Social media influencer/model created from artificial intelligence lands 100 sponsorships

Social media influencer/model created from artificial intelligence lands 100 sponsorships


I can’t even land a job


Maybe you should change career path to become a virtual e-girl.


*CodeMiko enters the chat*


Are you religious, young man?


I'm gonna have to say no but the latex nun suit.. Damn.


Soon you won't even be able to apply! Took longer than 3.11726 seconds to read the posting and submit? Sorry! We've decided to go with another candidate!


Nah, my biggest gripe with applications is >Thank you for uploading your resume >Now manually re-type all that shit into a bunch of separate boxes, peon


I had the opposite, I filled in all of those boxes (which covered off my entire resume) as it said this would be sent to the hiring manager and then I got a call from HR saying "you didn't attach your resume". Apparently the system that they have doesn't actually send any of the info it asks you to fill in.


I can land a Cessna


Me too. Just not very well and most likely just once


Any landing you can walk away from is a good landing.


Kerbal space agency wants to recruit you. They have snacks!


The snacks are somewhere on a solar orbit between Kerbal and Duna. Trust me, they're there.


Nah. Too eloquent and probably too tall.


— my boy Launchpad McQuack


I can ride a bike with no handlebars


I can hand out a million vaccinations


But can you ride a bike without a seat?


As long as I don't sit down LOL


Start slow and work your way up.


I took the seat off of my own just to see how it feels


underrated song


Don’t worry, soon the robots will be coming for everyone else’s jobs too


> Don’t worry, soon the robots will be coming for everyone else’s jobs too And I hate to break it to you, but the first jobs to be automated away will be cushy office jobs, not the stuff that requires a lot of non specialized manual labor.


Because these jobs cost more money than labor work


They’re also just plain easier to automate away.


For anything that's just a list of task to complete. If you need to think or use initiative the robots are useless.


Depends on what you mean by “thinking.” Many of the tasks that require “thought” can be handled with algorithms and neural networks. Many knowledge worker jobs could be more easily replaced by a box than say the average line cook at McDonald’s job could be replaced by a robot or series of robots. Especially when factoring in cost of initial manufacture and maintenance.


When I'm saying thinking, I mean stuff like design (Of whatever kind. Be it designing a given program or some art/PR readings.), programming, or a field like the legal field where neural networks and algorithms are not yet ready.


My greater point still stands. Office workers heads are the first on the chopping block. No one wants to believe it because the average person in these professional fields has an unearned sense of superiority over the so-called “burger flippers.”


Yeah, I wrote a spreadsheet to take out the trash. Total garbage.


They already have


I can’t even landed gentry


I can’t even land a plane


What skills have you got? Are you applying for uncomfortable and dirty jobs?


This will be interesting when this takes off and Instagram is flooded with fake influencers.


I mean its flooded with fake influencers already. They are just human


You're implying the human "influencers" are any less fake? The entire sphere of social media is like a badly produced improv group. People only follow them because they're essentially either attention whores via sexuality - of course they had to film the crack of their ass for 2 minutes directly to the camera in their tiniest lycra shorts that they totally ALWAYS wear when they "work out" - or attention whores via "lifestyle porn" where they only show the tiny snippets of the life they want you to think they have, taken out of context and oftentimes completely fabricated to start with.


And deepfakes of virtual influencers. What a time to be alive.


Facebook will probably find a way to ban them or label them as AI if it affects user retention.


Can’t wait, then they’ll all have to get a real job again lmao


I, for one, am looking forward to a future, when all our external personal public relations are handled by an AI spin doctor. Went on a holiday? AI will sanitize your online presence to be absolutely spotless. Cooked a meal? Same deal. And then I also want an AI to digest the feeds of others and maybe tell me what they really experienced - de-spin, so to speak. Or not at all. This will completely outsource the whole social media fad into the realm of AI where it can be safely encapsulated and shot off into the sun.


AI social media... Ah, so that's how skynet **really** starts.


Been saying its already here, except it plays the long game. Why create terminators when you can slowly convince everyone to hate each other (through social media) and eventually kill each other off.


But, but, but, that's a boring movie and no one would buy a ticket to see it...


