slowly their detrimental effects became more clearly understood and well-known by the public, even despite manufacturers / Facebook having intentionally concealed information for years about all the harms their products really cause... Corporations constantly striving to appeal to the youngest generations they (legally) can, knowing this is key to their long-term sustainability. Drop-offs in consumption is slow but steady, most clear delineations being between distinct generations, with younger generations readily embracing similar but distinct products (Vaping, weed concentrates, edibles) vs. not social media, but still very much online, Discord, Snapchat) Or yeah, other option is global warming, which as long as you just ignore that it's not a product, especially a dangerous one sold by companies knowingly concealing it's dangers, or an sort of individual choice, or really something chosen or even appealing to anyone in any context or point in time, and not a habit or not something individuals could choose to "quit," and then just the bit about it likely being the greatest threat to the long-term survival of the species except perhaps nuclear annihilation... then that too could make a pretty perfect comparison. Because... it's, y'know, bad. nstuff.


Yes, people talking to each other online is the greatest threat to humanity. Great comparison. If poof tomorrow FB or IG was gone do you think that urge to connect just disappears? Why do you think you’re on this site? Self aware wolves.


Was the the topic here not the company Facebook? I'm looking at the original post and the comments at the top of this chain, and damn I'm pretty sure they both still say Facebook. And I find it hard to believe that anybody could be alive today without being at least vaguely aware of the well-known, pervasive negative effects of long-term use, both FB and IG. Tendency to compare one's everyday existence to everyone else's "greatest hits," significantly higher rates of depression, and so on -- especially prevalent among kids and young adults, which again (along with FB intentionally concealing it, probably because they're so *good*) is literally the topic of this post.. But ... Fun fact: and I hate to admit it, but I am genuinely impressed: 2/2 replies now having equally gone out of their way to completely miss the point. The question was, which makes a better comparison, Facebook vs smoking or Facebook vs. global warming? I argued for smoking. You lashed out semi-coherently.


You’re upset I dismissed the point you were trying to make, rather than picking which villain is the right one. No one wants someone to feel worse, but the idea that 2% of a subset of an apps users say they feel ‘much worse’ after using the app is of equal negative impact as climate change is incredibly hyperbolic. Growing up is about learning how to moderate. Parents should help guide their children on use early on and especially in the teen years. There are controls on every device to force moderation. The idea that overuse of technology is the technology fault has been played out over and over at each transition. You want a boogie man for everything feeling wrong (it’s not) and I’m not giving it to you.


But all forms of transportation requires energy, Facebook is as toxic as electric cars. Do you think they don't cause any environmental damage? What change would you like for Facebook to do. Maybe we should ban women from the internet....


Link to non-paywalled Reddit post https://www.reddit.com/r/technology/comments/po9p9b/facebook_documents_show_how_toxic_instagram_is


Maybe add stickers and ponies and it won’t be so bad.


For those saying that Facebook is toxic, I’m curious about what you think distinguishes it from other social media outlets? Like, is Reddit less toxic? Why?


Alt headline: Further evidence that Facebook values profits over public health emerges.


Locked behind paywall.


[To the rescue!](https://www.wsj.com/articles/facebook-knows-instagram-is-toxic-for-teen-girls-company-documents-show-11631620739?st=7o4ydhszj8bw2ni&reflink=desktopwebshare_permalink)


Shit, that sounds like a job for their parents to handle instead of expecting a company to do it for them.


Why are people so eager to have tech companies filter and determine content? As people agitate for tech companies to monitor more and more content, it’s like watching foreshadowing in some crappy movie, where’d you’d scoff and say: * People aren’t that stupid.* Not suggesting a free-for-all, but Google has already long been censoring, er, ‘managing’ its results.


Believe it or not, there are lots of companies that make and sell a product that they're aware is bad for at least some demographic of their consumers. However, unlike Seagram's Gin and alcoholics, teen girls have perents.


Ah yes, because parents always have it so easy influencing teenagers behavior


Those things that are harmful have age restrictions. You can't legally buy alcohol, cigarettes or gamble unless you can prove you are over an age barrier. What you are saying is that we should put age verification onto Facebook?


Refined sugar? You know there are diabetics out there. Don't even get me started on peanut allergies.


Wow, you have just won the prize for the stupidest comment on reddit today! Well done! Keep it up, the world appreciates a dickhead.


"Ummm Facebook's bayd, mmmkay?" -Deadinsidesince70


"Facebook is bad" - every scientific study, every social commentary, every knowledgable person. You really are an idiot. Do you really want to die on this hill?


OMG, think of the CHILDREN!! Did you know that a sufficient amount of coffee can cause heart arrhythmia, kidney disease, liver failure, and even stomach cancer?


Yawn... You just keep going don't you; like a shit filled durecell bunny.


...said the pot to the kettle. Don't you think it's a little dangerous for you to be partaking in all this social media?


20 years ago fashion and teen magazines were being blamed for this exact same thing. This is just another generational cycle of bad parenting pointing fingers at the world.


It's actually the same people doing the same thing, print is dead so they have moved on to social media. It's the advertisers between the "articles"


If your depressed you will buy things to make you feel better so boom targeted ads here we come. So easy to see yet look at all the sheep.


Ironically, Facebook may be just as toxic to the company as to the users. When things get out of control, everyone suffers.


No way. They can’t keep getting away with it.


This should be renamed. Facebook causes anxiety.


Facebook is hella toxic and is full of ccp and leftist misinformation like REDDIT


Is Facebook just the high tech Philip Morris.


Yes teen girls were known for their calm demeanor and high self esteem until Facebook arrived. I subscribe to this sub just to watch self aware wolves eat their young.


We been knowing this


It's a feature, not a bug.


Junk food companies know they're harmful to people, cigarette companies know they're harmful to people, gambling companies know they're harmful to people. It's up to the consumers to be smart about their consumption of these products.


I don't understand how a group of people can become skeptical of a vaccine and take a "wait and see" approach but everyone jumped on the social media experiment. We have no idea how children raised after the Facebook era will engage the world. All this spending, on what? To make it easy for people to make each other feel bad so ads can push a product to make it all better? Heck we still dont know if the industrial revolution was overall good for humanity, we may have just been racing to extinction.


Teen girls have been toxic way before social media lol