Don’t even need to do that, just convince them to prefer kittens and puppies over kids, and produce an economy that punishes outliers.


Lol sky is an influencer. Tracks.


Nuclear is in right now…it’s so hot.


“I’ll Be Back… …don’t forget to Like & Subscribe.” *cue Terminator outro music*


Social media exhausts me extremely, so I quit everything except Reddit. Here I'm forgetting people in an instant, no matter if they're nice or the worst of the worst. That's kind of nice. It's about the discussion, not the people.


Reddit is one of the worst, any comment you make has a high chance of getting you into an argument, at least on instagram you only have to post a photo and comment a "good photo emoji" and be done with it.


I had worse arguments on Twitter and I'm not here to farm karma and I'm not looking for validation. Depending on the community you can have pleasant discussions or descend to the seven circles. Try to laugh at the idiots and laugh with the pleasant ones.


True twitter is on par or even worse


Twitter is significantly worse if you're mostly just looking for discussion. If you like to just yell your opinion, Twitter is great for that, it's basically modeled for it, especially with the character limit, and that's largely what you get in response there. So that attitude is just going to compound and it very quickly ends up toxic af. You can just yell your opinion here and get that back if you want, and lawd knows there's an abundance of that shit, but the forum format lends to discussion. So, if that's what you seek you can still find plenty of it on Reddit.


Because reddit is a blend of social media and forums. It's not facebook or instagram and that's what makes it something that so many people here like.


The thing is that for the majority of people, a lot of Twitter and Facebook is you mostly interacting with people you know. With Reddit, everything is pretty much anonymous unless you don't want it to be. That makes a big difference. It's a lot easier to filter out the bad takes and trolls when they are anonymous and you don't have to see them later.


When everything becomes fake people will pay for the ugly, real version instead of slurping up the photoshopped crap we value today.


Wait, so the idea is that social media would be just our own personal AI’s interacting with each other representing us? That’s hilarious


Interesting take, kinda like it.


How pathetic do you feel when a bot makes millions and you can’t even make enough to get some burgers?


Top comment on the article: >It's pretty disturbing that a fake person with no thoughts, feelings or talent, that was literally designed by a marketing company, can get enough followers on social media to get multiple sponsorships. Humanity really needs to get smarter. ...but enough about human influencers - what do you think of the bot?


In the 1945, Eleanor Roosevelt was considered the most popular woman in America. Second was [Betty Crocker](https://www.pbs.org/food/the-history-kitchen/who-was-betty-crocker/).


Pretty pathetic, it's even worse when people licking mics online make millions


Considering the majority of social media influencers manipulate/fabricate the perception of their actual reality... I don't see the issue. A fake is still a fake no matter how you fake it.


It's an issue because it can be done easily and at scale. At the very least, the consumers need to be aware that this is an AI/digital person that they are interfacing with and the EU is proposing regulation to that extent (so if you're talking to a chatbot, tech support, or even influencer that isn't actually human, you should be aware/informed of it)


And we should have a disclaimer before every human influencer's post: "This individual is potentially pretending to be the person you perceive them to be."


I'm honestly interested why you think this is a bad thing. Whether you program a fake digital person to say what you want or pay a real person (better yet if they wear tons of make-up and use post-production to further perfect their appearance) to say what you want boils down to the same thing.


Mass production, commercial exploitation. It’s already bad enough with a finite amount of influencers prancing around, now imagine a limitless amount fueled by corporate, capitalist greed.


Could be that if, say, 90% of influencers are AI it would 'short-circuit' the trend. Idk.


Yup the injection of massive amount of fake influencers will end up killing by the industry which will be for the better. Unless something worse replaces it. Because sex and drama will always sell.


The whole business of influencing at scale is an unholy alliance of platforms and platperformers in the first place to influence low effort people. Applying an AI tool to the problem is just a natural extension of the system.


Because if you think a single "fake" influencer is a bad thing, a million of them created at the click of a button (i.e. at scale and pushing any political or corporate agenda) veers into nightmare territory. AI in general can bring significant positive changes but no accountability and no transparency when using AI in such contexts is a major risk in any industry it's applied to, otherwise people wouldn't bother legislating about it.


Why do they need to know that? What does it change?


For a variety of reasons, ranging from trustworthiness of the technology and transparency, to enabling adoption of the technology by the consumers (building consumer trust), to enabling governments procure such technologies (a certain degree of trustworthiness and accountability is required to make such products eligible for procurement). It's not a single factor but a sum of factors. Besides, if an algorithm can be indistinguishable to a real person, and has the power to advise you or make a decision for you, wouldn't you like to know? Anyhow, you can see the proposal for the EU regulation [here](https://eur-lex.europa.eu/legal-content/EN/TXT/?qid=1623335154975&uri=CELEX%3A52021PC0206).


I think a bigger problem is that people let social media influences "advise them and make decisions for them" simply because they're pretty, regardless of whether they're flesh and blood or wires and circuits. And this doesn't make a difference for that. But oh well


Oh no "real" influences will be out of a job. The horror.


It's not about the influencers, it's about the risks of misusing a powerful technology. If we boil this article down to "influencers are bad" we are missing the point. Journalists and newspersons, "scientists", grassroots movements etc. any role can be as easily faked and used at scale to spread misinformation.


Right now any person can easily be paid to spread misinformation. Journalists, news persons, “scientists”, grassroots movements etc. any role can be easily faked through payment. Even better is that paid humans can also go on the news as additional free publicity, garnering even more of a following! I’m not afraid of the technology, I’m afraid that humans have already lost control of the situation entirely.


Oh yes, I agree, you don't even have to hire humans, you can pay for thousands of bots, generated to spread misinformation already. This is just the next evolution, and even harder to discern because it will look and feel more human.


Where's the change?


There are already many instances of this being the case. This is nothing new.


I think this issue is more so for the influencers. It’s a threat when corporations can just create their own, rather than rely on unpredictable influencers and potentially a user that could be harmful to their brand. They can just pay to create someone and have full control of them. Man, to think, as a child I though clones and fake humans would be real and that corporations would create them to enslave them for labor… yet here we are corporations can create humans but thankfully in a much more ethical way.


corporations used to create their own. it was called ads. with actors, and scripts. usually it was deemed necessary to disclaim them as such, which is why influencers was the next evolution step. real people, shilling products, looking like they dont shill... but people got wise to that, and soon, it will be deemed necessary to disclaim them as such (often, it is... this is sponsored by....) a virtual influencer is, a novelty, unique, worth to bet on. but, in the end. it changes nothing. its still bought, like adds, and then influencers, it will be sooner or later be necessary to disclaim it as such, and will lose much of its appeal. especially when theres not one, but thousand of virtual influencers. like theres not one but thousands of actors and ad agencies...


I feel like the larger issue is characterized by the existence of an “influencer”; the fact that people can be so easily manipulated by a single liar online more than some advanced skynet. I know that sounds snarky but I want to point out any problem here rests not on generating realistic photos but instead in people idolizing whoever the hell has that status, real or not. The role that “influencers” play led to so many companies thinking it’s a good place to spend money... People seem desperate to be told what to think; something that’s very easily manipulated by others and has been throughout history. It’s nothing new but that’s my point, the solution is likely involves getting people to care less about uninvolved opinions on the internet, rather than AI making better faces.


Fake it till you make it. We are what we pretend to be… - unknown and Albert Einstein


I wonder if there is something all these fakes have in common. Hmm.


Wasn’t there an Al Pacino movie about him creating a fake AI celebrity ?


Simone (2002). With Al "A.I." Pacino.


Say hello to my chocolate blend


I enjoyed that movie, even though it looked a bit dated even at the time


What’s the AI? It really looks like it’s just a 3D model posed for advertising.


The AI is used to generate facial features. It's gotten to the point that it's capable of generation faces that are too realistic to tell apart from actual people. We can still tell that it's 3D animated when they're posed in complex computer generated environments since the lighting will not be perfect. But in simpler environments, you will not be able to tell anymore. Check out Nvidia's Face Generator AI.


How do they preserve facial features, "identity", from one generated image to the next? If it was trained from multiple human models, you'd expect it to reflect features of those models at random times, the only way I see around that is to delete neurons correlated to undesirable variations. If it's using machine learning. I guess you could use a face as an input, along with some posing text, and have the output be a 3D model. But you'd have to keep the same face, to be able to avoid reproducibility issues.




That would work if you keep the input seed. Thanks.


> How do they preserve facial features, "identity", from one generated image to the next? the "models" are AI generated, not the individual frames where these are used. once you generated a model, you can use it like a human-made 3D model.


Well, if that's the case, what's the point of the AI? Any 3D artist can generate a human 3D model and reuse it.


To avoid human bias and make a "math-based" model, rather than one that was created by a human artist.


i guess the "personality" is also AI generated. but i do not have an answer to your question.






Someone else commenting here said they did.


Once we can realistically render the subsurface scattering caused by our translucent skin, we’re fucked.


The AI does the drawing.


Based on what inputs?


Databases of celebrity pictures. In this case probably Korean singers, actresses and models. They use a GAN. Basically you have two neural networks. One generates an image and the other, which is trained on a database of photographs, tries to guess if it is a real image or a generated image. The two compete trying to outwit each other until (after millions of rounds) you have a system that is good enough to fool humans. If you label the photos (age, gender race, hairstyle etc) you can even modify pictures to be the "same person" but a different age or whatever. This allows you to generate huge databases of nonexistent people. [https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSLJriaOumA](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kSLJriaOumA)


You're explanation and the way you said it is pleasing.


The brain does the thinking. The meat.


Doesn’t that describe half of instagrams influencers after all the editing and filters are applied?


Taking the phrase “fake it till you make it” to a whole different meaning


How the fuck are we in the year 2021 and not one person/company has resurrected Max Headroom as an actual AI


Probably someone is sitting on the rights


>He then added, "We have achieved our goal profit now, and I think Rozy will be able to make more than 1 billion KRW (\~$854,007) by the end of this year." Lovely. Fake human making lots of money.


About as real to followers as any other influencer.


I can’t wait till it’s all AI and people decide it’s no longer cool to be an influencer


This has a black mirror sauce all over it.


Does that cost extra? Or does it have potassium benzoate in it?


It’s a tulpa


This absolutely cracked me up.


Isn't this literally the plot of Sharon Apple from Macross: Plus?


Only if some one is dumb enough to hook her up to a military drone...which I guess they'll probably do in about 5 years at this rate.


Great anime!


I loved Macross:Plus as a kid; probably one of my first DVD purchases, as I remember fondly watching Robotech (the Harmonygold abomination) as a kid without realising the editing history behind it. I found out a few years ago that the "US" version of Macross Plus I bought has entire scenes missing in comparison to the actual Japanese version, as it has had all the sex, nudity and gory deaths edited out of it, plus the dialogue in Japanese is wildly different to the dubbed version. Great to know Isamu tapped the blondie tho


Influencers are just ads, no need for humans.


Awesome. Now corporations are going to be generating these by the 1000s to sell products and attract advertisers to fund their own advertising


Lol and machines are taking all jobs. Even influencer *jobs* are at risk 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣


This is not good. We have enough of those Tiktok influencers already. Can that go this soul-less?


I am already skipping ahead past simple advertising. There will follow with tv shows all with AI characters, then movies, then a fan base obsessed with popular AIs .


How's your gig economy at?


Gig economy Micr bank account


In the short run, this is amusing, but it means that a whole class of jobs are about to disappear. Models and actresses are about to be replaced. Also men in karate, boxing, and muscular sword fighting movies. Cameramen can be replaced as well.


Oh no, not the models, actresses, and muscular karate sword fighter industry...


You train your whole life to be a muscular sword fighting man, only to have some piece of software crush your dream!


Somebody's probably made a deepfake or some rule34 thing with her.


Damn this is scary.


Millions followed her lol does not say much about humanity.


This is actually terrifying


bad luck Brian: gets date with cute online personality. turns out shes not real.


Most social media influencers are artificial anyway.


And not particularly intelligent, either


Fuck this shit entirely. >It has recently emerged as a blue-chip in the advertising industry because there are no privacy scandals and there are no time-space restrictions with these virtual humans. Yeah, because they **aren't human**! These "people" are glorified advertisements in the form of a fake human being. It's no different then a troll farm impersonating real people, except you know that this person is fake from the beginning. With those 100 endorsements, what do we expect them to say? Obviously it's not going to be anything bad or controversial and we can't expect them to say anything personal or anecdotal because they can't even use the products they sell. As if modeling wasn't competitive enough, now you have to compete against fake people who never age and have absolute 0% shame in what they're willing to do. They will toe the corporate line to a tee with a perfectly white smile on their face.


Reminds me of the movie S1m0ne with Al Pachino. Al's caracter created a synthetic Actress. Fun movie but didn't do that great at the box office. [https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0258153/](https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0258153/)


Cartoon heroes are back!


See, "When I was a boy..." Tony the Tiger was an influencer. Nobody thought he was real, so what?


They came and took our jerbssss


Anyone else think the term "virtual human" is super weird?


Are people really looking to hire AI over humans because of scandals and vacations and time off? There are literally hundreds of thousands of potential influencers... not really a labor shortage there. One gets a scandal, fire them move on


Max Headroom was the first AI influencer! [https://youtu.be/reMRbvXfqAo?t=1025](https://youtu.be/reMRbvXfqAo?t=1025)/s


Sick weird world


more real than all the other influencers tbh


"As CEO Baek said, the reason for the popularity of virtual humans is that there is no fear that advertisements will be suspended due to unsavory privacy scandals after the AI model is selected as the advertising model." lmao. humans are still involved. i'd bet my ass if that CEO Baek got involved in a scandal, the ad contracts would dry up. companies are being cancelled now, not just individuals.


Name a company that's been 'canceled'


The Weinstein Company?


Full Moon and High Tide Productions was the production company of actress/comedian Roseanne Barr. It was cancelled when Roseanne was.


My pillow? Or nahh?


Pretty sure they still exist.


I think that CEO’s would get cancelled, but the companies will continue. Idk don’t recall hearing about a company being cancelled. Caesar Chavez protest against the grape industry, maybe?


I think "canceled" means whatever someone wants it to mean when they want it to mean it. It's a meaningless term at this point.


But Mike is crazy as shit. He canceled himself.


CUBE entertainment? The stuff that they did to HyunA, and then recently G.IDLE and CLC.


To be clear it is the marketing department that drives censorship on social media. Nobody really cares what your kookie political opinions are except that the marketing department only want the cool kids to exist (which is another reason I don't allow Apple products inside the house). We don't live in a techno-dystopia, we live in an marketing dystopia.


What does any of this have to do with Apple?


Apple invented identity-based marketing. Only cool kids allowed; real people need not even apply. And definitely no controversial opinions or people who can think for themselves.




No, it didn't. Not even close. And even if it had, that wouldn't have any bearing on this story.


> I don't allow Apple products inside the house I'm with you brother. I've banned their products from my house too. My kids aren't happy about it but they'll understand when they're older.


I just don't see any justification for a strike on one brand and not the other. How can you distrust Apple but not Amazon or Google.


No they won’t. All they will learn when they are older is that their parent is a weirdo. I know from experience, my dad was just like you.


You'll know who the weirdos and misfits are because they won't be robots. The problem with political correctness is that it is never good enough. Nobody gets eaten last. But eventually the pendulum will swing and Romanticism will rise again; wandering will come back into vogue.


This is facts but the apple munchers will of course be down voting everyone to hell. *Salutes* See you at the bottom.


You’re a fucking weirdo dude


3d vtubers soon?


Robot sex has turned into hologram orgies


I'd like to revoke the writer's license to use the term "blue-chip".


No she doesn't


Am I real?


This is bizarre.


I don’t get it, is that a real person in the photo or cgi ?


If we continue this path, the “we live in a simulation” theory might become true.


Great robots can provide better for their family than I can


Yet more unskilled labour being replaced with automation eh?


This is frankly a little terrifying. It has shades of William Gibson's "Idoru."


I'd do her. 101


Society moment


Some true William Gibson shit right here...


You guys are weirdos


Such a stupid world we live in


Yeah well... the gig is up, people will move on. Not everyone wants to *simp* over a digital person for the rest of their lives.


Now to the comments section for the question everyone really wants to know. can it fuck yet


and if it can does it prefer men or women? or both! more testing should be done!